madsviviHey, I'm looking to install Ubuntu Studio 16.10 on a laptop that I intend to use exclusively for music production. The System Requirements section here: (https://ubuntustudio.org/download/) says that I should probably have "at least 4GB [of RAM], as some applications us up a lot of [it]." The laptop in question has 3.8GiB of RAM. (The conventions around notating different sizes of "gigabytes" go over my head, so sorry if12:32
madsvivithe way the unit's written doesn't actually matter.) If I use it for audio alone, and am careful not to have too many processes running at once, will I be alright with just the 3.8GiB? Or should I be looking for some extra RAM?12:32
madsviviThe first part of that got trimmed I guess?12:32
cfhowlettmadsvivi, max ram is always a safe bet12:33
madsvivi"I'm looking to install US 16.10 on an old laptop that I will use exclusively for music production."12:33
cfhowlettyou *can* run production with 4gb12:33
cfhowlettwe say12:33
cfhowlettwe saw12:33
madsviviOh. I see it now, too. Must be my client acting strange, lmao12:34
madsviviSo basically, I'd have an easier time if I bought some extra RAM, but if I went ahead as is it's (my funeral/probably fine)?12:35
cfhowlettI had a 4gb system.  performance was adequate12:36
madsviviaiight, thank you very much!12:36
drmacroI have three different PCs running UBS 16.04. jack (via qjackctl) runs fine on 2 of the three. The 3rd is a laptop and (though it did work at one point) now when I select the onboard sound and hit the start button in qjackctl the message window dumps a lot if info and then qjackctl hangs. The only way to get it out of this state is to use kill -9. (If I then restart it, it shows the connections, but, any sound is in slow-mo.) To try again have to kill -9 19:17
studio-user609hello guy. ! i'm trying to instll ubuntu studio for 2 weeks on my asus atom z835020:30
studio-user609problem with black screen at startup...20:30
studio-user609how could i setup grub and kernel resolution 1280x80020:31

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