guiverc_tpleia2, PaulW2U :  UWN:  Leo Arias has added planet article, "test a stable release update"; plus another insight article added this morning (my time/saturday).  i've not added; but will read & make decision if you'd like04:02
tsimonq2guiverc_t: Yes please :)04:09
tsimonq2I think it's ok...04:09
guiverc_t:)  i've done it many times before; usually commented my adds etc.  they appeared in planet after last edit to uwn-doc (excluding my edits)..04:19
guiverc_tps.  i didn't see/notice summary email; though that is what i'm mainly doing.  (its now ~habit)04:25
pleia2I'll have a closer look in my morning, too tired tonight :\08:10
pleia2sent to summary writers, sorry for the delay18:58
pleia2it'll be a lean issue, but not terrible :) I'll work to release it on monday, then issue 493 will be the 2-weeks-over-the-holidays one19:03

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