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R13oseWhen I minimize my open windows, I see nothing but a black screen, how do I fix this?00:19
MTMasterWhen I tried to dual boot windows 10 and kubuntu, it now only just boots into kubuntu. no grub option showing up for which OS i want to boot into or anything. How should I fix?01:12
betzen529Is anyone having problems with plasmashell crashing at login with today's backports update?01:13
R13osebetzen529: can you explain what you are seeing when crashing?01:14
betzen529I enter login credentials at login screen.  plasmashell tries to load.  desktop comes up. bottom panel tries to load.  crash.01:16
R13osebetzen529: black screen after that?01:16
betzen529yes. krunner still pops up when called, etc.  so kwin seems to be running01:17
R13osebetzen529: I got that black screen problem after I opened a program.  I tried alt+space but after two tries I think krunner crashes for me.01:19
betzen529Ok.  I'll keep trying to track it down.  I'm just trying to see if this is a common problem that's just cropped up, or a problem with my system only.01:20
R13osebetzen529: mine might be similar.  If you want me to test anything or you find a solution let me know.01:21
betzen529will do.01:21
R13oserbetzen: what version of kubuntu are you using?01:31
R13oseHow do I get rid of ppa's that fail?01:55
valorie!ppapurge | R13ose:02:40
ubottuR13ose:: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:40
valorieworks really well02:40
R13osevalorie: yes but isn't there one command to use in terminal that can get rid of all of them?02:42
valorieeach of them, one at a time02:45
R13oseOkay thanks02:46
WarringtonHas anyone found a solution to KDE's brightness control issue on intel graphics03:00
arturohi, how can I remove this repo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes03:07
arturoI used it to install python3.403:07
arturoanyone here>03:08
CrellHello.  I have a fresh install of 16.10.  When I start Kontact (or any of its pieces), I get errors about Akonadi not being able to start.  How exactly do I fix that?  And more to the point, why would Akonadi be broken out of the box?03:30
Crellsyslog is showing errors relating to apparmor, indicating DENIED access to MySQL.  Wha?03:31
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teksimianhello, how come i cant find krdc in any kubuntu repository?  shouldnt that be available on this distro?07:29
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efloidhow are the new plasma backports doing?09:06
acheronukefloid: 'doing'?09:21
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yofel!info krdc | teksimian09:57
ubottuteksimian: krdc (source: krdc): Remote Desktop Connection client. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 465 kB, installed size 1044 kB09:57
yofelit is there... maybe you were only looking in 'main' ?09:57
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efloidacheronuk: just curious if any issues since release10:43
acheronukefloid: needed a small akonadi update10:43
efloidacheronuk: i tried the backport staging a couple days ago and had issues10:44
acheronuksome people have issues with plasma starting, but that is the case with pretty much any major plasma version upgrade. most have been fine though10:44
efloidsome packages wouldn't install, and yes there was an issue with plasma not starting, complaining about dbus10:45
acheronukwhat packages would not install?10:45
efloidacheronuk: i'm trying to remember the name.  soemthing required a library package which was a higher version than available in the archive.  i finally found that version in debian sid but then i had to add a whole ton of other packages from sid also.  at that point just gave up and reinstalled the system (with Neon :-)10:47
efloidacheronuk: let me check.  i think i can get the package name10:47
acheronukhave you got the actual error message?10:51
efloidsome package in the staging repo was dependent on version 5.2810:52
efloidmaybe it was plasma-workspace10:53
efloidor plasma-desktop10:53
acheronukshould not in theory be a problem, as it's there at version 5.2810:55
acheronukSee: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+sourcepub/7327281/+listing-archive-extra10:55
acheronukhave not hit any broken dependencies on it so far. would really need to know the exact package name AND version that wanted it and caused the error10:58
efloidi'm looking at https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports and i don't see libkf5newstuff5 in the archive for yakkety11:03
efloidhere's the one in yakkety which is too low version: http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/libkf5newstuff511:05
efloidi think it was plasma-desktop that was dependent on the higher version11:10
efloidanyhow, i wonder if the staging archive was not the same as the official backport one?11:11
efloidif you can find out which libkf5newstuff5 this depends on: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=plasma-desktop&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=yakkety11:15
acheronukefloid: let me have a look11:17
acheronukefloid: it is there: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=knewstuff&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=yakkety11:18
efloidok.  maybe it wasn't added to the staging archive yet when i had tried to upgrade11:19
efloidah, but that's not the same as libkf5newstuff511:20
efloidunless it replaces it11:20
acheronukyes, it is the same as libkf5newstuff511:20
acheronukknewstuff is the source package name11:20
acheronuklibkf5newstuff5 is the library produced from that source11:21
SmurphyAnyone here using plasma-widget-marble ???11:21
acheronuksee: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+sourcepub/7327571/+listing-archive-extra11:22
efloidacheronuk: do you know anything about the dbus issue?11:22
acheronukefloid: not really, but I've seen reports of people on normal xenial without backports getting it, plus I think some on trusty11:23
efloidacheronuk: the message was "Could not start d-bus. Can you call qdbus?"11:23
acheronukso I have a feeling it is maybe more a issue with some other ubuntu updates, so coincidental, or something that is maybe only exacerbated by the backports for some people11:24
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kubuntu__I am new to kde12:31
kubuntu__I was mostly an xfce user12:31
kubuntu__How could I change the keyboard layout to Dvorak?12:32
SmurphySystem settings -> Hardware/Input devices12:38
BluesKajHiyas all12:48
kubuntu__I am getting confused in kde12:54
kubuntu__It is much more advanced and complicated than xfce12:55
BluesKajmore details kubuntu__12:55
kubuntu__For some behaviours in xfce, I had to write scripts to be launched after each login12:57
kubuntu__But it seems that kde has most of those behaviours builtin and should only be configured in settings12:58
BluesKajkubuntu__, choose a specific issue and we can go from there12:58
FlameReaper-PCLooks like fcitx-frontend-qt5 gets broken again12:59
kubuntu__One of the main ones was converting CapsLock to additional Backspace12:59
kubuntu__And then make "pressing both shifts together as new CapsLock"12:59
acheronukkubuntu__: https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/kde-workspace/kcontrol/keyboard/index.html13:01
kubuntu__kde5 has both these features available in Settings -> Hardware -> Keyboard -> Advanced13:01
acheronukFlameReaper-PC: broken how?13:01
BluesKajkubuntu__, do you have a question or are you here just to do a commentary13:01
FlameReaper-PCacheronuk: Updating to KDE 5.8.4 right now13:02
FlameReaper-PCand one of the packages listed to be removed was fcitx-frontend-qt513:02
kubuntu__BluesKaj: It was my question minutes ago, but I found the solution13:02
acheronukFlameReaper-PC: let me see if I can fix that13:04
BluesKajkubuntu__, next time put it in the form of a question13:04
FlameReaper-PCacheronuk: thanks!13:05
acheronukFlameReaper-PC: See: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=fci&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=13:06
acheronukFlameReaper-PC: when that goes from pending to published, and the build status to a green tick, please try the package again13:07
acheronukafter doing a 'sudo apt update' or equivalent via a GUI etc13:07
FlameReaper-PCthanks, will test that after the machine finishes updating13:07
BluesKajFlameReaper-PC,  backports ?13:11
kubuntu__acheronuk: I confirm that fcitx was broken for me too13:12
kubuntu__I am currently testing Kubuntu 16.04.113:13
FlameReaper-PCBluesKaj:  Yes13:15
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BluesKajFlameReaper-PC, thanks, good to kinow13:16
kubuntu__BluesKaj: Can I ask some more questions? How could I have a vertical panel to put notifications on it vertically?13:19
kubuntu__I want to keep the main horizontal panel below the screen as empty as possible for window handles to fill13:20
BluesKajkubuntu__, right click on the main panel>panel options>panel settings>more settings13:26
kubuntu__But I want to add a new panel in addition to the current one13:41
kubuntu__Ok I found it13:43
kubuntu__I have another problem too13:57
kubuntu__When I add a vertical panel, the right side of windows go behind that panel13:58
kubuntu__I don't want this13:58
BluesKajlook for "always visible" in "more settings" after right clicking on that panel and choosing panel options14:01
kubuntu__I have set "always visible" option, but no success!14:02
kubuntu__Maybe I should restart?14:05
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FlameReaper-PCacheronuk: all right, I can confirm fcitx works with qt5 again. again, thank you for the help15:16
jolomarcomo puedo buscar otros canales del irc15:25
soee_!es | jolomar15:27
ubottujolomar: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:27
jolomarok, excume please15:27
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lauritzt[m]k_j: Hi18:39
k_jcan you tell me the latest gcc version available for the latest kubuntu?18:39
lauritzt[m]k_j: What version?18:39
k_jgcc -v18:39
lauritzt[m]k_j: What Kubuntu version? 16.04 or 16.10?18:40
k_jthe latest18:40
k_j16.10 i guess18:40
lauritzt[m]Looks like it's 6.1.1-118:41
renn0xtk9What is the status of kubuntu ? I mean I stopped to follow the story when A guy whas kicked out of Ubuntu Council and some people meant it would slowly be the end of Kubuntu, tha they would not realisticallty be able to ship any new version. Has someone mor hints on that?18:41
lauritzt[m]k_j: Looks like it's 6.1.1-118:43
k_jlauritzt[m], thanks18:43
Dragnslcrrenn0xtk9- Kubuntu is doing fine18:43
lauritzt[m]k_j: FYI, you can search on http://packages.ubuntu.com18:43
renn0xtk9so what dit it change that the guy was kicekd off and stuff?18:45
BluesKajrenn0xtk9, "the guy" as you call him works for the company that supportd kubuntu now18:52
renn0xtk9BluesKaj, don't remember his name .. But if the connection is broken will it not make it harder to make releases, and lts support and stuffs? Won't it leas the whole to be less reliable?    Basically I am in the position of making choice between keep going with Kubuntu of go with Opensuse18:55
BluesKajrenn0xtk9, http://www.blue-systems.com/18:57
BluesKajrenn0xtk9, there also a large number of volunteer developers still hard at work making kubuntu better and better... check out #kubuntu-devel18:59
CrellHi folks.  I'm on a fresh install of 16.10. One of my apps, Choqok (the twitter client) is asking to open kdewallet and wants a password.  I know I'm giving it the right password because I JUST set the password for the first time 100 seconds ago.  Yet it's claiming it doesn't have access and I'm giving it the wrong password.  Even if I tell it to not use kdewallet, same error.20:04
CrellAny suggestions?20:04
BluesKajCrell, disable wallet manager in system settings>account destails >KDE Wallet20:09
CrellJust kill it entirely?  Why's it even there if it shouldn't be used? :-)20:10
BluesKajsome use it, some don't  need it ...depends on your type od computing, most enterprise/office situations require extra security ...being a home user I don't bothe with it.20:12
CrellI'm a work-from-home user so my content is highly mixed.  Nothing extra sensitive, though.20:13
CrellUnrelated: Didn't Akoandi used to have a GUI?  Everything I'm finding on how to set it up so that KMail starts properly says to manually create databases and edit files in hidden directories.20:14
BluesKajPIm is another package group i don't use....sorry I'm not much there either20:17
CrellI keep trying KMail every few years when I upgrade/reinstall, and it's always too much of a PITA to get me to move away from Thunderbird.20:18
BluesKajCrell, you could ask in #kde20:18
CrellIt's always difficult to tell which channel to ask in.  Half the time I get told to go to the other one, regardless of which I'm in. :-)20:19
CrellOh good.  And KMail insists on having KWallet.20:19
BluesKajyeah, I drank the gmail kool ade long ago20:19
CrellI hate their UI.20:19
BluesKajt-bird works well tho20:20
CrellYeah, it's just the only gecko thing I use.  And I could never get it to use a non-Firefox as a browser when clicking links. :-)20:21
Mikey1234i installed ubuntu 16.04 the installed kbuntu desktop    now when i enter kbe i have no applications i can search and see then installed20:22
Mikey1234how to i make them show in menu20:22
Mikey1234anyone ?20:23
sintrenever done that type of install maybe do a fresh start with kubuntu out the gate?20:24
Mikey1234thats my next choice20:24
sintresometimes faster than trouble shooting where things could be wrong20:25
Mikey1234understand that20:26
BluesKajMikey1234, install plasma-desktop20:26
BluesKajupdate and upgrade first20:27
sintrebtw has plasma 5.8 been backported to 16.04 just curious20:27
sintreor still in testing20:27
Mikey1234tried that i only get blank screen i can see mouse  .. .     then i was reading and some1 told do apt get kde desktop done that then i get to desktop but nothing is there20:27
efeciftcisintre: it seems it has been backported yes20:28
sintrei think mikey can't see anything20:28
BluesKajit's in the ppas, sintre , best to ask which ones in #kubuntu-devel20:28
Mikey1234I"m new as you can tell but im not giving up20:29
sintresame thing here , don't make me tell you my epic battle with new pc last month20:29
efeciftciI'd personally like to enable backports ppa on my xenial installation, but that famous timezone bug hits me as well, so I'll wait until fixed qt packages are backported as well :(20:30
sintrei just am hoping plsma 5.8 fixes the duel monitor problem with differen size screen resolutions :)20:30
sintrewell devs seem to be all eating lunch atm :(20:31
Mikey1234if i go to search and type in say firefox it shows up i can run it ...  they dont show up unless i search for them in the all applications menu20:33
sintreok first right click on lil k at bottom left20:33
sintresee if you can switch to application launch20:34
BluesKajsintre, I would make a uggestion, but I've chastised for posting ppas in here since dev apps aren't officially supported20:34
sintrewill say alternative20:34
sintreBluesKaj permission to send tell :)20:34
BluesKajbeen chastised, that is20:34
sintreme too20:35
Mikey1234when i click on the k i see favorites app  computer history leave ..   all are blank   this is a new install   under comptuer i can see my dir s20:35
sintrelright click on little k20:36
sintreright sry20:36
Mikey1234no k on the right20:37
sintreright click on the k at bottom left20:37
Mikey1234i have my menus but nothing in them20:38
Mikey1234ok i see what u mean sorry20:38
Mikey1234ok im there spp launcher settings20:39
Mikey1234show apps by name done it thanks20:39
sintrethgo to alternatives20:40
sintrethen click on app menu20:41
sintrethen ok20:41
sintrecan you find stuff now?20:41
Mikey1234yes worked great thank you20:42
sintrenp ,20:43
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R13oseHow do I make the touch pad less sensitive?22:21
lauritzt[m]R13ose: System Settings > Input Devices > Touchpad > Pointer Motion22:23
R13oselauritzt[m]: thanks, what do I move?22:25
lauritzt[m]R13ose: Whatever you want to adjust? Put the Maximum down, for example.22:26
R13oselauritzt[m]: I will try that and see what happens22:27
user|43330Afternoon, question here... Say, is there a folder where I can copy pics for the desktopbackground? Or do I have to add them one by one by right clicking on the desktop, and going to "configure desktop"?22:28
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valorieuser|43330: just put them all in one folder, called desktop pics or so22:33
valorieyou can make them a slideshow if you want, and change as often as you want22:34
valorieonce a minute, or an hour or a week -- whatever you want22:34
user|43330I have a folder with all the pictures that I'd like as backgrounds, but how do I load them to the background, do I have to do one at the time?22:35
user|43330or is there a specific directory?22:36
valorieyou can put that dir where ever you want, in your $HOME22:36
valorieI have mine in ~/Pictures/desktop pix22:37
valoriefor instance22:37
user|43330Ok I see.22:38
valoriethen you right-click on the desktop and point it to the "custom folder"22:38
valorieand set up all the parameters you want22:38
user|43330ok Thanks.22:40
R13oseHow do I put a background when I bootup my computer but not lose this when I update?22:41
valorieR13ose: like a background image on your desktop?22:46
R13osevalorie: the boot screen22:46
valorieoh, not sure22:46
valoriehttps://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=289&t=125293 might help22:47
R13osevalorie: I mean when boot says kubuntu and the four dots below22:57
lauritzt[m]R13ose: Make a custom plymouth theme?23:01
lauritzt[m]R13ose: What did you do before?23:03
R13oselauritzt[m]: this is blank now just the kubuntu and four dots.  Before I had some space background.  I don't want a custom one.23:06
valoriekubuntu + four dots has been the plymouth theme for about 3 years23:11
valorieit is possible to customize it, but I've never tried, or wanted to23:12
R13oseI want to23:13
lauritzt[m]R13ose: What did you do to customise the background?23:18
R13oselauritzt[m]: I can't remember that23:24
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alphazuluthe only way i seem to be able to resize windows is by using a meta key and right click23:54
alphazuluunder "Window Actions and Behavior" there is the setting.  but I just want regular old resize23:55
yocs0000I would like to be able to run dolphin 4 aside dolphin 5 is that possible?23:56
valorieyou can't grab the edge or corner and resize?23:56
valorieyocs0000: I doubt it23:57
valorieunless you run one of them in a VM23:57
yocs0000valorie: well, you can install them23:57
yocs0000why no desktop file?23:58
valorieI don't know what you mean?23:59
valorie!info dolphin23:59
ubottudolphin (source: dolphin): file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 1007 kB, installed size 3341 kB23:59

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