jageredtried the installer... failed, guessing lubuntu was the reason?00:34
jageredgot device unlocked no prob...00:34
rhalffhow hard would it be to update something like this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/orig-development/discontinued-ubuntu-touch-13-10-builds-t231539701:54
rhalffI have a samsung s3 and would like to try and install ubuntu on it.01:55
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dankton96someone is there?13:04
dankton96i need help to install ubuntu touch zesty on my galaxy tab 2, there are only links for .tar.gz downloads and twrp recognize only .zip and .img13:05
dankton96somone know how to solve it?13:06
ircodankton96, untar the archive and zip it, then you have a zip14:23
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matv1gd evening all17:56
matv1I am sure I am not the only one that has got a non functioning right edge in latest proposed17:57
matv1can any one confirm?17:57
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matv1any one at all using a N4 ?18:50
matv1on rc-proposed18:50
mimecarno, M10 on RC18:59
mimecarand it works ok18:59
matv1mimecar thanks. sorry I knew its working on the M10 should have said so19:11
matv1I do remember someone saying that his left edge stopped working just the other day.19:14
matv1ets find that19:14
matv1still thats the opposite edge from me19:16
matv1some instability in Unity 8 ?19:16
mimecarit looks a regresion19:21
matv1nah i found it. at least my issue19:24
matv1unfortunately a hardware issue19:24
matv1my digitizer is fried19:25
matv1rip another N4 you served me well19:25
mimecarthat's bad19:27
matv1yeah well it was bound to happen one of these days19:30
matv1question is19:30
matv1now what19:30
matv1another N4 is not an option anymore. Canonical is on the verge of distcontinuing development on them19:31
matv1But there is no way I am going back to an android phone19:32
mimecarall ubuntu phone are sold out19:34
matv1i didnt spend the last 3 years pioneering this to end up back on android19:34
matv1right although 'sold out' is rather a euphamism by now19:35
mimecarhave you checked meizu?19:35
matv1thats like saying the model T ford is sold out :)19:36
matv1yes i am considering the meizu pro 5 but the manuals for flashing it to ubuntu are both out of date and error ridden19:37
matv1seems like it is possible but it wont get you ota's for starters19:38
matv1mhmm i guess i will have to chance it.19:40
mimecaror you can wait for new devices19:42
matv1yes that was my strategy up untill tonight :(19:43
mimecarthen, your last option is a BT mouse19:43
matv1mimecar haha i like your inventiveness19:44
mimecarit's the cheapest option :p19:44
matv1yes but wouldnt be a great advertisement for UT. me going around with a mouse to be able to operate my phone19:45
mimecaryou can use Ubuntu Touch without touching the screen19:45
mimecarthere's not easy option for your phone19:46
matv1mimecar true19:47
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