CrellJordan_U: After doing which step, exactly?  (To get a clean output.)00:00
Crell(I'm doing other work at the same time.)00:00
UserUSfailed to enumerate oFono devices: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.ofono was not provided by any .service files00:00
jon___Crell: just don't fuck up your dd if/of parameters. this is key.00:00
Jordan_UUserUS: Watch your language in this channel please.00:01
bazhangjon___, no cursing here00:01
UserUSJordan_U: what?00:02
jon___that was aimed at me :D00:02
jon___i have a potty-mouth00:02
CrellJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23640396/ - dmesg output after inserting USB key; running usb-creator -kde doesn't chage the output.00:03
jon___did i just read that Nvidia's proprietary driver does not support Wayland?00:07
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Guest24861hello, is there some easy way to know what package a library is part of? I'm getting this error libGLEW.so.2.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory, but every result in google i've found has had a similar error but with an older version00:08
naccGuest24861: apt-file search <filename>00:08
CrellJordan_U: Does that dmesg output suggest anything to you?00:17
Jordan_UCrell: It suggests that you're not having a hardware problem. I expect that dd will work. Be sure to use "lsblk" and "blkid" to be sure that you have the correct of= parameter. If you get the of= wrong then you could wipe all data on the wrong drive. You *will* wipe all data from the target drive, so back up anything on the USB drive first.00:20
corneredI think I'm having a problem with file encodings. When importing a mysqldump I'm receiving "syntax errors" related to backslashes in the file. These dumps import fine on OSX, and other computers with the same Ubuntu/MySQL configuration (afaik). I managed to work around that by setting the default-character-set option during the import. I'm now running into an issue with PHP failing to retrieve a date object from the file system cac00:22
corneredBoth of these issues are isolated to this machine. I'm not sure where to look to troubleshoot this.00:22
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hiexpocornered, look in your logs00:23
KeyboardNotFoundIs problem with AMD Driver solved in ubuntu 16.10 ?00:23
ubottuOpen driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD00:24
hiexpo!amd KeyboardNotFound00:26
KeyboardNotFoundhiexpo: thanks, But I don't know what is GCN1.200:26
CrellJordan_U: Hrm.  Why would usb-creator be crapping out then?00:29
CrellJordan_U: And... Well this is very weird.  This USED to be a 16.04 USB key.  But now the name on it is 16.10.00:31
CrellMight gnome-multiwriter it have worked but not told me?00:31
hiexpouse dd00:31
corneredNothing in syslog/mysql/php logs relative to these errors, aside from php/mysql telling me what they told me in the exception. I don't see any errors in syslog other that some for notify-osd and a couple ATA bus errors during startup00:32
corneredAfter manually escaping the single backslash in the cached file it works fine now.00:35
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yangm97is there a tutorial for booting ubuntu 16.04 using UEFI stub (no grub) and zfs root?01:03
yangm97or 16.04, I don't mind...01:03
yangm97*or 16.1001:03
R13oseHow do I update flash in terminal?01:09
Guest24861apt-file search libGLEW.so.2.0 gave no output01:14
patientplatypushello everyone01:17
Dr_CokeBoltCutter to break those bolts and chains01:17
Dr_CokeYou've suffered more then anyone can take01:17
patientplatypusi was hoping someone here could help me with an installation problem01:18
Dr_CokeHi patientplatypus01:18
patientplatypusyo coke01:18
bazhangDr_Coke, stay on topic here01:18
R13oseAny thoughts on my problem?01:19
patientplatypusif there is anyone who is willing to troubleshoot an ubuntu installation problem for a newbie, please pm me. I would really appreciate it.01:22
tgm4883patientplatypus: nobody is going to do that. If you have an issue, state it in the channel01:23
Bashing-ompatientplatypus: State your issue to the channel . perhaps one has a solutiuon to offr ?01:24
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winsen_hi all01:31
winsen_I need to reeinstall Thunderbird, how can I remove properly ?01:31
xanguawinsen_: why do you need to reinstall thunderbird in first place?01:31
R13oseHow do I update flash in terminal?01:32
patientplatypusalright. So here's the issue: I am trying to install Ubuntu as a dual boot os on a new windows 10 dell xps 15. I've followed all the steps online including turning off the fast boot option in windows and partitioning some free space to put the new os on. So I boot up into a "try version" of the ubuntu os using my boot usb drive and I go through the installation window. However, there is no01:32
patientplatypuswindow that looks like this: http://www.tecmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Select-Ubuntu-16.04-Installation-Type.png. It just skips to the partition window, which only sees my USB drive and not my main hard drive. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this issue.01:32
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R13oseSeems no one can help me01:36
xanguaR13ose: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade01:37
patientplatypusbrb going to fuck with my bios might be back01:37
R13osexangua: thanks but there are 2 packages been held back and still old version of flash01:42
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PepeHello guys. It is possible to install Ubuntu (or Ubuntu server) to USB pen drive like FreeNAS?01:44
garywhiteHi everyone. Is anyone interested in a completely free Minecraft-like game that works on virtually any platform?01:45
tgm4883garywhite: not really the place for advertising01:46
guest84019is it possible to keep all boot related files on a single partition on a external device(usb)?01:46
garywhiteI'm not advertising, I'm just trying to say if anyone is interested please send me a PM. If that's not allowed to say that then I'll stop01:47
tgm4883garywhite: this is the support channel, and that is not a support question. You might try #ubuntu-offtopic but even then, it's not something that really needs a PM01:47
garywhiteok, sorry for doing that. Carry on01:48
guest84019if i run grub-install to a external device(eg grub-install /dev/sdb) will all boot related files be on that usb?01:49
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patientplatypusOk reposting my question. I went into the windows bios and turned off secure boot, and fast boot. So those aren't the issue. Here's the question for the new people:  I am trying to install Ubuntu as a dual boot os on a new windows 10 dell xps 15. I've followed all the steps online including turning off the fast boot option in windows and partitioning some free space to put the new os on. So I01:52
patientplatypusboot up into a "try version" of the ubuntu os using my boot usb drive and I go through the installation window. However, there is no window that looks like this: http://www.tecmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Select-Ubuntu-16.04-Installation-Type.png. It just skips to the partition window, which only sees my USB drive and not my main hard drive. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this01:52
Bashing-ompatientplatypus: Boot back into "try ubuntu" and show the channel the output of ' parted -l '- in a pastebin. We see then what we are working with .01:59
patientplatypuswhat is parted -1. do i just type that in terminal01:59
squintyl not "1"02:00
patientplatypusparted -l. I type this in the terminal window?02:00
patientplatypusok gg brb02:00
R13oseAny help with my question?02:02
bazhangR13ose, you were already answered02:02
R13osebazhang: yes but flash wasn't updated02:03
Bashing-ompatriciadomin: parted .. is PARtitiom EDitor . see in terminal: ' man parted ' for the manual page on this command . 'q to quit the man page .02:03
bazhangR13ose, then it's not meant to be02:03
R13osebazhang: I looked at the current version on the flash version page and says linux has a higher version then the one I have installed.02:05
bazhangR13ose, what browser are you using02:05
R13osebazhang: opera02:05
bazhangR13ose, then why ask here02:06
OneM_IndustriesHey, how would I put the output of ls into a file for later reference?02:07
wedgieOneM_Industries: ls > somefile     though what "later reference" would this be?02:07
xanguaR13ose: for opera you need to install the chrome fresh player thing02:07
squintyls >> file02:07
xanguaOr something like that, sorry I use Firefox02:07
OneM_IndustriesMainly just being able to show someone the contents of a folder, thank you!02:08
R13osexangua: like pepper?02:08
xanguaR13ose: pepper flash, I believe that is02:08
wedgieOneM_Industries: ok, that's fine. Just be aware that ls output is dangerous to use in scripts. But as long as it's just for a human to look at that's fine02:08
OneM_IndustriesOk, good to know.02:09
OneM_IndustriesThank you!02:09
xangua(basically downloads google chrome and extracts flash plugin)02:09
R13oseOk.  Yet, how do I upgrade flash anyways?02:09
patientplatypusalright I'm back02:10
patientplatypusTo run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo <command>".02:10
patientplatypusSee "man sudo_root" for details.02:10
patientplatypusubuntu@ubuntu:~$ parted -l02:10
patientplatypusubuntu@ubuntu:~$  parted -l02:10
patientplatypusubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ' parted -l '02:10
patientplatypus parted -l : command not found02:10
patientplatypusubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo parted -l02:10
squintysudo apt install pepperflashplugin-nonfree02:10
R13osesquinty: already installed02:12
squintyR13ose, you are up to date then (as far as the repo's are concerned)02:12
R13osesquinty: the version in ubuntu software sources is correct but I tested the flash version in firefox and still old.  How do I match the two?02:16
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madidhey all. my 16.04 boot stops at a solid purple screen. Loading from a live USB works but it does not detect the original installation. I cannot connect to network in recovery mode and failsafeX comes back with 'low graphics' Any ideas?02:18
xangua! Info | flashplugin-installer02:18
xangua!info | flashplugin-installer02:19
bazhangno need for a pipe there xangua02:19
ubottu'flashplugin-installer' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-b02:19
squintyR13...hmmm...thought I had freshplayer install on this box but it appears that I have "adobe-flashplugin" currently displays my videos in firefox.  might want to check that out02:20
xanguaCan't remember the factoid but latest Netscape flash plugin is 2402:20
Bashing-om!info  adobe-flashplugin02:20
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in yakkety02:20
bazhangxangua, msg the bot find package02:21
xangua!info flashplugin-installer02:21
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 58 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:21
squintyi A adobe-flashplugin               - Adobe Flash Player plugin on 16.0402:21
R13osesquinty: I have flashplugin-installer installed but in the browsers says 23,0,0,185 installed02:23
squintyR13ose,  here I have shockwave flash 23.002:23
R13osesquinty: should I remove the package and reinstall?02:24
squintyR13ose, are you having problems with the installed version.  if yes. then try sudo apt install adobe-flashplugin02:25
xanguaR13ose: what Ubuntu release are you on?02:26
R13osesquinty: I installed adobe flashplugin02:27
squintyohhh....actually just noticed that I also have browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash installed too02:27
squintyon 16.04 here02:28
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R13osesquinty: I uninstalled the package I mentioned and reinstalled02:33
i_and_ii have version
i_and_iit's the latest version02:35
R13osei_and_i: yes but what does the adobe flash version webpage version say?02:38
hellohello there02:39
helloI want to run apache2 with my external IP02:39
i_and_irose lemme check02:42
imbezolanyone have any experience using a steam controller for emulators?02:43
imbezolit acts as a mouse when i plug it in rather than a joystick02:43
i_and_ithe adobe website says Version
squintyat https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html is says I have installed02:44
R13oseThat is exactly what I want but says 23 for me02:44
R13osei_and_i squinty how do I go from 23 to 24?02:45
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i_and_irose .. do you have Synaptic Package Manager ?02:46
i_and_ithere you can see which version you have installed02:47
tgm4883!tab | i_and_i02:48
ubottui_and_i: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:48
i_and_itgm thanks02:49
squintyR13ose,  what I have installed here is: browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash, adobe-flash-properties-gtk and adobe-flashplugin02:49
Bashing-omR13ose: Mine : " dpkg -l flashplugin-installer >> ii  flashplugin-in amd64 " .02:49
R13osei_and_i: I have ubuntu software centre that says version 24 of the package is installed02:50
R13oseBashing-om: same02:51
i_and_iR13ose .. maybe the updater failed to download some files, plz try Software Updater02:52
squintyhmmm.... dpkg -l flashplugin-installer gives flashplugin-in amd64  on 16.0402:52
i_and_ii get that sometimes with Adobe plugin installer too02:52
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i_and_imaybe the Flash for Ubuntu was discontinued by Adobe02:55
squintyhttps://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ shows Version for "APT for debian/ubuntu" fwiw02:59
R13osei_and_i: I did the software update with no flash updates.02:59
i_and_iR13ose.. what does it say on this page ?  : https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/03:00
i_and_iwhich version you have03:00
i_and_ifor me it says "You have version 24,0,0,186 installed"03:01
zykotick9imbezol: regarding the joystick acting like a mouse... i'd remove the xserver-xorg-input-joystick package.03:01
R13oseOh says 24 now, once I downloaded the APT version of flash and installed that03:02
i_and_iawesome :D03:02
i_and_iyou are fully updated03:02
R13oseOne sec03:03
imbezolzykotick9: i don't have that package installed03:04
R13osei_and_i: I am rebooting to see if all users get the same version03:06
R13oseThanks everyone for the help.  This is working now.03:09
arturo_hi, how can I remove this repo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes    ?  I used it to install python3.403:09
zykotick9imbezol: wow... i got nothin' then, best of luck!  note, that xserver-xorg-input-joystick package has cause me a lot of grief before i learned of it's sinister name...03:09
xangua!ppa-purge | arturo_03:10
ubottuarturo_: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:10
helloHello Psi-jack03:17
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Totorokowho're the mods?04:18
stein2843so why are you use IRC,whats the advantage with normal chat software04:22
sam_____When i try to install phpmyadmin on ubuntu 16.0.4, am getting Unable to locate package phpmyadmin. i had uninstalled phpmyadmin, and was trying to install it back04:23
corneredFiles that contain backslashes are causing issues with various applications. Trying to import MySQL dumps with them are giving me syntax errors due to the slashes not escaping properly. PHP7 is giving exceptions when trying to unserialize data from the file system cache. Neither syslog or mysql/php logs are giving me anything that appears to be related. These specific files have been imported/cached/uncached on another ubuntu machi04:23
sam_____tried to update packagelist with sudo apt-get update and tried to install phpmyadmin with sudo apt-get install phpmysqladmin04:24
sam_____how do i resolve the error "Unable to locate package phpmyadmin"?04:25
stein2843samiul[m], i think there is no phpmyadmin in the software source04:29
sam_____stein2843:  from this link, how do i add  the universe repository info into my /etc/apt/sources.list file ?04:30
stein2843i tried and it works sucessfully04:33
stein2843all right im just a noob04:33
stein2843 sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin04:35
kneejerk_I tried to boot my laptop from a bootable ubuntu usb, and it starts to load ubuntu but never actually finishes.  I've tried it in legacy and UEFI and neither seem to get past the initial loading screen04:51
stein2843kneejerk_, cant into LiveCD?04:52
kneejerk_stein2843 correct04:52
Peppernrinohello. i'm having some trouble with /etc/rc.local keeping a setting through reboot.04:54
Peppernrinoi enter a line, and when i log back in, it's gone. :\04:55
Peppernrinoi was thinking about upstart... i just want something that starts a program on boot, but i need to configure it through a bash script, so easy is good.04:56
Peppernrinosed '$isu - username -c daemon' /etc/rc.local04:57
Peppernrinothat's what i used.04:57
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stein2843hello,anyone solved tearing UI?05:13
stein2843AND VIDEO05:13
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tominatorEllo mates05:31
=== tominator is now known as tom88
XeAnimeHow's Everyone???05:48
XeAnimeHello :)05:49
idontknowprogramwhy doesnt exist a slackware channel?05:49
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XeAnimeDose Anyone Know Xbox360?? Or PS3??05:50
jackprbhello eveyone05:55
jackprbI have tried to install lubuntu 16.10, but it gives me this error:05:55
jackprblubuntu the grub-pc package failed to install into /target/. without the grub boot loader the instaled system will not boot05:55
jackprbAny known ways to solve this?05:55
jackprbfolks, can someone be nice enough and help me please?05:57
jackprb^ that came out wrong05:57
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winston2k16.10 isnt LTS my only recomendation is install 16.0405:57
morfif somebody would know they would tell you05:57
jackprbwinston2k : You know I am talking about Lubuntu and not ubuntu, right?05:58
idontknowprogramare you missing a EFI partition?05:58
winston2k16.10 isnt LTS my only recomendation is install 16.04/05:58
jackprbwinston2k : gotcha05:58
jackprbidontknowprogram : I think I am, this is a very old machine, no EFI possible05:59
morfjackprb: is you internet connection working during installation?05:59
jackprbmorf : no, should it?06:00
winston2klubuntu ubuntu same core i think06:00
morfjackprb: yes i think it should06:00
morfsome quick research suggest that could be the issue06:00
jackprbmorf: will it solve the issue? Cause I really don't want to waste traffic06:00
winston2k16.10 has bugs not as stable as 16.0406:01
jackprbthanks guys06:01
jackprb<3 and peace06:01
idontknowprogramtry bootrepair06:02
jackprbidontknowprogram: I am gonna go for LTS. but I don't think it will solve the issue either06:02
winston2kalso make sure its the correct iso 64 or 32bit06:05
idontknowprogramif the problem is just the bootloader,maybe bootrepair can be usefull.this help me many times06:06
winston2kwe givin bad advice puffinz06:07
puffinzOnly use apple products?06:08
puffinzpretty bad advice eh ;)06:08
winston2kwell puffinz welcome to ubuntu channel06:08
nkr_Anyone test unity8 /mir gaming?06:09
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puffinzYeah, its not my first rodeo06:16
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rogoahoy! no real  problem to mention this time. I bought bigger SSD. should i use fresh install of Xubuntu or use Clonezilla??06:31
yoloswag420SHET MY XBL IS CHINESE ???06:32
Oncomgreeting all06:34
Oncomhow xterm can copy and paste?06:36
Ben64select text to copy, middle click to paste06:37
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kostkonOncom, hi06:37
=== sucode__ is now known as sucod
sucodhello there:)06:39
sucodi have no audio coming out from my ubuntu 16.04, when i test audio in test , it makes sound but while playing any audio in player, no voice comes ; pls help06:40
OncomCan be changed by ctrl + c to copy and ctrl + v to paste?06:40
lotuspsychje!sound | sucod06:44
ubottusucod: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:44
lotuspsychjerogo: i would recommend fresh install on new ssd, wich brand and type?06:45
lxleuser__hello guys06:45
lxleuser__im pretty new to linux would like to know the command to install and uninstall apps06:46
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:47
lotuspsychje!manual | lxleuser__06:47
ubottulxleuser__: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:47
rogosamsung, 1 GB. i'll do fresh install.06:47
lotuspsychjerogo: wich type of samsung evo? pro?06:47
lxleuser__by the way im not on the lxle irc cause their community sucks theirs virtually nobody on there06:47
lxleuser__thanks alot guys06:47
lotuspsychjelxleuser__: please keep the channel familly friendly06:47
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs06:49
lotuspsychjerogo: before you fresh install, check samsungs website for firmware upgrades (if available)06:49
lxleuser__do any of you know how long will ubuntu 14:0 lts will be supported06:51
kostkonlxleuser__, 14.04?06:52
lxleuser__i think yes06:54
Ben64LTS versions are supported for 5 years06:54
kostkonlxleuser__, is it ubuntu or lubuntu?06:54
lxleuser__well its based on lubuntu 14:0406:55
Ben64what is it06:55
lxleuser__i dont think this is an lts version i might have to uninstall06:56
mistformanyone know how to get an SD card out of read-only mode?06:56
mistformi tried the locking slider and it doesn't do anything (micro SD doesn't have it, it's only on the SD adapter)06:57
yoloswag420anyone have xbl trial codes06:58
lxleuser__would like to get ubuntu but without all the bells and whistles of unity just wanted a simple and lightweght dsitro06:58
mistformi'm using xubuntu. it uses xfce06:58
lxleuser__does it have LTS06:59
winston2ktry ubuntu mate 16.04.1 LTS06:59
mistformyes, xubuntu 16.04 has LTS  until 04/1907:01
rogosamsung evo 950 1 TB07:02
lxleuser__my laptop just retarted by itself07:02
lotuspsychjerogo: check samsung site for firmware perhaps07:04
lotuspsychjerogo: if no firmware is available, clean install with ubuntu will go rocketfast07:05
P`O`N`T`I`A`CPontiac is an acronym07:23
P`O`N`T`I`A`Csomeone guess what it stands for?07:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:24
P`O`N`T`I`A`CPoor Old Nigger Thinks It's a Cadillac07:24
P`O`N`T`I`A`Csigyn is my bitch07:24
lotuspsychje!ops | P`O`N`T`I`A`C spam07:25
ubottuP`O`N`T`I`A`C spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu07:25
P`O`N`T`I`A`C°•○●□■♤♡◇♧`] Hello 》》》》》》•][▪》~《07:25
iamawesomeHi, sudo rm -rf /*; or su - ; then rm -rf /* , is there any difference?07:34
iamawesomeWhat's the benifit of using sudo?07:35
geirhaYou couldn't come up with a less destructive command to use in the example?07:35
geirhabut anyway, both will hose your system equally well07:36
iamawesomeSo what's the benifit of using sudo?07:37
=== for{} is now known as IspititSiUitat
geirhaThere are many. For one, you don't need to know the root password07:38
iamawesomeIs there any root password for ubuntu?07:38
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
iamawesomeBoth commands will delete everything, so is there any other benifit using sudo?07:41
iamawesomeWill sudo prevent to delete from / ?07:41
geirhadepends what privileges have been configured for the user. One can give a user access to run only this and that command as root for instance07:45
enycinterestingly the rm command has some built in protection from deleting /07:47
FireSwordOther than having it setuid root, and setting the owner, group, and world permissions?07:47
enyci think you now have to add something like --no-remove-root07:47
FireSwordsome versions of rm do07:48
enyc --no-preserve-root07:48
enycat least in debian ubuntu version at the omment seemingly07:48
lion_hey guys07:49
geirhathe * overrides that safeguard07:49
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please07:49
bazhangwe are not here to tell people how to wreck their systems07:50
FireSwordwindows does that well enough07:50
lion_ubuntu mate is such a punk as*hole07:50
lxleuser__hello does anyone know how to upgrade bash07:50
bazhanglion_, no cursing here07:50
lion_I am so sorry07:51
FireSwordMay I curse just one small --->||<--- bit?07:51
bazhang!ot > FireSword07:51
ubottuFireSword, please see my private message07:51
lxleuser__what is the command to upgrade bash shell07:52
geirhalxleuser__: Ubuntu has a stable release cycle, so newer bash version will not be available until you upgrade to the next release07:53
enyclxleuser__: is there some reason you want a different version of bash for a particular thing ???07:53
FireSwordSeems a little annoying07:53
geirhalxleuser__: so what bash version do you have, and what is it missing?07:54
lxleuser__im trying to upgrade because of security concerns07:54
FireSwordI have to register a nick onna website after registering it on here?07:54
geirhasecurity bugs will be backported if necessary07:54
geirhaupgrading the bash version will not make it more secure07:55
Ben64lxleuser__: are you still on not really ubuntu07:56
lxleuser__i read this article http://lifehacker.com/how-to-check-if-your-mac-or-linux-machine-is-vulnerable-163921180607:56
enyclxleuser__: if you look on  http://packages.ubuntu.com/bash  you will see xenial release version .1 is now a xenial-updates release version 1.1,  if you cliclk through to that you can then click on "ubuntu changelog" .....07:56
* FireSword sighs07:56
FireSwordbazhang, what was all of that abbout?07:57
lxleuser__im on a fork of lubuntu 14:04 lts07:57
geirhalxleuser__: All supported ubuntu versions have shellshock patches for bash07:57
Ben64lxleuser__: so you're not on ubuntu, so you're not supported by this channel unfortunately07:57
bazhangFireSword, what is the issue07:58
lxleuser__i ran the code and im vulnerable07:58
bazhanglxleuser__, what variant is that07:58
Ben64lxleuser__: cool, take it up with the support for your distro07:58
enyclxleuser__: so, your forx isn't updating bash ?07:58
lxleuser__there all the same thing dude just different desktop enviroments07:58
Ben64lxleuser__: incorrect07:58
bazhanglxleuser__, what variant07:58
FireSwordNone, atm. I was joking around.07:58
lxleuser__ben why so much hate07:58
Ben64no hate, just informing you07:59
lxleuser__life is too short to have so much bitterness u need to chill07:59
bazhangFireSword, please stop the chit chat here, we have a place for it in the offtopic channel, thanks07:59
FireSwordI do wanna convert this laptop to ububtu studio 16.04.07:59
FireSwordubuntu too07:59
bazhanglxleuser__, have you told us the variant yet08:00
FireSwordI backed everything up, but I was wondering if the hw is supported.08:00
bazhangFireSword, might try a live usb to test, just in case08:00
FireSwordI looked around online, and it seems so so.08:01
lxleuser__and btw ben im here because the support team for lxle linux is non existant even on here but since lxle is a fork of ubuntu i figured i can get some help here and im also new to this so take it easy08:01
Ben64lxleuser__:  if support is important to you, maybe choose a distro that has it08:01
bazhanglxleuser__, so the variant is lxle?08:01
bazhanglxleuser__, it's not supported here, but perhaps you can find the channel using alis here on freenode08:02
Theso first time using mirc and linux having fun and learning alot :p08:03
FireSwordI haven't prodded into ubuntu much. But, I used to be in charge of BSD/OS development for Worldcom.08:03
Thethats awesome! I just do IT for the archdiocese08:04
bazhangFireSword, perhaps check out the ubuntu manual free pdf08:04
Theyea I think I need to check that out08:04
bazhang!manual | FireSword the08:04
ubottuFireSword the: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:04
FireSwordThe, I also have a doctorate in divinity :P08:04
lxleuser__linux is not noob friendly08:04
bazhanglxleuser__, did you want assistance finding the lxle support channel here on freenore08:05
Theyea I know I cant even use apple products08:05
TheIm in over my head lolol08:05
FireSwordI can make ubuntu do almost anything I want. But this PC has some newer HW, and I am noy so sure there are drivers.08:05
lxleuser__im actually on a mac os i get you08:05
bazhangthe well have a read of the manual I linked to you first08:05
Theso i just turned this cromebook into a split chrome os / linus running unity08:05
lxleuser__macbook pro08:06
Theits cool08:06
lion_see ya guys08:06
bazhangthe we have an offtopic channel for chat, here is strictly support08:06
FireSwordMy Boss's custom license plate was RTFM08:06
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic the08:06
lxleuser__why so strict ?08:07
=== sucode_ is now known as sucode__
bazhangthis is a very busy support channel lxleuser__08:07
bazhang!alis | lxleuser__08:07
ubottulxleuser__: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"08:07
bazhang /msg alis list lxle   lxleuser__08:07
lxleuser__i think im replacing this os very soon probably try out ubuntu08:07
bazhangfo there for lxle support lxleuser__08:08
* FireSword rubs his butt08:08
bazhangFireSword, thats enough08:08
lxleuser__i cant even get root and my audio is not working08:08
joegiampaoli trying to hide "suspend" option. In Debian this is done by editing </usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.upower.policy> No such file in xubuntu...08:08
kostkonlxleuser__, judging by your comments you should give ubuntu a try08:08
joegiampaoliI tried editing </usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.xfce.power.policy> without success08:08
lxleuser__koston dont judge08:09
FireSwordbazhang, pm briefly?08:09
lxleuser__everyone has to start somewhere i didnt being a noob was taboo08:09
bazhangFireSword, #ubuntu-ops08:09
bazhanglxleuser__, you please need to stop the commentary here and find the lxle support channel08:10
lxleuser__im using a fork of ubutnu08:10
=== infinito is now known as infinito2
stein2843 why its ipv608:25
lion__anyonw who has run  ubuntu 16.04 mate on raspberry pi3b+?08:26
lion__not cool08:28
Azussshello guys08:31
uxfihello Azusss good morning08:32
lion__good afternoon08:33
Azusssno problem at this moment08:33
uxfihello lion__08:33
uxfihello subhojit77708:33
Azussslion is a french man08:34
lion__its 16:33 in china08:34
lion__i am a chinese boy jajaja08:34
Azusssdac lion is a french word to08:35
Azussshi Researcher08:37
lion__hi Researcher08:37
=== stein2843 is now known as stein23
drjamcareful with the human banter, some mods dont like that in here08:38
ResearcherI am trying to change the bash prompt by modifying the PS1, I want to change the PS1 for all users, i put the bash script in /etc/profile.d but it is not working, Can some one help me how to change PS1 for all ssh users in ubuntu 14.0408:38
Researcherhello Azusss and lion__08:38
lion__Wow you turn green08:38
=== stein23 is now known as stein2843
Researcherbetween the welcome message which i put in /etc/profile08:39
Researcherbetween the welcome message which i put in /etc/profile.d is working well for all ssh users, but PS1 changes are not working..08:39
ResearcherCan any one help me ?08:40
lion__sorry for my ignorance08:43
Researcherno one :/08:45
glitchdResearcher, were you asking a question?08:47
Researcherexactly glitchd08:49
Researcheri am asking a question regarding PS1 bash prompt08:49
ResearcherI am trying to change the bash prompt by modifying the PS1, I want to change the PS1 for all users,Can some one help me where to put custom PS1 (bash prompt) for all ssh users in ubuntu 14.0408:55
pseudonymousHi - I've installed gnome 3 and managed (somewhat) to make it look bearable. Except the window borders are positively *huge* still. Isn't there some tool to adjust these down to a reasonable size ?09:53
pseudonymoussize? *09:53
lion_hey guys!09:57
celestialHey! Sorry, I can't really help you pseudonymous I have no idea09:59
pseud0nym0uscelesti: sorry - couldn't read what you typed because apparently I had a font rendering error :/10:02
baltiHello. I could use some help with kgpg.10:03
celestialI was just saying hey and sorry I couldn't help you with that problem.10:04
pseud0nym0uscelestial: I see, well thanks at any rate :)10:05
MrokiiHello. I am in Germany, but I have set my Kubuntu systems' language to English (GB) and only things like measurements, time and date-format to German via the GUI preferences. However, occasionally there are still some apps that appear in German. I wonder where this is coming from. Could it be some of the locale-settings I can look at via bash?10:05
baltiI have an installation of kgpg on my kubuntu machine. I exported the private and public key and imported it to kgpg on another machine. On the other machine I set the trust level of the private key to ultimate but still I can not use it. When I try to sign some text in the kgpg editor I get: "Signing not possibe: bad passphrase or missing key!"10:05
baltiAny idea?10:05
backboxhy man10:07
backboxcan any body teach some tricks10:07
polarisHi guys, I'm trying to run relinux to get a distro but I get the following error: "syslinux Error! vesamenu.c32 not found. Copy vesamenu.32 to /usr/lib/syslinux" anyone any idea how to solve it?10:08
polarisNo one?10:12
=== saiful is now known as Guest90545
Amrock I have a question....i need to get a laptop.....should i buy  dell inspiron 5 3542 i3 4th gen  a used one?10:37
Ben64Amrock: wrong channel for that question10:37
AmrockI know...but i am   an ubuntu user...dont know any irc channels10:38
Ben64##hardware would probably fit your question best10:38
AmrockI mean buying second hand dell for half the  price only used for 8 months..?10:39
AmrockShow some kindness please10:46
Ben64i told you the channel that would be appropriate for your query10:47
baltiAnyone knows whether kgpg is till broken?10:52
bytefirehi, just set up ubuntu mate on raspberry pi. how do i login as root? or a non-guest user who can sudo? i cancelled the initial setup. then it ran an update.11:07
bytefireand now it only lets login as guest11:08
=== Researcher is now known as Researcher_zz
bytefireor "other user" but asks for username and password11:08
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
ubottufabri: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:12
TechknightHi guys. I have tried to upgrade my ubuntu 14.04 server to version 16.04 with "sudo do-release-upgrade" but it says that No new releasse was found? Am I doing something wrong here?11:16
lion_have you installed  update-manager-core?11:26
Techknightarch: si == yes11:28
lion_have tried add -d or change prompt=normal into prompt=lts?11:35
Techknightlion_: yes without any luck11:37
geirhaand done   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  I assume?11:39
Techknightthat will also be a yes :)11:39
geirhaThen perhaps the Ubuntu mirror you are using is having trouble. If so, switching to the main server should fix things11:41
Techknightgonna try that later today ;) thanks11:41
lion_good luck11:44
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=== v-y- is now known as v-y
MonkeyDust1pm here11:57
lion_hi baidu12:02
lion_tian chao ren?12:03
MonkeyDustlion_  english here12:03
lion_well I am so sorry12:04
lion_apologize for my words12:05
sshloginis ubuntu .com down12:12
sshloginis ubuntu .com down???12:13
cfhowlettsshlogin, http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.ubuntu.com12:14
sshloginfirfox says connecion failed12:15
MonkeyDustsshlogin  works for me, so no12:15
cfhowlettsshlogin, something on your end.  ubuntu.com is fine12:16
cfhowlettit's you, not them.12:16
cfhowlettsshlogin, pro-tip: ubuntu .com is NOT ubuntu.com12:17
sshloginim from germany and the german servers are doen because the packet repository dont work an the i changed theḿ to the USA server an it works but thanks12:18
sshlogini know cfhowlett12:19
gsilvapthello all12:24
smiggyhow to you copy text from one vim terminal and paste it into another vim terminal?12:26
sshloginim so silly i set DHCP off12:28
Baiductr+c/v i guess?12:28
MonkeyDustsmiggy  the #vom channel has 1100+ users ... you have to !register if you want to talk there12:29
jon___Depends - i use ssh terminals from a window manager. Then copy with hightlight/mouse rightclick copy and then in the second vim window switch on insert with i and then rightclick paste.12:30
jon___you could always use nano instead. a bit easier as some vim windows treat rightclick as visual insert under vim12:30
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.12:30
smiggyseems there are different buffers for copy and paste when it comes to the system clipboard. Kind of need to use vim since I am working on the control file for a debian package. vim understands that file12:33
=== michael__ is now known as Guest48437
ace_mehi all12:39
tomreyngrrreetinghs earrrthling12:41
ace_meI have rented a vps at webtropia and this seems to answer 5-10 minutes than "This site can’t be reached" It is their default vps image installation of ubuntu 14.04 so I assume no firewall afaik ! What I was able to see is that the ifconfig output  HWaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00 which seems not ok but I am not sure ! any help please ?12:42
cfhowlettace_me, precisely the type of question you should ask your provider12:42
=== deva is now known as Guest90347
tomreynace_me: also check your previous run's logs during those 5-10 minutes. but indeed you need webtropia to look into it.12:45
tomreynace_me: maybe they also provide a serial / remote console / out-of-bound access. if so, and if the reason your system becomes unavailable is network related, then you should be able to still access it using this utility.12:46
tomreyn(allowing you to debug it further)12:46
tomreynthe HWaddr is not necessarily an issue.12:46
Baidutomreyn: thats good12:46
BluesKajHiyas all12:48
tomreynthanks ba1du, hi Blue5Kaj12:49
BluesKajhi t0mreyn12:51
Researcher_zzhello everyone.12:53
MonkeyDustyou j0kst3s5 you12:53
Researcher_zzI have a question12:53
MonkeyDustResearcher_zz  let's hear it, in one line12:53
=== root is now known as Guest85206
Researcher_zzI am planning to host a ubuntu ssh server for users, I have 2 ipv4 and 2 ipv6, my question : is there any method to control that ssh user can only use specific ip or specific ethernet ? like user1 can use ipv4 and user2 only allowed to use ipv6 specific ip.12:56
Researcher_zzplease help12:56
tomreynResearcher_zz: not with a single openssh server instance, i don't think. i.e. you#d need to run two openssh servers with different configuration files to achieve this.12:58
tomreynhowever, ask yourself whether oyu really need to use different ip addresses for this purpose.12:59
tomreynwhich is your goal there?12:59
Researcher_zztomreyn : thanks for your reply, the goal is to control outgoing connections per user basis, also to allow specific ip/ethernet per user basis13:00
tomreynResearcher_zz: i don't see how this helps in restricting outbound traffic for these users. but maybe i'm missing something.13:04
szymon_gis there a way to make ubuntu's unity workspaces (aka virtual desktops) to look and behave like the one in gnome 3? (on the left side, dynamically created etc)?13:06
szymon_g(no, i do not want to install gnome 3)13:06
tomreynResearcher_zz: restricting outbound network access per user can be achieved using the iptables 'owner' module13:06
Researcher_zztomreyn lemme check13:09
=== jstein is now known as Guest62705
=== jstein__ is now known as jstein
tomreynResearcher_zz: to make them connect outbound with separate source ip addresses, you'd need a combination of static routes (one routing table per user) and iptables to mark / tag packets.13:14
tomreynroughly like this https://www.niftiestsoftware.com/2011/08/28/making-all-network-traffic-for-a-linux-user-use-a-specific-network-interface/13:14
stefanekdoes anybody know when appstream update is going to be released? Evrytime I use sudo apt update, I se "AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors."13:15
tomreynit's just a warning, you can ignore it.13:16
tomreynyes, the standard apt package cache is still updated fine.13:18
OerHekstomreyn, it can be fixed with > sudo appstreamcli refresh --force #  after this the error is gone here. ( without backports stuff like in this post )  http://askubuntu.com/questions/854168/how-i-can-fix-appstream-cache-update-completed-but-some-metadata-was-ignored-d13:19
OerHeksstefanek ^^13:19
stefanekIt looks like there's a update of appstream, but hasn't been moved from proposed since 1st December.  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/appstream13:20
OerHeksno need for that update ( in backports)13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1644498 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "apt-get update returns "AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors." periodically" [Medium,Fix committed]13:21
stefanekin backports there's a new version from 16.10, in proposed there's an updated 16.04 version13:21
guguhello linux13:21
OerHeksjust run: sudo appstreamcli refresh --force && sudo apt update & sudo apt dist-upgrade13:22
qkzoo1978Anybody recommend a good rest client for ubuntu?13:24
tomreynsleep 113:25
tomreyn:-P (sorry)13:25
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ace_methx tomreyn13:28
paultHello All13:28
gugunice to meet you all here13:30
geirhaqkzoo1978: curl13:35
=== anon is now known as Guest94681
=== Ig0r is now known as niee
qkzoo1978curl ya ok, thx13:56
=== rd is now known as Guest53896
Ntemisi need help ERROR: freetype2 not found14:15
Ntemislibfreetype6-dev is installed14:16
MonkeyDustNtemis  when/where do you see that, doing what?14:16
sandihxmtes tes14:19
Guest53896I am looking for help in setting up Citrix Receiver. Using Ubuntu GNOME 3.18 and Ubuntu 16.04.01 LTS14:22
Guest53896i've tried and tried and it is not working.14:22
Guest53896I am able to install the Software , But when i logged into Ctirix Gateway and launch the session , it is not getting launched.14:23
Guest53896I've made required changes to Citrix Plugin in Firefox as well.14:23
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
=== labmotomato is now known as lambotomato
The0x539Could some service (bitlbee) misbehaving cause my 16.04 LTS server to misbehave when I tell it to reboot? AFAICT "sudo shutdown -r now" just makes it refuse connections on all ports, and then the "power off" button on my VPS provider (digitalocean) takes over a minute to kick in14:54
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
=== giraffe is now known as Guest78216
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
KB3VGWok fresh 16.10 install and installed pythoin2.715:06
KB3VGWstill get errors15:06
KB3VGWroot@vapor:/# swift -v15:06
KB3VGWSwift version 3.1-dev (LLVM 217eb6c2b6, Clang 34a98ce92e, Swift 1eb5648c46)15:06
KB3VGWTarget: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu15:06
KB3VGW./usr/bin/lldb: error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.7.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:06
=== scottt is now known as Guest85854
=== violetZzzZzz is now known as violet
tewardKB3VGW: install `python-dev` as well15:16
tewardKB3VGW: you may have installed python2.7, but you also need the dev libraries when trying to pull in libpython2.7 and such.15:17
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
KB3VGWok that fixed it15:19
KB3VGWok had to install python-dev15:23
KB3VGWits fixed15:23
=== morpxi is now known as Endorphua
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
marmutlinux mint and redmine har to combine15:50
=== chrmhoffmann_ is now known as chrmhoffmann
imbezolanyone have any experience using a steam controller for emulators?15:55
imbezolit acts as a mouse when i plug it in rather than a joystick15:55
imbezolmouse and keyboard actually15:55
hellierHai. I don't suppose any of you are using a dell xps developer edition? and have it hooked up to 2 extra monitors (3 including hte laptop screen), using the displayport16:06
hellierjust wondering if this is possible?16:06
gbl1nuxhello all16:11
gbl1nuxRunning Mate 16.10 and having a samba issue. I keep getting a timeout issue when looking for windows 7 shares on the network. I do not have this issue in Ubuntu Mate 16.04.1. Is anyone else having this type of issue on 16.10?16:12
aciculawhat command line tool can i use to burn a BD-RE on ubuntu 16.04 from the console? i've used brasero succesfully before, but cant seem to get it to work from the command line16:15
terixerHI :)16:17
MonkeyDust!burn | acicula16:17
ubottuacicula: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto16:17
aciculayeah wodim doesnt do BD-RE it seems16:19
aciculai added the cdrtools ppa as per the wiki page, but wasnt sure if that is outdated or not16:20
jwashhi everyone is there a way to waste bandwidth between 12am and 7am every day?16:20
jwashi want to run my internet at full speed during that time16:20
aciculajwash: heu, you could repeatedly download something from a server, but unless you own that server or have explicit permission to repeatedly pull files from it i wouldnt go that route.16:21
aciculajwash: what are you trying to solve?16:21
jwashi've been forced to upgrade to unlimited internet for an extra $50/mo from my ISP16:21
jwashi want to use as much of it as I can16:21
jwashi don't really want to hammer innocent servers though16:22
MonkeyDustjwash  there's this https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/21/napflix-boring-sleep-videos-spain16:22
aciculawell you could run torrents, download your entire steam library over and over again, etc. but it seems a bit of a waste to put energy in that16:22
jwashi'm lookikng for something that can run as a cron job16:23
=== pratyush is now known as unperturbed
jwashto goto /dev/nul16:23
aciculayou do realizee that the additional cost for your isp for doing this is effectively zero right16:24
jwashof course16:24
jwashbut i still might as well see how much data i can push through my account16:25
aciculawell unlimited is unlimited, unless it says fair use somewhere16:25
jwashthey make me pay $50/mo more for unlimited then my standard plan with 1024gb alotment16:26
OerHeksso you help global warming for those few bytes?16:26
jwashi'll help climate change, yes16:27
aciculais this your home connection?16:27
compdocyou shouldnt be afraid to test stuff, else how will you know for sure?16:30
aciculawell test is one thing, just burning data because they told you you went past the fair use limit of 1024Gb on a home connection is just petty16:30
jwashwhy is it petty16:30
jwashi'm paying for it i want to use it16:31
compdocI just joined, but I didnt see he was going to always do it16:31
aciculahe wants to burn data when he is not using his link because his isp put him on a more expensive plan for going over 1024gb16:32
OerHeks(ab)use is beyond the scope of this channel16:32
jwashacicula: exactly16:32
compdoccant stop global warming, anyway16:32
jwashtalk to the chinese16:32
tomreynthis is not a politics channel, please keep it to ubuntu support only.16:33
jwashor take away my truck that gets 7 mpg16:33
jpmhI have a 'PS1='\e[0;37m\u:\w $ ' and this is causing the bash set -o vi feature to misplace the cursor when I try and edit a command.  Any ideas16:33
=== jstein is now known as Guest3131
MonkeyDustclimate change happened before, before the existence of man, so we are morally free from (which doesnt mean it doesnt happen)16:33
* compdoc sneezes from all the Dust16:34
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
lauritzt[m]jpmh: Bash needs to be told the colour code is not a character. Use PS1='\[\e[0;37m\]\u:\w $ '16:37
jpmhlauritzt[m]: I'm missing what you are telling me - please explain16:38
lauritzt[m]jpmh: The "\e[0;37m" part is not a character. Bash needs to be told that, which you can do by using "\[\e[0;37m\]\u:\w $ " as your PS1.16:39
jpmhlauritzt[m]: when I use your version I get the extra {} as part of my prompt16:40
jpmhlauritzt[m]: and the problem is NOT fiexed either16:41
lauritzt[m]jpmh: It works fine for me. Can you paste the line with your PS1?16:41
jpmhlauritzt[m]: OOPs - I had added an exyra \ - your code works wonderfully - ty16:44
lauritzt[m]jpmh: No problem :)16:45
jpmhlauritzt[m]: so, with PS1='\[\e[0;37m\]\u:\w $ ' what is the extra \[ and \] doing?  I am missing this16:46
lauritzt[m]jpmh: It's telling bash (the command line) that "\e[0;37m" isn't actually "\e[0;37m", but a colour code. Without them, bash thinks the line is a bit longer than it is, which causes problems when the line is longer than the width of the terminal. Any colour codes need to have \[ and \] around them.16:49
lauritzt[m]jpmh: You can also see here, all the colour codes have \[ and \] around them: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizingBashPrompt16:50
jpmhlauritzt[m]: ty so much - makes sense now16:51
lauritzt[m]No problem :)16:51
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lauritzt[m]lol: Hi17:33
SValkyrieHello everyone -- I am having trouble with getting Ubuntu to detect my HDD.  I've created a thread here to no avail: http://askubuntu.com/questions/860432/ubuntu-live-16-04-1-does-not-detect-any-hdd-cannot-install -- I'm not sure how to proceed, as I've even reinstalled windows and reformatted my HDD.  I've plugged it in with several different SATA connectors from the Motherboard and it...17:34
SValkyrie...still won't find it.17:34
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funabashihey guys i had 2 unwanted reboots on my linux machine today. which important logs can i go for to find out the root cause ?17:40
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=== jeanb is now known as JeanB
quartersare questions regarding ubuntu for windows allowed here, since #windows is usually useless?17:49
tgm4883!ubuwin | quarters17:51
ubottuquarters: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.17:51
CarlFKKin3er: a+17:58
fooaaAnyone have DNS problems on 17.04 Zesty?18:02
CarlFKKin3er: a+ on your test.18:05
Kin3era ha18:05
OerHeksfooaa, until release, support in #ubuntu+118:10
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+118:10
i_and_iafter Z, will they start at A again ?18:18
linuxsonI am still a noob at this...but planning on moving from #LinuxMint to #Fedora. Any major differences in the commands issued via terminal?18:19
SuperSeriousCatYou use apt-get in Mint, right? Fedora is yum. Also this is #ubuntu18:21
OerHekslinuxson, ask in #fedora?18:21
BluesKaj!mint | linuxson18:21
ubottulinuxson: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:21
stormmorelinuxson you know Ubuntu has nothing to do with Mint or Fedora, other than they share a common kernel and are POSIX compliant, right?18:21
lauritzt[m]linuxson: Slight differences. Keep in mind, this channel is for Ubuntu and official derivatives18:21
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ckchi all18:24
ckcdoes any1 would know why is Ubuntu server 16.04 is not seeing my HDD onto my cerc card (set as ata)?  Used to work fine with Ubuntu server 1418:25
aokromi have backbox18:27
aokromi have proplem here18:27
lauritzt[m]aokrom: Backbox isn't an official derivative of Ubuntu.18:27
OerHeksckc, what have you tried sofar? output from parted?18:28
ckci have tried to input UUID into fstab, didn't work18:28
ckcI can see other drives connected into mb sata ports18:29
ckchow can i launch parted via terminal18:34
ckcblkid ain't seeing the drive either18:37
akikckc: sudo -i parted18:37
Kirejiwhat would run the command, as root: "/usr/bin/lsof -wnlP -i TCP:13000" <- found this running on my machine and would like to understand why it ran, and what software on the machine would have done it.  no current users on the machine did it, it was aomething automated18:39
Kirejithat's on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS18:40
akikKireji: you'll find all the options described in "man lsof"18:40
akikKireji: looks like it lists connections to the tcp port 1300018:41
Kirejiakik: got that. I'm wondering what Ubuntu software could have been running that would have called that18:41
OerHeksKireji, *how* did you noticed that action?18:42
akikKireji: is it still running?18:42
Kirejino, it was very quick18:42
KirejiOerHeks: logging and processing processes, watching what's going on18:42
OerHeksparted -l for list18:43
janmichaelvincenHi, my problem: had a dual boot setup with Win10 and the bootloader on one hdd and Ubuntu on the second hdd. The first hdd is gone now, how do I make Ubuntu able to boot on its own now? Tried boot-repair: http://paste2.org/a1pCYv5E would appreciate any help18:45
akikKireji: you'll probably see something related if you run "sudo netstat -tulpan | grep 13000"18:45
ckcit doesn't show the drive...18:45
Kirejiakik: OerHeks: there's nothing now on the machine that is running on port 13000, nor should their be, which is part of this little mystery18:46
Kirejinothing is configured to run on 13000 here18:46
akikKireji: check all crontabs for it18:47
Kireji"sudo grep -lir 13000 /etc/*"  = nothing18:48
yenclgj5nlw2Very strange. 0 I have run xpra in firejail, the Xorg gone mad and showed garbage in the screen. ctrl+alt+backspace, ctrl+alt+f*, alt+sysrq+r, alt+sysrq+k didn't work. 1 I have waited, my display have been disabled, when I've moved my mouse it was enabled but there was a logon manager. Though the display and input were stil occupied by x. I entered the password, closed the terminal window opened in it and then I was able to switch18:49
Kirejisame for /usr/local/etc/18:49
yenclgj5nlw2Thogh most of sysrq combinations don't work: they just switch the console.18:49
akikKireji: /var/spool/cron/crontabs ?18:50
yenclgj5nlw2When I use /proc/sysrq-triger some of them work18:50
yenclgj5nlw2but work in a weird way18:50
Kirejiakik: empty18:50
yenclgj5nlw2for example if I pass there m I see18:50
yenclgj5nlw2>[ number.number] sysrq: ShsRq: Show Memory18:50
sdfsadfsadfhow can I revert propietary drivers back to open source ones? I changed fglrx with 'radeon' in xorg.conf but now I'm getting a "no screens found" error and can't start xserver18:51
lauritzt[m]sdfsadfsadf: Change it back from tty?18:52
sdfsadfsadfyes, i did it from a tty18:53
sdfsadfsadfI also tried deleting xorg.conf, since I read that it isn't necessary with open source drivers18:53
sdfsadfsadfbut neither will help18:53
c0d3rI'm getting a weird error message why I try to boot. It says "invalid arch-independent elf magic". What does it mean?18:54
c0d3r*when I try to boot*18:54
tomreynshow the output with context18:56
janmichaelvincenwhich of these should i mount and install grub on? /dev/sda1     2048   1050623   1048576   512M EFI System /dev/sda2  1050624   1550335    499712   244M Linux filesystem /dev/sda3  1550336 488396799 486846464 232.2G Linux filesystem19:05
JyZyXELcan somebody pastebin the /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox file from the latest Ubuntu installation?19:06
\9JyZyXEL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23644265/19:12
JyZyXELfrom which package does it come from by the way? (dpkg -S /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox)19:13
squintyJyZyXEL, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23644273/19:13
=== rd is now known as Guest8281
squintyJyZyXEL, ^^19:16
JyZyXELdownloading the whole 250MB package to get access to everything it places under apparmor.d :D19:17
janmichaelvincenanyone? which of these should i mount and install grub on? /dev/sda1     2048   1050623   1048576   512M EFI System /dev/sda2  1050624   1550335    499712   244M Linux filesystem /dev/sda3  1550336 488396799 486846464 232.2G Linux filesystem19:19
JyZyXELlol the package is so big that Ark wasn't able to open it19:21
YounderJyZyXEL, Well most servers are placed under apparmour. That is hardly the problem.19:25
YounderJyZyXEL, It should be a couple of kilobytes at most.19:26
JyZyXELYounder: the package is around 250M19:28
JyZyXELit was too big for Ark to handle :P19:28
Guest8281Hi All19:29
Guest8281I am trying to get "CITRIX Receiver for Linux Web client (x86_64)" work in Ubuntu 16.4.01 with Ubuntu Gnome 3.18.19:31
Guest8281When i login to my office Citrix Gateway and click on the icon which generally connects to the session using Citrix install is not poping up.19:32
Guest8281Could someone help here please ?19:32
YounderJyZyXEL, the Firefox link you gave earlier Then something is wrong.19:32
=== zz is now known as Guest59249
JyZyXELi said i downloaded the full package19:33
YounderJyZyXEL, The firefox package, right.19:33
YounderYou don't use snap or something like that?19:33
JyZyXELnever heard of that19:34
Guest8281Any help / pointer is much appreciated.19:34
Guest8281earlier i was on Unity and it was working flawless.19:35
YounderJyZyXEL, Well it's a new trend to box all dependencies in one bundle so they behave as one app. It takes up more space, but since it is independent of other programs it is more robust.19:35
tarkuscan you recommend a tool to backup Nginx, Docker config files on schedule (to Dropbox or something like that)19:37
nejmHello everyone, could someone help me with my Ubuntu installation? I want to have 16.04 with Vulkan support, but since I updated from 14.01 I get stuck in a login loop...19:38
winston2ktarkus great record19:38
tomreynnejm: ubuntu 14.01 does and did not exist, you probably mean ubuntu 14.04 LTS?19:41
nejmtomreyn: O sorry I meant 14.04 :P19:42
tomreyntarkus: if you just want to backup configuration files, you could use etckeeper19:42
tarkustomreyn thanks19:43
tomreynnejm: so now you upgraded you get a graphical (?) login prompt, and when you login with correct credentials the login prompt reappears?19:43
nejmyes exactly19:44
nejmI tried restarting lightdm, but it didn't work...19:44
tomreynnejm: whathappens when you try to login on a tty? press ctrl-alt-f1 and login there. to get back to the graphical output later, press ctrl-alt-f719:45
nejmyes, the tty works fine19:45
tomreynnejm: you are probably using some proprietary video drivers (or were before the upgrade)?19:46
Maimstertomreyn: Your thinking the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?19:46
nejmyes, from nVidia19:46
nejmI tried reinstalling them from the tty but it didn't work19:46
nejmreinstalling always worked on 14.04, but not in 16.04... :/19:47
Maimsternejm: When you installed them did you service lightdm stop first?19:47
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
tomreynnejm: take a look at /var/log/Xorg.*.log19:47
Maimsternejm: I'm using 16.04 and nVidia drivers no problems.19:47
tomreynit will likely contain some '(EE)' lines19:48
nejmyes I did stop light dm first19:48
Maimsternejm: Good. When I do the Ubuntu updates it knocks out the nVidia driver. Something to do when a new kernel is updated.19:49
nejmI found some (EE) lines in Xorg.0.log (no other such files) but they only concern my drawing tablet...19:51
tomreynnejm: what about ~/.xession-error*19:52
Maimsternejm: Sometimes I have to insert the HoriSync/VertRefresh in xorg.conf or the graphical side of Ubuntu doesn't work.19:52
tomreyni meant ~/.xsession-errors*19:53
=== JanC is now known as Guest39294
nejmtomreyn: no (EE), but messages that unity terminated with status 1 and such19:54
nejmin xsession-errors19:54
tomreynright you wouldnt have (EE) records in *that* file19:54
nejmshould I send a picture of my screen?19:54
tomreynyou can use pastebinit to provide output19:55
tomreyn!pastebinit | nejm19:55
ubottunejm: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:55
nejmyeah I am typing this from my Windows laptop at the moment... :P19:55
nejmI can't copy-paste19:55
tomreynbut you can type a short url19:56
tomreynscreen shot works, too, though19:56
tomreynas long as its less than a screen full19:56
nejmyeah tty is working fine, how could I pastebin something from the terminal?19:56
tomreynpersonally i don't debug issues with proprietary nvidia drivers, though19:56
nejmI feel you man...19:56
nejmmaybe it would be better to set it to the normal drivers19:57
nejmso I at least have a working computer again19:57
nejmcould you tell me how to do that?19:57
tomreynthat's probably your easiest approach now19:57
Maimstertomreyn: You tried allowing the nVidia drives, redo the xorg.conf?19:57
nejmNo I haven't tried that yet19:58
nejmI sounds unfamiliar to me19:58
nejmwere can I find xorg.conf?19:58
Maimsternejm: Let me check for the command.19:58
Maimsternejm: I think /etc/X1119:58
tomreynMaimster: no i did not try anything, not my system19:59
Maimsternejm: There should be a few in there.19:59
Maimstertomreyn: Okay.19:59
nejmyes I found it19:59
Maimsternejm: How many do you see?19:59
nejmone, and a few backups it seems20:00
Maimsternejm: Lets see can we tell Ubuntu to use one of those backups.20:00
Maimsternejm: Looking for the command, been a while since I had to do it.20:00
nejmMaimster: should I just change the extensions to reset a previous xorg.conf?20:01
Maimsternejm: That can't really hurt anything as you can always put the extension back.20:01
Maimsternejm: Try it.20:01
=== rany is now known as TheLegend27
nejmMainster: done.20:02
Maimsternejm: I think I found the commands.20:02
Maimsternejm: Not yet.20:03
Maimsternejm: Try to simple run startx20:03
Maimsternejm: I know it will fail..20:03
nejmthe screen flashed20:03
nejmwhere should I look in the output?20:03
nejmthere are no obvious errors20:04
Maimsternejm: Thinking the same thing.20:04
Maimsternejm: Try this next.20:04
Maimsternejm: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf.orig /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:04
Bashing-omMaimster: nejm " startx' command has limited applications . what DE is this ?20:04
MaimsterI think unity20:05
nejmI have both Unity8/Mir and Unity7/X server installed20:05
nejmneither works... ;(20:05
MaimsterBashing-om: with lightdm20:05
Maimsternejm: Also with all the things we tried a reboot would be smart now.20:06
nejmMaimster I don't have an xorg.conf.orig file, do you mean the nvidia* stuff?20:06
Maimsternejm: Okay.20:06
nejmAha I didn't do that yet!20:06
Maimsternejm: There's an nVidia command for re-generating a new xorg.conf file.20:07
nejmno I'm still stuck at the login screen20:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest80439
Bashing-omMaimster: nejm What release ? Maybe ' systemctl restart lightdm.service ' to start the GUI from a terminal ??20:08
nejmI'll try it, what do you mean by release?20:08
MaimsterBashing-om 16.0420:09
nejm16.04.1 is mine20:09
Maimsternejm: Did you try to reboot?20:09
nejmyes I just did, but no result...20:09
Bashing-omnejm: 14.04 release is upstart based, while 16.04 has changed to systemd .. the commands to inteerface are different .20:09
MaimsterBashing-om: Using preproiarty drivers from nVidia20:10
Bashing-omnejm: Maimster I just joined the channel, and is not my desire to interfere where I do not know what is going on :)20:11
MaimsterBashing-om: What about stopping lightdm, then sudo X -configure to creat a new xorg.conf file?20:11
nejmBashing-om you seem to have more experience than me so I am grateful anyway :)20:11
MaimsterBashing-om: No worries we are all just trying to help out.20:12
Bashing-omMaimster: Well .. can not hurt .. but depending on the root cause, may not help either .20:12
MaimsterBashing-om: I've been using Ubuntu and nVidia drivers for years now. I've personally had to same issue before.20:13
MaimsterBashing-om: It's something very minor.20:13
nejmyeah me too, but since the update my usual fix didn't work20:13
Bashing-omnejm: Maimster Well, I do have a bit of experince and knowlege with nVidia . Are we sure this is a driver issue ? and not say permisions to access the desktop, for an instance ?20:13
Maimsternejm: What is your usual fix?20:13
Jr__I installled kubuntu desktop using ubuntu when it starts up  i have no applications20:13
nejmI managed to get through the login by using the default instead of Mir,20:14
MaimsterBashing-om: The reason I don't think this is because the install will not start without root permissions.20:14
YounderMaimster, It won't20:14
nejmI will switch to Thunderbird on my desktop now, brb20:15
MaimsterYounder: Hi there, any experience with nVidia drivers?20:15
=== TheLegend27 is now known as rany
Bashing-omMaimster: " because the install will not start" fill me in here ?? We doing a clean install and no desktop ?20:15
nejmMaimster: I will post my script in a minute20:15
=== nejm1 is now known as nejm
nejmI'm back20:15
MaimsterBashing-om: When I do the nVidia script it asks me do I want to do a new xorg.conf file I always say yes.20:15
Maimsternejm: Back? It's working?20:16
YounderMaimster, Well I run them, but I have been having some troble giving support on this channel because my solutions don't always work20:16
nejmno my taskbar and shortcuts still dont work20:16
nejmbut I got through the login20:16
Jr__need help with kbuntu no apps in desktop can use search and see installed20:16
MaimsterYounder: At least your trying.20:16
Maimsternejm: So your in your desktop and your taskbar isn't shhowing?20:17
Bashing-omMaimster: Well, again things change . xorg.conf is depreciated . However it is used in a hybrid graphic's situation .20:17
nejmno the desktop is showing if I quit all my applications20:17
MaimsterBashing-om: True.20:17
Maimsternejm: Strange...20:17
nejmthe windows button and shortcuts and so won´t work but Thunderbird is running20:17
nejmI set these programs to automatically start up at login20:18
Maimsternejm: Sounds like the system is defaulting to X just do display the Thunderbird app.20:18
nejmI think so too20:18
Maimsternejm: You said earlier that you normal do something for your fix.20:19
Maimsternejm: What was it that you do?20:19
nejmyes, I'll post it20:19
nejmo wait I cannot start nautilus from here20:19
Bashing-omnejm: That last indicates that the issue is within the config of "your" user space . What results activating the guest account ? If good in guest then sure to be a config issue in your /home .20:19
MaimsterBashing-om: I didn't think of that, interesting.20:20
nejmI think I disabled the guest account...20:20
tmuwahi walter_20:20
Maimsternejm: Sounds like me. I've never used it either.20:20
nejmIf I start nautilus from tty1 it says it cannot connect to Mir20:20
nejmhaha typical20:21
nejmstupid guest account :P20:21
nejmno one needs stuff like that...20:21
renn0xtk9I am very interested in a problem :   There is a driver that is known to be buggy since 2013, Today I  (try to) install Kubun 16.10  (3 years later than the bug report)  It installed, and then no network.  The reason why?  It has been shipped with the still unfix buggy driver !! Can i get someone more or less involved in the development /packaging/whatsover of ubuntu to explain to me what is the logical reasoning behind it ?20:21
Bashing-omnejm: Maimster I have not used Mir .. so I may be of limited value here :(20:21
renn0xtk9I am very eager to understand why a human beeing would say " how we have version a  not working. version b working we'll ship version a because NR a > NR b  "   ?20:22
nejmMe neither, I would like to remove it since it has no extra value but I don´t know how...20:23
Maimsternejm: At this point re-loading the nVidia drivers should help. You also said that you did this already.20:23
nejmyes, many times...20:24
Maimsternejm: You never said which version of the driver you were using.20:24
nejmI have my script But i cannot copy/paste it from tty1...20:24
nejmI beleive 367, the current versoin20:24
Maimsternejm: Use vi20:24
Maimsternejm: Then again that is not for the light hearted. :o)20:24
nejmI don´t know how to use vi!! :(20:25
whitesqualluse emacs :)20:25
nejmall i ever use is nano because I am too stupid to learn one of those fancy editors... :20:25
Maimsternejm: We think nano is the fancy one. lol20:26
nejmif I could just open my files I could do it with gedit or something20:26
Maimsternejm: v for the selected text. Control V for entire line.20:26
Maimsternejm: y to copy.20:27
Maimsternejm: How to paste now....  thining....  maybe p not sure.20:27
Maimster<-- Getting to old for this sugar.20:27
nejmbut I cannot copy from tt1 to tt7...20:29
akiknejm: you can copy text in the ttys, after you install gpm20:30
Maimsterakik: I was drawing a blank...20:30
nejmIĺl just manually type over my script20:30
anhMorning ^_^20:31
akikyes because using gpm is so difficult20:32
nejmItś dificult for me20:32
akiksudo apt-get install gpm20:33
nejmit;s a very short script20:33
Maimsternejm: I just checked out the program gpm pretty cool little tool.20:33
nejmalmost done20:33
nejmok, ok, Iĺl try it in a minute xD20:33
renn0xtk9how do you use ubntu if the driver for the network card is buggy and does not work ?20:33
Maimsternejm: Pretty much gives mouse ability to the tty.20:33
Bashing-omnejm: Mir ? execute ' dpkg -l mir-platform-input-evdev5 | nc termnin.com 9999 ' . the result is a URL back in terminal .. Pass that link back here .20:33
Maimsterrenn0xtk9: I had to download the right one from another computer then get it over to ubuntu via flash drive.20:34
Maimsterrenn0xtk9: Make sure you grab a *.deb file.20:34
nejmdamnit akik you should've said it was a mouse thing in the terminal xD20:35
renn0xtk9Maimster   what I mean is the way ubuntu work , via dependency and stuff means if you don't have internet, you are fucked up because it will take ages to solve dependency manually.    When distributung it one should NEVER  fuck it up,  and they did. and they have been warned about it some three years ago...20:36
nejmI thought you were converting me to another text editor religion...20:36
Maimsterrenn0xtk9: Preach man....20:37
nejmhi it's me again, I selected stuff with gpm and accidentially entered it int he command line so tt7 is now just a black screen20:39
renn0xtk9there will never be any kind of progress as long as they stuck with that mentaility of  "I am the one who does it, so I am entitled to   not giving a fuck"  it pisses me off      sooo unreliable20:39
nejmakik I should've told you I'm an idiot xD20:39
OerHeksrenn0xtk9, is this a rant about wireless drivers/firmware?20:39
akiknejm: left button, select. right button, paste20:40
nejmMainster could you post that command for the url again?20:40
Maimsterrenn0xtk9: There will always be someone thinking the world owes them something. It's just the way things are.20:40
nejmakik: but it sure is a very nice tool!20:40
Maimsternejm: Which url, or for what?20:40
nejmyou told me to execute a very long command and post the url here again20:41
nejmwell, I think you did...20:41
Maimsternejm: Back checking my log20:41
renn0xtk9OerHeks no much more about the human behind it and even more the way they are organize20:41
renn0xtk9there is no reason why they would ship this driver20:42
nejmI like how the user someone is referenced all the time by statements not addressed to him/her xD20:42
Maimsternejm: I didn't find a URL from my past post.20:43
Maimsternejm: I had commands20:43
nejmyes the command20:43
Guest18333I've an issue with Citrix Reciever20:43
nejmyou said that right?20:43
Guest18333Could someone help me please ?20:43
Maimsternejm: Asking you to recopy the xorg.conf.something.20:43
Maimstersudo X -configure20:44
Maimsternejm: That one?20:44
Guest18333Bashing-om, Would you be able to help me with that ?20:44
nejm1I am back at my desktop again20:44
nejmo wait what is this20:44
nejm1who are you?20:45
nejmI am you from the future20:45
Maimsternejm: lol20:45
=== CrackedCracker1 is now known as CrackedCracker
rizonzwhich caching resolved is recommended for local usage ?20:45
Maimsternejm: You had me for a while their.20:45
nejm1I love how amazingly flexible IRC is with stuff like this.. xD20:46
Maimsternejm: That command helped you get back to your desktop?20:46
Bashing-omGuest18333:  Porbably not as I do not know what a Citrix Reciever is or what role it plays . What is the issue ?20:46
MaimsterBashing-om: Citrix receiver is a remote desktop type thing.20:47
Guest18333i am trying to connect to my work computer using Citrix Reciver / ICAClient as it is called.20:47
nejmno I just rebooted20:47
Maimsternejm: lol!!20:47
nejmsudo X -reconfigure right20:47
nejmo no re20:47
Maimsternejm: sudo X -configure20:47
nejmit only gives errors20:48
nejmcannot connect to server20:48
Maimsternejm: I think putting the older xorg.conf file afterwards allows nVidia to use the older file.20:48
Guest18333i've installed it successfully and logged into website URL Gateway of my Company. After that i am clicking / trying to launch the session and the windows doesn't popup.20:48
Guest18333I also have Oracle JDK 8.0 installed in case it is required. Bashing-om20:49
nejmMaimster: I allready tried switching to my oldest backup but to no avail20:49
Bashing-omGuest18333: sorry - your issue is out of my skill set .20:49
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Guest18333OK Bashing-om20:51
Guest18333Does anybody know to FIX Citrix Receiver issue here ?20:51
OerHeksGuest did you follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CitrixICAClientHowTo ??20:52
Guest18333Yes i did 0erHeks20:53
Maimsternejm: Which version of nVidia driver are you trying to install? I gonna try to same one.20:53
Guest18333But that is mentioned that, it is for Ubuntu 1420:53
Guest18333i am using 16.04.0120:53
tmuwaGuest18333: It seems to be a Citrix Problem. Maybe you are more successful in the #citrix channel20:53
Guest18333OK, let me give a try there20:54
OerHeksguest see the end of that page, issue 320:54
Guest18333Will check that page.20:54
nejmMaimster: I'll send you the link20:55
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Maimsternejm: Cool20:55
nejmMaimster: mind if we switch to pm? the channel is getting pretty cluttered.... :P20:55
Guest18333That is the not the issue. it is not at all popping up. I am using Ubuntu Gnome , not Unity.20:55
Maimsternejm: sure20:55
nejmdid that work?20:56
tmuwaGuest18333: Have you started it via terminal? Any debug messages?20:56
Guest18333i will not able to start my office desktop session using command line i believe.20:58
Guest18333if there is a method for that, i am not sure of that.20:58
tmuwain linux you can start every programm via terminal. It will open in a new window. but the terminal will show debug messages. just try it.21:00
tmuwajust type the name of the programm you want to start21:01
nejmtmuwa it's one m :P21:04
nejmYou are german probably?21:04
i_and_iwhat is the best debugger for Python in Ubuntu21:05
kode54had some fun setting up libvirt with a Windows 10 VM on 16.04.121:06
kode54turns out, not blacklisting the nouveau driver before attempting to steal it with managed insertion into a VM is a bad idea21:07
kode54leads to a couple of kernel oopses21:07
tmuwanejm: yes. sorry ;-:21:09
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tmuwanejm: My daughter steels my sleep. So I am a little tired.21:13
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aviraljoin /processing21:27
imotouuxdoes someone know how to get notepadqq to run in elementary os 0.4? or is there a .deb package of it? couldn't find one21:29
tomreyn!elementary | imotouux21:29
ubottuimotouux: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.21:29
imotouuxyea but there's no one having an answer21:31
ikoniaimotouux: then wait in their channel21:31
ikoniaimotouux: this channel does not pick up the slack for poor support in other channels21:31
imotouuxi am though xd21:31
imotouuxokay :(21:32
imotouuxbut you can answer my second question21:32
imotouuxif there is any .deb package of notepadqq21:32
ikoniawe do not pick up the slack for your choice of distro that has poor support21:32
imotouuxotherwise this is poor support too21:32
SweepyofaceHey, /sys/class/net/eth0/statistics/rx_bytes the amount of bytes received from the last boot right?21:33
ikoniaimotouux: this is good support for ubuntu21:33
ikoniaSweepyoface: correct21:33
ikoniaSweepyoface: represents the couters in ifconfig21:33
SweepyofaceAh, is there an equiv for outgoing?21:33
imotouuxso tell me how to get notepadqq using terminal in ubuntu 16.0421:34
ikoniaimotouux: you're not using ubuntu21:34
imotouuxi am21:34
ikoniaimotouux: please dont try to push lies support21:34
ikoniaimotouux: no - not at all21:34
ikoniaI'm not laughing,21:34
imotouuxi am21:34
SweepyofaceI was looking at nload and not sure where it gets the outgoing stuff21:35
kode54does Webmin require kernel BANDWIDTH_IN and BANDWIDTH_OUT notices to flood the syslogs?21:35
kode54I found that after leaving Webmin's bandwidth monitoring running for a day or two, I had 7GB worth of logs in my /var/log21:35
ikoniakode54: webmin is not supported heere21:35
kode54right, sorry21:36
kode54wasn't my idea to install it anyway21:36
ikoniano need for sorry21:36
ikoniayou can install what you want21:36
kode54does it have a channel?21:36
kode54I'll bug them21:36
ikoniano idea21:37
ikoniahave a look21:37
SweepyofaceAh to tx_bytes is outgoing, why is nload showing a number 10GB less than it then?21:37
ikonianot everything uses that interface ?21:38
SweepyofaceIt does though21:38
adrian_1908hello. Can anyone recommend a fast image viewer with basic editing features like cropping? A viewer, but an editor. I'm trying to ween myself off XnView, since it has a shitload of dependencies I'd rather avoid.21:38
adrian_1908*a viewer, not an editor21:38
ikoniaSweepyoface: so you're saying nload is showing 10GB less than the RX/TX traffic on that interface since last boot ?21:39
gebruikeris there a way to capture a url of a stream?21:41
LewocoWhere do I get the magic string that I can use to add a PPA?21:41
ikoniadepends on the web site, and you could sniff it from the network card interface21:41
LewocoAccording to help it should be written in bold on the PPA page but it's not.21:41
gebruikerikonia: what program could help me with this?21:41
MenzadorLewoco - what PPA are you trying to add?21:42
ikoniagebruiker: tcpdump ?21:42
Sweepyofaceikonia, nload is showing 64.99GB but tx_bytes returns ~6978154734721:42
LewocoMenzador: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd6421:42
Sweepyofacenot 10GB but different, my bad21:42
ikoniaSweepyoface: you'll have to do the maths for me21:42
ikoniaSweepyoface: rounding ?21:42
MenzadorLewoco - are you trying to upgrade yoyr release?21:42
ikoniaSweepyoface: retry/packet re-send ?21:42
LewocoMenzador: Not really, I just want newer versions of KDE stuff21:43
Sweepyofacebut all it does it read from that file I thought21:43
LewocoMenzador: The ones that come with xenial are buggy21:43
ikoniaSweepyoface: I don't know how nload works under the hood21:43
MenzadorLewoco - you're looking for Kubuntu Backports, I believe21:43
Sweepyofaceso you're saying that file should return the exact amount reliably?21:43
ikoniaSweepyoface: no, I'm saying I don't know how nload works under the hood21:44
SweepyofaceI just don't know which is more accurate lol21:44
MenzadorLewoco - the "magic string" is ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:44
MenzadorLewoco - although you might get more support for the Kubuntu Backports PPA in #kubuntu21:45
LordNelthonhow much swap do you recommend for 16gb of ram, when using virtual machines (sometimes 4 at the same time, usually 1GB each)?21:47
LordNelthonand no need for hibernation21:47
SquishyOctopusI wouldn't use any swap if you have 16gb of ram.21:49
LewocoMenzador: Ok I think I get it: The link I provided is not actually a PPA, just a platform supported by PPA's.21:50
MenzadorYeah, something like that21:51
LordNelthonthanks, I will try with no swap, and if needed I will use a swap file :)21:51
LordNelthonI'm trying ubuntu in virtualbox, but when I reach this stage https://puu.sh/sSTj4/bc58d95b03.png it seems the system does not recognise the password input21:55
LordNelthonsometimes I get a clear purple screen and if I type the password and enter it works21:55
Oncomwhereis dwm21:57
MonkeyDustOncom  use    locate dwm21:59
ducasseOncom: 'apt show dwm' - see bottom paragraph22:00
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mjh75I have a weird problem. I try installing Ubuntu 16.04 from a USB flash drive or CD and when it tries to partition the 500 GB SATA disk /dev/sda goes away and /dev/sdc comes up, it is the same drive just moving. I cancel the install, try again and this time try to partition /dev/sdc and it goes away and I am back with /dev/sda.22:04
squintymjh75, might want to try using gparted (on the live cd) before starting the actual installation itself to see if that makes any difference22:08
ikoniamjh75: look in the syslog22:08
ikoniamjh75: I suspect you'll see the sata port resetting22:08
mjh75ikonia: okay, is there a fix or do I have to go with Windows?22:08
ikoniayou need to understand what's going on before we know how to fix it22:09
mjh75There are a number of lines in dmesg that are red. Buffer I/O error on dev sda, logical block 0, async page read22:11
mjh75A number of exception Emak 0x10 stuff22:12
mjh75The drive is brand new, only ever installed in this machine.22:12
mjh75I suppose I could try a different drive just to see if it is any different22:13
squintyor unplug/plug the drive/cables etc to make sure you have good connectivity22:14
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mjh75I did that a number of times. It an a Lenovo all in one so no cables just sockets, but I have reseated the drive a few times. Guess it won't hurt to try a different drive. I will do that now22:15
randy_I'm having an issue when I watch YouTube videos, my mouse and keyboard freeze up and wont respond. Is this a known issue?22:17
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funabashihello guys, i have upgraded my ubuntu server today. i want to know why my irssi theme looks so wierd ..22:47
ubottuOpen driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD22:53
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nejmHi everyone, what is the package name that contains all packages that are installed by an installation of Ubuntu 16.01?23:23
nejmI believe such a package existed...23:24
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!23:26
OerHeksNo package like that, you can query the list> dpkg-query -l23:27
OerHeksor dpkg --get-selections > ~/Package.list23:27
Flannelnejm: There's a couple of ones that make up "most" of it (but they don't include a kernel, etc).  ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard, and ubuntu-desktop23:27
nejmso ubuntu-desktop is the thing I'm looking for? I thougt it was just the GUI...23:28
nejmI purged ubuntu-desktop namely...23:28
Sweepyofacelol I forgot apt search was a thing23:28
SweepyofaceI was using apt list and grep23:29
OerHeksThat is the metapackage, http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntu-desktop23:29
nejmthanks guys!23:30
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