hfsplusHigh Fructose Corn Syrup01:07
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (P`O`N`T`I`A`C spam)07:25
bazhangfiresword seems to add only noise afaict08:09
* FireSword waves08:09
bazhangwhat is it FireSword08:10
FireSwordWell, if you ask me, this is a little beyond.08:10
bazhangFireSword, you have been asked repeatedly to stop the excessive noise08:11
bazhangthat includes all the /me sighs and so on08:11
FireSwordI can barely type, so it is likely that I put 10 lines into the channel.08:12
bazhangFireSword, there is a very specific channel for that noise08:12
FireSwordIf I may08:12
bazhang#ubuntu is Not that channel FireSword08:12
FireSwordSpeak briefly08:13
daxI've seen you type just fine elsewhere, so this does not really seem like a problem you find insurmountable.08:13
bazhangplease do so08:13
FireSwordI like ubuntu, it may not be my favorite, but it might well be.08:14
FireSwordI have spent years and years running unix and linux based systems. And my intention was always to share and teach.08:15
FireSwordI am new here, but I have been running an irc net for over 20 years.08:16
FireSwordI might make a joke sometime *shrug*08:17
bazhangFireSword, well don't08:17
FireSwordI would like to know a little more about the support in 16.04 for the hw I have now.08:18
bazhangFireSword, if you are so experienced in irc, you can easily switch to an offtopic channel08:18
FireSwordI read online and in blogs.08:18
bazhangFireSword, we are not here to discuss that at all08:18
FireSwordThis net is overall very strict about on and off topic.08:19
bazhangsome channels are08:19
FireSwordWhich is fine08:19
FireSwordBut it takes getting used to08:19
bazhangFireSword, so please stay on topic, switch, like the rest of us to an offtopic channel for chit chat08:19
FireSwordI wil try to08:20
FireSwordDo my best08:20
FireSwordI do have to say this08:21
bazhangFireSword, please do so, we are very clear about where to chit chat and where not to08:21
FireSwordI admire the model of this net. Mine was started in 1996, and once it was the 4th largest.08:21
FireSwordWe limited the channels to no porno and o warez, and at the time, that dropped the userbase drastically.08:22
FireSwordIn a sense08:22
FireSwordWe were targeting what we didn't want instead of what we did want, like freenode did.08:23
bazhangFireSword, are we clear?08:23
FireSwordbazhang, it has always been clear that any operator in a channel can do more or less what they like wrt the others in there.08:26
FireSwordubuntu is a fairly broad topic08:27
bazhangFireSword, not clear then08:27
bazhangFireSword, chatting *about* ubuntu is one thing, helping people fix their ubuntu issues is another issue entirely08:29
FireSwordWell, like I said, I worked on OS dev for BSD/OS, and less for Solaris. The ISP I worked for had source licenses. I have been runnung ubuntu on my personal pcs and laptops since 2009.08:30
FireSwordI might be able to help with some things.08:30
FireSwordWhen I was in grad school in 2009, I took a systems administration and security class, and got a perfect 100%08:31
FireSwordGetting back to the topic08:32
FireSwordI have spent years in help channels on irc, and I thought I had the ability to determine when chat was interfering with help.08:32
daxApparently you're under the impression that things are more complicated than they are, so allow me to clarify.08:33
dax#ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support.08:33
dax#ubuntu is not for things that are not Ubuntu technical support.08:34
daxThis continues to apply regardless of your opinions about how much technical support is needed at a given time.08:34
FireSwordIf you have a different tolerance level, then I will shut up and lurk until I can become more aware.08:34
FireSwordIf I decide to stay there.08:34
FireSwordOr if I am allowed to :)08:34
daxSo yes, if you do not have Ubuntu technical support to offer to the Ubuntu technical support channel at a time, please do feel free to "shut up and lurk".08:34
FireSwordOddly, really, most of the unix and linux systems seem the same to me.08:36
FireSwordThe BSD ATT split is a big difference.08:36
FireSwordAnd linux is to me a hybrid, which I used to be irritated by.08:37
daxAre you under the impression that any of this is at all relevant or interesting?08:37
FireSwordNot if you put it that way :P08:37
daxBecause, it is not. We want you to behave in #ubuntu and not go offtopic. Going offtopic in #ubuntu's ops channel is neither productive nor engendering confidence in your ability to behave.08:37
daxSo rather than most of the above, please just stop with the non-support chatter in #ubuntu and spare us and #ubuntu commentary on your life thusfar.08:38
FireSwordI already said I will shut up and lurk should I decide to remain.08:41
FireSwordIs there a reason for me to stay in here?08:43
bazhangFireSword, are we clear about the delineation between chit chat and support?08:48
FireSwordI think we always were, with the exception of how you want the channel to proceed.08:52
FireSwordWhich is now clear, too.08:52
FireSwordI apologize08:54
FireSwordI am really bored, tho, so if I come into channels and make spurious remarks, it is just to entertain myself, but that is my responsibility, and I won't impose any unnecessary burden on you or your users.08:57
bazhangFireSword, as we are very clear about the on and offtopic chats, could you please exit here at this time, thanks09:36
* FireSword looks both ways before crossing the street out and waves10:13
daxikonia: banmask$##channel, not !22:17

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