mistformhow do I get an SD card out of read-only?06:04
mistformI tried the slider on the adapter (I'm formatting microSD for raspberry pi)06:04
mistformit is still read-only06:04
joegiampaolitrying to hide "suspend" option. In Debian this is done by editing </usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.upower.policy> No such file in xubuntu...08:06
joegiampaoliI tried editing </usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.xfce.power.policy> without success08:08
CrackedCrackerHello. Could any of you help me find thunar's smb saved credentials?12:58
CrackedCrackerI by accident put "remember forever" while browsing smb through thunar and now can't get rid of that login12:58
CrackedCrackerIt doesn't appear to be in ~/.config, and I can't find anything relevant to smb in /etc/ and /usr/share12:58
flocculantCrackedCracker: try using seahorse - you'll probably need to install it13:07
CrackedCrackerflocculant: Thanks for the help13:10
CrackedCrackerI was asking how to simply delete those saved already, can't see how seahorse would help me13:10
CrackedCrackerOh, wait, i see. I'll try now13:11
flocculantbecause thunar doesn't keep them afaik - it's all part of the gnome keyring - use seahorse to access them, find the one you need to delete and should be it13:11
CrackedCrackerThanks, sorry for that first reply, i am installing it now13:13
CrackedCrackerflocculant: Yep, there it is. Thank you very much13:13
flocculantwelcome :)13:18
xubuntu80ihey there13:52
xubuntu18wwe currently have a 32 bit os and are looking for a 64 bit os plus grub for partitioning. don't know to much about all this still learning. can someone please help and also need to know if it can be loaded to a thumb drive since at the moment we do not have a working burner.14:04
flocculantxubuntu18w: yup - can be installed from usb. Grub is a bootloaded nothing to do with partitioning - https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop14:08
flocculantyou'd just see slightlydifferent things - xubuntu instead of ubuntu14:09
xubuntu18wThank you flocculant .14:22
xubuntu18wdo you know what size usb I will need to load it on14:25
flocculantxubuntu18w: iso is ~1.3Gb14:32
flocculantor a bit less14:33
xubuntu18wok thank you.14:34
flocculantxubuntu18w: when installing and at the partition stage - Erase Disk and install - will do that exactly - ALL of the disk.14:38
xubuntu18wthank you, don't want to erase just partition. will be careful when selecting14:39
flocculantjust warning before you come back later wondering where you're really important data that you don't backup is gone :D14:44
flocculantcos people do that stuff ;)14:44
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randy_Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I am having?22:15
randy_Everytime I try to watch a YouTube video my mouse and keyboard stop working after about 5 seconds.22:15

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