sh0rtBuSok, i checked the link out, looks a bit beyond my know how, im not dumb but doesnt look like somethin for a first timer00:01
wxlwell the one thing about it is it works, without fail00:02
wxli can't say that about other utlities00:02
wxlthere's this, too, but i don't do windows so can't tell you if it works https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Win32DiskImager/iso2usb00:03
sh0rtBuSthat last link looks simple. ima have to try a more reliable thumb drive or this external drive first then ill look into this other stuff, even tho some of its beyond my know how i enjoy learning about it more than i do random ass internet searches that get me nowhere. wish i wouldve started with irc first. Funny thing is i learned of irc back when sega dreamcast came out. they had a server00:14
sh0rtBuSfor ppl who connected to the internet thru dreamcast to chat. its rare i meet someone in person who knows what irc is. glad its still around and useful.00:14
sh0rtBuSthx again, g2g cya01:07
Ahmuckadobe reader available for 16.10 ?01:50
wxlAhmuck: why bother? use evince.01:52
Ahmuckevince is not displaying or printing the pdf correctly01:52
wxlthen that's probably because it's a non-standard pdf01:52
wxltell whomever you got the pdf from to fix ity01:54
Ahmuckmy bank sent the pdf01:55
wxlyou willing to share this file?01:57
lynorian_!info poppler-utils01:58
ubottupoppler-utils (source: poppler): PDF utilities (based on Poppler). In component main, is optional. Version 0.44.0-3ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 142 kB, installed size 482 kB01:58
lynorian_that might extract some info01:58
Ahmuckk, i installed acroread 9 from precise02:06
Ahmuckand the display and print is ok.02:06
wxldoesn't mean it's a valid pdf02:06
Ahmucki'll look into the display problem in envince later02:06
Ahmuckyes, it does not have to be valid, only has to display valid02:07
Ahmuckfor a report02:07
Ahmuckwould hplip make a difference?02:08
wxlthat's for printing, so probably not02:08
Ahmuckthanks for the pointer to poppler utils02:10
jackprbhi everyone05:52
jackprbI have a serious problem with installing 16.10. it gives me this error:05:52
jackprblubuntu the grub-pc package failed to install into /target/. without the grub boot loader the instaled system will not boot05:53
jackprbHow should I solve this?05:53
jackprbPlease help me05:53
jackprbI really need to get a lubuntu machine going in about 2 hours05:53
lynorian_are you currently in a live session or did you select install from the menu or use the alternate installer06:06
lynorian_if you can put contents of lsblk in a pastebin06:07
lynorian_jackprb ^06:09
freelancerbobhow to set lubuntu screen like on ubuntu ?11:23
freelancerbobi am using lightDM GTK Greeter settings but i need transparent logins window because now its white on background11:25
freelancerbobanybody helped /11:34
lunaticeditIs there a way to disable the touchpad and touchscreen on laptops? My touchpad is crap and when I use my bluetooth mouse I'd like to disable it12:11
asddsahi guys16:36
asddsaanyone know withc joypad can we use for ubuntu lubuntu linux  for mame emulator ?16:36
xanguaPlayStation, Xbox, any cheap one16:38
asddsaanyone ?17:07
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