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EvilAngeli wonder if zfs gets loaded before the x server gets started10:43
EvilAngeloh shit10:49
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Mis-anthropethe best thing about a newly installed ubuntu server.... it comes with no destop environment!12:02
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Mis-anthropeI am trying to install virtual box guest additions.. and it fails everytime.. after some searching online, I realised the problem could be with the linux headers. Now, when I am removing the headers, I have the option of removing generic headers or actual header file linux-headers-4.4.0-31.. which one should I remove..12:37
WalexMis-anthrope: well, the generic one depends on the version one, so if you remove the generic one the version one will also be removed by default.12:49
WalexMis-anthrope: but is is very unlikely that the right version headers for your kernel give VirtualBox trouble.12:50
tomreyni concur. removing kernel headers wont solve a problem12:51
Mis-anthropeWalex: I had the same issue in ubuntu desktop so all I did was update the kernel headers..12:51
Mis-anthropebut the kernels are showing up to date in this case12:51
tomreynwhich variant of virtualbox are you using, the one from ubuntu or oracles' packages?12:51
Mis-anthropeoracle's one12:52
Mis-anthropeits vbox 5.1.212:52
tomreynare you using this on a server?12:52
Mis-anthropeyes.. I am12:52
tomreynwhy dont use use a proper HVM virtualization?12:53
Mis-anthropethe error log for vboxguesteditions suggests I install gcc and make which I am doing now12:53
tomreynvirtualbox is desktop virtualization12:53
Mis-anthropeI dont want bare metal12:53
Mis-anthropeI just wanna play around with ubuntu server in vbox first..12:53
tomreynso your host is a desktop, runnign virtualbox, and below that you got ubuntu-server?12:54
tomreynah, okay that makes sense then12:54
Mis-anthropeI dont want any bare metal virtualization till I am comfy with ubuntu server on type 212:54
tomreynso your desktop runs which version of ubuntu, and the VM is which version of ubuntu-server?12:55
tomreynand whats the output you get when you try to install the guest utils on the ubuntu-server ?12:57
tomreyn(use !pastebin / !pastebinit )12:57
Mis-anthropemy desktop is windows 10.1/x64(to my despair) and I am running ubuntu 16.04 server(32 bit)13:00
tomreynthanks for providing some (but not all) of the information i asked for. ;)13:08
Mis-anthropeum thats cuz my problem has now evolved :(13:11
tomreynsorry to hear that13:17
Mis-anthropeme too :\13:17
Mis-anthropeI need to understand the differences between Xorg.. X11.. desktop environement... display servers... window managers... any good books/links?14:00
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Mis-anthropehas anyone here used Ubuntu 16.04 server?14:59
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funabashihey guys i had 2 unwanted reboots on my linux machine today. which important logs can i go for to find out the root cause ?17:45
tomreynfunabashi: /var/log/syslog* /var/log/dmesg* /var/log/auth.log*17:55
tomreynfunabashi: start by using 'last' to determine the reboot times, then look at these logs near these timestamps17:56
funabashitomreyn: ok i checked those files and i found nothing intresting18:00
funabashiits a vps on KVM and the provider told me they got no issues..18:01
funabashidmesg file doesnt have timestamps18:01
tomreynif there's nothing on the logs then it means it's a hardware issue. which, in the case of virtualization, means it's a virtualization error.18:02
tomreynyour provider may not spend time on investigating thier logs until you state that you have reviewed your logs and not found indication of a software malfunction.18:03
tomreynif, after you stated this, and went over this with them repeatedly, they still claim its not an issu eon their part without providing anything to back that claim up, then you should switch to a different provider.18:04
duperdoes anyone know of terminal software that's capable of the VGA-style 24-bit true color w/ ANSI color escape codes besides suckless st? looking for something that's more..well, featureful.18:43
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rizonzwhich caching resolver is recommended for local usage ?20:50

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