mupBug #1631908 changed: VLAN over balance bondig doesn't work <curtin:Invalid> <MAAS:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1631908>04:22
stormmoreHi, sorry it has been awhile since I was last here, now that I am starting a new job I am getting to be more focused on things like MaaS and that brings me to why I am here... has anyone put any thought into how to "bootstrap" a MaaS rack controller (or region controller for that matter) when deploying a new data center?17:56
stormmoreI am thinking the simpliest way would be to preseed the install for the first rack controller in the DC but wondered if there was any other suggestions out there18:01
stormmoreanyone know where I can find the MAAS test cases on iso.qa.ubuntu.com? Or did they get removed?19:17
pmatulisstormmore, not sure i follow. install ubuntu and then install maas software21:09
pmatulisstormmore, you can also do this via the ubuntu server ISO when installing ubuntu server21:09
stormmorecheckout iso.qa.ubuntu.com22:02

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