Kilosmorning za peeps05:39
LangjanG'morning Kilos how are things with you this morning?05:57
Kiloshi Langjan im ok ty and you?06:06
Kiloshad a couple of tough days but today is better 06:06
LangjanSorry to learn about tough days,I was wondering about you. We are fine thanks 06:09
Kilosnothing broken??06:09
Kilosoh my06:09
Kilosyes and tight chest but today is lekker06:09
Kilosmight be the new meds i gotta get used to06:10
LangjanYes meds are always a compromise06:10
Kiloswish it was the 16th jan already so i can try get them to do what they must so i can stop meds06:10
LangjanWhat must happen 16 Jan?06:11
Kilosi  go for next appointment and hopefully get booked in at steve biko for bypasses06:11
LangjanOK strongs for that06:12
Langjanhope things work well for you06:12
Kiloshopefully they will accept i only want stents put in via the angio route06:12
Kilosi dont want chest cut open06:12
LangjanWell they will know whats best for your circumstances, if its got to be done, do the best you can06:13
Kilosi will ty for the concern06:13
LangjanWhats news from your girls?06:13
Kilostoo painful being apart06:13
Langjansorry I brught it up06:14
Kilosskype call daily and chat lots on telegram06:14
Kilosbeing apart is painful man not talking about it06:14
Langjangood and is Debs coping with the AS?06:14
Kilosshe is a very tough chick and keeps on regardless of pain06:15
Kilosonly when she over does things and breaks an area thats just newly grown together then she has bad flareups otherwise she manages06:16
Kilosevil disease that06:16
Kilosnearly whole spine has growths from joint to joint06:17
LangjanYes its not pleasant, eish! And how is Tara's business going?06:17
LangjanSorry gotta go have breakfast, chat later06:17
Kilosshe is busy now with all the arwork for peeps for christmas06:17
paddatrapperMorning everyone06:20
Kiloshi paddatrapper 06:20
=== Kilos is now known as is
=== is is now known as Kilos
Kilosinetpro is jy terug06:21
Kilosim sure he went away for the holiday so might only be back after weekend06:21
paddatrapperDoes anyne have any experience with LXC on Debian? I can't get unpriviledged containers working - unshare: Operation not permitted06:22
Kiloskick fly outa bed06:23
Kiloshe the debian man06:23
LangjanG'morning paddatrapper 06:38
LangjanKilos, you there young man?06:39
Kilosim here Langjan 06:40
LangjanI'm still battling with videos06:41
Kilosoh those online ones06:42
LangjanTried Juanita's system works fine then checked, she has gstreamer06:42
Kilosthere is lots of gstreamer stuff for 16.0406:42
Langjanwhen I tried to install gstreamer errors showed graphics prob g06:43
Kilosopen synaptic and type in gstreamer and choose the one you need06:43
Langjanso I installed Intel graphics update app06:43
Kilosadditional drivers06:43
LangjanYes, but now I have broken packages again06:44
Kilossynaptic edit fix broken06:44
LangjanTrying to load gstreamer via Synaptic gets error: 06:44
Kilosbroken package are bad downloads06:44
LangjanW: https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/dists/xenial/InRelease: Signature by key 09D6EF97BFB38E916EF060E756A3DEF863961D39 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)06:44
Kiloswhat does synaptic say06:44
LangjanUnable to fix 06:45
LangjanPerhaps I have wrong software repos marked06:45
Kilosthen find the package in /var/cache/apt/archives/06:45
Kilosand delete it06:45
Kilosim using neology06:45
Kilosthen do a reload in synaptic06:46
Kilosi use synaptic to choose repos and everything06:46
Kilosnever use update manager06:46
LangjanPlse bear with me06:46
Kilosof course06:46
Langjanfind which package?06:47
Kilosthat broken one06:47
Kiloslemme see your link06:47
LangjanI know but where do I see it?06:48
LangjanE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:48
Kilosgo to /var/cache/apt/archives/06:49
Kilostry first06:49
Kilossudo dpkg --configure -a06:49
Kiloslet me just go open irc on desktop so ian can use my lappy for teamviewer06:50
Kilosok i go there now06:51
Kilosme with a tail06:51
Kilos-Langjan here peeps can see if i guide you wrong and jump in06:53
Kilos-here toppie Langjan 06:54
Kilos-where were we06:55
Langjanfind package06:55
LangjanI gave you output06:55
Kilos-do you know the broken package06:55
Kilos-give again please06:56
Kilos-its there on lappy and im here in my room on desktop06:57
LangjanE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:57
Kilos-sorry for the inconvenience06:57
Langjandoes that help?06:57
Kilos-and here i have a squirrel to fight with as well\06:57
paddatrapperMorning Langjan06:58
Kilos-it gets agro when i type and dont pay attention to it06:58
LangjanHi paddatrapper Its a girl then06:58
Kilos-must be06:58
LangjanLong error output after your dpkg command06:59
Kilos-give that output in pm place so we dont spam here06:59
Kilos-or post it06:59
Langjandone both07:01
Kilos-i forgot hot to see root folders on unity07:02
Kilos-tery and apt update07:03
Kilos-try 07:03
Kilos-then run sudo synaptic reinstall nginx nginx-core07:04
Kilos-sudo aptitude reinstall nginx nginx-core07:04
Kilos-i dont even know what nginx does but if it complains its not installed then we try keep it happy07:05
Kilos-wish you were on trouble free kde07:06
LangjanE: Internal Error, No file name for nginx-core:i38607:06
Kilos-then maybe just nginx will do07:06
Kilos-should install automagically07:06
Langjansudo aptitude reinstall nginx07:07
LangjanE: Internal Error, No file name for nginx:i38607:08
Kilos-sudo apt upgrade07:08
Kilos-let me get some bread for this squirrel so it can eat and leave my hands alone07:09
Langjancheck stickynotes07:11
Langjanand pm07:13
Kilos-lets try another route07:15
Kilos-do you remember how to show hidden files on unity07:16
Kilos-find /var/cache/apt/archives/07:16
Langjandont see it is it in one of the folders?07:17
Kilos-you have to go into root folders07:17
Kilos-kde gives the root option easily07:18
Langjanwhich are root folders?07:18
Kilos-etc and var and usr and lots more07:18
Kilos-lets go in with terminal07:18
Kilos-cd /var/cache/apt/archives/07:19
Kilos-then type in ls07:19
Langjanhow do I copy and p from here?07:19
Kilos-with your mouse07:20
Kilos-are you in archives?07:20
Kilos- does ls show lots07:21
Kilos-scroll to see if nginx is there07:21
chesedomorning all07:22
Kilos-ok type in cd07:22
Kilos-you should be at standard prompt again07:23
chesedohmm Kilos- Langjan, nginx is a web server... to you plan to host websites on your PC?07:23
Kilos-chesedo please help here07:23
Langjanhi chesedo 07:23
chesedoKilos-: where is that bin output?07:24
Kilos-i dont see unity in front of me so sukkeling some07:24
Langjanno website hosting planned07:24
Kilos-langjan give that bin link07:24
Kilos-did you tell it to give you the link07:25
chesedoKilos-: how much do I have to read ^above^ to know what is going on so far?07:25
Langjanbin link?07:25
LangjanKilos-,  I put some error outputs in stickynotes and pm07:26
Kilos-where you posted that info to pastebin07:26
Kilos-see if there is a way to fix you broken packages there07:26
Kilos-i see a solved link07:26
chesedoLangjan: the stickynote link?07:27
Kilos-i run to toilet quick wbb07:27
LangjanSorry not sure what link Kilos- wants07:28
Langjanrunning those broken package fix commands at the mo07:28
chesedoLangjan: there output error link07:28
LangjanPlse see stickynotes07:32
Kilos-you need to give the link for sticynotes Langjan 07:33
LangjanSorry: https://bin.snyman.info/mmmgfpp507:34
Kilos-tick the submit button and then copy passte the url you get at the top07:34
LangjanAnd https://bin.snyman.info/mmm8w29507:35
Langjannd latest: https://bin.snyman.info/mmm2wcn407:37
Kilos-type y and enter07:37
Kilos-https://bin.snyman.info/mmm8w295 end of that07:38
LangjanOh that was done 07:39
Kilos-i dont understand the reason why it keeps harping about nginx07:39
chesedoKilos-: end of that continous on next one...07:39
Kilos-chesedo you go ahead please if you have time07:40
chesedolets remove nginx as you will not need it07:40
Langjanmakes sense07:40
chesedoLangjan: type `sudo apt remove --purge nginx-*`07:40
chesedoafter that type 'sudo systemctl status nginx` ... this should report that nignx is missing/not there (aka service is removed)07:42
LangjanDone except for:  dpkg: warning: while removing nginx-common, directory '/var/www/html' not empty so not removed07:42
Langjan 07:42
chesedoLangjan: ok, output of `ls -la /var/www/html/`07:42
Langjantotal 1207:44
Langjandrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Dec  6 16:56 .07:44
Langjandrwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Dec  6 16:35 ..07:44
Langjan-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  612 Dec  6 16:56 index.nginx-debian.html07:44
chesedoLangjan: ok that seems like the default for nginx, so we can remove it with `sudo rm -R /var/www/html`07:45
chesedobased on those dates it seems like you installed nginx on the 6th...07:46
Langjanok chesedo I ran that command and just got prompt again, is that right?07:46
chesedoLangjan: yes07:47
chesedoLangjan: type `sudo apt remove --purge nginx-*` again07:47
Kilostoo clever these young ones07:47
Langjanok done07:48
chesedothen  'sudo systemctl status nginx` again07:48
LangjanYes they grew up on computers07:48
Langjanok chesedo 07:49
chesedoLangjan: output of states that it is missing?07:49
Langjan Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)07:50
Langjanand some more yes chesedo 07:50
chesedoLangjan: good nginx is removed then... so you wanted to get gstream fixed orginally right?07:50
LangjanWell yes, but wondered if it conflicts with vlc and audacious07:51
Kilosno it works with audacious07:51
Kilosvlc should have all its own stuff07:52
LangjanMy system has those two but is not working on some videos, 07:52
chesedoLangjan: should not be, they most likely use it as part of the UNIX philosophy of "do one thing and do it good"07:52
Langjanmy wife's 14.04 only has gsteamer and seems to work everywhere07:52
chesedoLangjan: let's start with `sudo apt update`07:53
Langjanterminal still hanging must I kill it?07:53
chesedohangs?? which command caused it to hang?07:54
Kiloshanging or taking its time07:54
Langjanwell perhaps wrong term, it is still on last output 07:54
Langjanwhich shows nginx is not there07:55
chesedoLangjan: press enter a few times07:55
Langjanno effect07:55
Kilos-ai! unity07:56
Langjannginx.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'07:56
Langjanthats the last output07:56
chesedoLangjan: so there is no prompt ... $ at the end of the line07:56
LangjanThe last lines: systemd[1]: Failed to start A high performance web server and a reverse proxy se07:57
Langjansystemd[1]: nginx.service: Unit entered failed state.07:57
Langjansystemd[1]: nginx.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'07:57
chesedoLangjan: press ctrl + z07:57
Langjanok thats done it, now doing uopdate07:58
Langjanwants to upgrade, run it?07:59
chesedook but after that type 'jobs' so that we can see what hanged the terminal (ctrl + z has put it in the background and want to make sure it is not something important)07:59
chesedosorry type `jobs` first08:00
Langjanjan@jan-System-Product-Name:~$ jobs08:00
Langjan[1]+  Stopped                 sudo systemctl status nginx08:00
Langjansorry I did the upgrade first08:00
chesedoLangjan: np... I forgot that systemctl has a weird way of holding the terminal on status...08:02
chesedotype `fg` and then `q` so that we can end that job08:02
chesedoLangjan: also give me the output of that upgrade in a stickybin pls08:03
Langjanok done chesedo 08:03
* chesedo thinks that it will have gstreamer in the held back section again...08:03
Langjanwill do08:03
Langjanseems ok08:05
chesedoLangjan: the part above what you posted is what i'm interested in...08:05
chesedoie the part directly after the upgrade command08:06
LangjanI see what you mean chesedo : https://bin.snyman.info/mmm4mqdz08:07
chesedoLangjan: is there any reason why you mark those packages for being on hold (other than 0ad which will be a huge update)08:09
LangjanNot that I am aware of, except ignorance if it was me08:11
Kilos-enough said08:11
* Kilos- hides08:11
Langjanjy maak die ou man skaam08:11
chesedolol... you have synaptic right?08:12
chesedothen it might have marked by accident in synaptic... see if you can find an option in synaptic to list all the 'held' packages and highlight them all (except for 0ad maybe) and remove the held mark...08:14
chesedoi do not use synaptic so Kilos might be able to help you find those options08:14
LangjanI see that Oad has a "!"08:16
LangjanOver to you Kilos- ?08:17
LangjanMany thanks for your time and effort chesedo 08:17
Kiloslemme catch up08:18
Kilostry reload in synaptic08:19
Kilosthen edit fix broken08:19
LangjanW: https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/dists/xenial/InRelease: Signature by key 09D6EF97BFB38E916EF060E756A3DEF863961D39 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)08:19
Kilosthen mark all upgrades08:19
chesedoKilos-: i can remember that you use synaptic... so can you guide us in getting synaptic to list only the held packages and then on how to unheld them...08:20
Kiloswhat repo are you using Langjan 08:20
Kilosive never had a held issue chesedo 08:20
Langjanrepo? You mean in updates?08:20
Kilosjust some packages ive put on lock to this version and stopped them upgrading08:21
chesedoKilos-: do you how to use the GUI to do the above though?08:21
Kilossynaptic settings repositories08:21
Kilosim looking atm08:21
Langjanyou mean neulogy?08:22
Kilosyes choose neology08:22
Kilostheyve changed the synaptic look08:23
* chesedo things that the issue (for gstreamer) atm is that is is held back and not anything to do with sources... although we will have to look at that too08:23
Langjanam using it, my mentor taught me to08:23
Kilostype in gstreamer at the top08:23
Kilosthen right click reinstall all that show already installed08:23
Kilosyes chesedo but where is he always getting broken packages08:24
Kilosi very rarely have that anymore08:24
Kilosif you do a reinstall of packages in synaptic it will fetch and updates to them08:25
Langjansynaptic taking long time to reload08:25
chesedoKilos-: broken packages has been resolved (or so it seems) so am trying to fix gstreamer atm and will then tend the other issues08:25
Kilosonce reloaded just mark all upgrades and apply08:26
Kilosand dont start installing funny stuffs08:26
chesedoKilos-: nothing can be done on a package that is held as far as i remember (so reinstall will just reinstall in while we want to upgrade to latest)08:26
LangjanSeems to be hanging, wont quit either08:26
Kilos-then going to gstreamer stuff will show all there and yopu will see the held ones08:27
Kilos-then just a reinstall of them should upgrade them08:28
LangjanLooks ;like I will have to force it by reboot08:28
Kilos-is held and locked the same thing?08:28
Kilos-synaptic is slow at times oom08:28
Kilos-be patient08:28
Kilos-dont forget it has to try find everything you been fiddling with08:29
LangjanDont know but it shows "loading" circle but has been for very long time08:29
Kilos-if the circle runs its working not hanging08:29
Langjanok 08:30
chesedoKilos-: yes, synaptic shows held packages as being locked...08:31
chesedoso yes the same thing08:32
Kilos-ok then08:33
Kilos-tick in the middle of the package08:33
Kilos-then at the top08:33
LangjanI see a "!" against 0ad - 17.3 MB real time strategy game of ancient warfare, interesting that chesedo referred to 0ad, is it something that is needed?   08:33
Kilos-tick package 08:34
Kilos-and chhose unlock08:34
chesedoLangjan: 0ad is a game and i know from experience that it update will be big (500Mb+) which is why i think it is currently also held/locked08:35
Kilos-do y6ou play 0ad08:35
LangjanIts still circling to land...08:35
Kilos-lekker game08:35
chesedothere is nothing wrong with it beign held, it will just same bandwidth08:35
Kilos-old time war but lots work to keep up08:35
Langjandont have time for gaming, except chess on rare occasions08:35
Kilos-then remove it08:35
Kilos-right click remove08:36
Kilos-even remove completely08:36
Langjanok will do but Synaptic is still circling08:36
LangjanI think something went wrong08:36
Kilos-if you dont play a game why is it installed and locked08:37
Langjanno idea, have never been there08:37
Kilos-1 ai! as well08:38
Kilos-squirrel added the 7508:38
Langjanthey are real cute08:39
chesedoKilos-: do you mean to tell me that while I may have a monkey behind my keyboard you are lucky enough to have a squirrel :P08:39
Kilos-lol yes08:40
Kilos-quite a pest at times08:40
Kilos-ill post a pic one day08:40
LangjanNo monkey near your keyboard chesedo. There was nothing serious going on in synaptic, I think I must force it08:41
LangjanCannot take that long...08:42
Kilos-wb la08:47
Kilos-Langjan too08:47
chesedoin synaptic click on the left 'status' then 'pinned' on the list above it08:47
chesedoLangjan: ^^08:47
chesedothis will list all the held/locked packages08:47
Kilos-thats good to know ty chesedo 08:48
Kilos-never used that area before08:49
Langjanchesedo, Does not show "pinned" - options are installed, upgradeable and a few others08:50
chesedoLangjan: can you upload screenshot to http://pasteboard.co08:51
Langjanshows a list of gsteamer packages marked "!" under upgradeable 08:51
Langjanwill do08:52
* chesedo installed synaptic on his system and is trying to get a package to be marked with !08:53
Kilos-Langjan 08:55
Kilos-try something08:55
LangjanDont know if this will work only gave link on copy and paste: https://bin.snyman.info/mmmwzc9g08:55
chesedoLangjan: on the left again click the 'Custom filters' option then 'broken' in the list above...08:55
chesedoWhich packages are now listed?08:55
* chesedo has a hunch that they will all have an !08:56
Langjanzero shown as broken08:57
chesedowell that is good atleat... then still need to find the meaning of !08:57
chesedohmm Langjan  in the menu click 'help' then 'icon legend'08:58
chesedoWhat is the ! according to your's legend?08:59
Langjanbut do not show in that selection, they show in upgradeable - interesting09:00
LangjanSorry there are two !'s 09:00
Langjanone shows upgradeable, the other is broken - different colours09:01
Langjanthe gstreamer ones are shown as upgradeable09:02
Langjaninstalled (upgradeable)09:02
Kilos-then just do the apply09:02
Kilos-should upgrade09:02
Langjan90 seconds to go09:04
Langjanapplying changes09:05
Kilos-you complained about kde09:06
Kilos-holy moly09:06
Kilos-im sure you could break a wheelbarrow09:06
* Kilos- hides again09:07
LangjanKilos-,  shal I run thro the other options, auto removable, obsolete etc? 09:07
Kilos-see what autoremovable does09:07
Kilos-thats an ap-get function too09:08
Langjantheres a lot of stuff there, dont think I must mess around with them09:09
Kilos-ok then close synaptic09:09
Kilos-and run sudo apt-get autoremove09:09
Kilos-that will be old kernels etc09:10
Kilos-will make lotsa free space09:10
Langjan1 611 MB ! wow!09:11
chesedoKilos-: he has only two packages that are no longer needed -> https://bin.snyman.info/mmm4mqdz09:11
Kilos-i wonder what caused all those kept back packages09:12
chesedohmm either that is 0ad which was marked for removal or something new is broken...09:12
chesedoLangjan: what was the output of that autoremove command? (stickynote pls)09:13
Kilos-i see apt autoremove also works09:13
Kilos-i still need to get used to apt commands09:14
LangjanPutting in stickynotes09:14
LangjanStickynotes silly verification system09:15
Langjansudo update shows: E: The repository 'https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main xenial Release' does no longer have a Release file.09:16
LangjanN: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.09:16
LangjanN: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.09:16
Langjanshall I delete that repo?09:17
Kilos-just use neology09:17
Kilos-how you get into these predicaments09:18
Kilos-moenie krap waar dit nie juk nie09:18
Langjanthats the intel graphics update app that I installed 09:18
Kilos-did you do it via dash additional drivers09:19
Kilos-or you went hunting in google09:19
Kilos-always try use what is in your system and its repos09:19
LangjanIntel website via google09:19
Kilos-type in dash09:20
LangjanI think...09:20
Kilos-it will find what is needed09:20
Kilos-ty for the help chesedo 09:21
LangjanIt shows the unknown driver09:21
Langjanyes many thanks chesedo 09:21
Langjanappreciated very much09:22
chesedonp Kilos- , note that intel does offer a special graphics update util for Linux09:22
chesedothis -> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/09/intel-graphics-update-ubuntu-16-0409:22
LangjanThats right, thks chesedo 09:22
Kilosya but letting old men go wild with google breaks things09:23
Kilosbut omgubuntu is normally good09:23
Langjanall seems fine now many thks, just need to test videos09:24
* chesedo not has unbreak all those things he changed in synaptic09:25
Kilosim scared to try that intel thing when everything is working09:25
LangjanWe have to do something to keep the adrenalin pumping man!09:25
Kilosjust now i need help too09:25
Langjankde never breaks09:25
Kilosoh yes i forgot09:26
Kiloshee hee09:26
Langjanyou need help from chesedo or from me?09:26
chesedoKilos-: do not use it unless if you have an intel graphics card (that is quite new too)09:26
Langjanwat weet die ou man?09:26
* chesedo guess that that would depend on the subject matter09:27
LangjanIt seemed to do some graphics upgrades quite efficiently09:27
LangjanYou're very right che09:28
Langjanchesedo, sorry09:28
Langjanlike polishing a noggin09:28
Kilosuse the systems tools to find what is needed is safer imo09:29
Kilosit wont go fetch something that will break it09:29
Langjanvideos still not working, eish!09:30
Kilosand normally only uses stable stuff09:30
Langjanasks for pepperflash09:30
Kilosmight be some codecs missing Langjan 09:30
Kilosai! all this flash stuff09:31
LangjanIt gets very messy09:31
Kilosthere is pepper in synaptic09:31
Langjanbetween different browsers, different video systems and different grapgics09:32
Kilosthe pro uses it i think09:32
Langjanthere are two packages, ythe one only wants to be marked for removal and the other will reinstall. I get the feeling I must follow the suggestion to remove the one that cannot be re-installed09:34
Kilos-i have it as well pepperflashplugin09:34
LangjanThis package will download Chrome from Google, and unpack it to make the09:34
Langjanincluded Pepper Flash Player available for use with Chromium.  The end user09:34
Langjanlicense agreement is available at Google.09:34
Kilos-just the plugin09:35
Kilos-i have no other pepper stuff installed09:35
LangjanBoth are plugins, one is browser plugin, the other is plugin adapter09:36
Kilosi was on 14.0409:37
LangjanBoth seem to go with chrome09:37
Kilos16.04 shows more09:38
Kiloswhats the link to your vid09:38
Kiloslet me see if it works on opera09:38
Kilosworks with no pepperflash09:39
Kilosmaybe i have adobe flash plugin installer09:40
Kilosnope no adobe stuff09:40
Kilostry opera-browser09:41
chesedopepper flash is a chrome thing afaik09:43
Kilosgooi weg daai firefox ding09:44
LangjanDont like opera09:45
Langjanmaybe I must get rid of chrome09:46
Langjanand all its dependancies09:46
Kilosi never use chrome09:47
Kilosi use bare minimal google stuf09:47
Kiloswhen fly and padda have done with iterum well have a bot that doesnt use google either09:52
chesedoXethron: great article! Follow through is propably the hardest - atleast those hooks cover most of it. You did not mention about running the tests in CI when MR are submitted, did you also implement this?09:54
Kilosi think i still prefer 14.04 to 16.0409:55
chesedoKilos: is iterum our new bot?09:55
Kilosyes they busy with it all the time, its the new version of ibid09:56
Kiloscalled iterum so you can still name your bot what you like09:56
chesedoohhh great can't wait for it...09:56
Kilos'hopefully maaz will be upgraded09:56
Kilosyou can join #iterum to keep up chesedo 09:57
chesedobtw at what time, must who be where for our reverification on the 19th?09:57
chesedoKilos: will do09:57
Kiloswe must all try attend the meeting09:57
Kiloslast time was near midnight iirc09:57
chesedook, how will we be notified of the time?09:59
Kilosill try find out and let you know10:08
Kilosill drop it here and in the mail10:08
Kiloshi nsnzero 10:46
Kiloshave you joined us on launchpad yet10:47
nsnzerohi kilos 10:54
nsnzeroyes i have - user nasan10:54
Kilos-cool ty10:55
nsnzeromy pleasure11:00
nsnzeroKilos-: you on kubuntu now ?11:03
Kilos-yes and loving it11:03
Kilos-since 14.0411:03
Kilos-im gonna nap for a while wbb11:05
nsnzerook take care11:06
nsnzeroi will be on later as well11:07
=== SilverCodeZA is now known as SilverCode
LangjanHi Kilos - Opera Beta or Stable?13:25
Kilosi use stable and opera-dev13:27
Kilosboth work great13:27
Kilosand you can open each one independantly13:27
LangjanLet me give it another go, anything will be better than this Chrome/Firefox/Flash shambles.  13:28
Kilosand run both the same time with 20 tabs open in each13:28
LangjanWhy have both? Are they so bad that you need a constant backup?13:29
Kilosthen i havent got 40 tabs open in one13:29
LangjanBetter multi-tasker than  dom blond...13:30
Kilosand they can remember all tabs and you can set it to see them all everytime but only open when you need one13:30
Kilosand they are faster than firefox13:31
Kilosbit lighter i think13:31
LangjanIf my videos dont work I will never believe you again...13:32
Kilosi looked on 14.04 i have pepperflashplugin installed there13:32
LangjanI have a new bug for you, but let me google it first13:33
Kilosbut not here on 16.04 and it still runs speedtest fine13:33
Kilosbe careful of what google tells you13:33
Kilosuse advise only from ubuntu peeps mostly13:33
Kilosomgubuntu is ok13:34
Kilosbut rather trust peeps like chesedo 13:34
Kiloshe can dig into things and fix them13:34
Kilosi do reinstall fixes13:34
Kilosi just use synaptic and reinstall everything starting with x13:39
Kilosxserver etc13:39
Kilosand x1113:39
chesedolol, I have just broke many systems with installs to be able to fix them13:40
chesedobtw I thought the videos are not playing in vlc, etc13:40
LangjanPhew there are hundreds of "x" s13:47
Kilosdont be lazy13:48
LangjanI'm not looking for ways to kill time13:49
Langjanwith girls down under...13:49
chesedoLangjan: what are your freezing symptoms?13:50
Kilosand Langjan you must report bugs so they can sort them the updat upgrade will fix things 13:51
Langjanhi chesedo when the screensaver activates, it freezes when I try to deactivate it by moving the mouse: then the last image just stays there and only sign of life is the mouse cursor moving13:51
Kilosevery bug report helps them make ubuntu better13:52
chesedoLangjan: xscreensaver?13:52
Kilosturn off screensavers and choose blank page13:52
chesedoLangjan: ^^13:52
Kilosits maybe that suspend thibg13:52
chesedothey just waste CPU13:52
Kilosi turn off suspend as well13:53
LangjanTurn off suspend?13:53
Kilosi do yes13:54
Kiloslook in power manager13:55
* chesedo does not :P13:55
LangjanMy suspend is turned off13:55
* chesedo actually likes hiberate more than suspend but lappy does not support it13:55
Kilosone of my pcs froze everytime it suspened so ive turned it off since13:56
Kilosoh yes hibernate13:56
Kilosthats the thing13:56
Kilosi just let screen turn off or go blank13:56
Kilosscreensaver blank screen13:56
Kilosor none, i forget13:56
Kiloswbb , resting time13:58
LangjanWe like the xscreensavers, they rotate every minute and my grandchildren love to sit and watch them 13:58
LangjanKilos, What do I do with packages that do not have re-install option in synaptic, only option is removal? 14:03
Xethronchesedo: I have found that submitting to projects with tests are a lot easier than those without14:10
XethronAs its easier to see if you broke some sort of backwards compatibility issue. But I don't see it as a must, and the article was getting quite long already :P14:11
XethronYou are welcome to add a comment on it for others to read though :)14:11
Kilosleave them Langjan 14:11
Kilosthey are one time only packages that will stay basic needs without upgrades14:12
Kilosi think14:17
LangjanAnd missing recommends?14:18
Langjanhere are 52 of those14:18
Kilosno worry14:23
Kilosonly on occasion i add a recommend14:24
Kilosami how much must be downloaded14:27
Kilosmust be some patches there14:27
LangjanOK let me venture into the opera house14:27
Kilosas a matter of interest i think14:29
superflyXethron, chesedo tests++15:55
XethronNo, pre-increment is better. ++tests15:55
superflyXethron: wahaha16:06
Kilosoh my , where did langjan go16:09
LangjanHi Kilos and chesedo 16:16
LangjanI found the solution to the xscreensaver prob16:17
LangjanIts just a setting. Under preferences, advanced, Fading and Colormaps the box "Fade to black when blanking" must be ticked. 16:19
LangjanXscreensaver settings very confusing16:19
Kiloshi Langjan 16:25
Kiloswell done16:26
LangjanThks Kilos, good mentor 16:26
Kiloshow much was downloaded16:26
LangjanKilos, not the ultimate solution, only works sometimes. Back to the drawing board.16:55
LangjanBut gonna braai some chops now, better count your sheep. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thks for all the help.  16:55
Kiloswhat only works sometimes16:56
Kilosthe videos?16:56
Kilosoh enjoy16:56
Langjanno the blocked screensaver16:56
Kilossee you monday16:56
nsnzeroKilos: ?17:31
Kilossigh i see only 4 members in the loco council and one informs me he has withdrawn.17:32
Kilosim trying to find a time for our meeting17:32
Kilosi ailed the community council now17:32
nsnzerowhat position is that ?17:33
Kilosthe loco council overseas and decides on our application for reverification17:34
Kilosthe community council is the ubuntu controlling body17:34
nsnzeroloco = local community  17:35
Kilosthats each loco like the ubuntu-za loco17:36
Kilosthe councils control us17:36
nsnzeroso the local group applies to the parent group overseeing everything , just to say we here included us 17:36
Kilosyes and show then we are still active17:36
Kilosloco council is the parent group of all the locos world wide17:37
nsnzero3 members shows activity though17:37
Kilosive mailed a few of them and one community council member17:37
Kilosat meetings they need 4 to make a quorum17:38
Kilossometimes a member or two of the community council step in to help out when needed17:39
nsnzerooff topic : i am never happy with my themes on kubuntu - wasting some time editing everthing 17:39
Kiloswhat themes17:39
Kilosyou like more eye candy?17:40
nsnzeronow i have a dark blue theme - with glass icons and custom login and lock screens17:40
Kilosi just change the desktop background with a picture17:41
nsnzeronow how do you get to be a community member?17:42
Kiloson the laptop here i have the standard new background17:42
Kilosyou first apply for ubuntu membership17:42
Kilosthen after a while when there is a vacancy you can apply17:43
nsnzeroubuntu-one ?17:43
Kiloslet me find you a link17:43
Kilosits quite a job17:43
Kilossorry for thaqt long link17:44
nsnzeroyeah i can see : personal wiki page , code of conduct , testimonials , agenda 17:44
Kiloslol signing the code of conduct was a major job for me17:46
Kiloshad to get help17:46
Kiloseven needed help with my wiki page17:46
nsnzeroatleast now my PGP keys will come in handy17:47
nsnzeroforgot my launchpad password ????17:48
Kilosi had to get help with that as well17:49
Kilosi was very stupid17:49
Kilosand now im even more so17:49
nsnzerowe all still learning 17:50
nsnzerono gota reset my account again - using 64bit passwords - think it too long17:55
Kiloslearning is fine , its forgetting what you learned thats a pain18:01
nsnzerowhat i have forgotten never bothers me until i remember that i forgot it 18:02
nsnzeroi had to start using keepassx to store passwords - before i had 1 password to remember now i have least 2018:05
nsnzeroeverything requires passwords today 18:06
Kilosi use one difficult one everywhere18:06
nsnzeronow how do i sign the code of conduct - cant seem to find where i need to upload my PGP keys18:09
Kilosthere is a walk through in our trello18:11
superflyKilos: why should nsnzero apply to be an Ubuntu member? Surely all he needs to do is join the LoCo? 18:29
superflyKilos: unless nsnzero has some serious Ubuntu cred he is unlikely to be made a member. Heck, they were skeptical of me 18:30
nsnzerohey superfly18:31
superflynsnzero: no offence intended, is just that Kilos gets excited about these things, and I don't want to put you through unnecessary stress 18:31
superfly*it's 18:32
nsnzerojust trying to help out here18:32
Kiloshe asked superfly 18:32
Kiloshe has joined us on lp18:32
superflyI don't know what Ubuntu cred you have, but they tend to be quite strict about it 18:32
superflyKilos: absolutely. Please join the team on Launchpad, that's your official Ubuntu-ZA membership18:33
superflynsnzero: ^^18:33
nsnzeroi have no ubuntu creds atm - i am registered with the launchpad18:34
superflynsnzero: by all means, please get involved 18:34
Kilosdid you see what i said about the reverification superfly 18:35
nsnzerodidnt know that there is so much work for you guys  18:35
superflyKilos: I saw something about not all the LoCo council being available 18:37
Kiloshopefully they can make quorum with the help from the cc18:37
Kilosi mailed belkie for info18:38
Kilosshe is on the cc now18:38
superflyOk 18:40
superflyWow, even the official Ubuntu structures seem to be falling apart -_-18:40
Kilostime for us to climb in and help18:41
Kilospeeps are just too busy18:41
nsnzeroi think there is too much red tape - wouldn't more join if it where a simpler process18:42
superflyKilos: I'll be honest, I don't think there's a need anymore 18:42
Kilosyes it seems to be working without all the structures18:42
Kilosbut then they must drop the reverification process18:43
Kiloscant make old structures work if they arent there 18:43
superflyComes back to the question I asked the previous time... Why? What does being an official LoCo give us? 18:44
nsnzeroguys the point of local community is to provide feedback ? am i correct or is it entirely something else18:44
Kilosvery um18:44
superflynsnzero: it's basically to provide a local community for users. 18:45
Kiloscontroversial issue superfly 18:45
superflynsnzero: and indirectly, advertising for Canonical18:45
Kilosnsnzero basically locos are like we are, here to help each other and newbies18:46
Kilosand grow ubuntu18:46
superflynsnzero: they don't say that, but that's how Canonical benefits from it 18:46
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 18:47
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 3 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes and 23 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-12-13 21:16:28 SAST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-12-10 15:14:12 SAST18:47
Kiloslong weekend for him18:48
superflyI need to go back to sleep, I'll chat later 18:49
Kilosnight superfly 18:49
Kilosmin dae18:49
nsnzerotake care18:50
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:00
* chesedo thought he was in the terminal20:37

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