xubuntu71wi have installed Xubuntu on my notepad, but i cannher anything from the speakers, but i can from the headphones .. any suggestions01:53
xanguaxubuntu71w: did you check pulseaudio settings?02:07
xubuntu71wi am new to ubuntu .. where is the pulseaudio setting ?02:08
xanguaClick on the Volume icon, settings02:09
xubuntu71wi a in the sound setting02:16
Kel_ScepticHello guys. I got a system with a ssd m.2 for the OS and a raid1 2x2TB for media storage. The problem is with hdparm, it sometimes puts the drives to sleep, it sometimes doesn't. If I manualy do hdparm -Y on both drives, they stay in standby without probles. Dunno where to start debugging. Can anyone suggest a starting point ? Thank you.07:34
Kel_Scepticthis is the hdparm conf: pastebin.com/eFJZmxQ4 and this is the raid md0 info: pastebin.com/WEYKh0FP07:37
flocculantKel_Sceptic: not sure how many people are awake currently - who'd be able to answer - if you get nothing here you might want to try #ubuntu07:41
tsglovegood morning all o/12:06
math573for xubuntu, are the security updates same as the ones for ubuntu?17:06
Spassmath573: Yes.17:14
math573Spass: has the recent 0day gstreamer bug been patched?17:15
math573Spass: http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/12/fedora-and-ubuntu-0days-show-that-hacking-desktop-linux-is-now-a-thing/17:15
math573Spass: i believe you can check it through grep stream /var/log/dpkg.log.1 | grep "status installed"17:15
SpassThanks for the info, I wasn't aware of this exploit. Unfortunately I have no idea what's the status on that in Ubuntu/Xubuntu.17:23
ballDoes Xubuntu ship with an RDP client?19:17
flocculantball: possibly gigolo would do what you want - that's installed default19:25
ballThanks, I'll try that.19:26
ballApparently not.  I'll just install rdesktop instead.19:28
flocculantk - wasn't sure19:29
Spassball: You can also try remmina (with remmina-plugin-rdp) or vinagre. Both should be in repos.19:31
nkzhi, how can I stop annoying "unlock login keyring" popup when I browse the net? It's coming up every now and then19:40
gr1dl0cknkz: uninstall gnome-keyring, becareful as it may also uninstall the desktop so read what else it may uninstall19:43
krytarik..Or just don't use autologin.19:44
A_C_MHello, got a raid1 with 2 hdds on it. it has nothing to do. the raid is clean, and iotop shows absolutly no read/write for either hdd. the os is installed on another hdd ssd. But the hdds are making sounds just like when I copy stuff from/to them. How else can I check for hdd's activity ?21:05
GustornHello, is it okay to ask questions in this channel?23:34
GustornAbout XUbuntu?23:35
bazhangGustorn, not about what you just asked in #ubuntu , no23:35
Gustornhey go back to the ubuntu irc23:35
Gustornyou don't use XUbuntu23:35

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