redirgood good00:02
babbageclunkAnyone around for a review? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/673101:21
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perrito666Babbageclunk still need that review?09:22
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perrito666brb errands13:02
hoenircould someone please review my patch ? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/652314:21
rick_hmacgreagoir: can you peek at ^ and try to get natefinch or katco to second when they're around?14:30
macgreagoirrick_h: ack14:30
aisraelDoes juju 2 support the use of lxc copy (cloning a base container)?15:20
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natefinchaisrael: I don't think so.  Our philosophy was to let lxd maange everything itself16:25
aisraelnatefinch: Ok. Here's the scenario: I'm looking to see if the base ubuntu image used when launching machines can be customized, i.e., pre-installing packages that will be needed, setting up proxy detection, etc. The goal is to get a faster start-up time for local development.16:32
natefinchaisrael: so, I believe you can fool juju/lxd by making an image called ubuntu-xenial  (or whatever series) and then fix that up to be what you want16:34
aisraelnatefinch: Ok, awesome, let me give that a try. Thanks!16:34
natefinchaisrael: also, for local development, manual provider is even faster and easier.  There's no machine startup and you can prepopulate easily.16:35
aisraelnatefinch: manual instead of lxd provider? Hmm16:36
natefinchaisrael: yeah.  You can still use lxd to spin up the machine (if you want), but then just use it as a manual machine.16:36
aisraelnatefinch: That's an interesting approach. I'd be interested in benchmarking the two for comparison.16:40
natefinchaisrael: I'd love to see benchmarks.16:53
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deanmanaisrael, If you manage to fool juju to use a local lxc image please give a shout. I did try the other day to copy an existing image and giving it alias like ubuntu-xenial but somehow i failed.17:54
aisraeldeanman: will do!18:57
frobwarenatefinch: ping19:12
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babbageclunkperrito666: thanks for the review! it was a bit lonely here yesterday.20:22
babbageclunkperrito666: Also, we didn't get to have that discussion about squashing commits at the sprint. We should! I think you're right, not being able to bisect is a problem.20:23
perrito666babbageclunk: sorry I left early20:28
perrito666babbageclunk: of course I am right, that usually is the case :p20:29
babbageclunkperrito666: :)20:29
perrito666mm, I believe I found a rather ugly bug in our logic20:31
babbageclunkperrito666: oh dear20:37
babbageclunkperrito666: do you know anything about macaroons and authentication? I've been bumping my head on a bug but it might be something obvious to someone more familiar with it.20:41
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petevgHi, everyone. I'm running into an interesting issue while testing matrix: the landscape bundle in the store deploys successfully when deployed w/ the command line client, but it fails when deployed via the gui, or by python-libjuju (the latter is used in the mtarix).21:12
petevgSpecifically, the config changed hook in haproxy fails, with a KeyError getting the "services"21:13
petevg*getting "services" from the config.21:13
petevgIn the bundle.yaml, "services" is an empty string. Does anyone know if the command line client does anything special with falsey config values?21:13
petevgPossibly something that the gui and python-libjuju should replicate?21:13
natefinchbabbageclunk: I know a tiny bit about macaroons21:18
perrito666babbageclunk: nope, but we can try to think together21:30
babbageclunkperrito666, natefinch: yay thanks! I'm working on bug 165045121:33
mupBug #1650451: Migration silently  fails when performed by a newley registered and granted super user <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1650451>21:33
babbageclunkWhat seems to be happening is that there are normal API requests to the target controller that succeed (so must have the right macaroons)...21:34
babbageclunkAnd then the websocket connection to the logtransfer endpoint fails with "cannot get discharge: interaction not possible"21:35
natefinchdo the previous actions need superuser creds?21:37
natefinchI wonder if it's just a timing issue21:37
babbageclunknatefinch: yeah, everything on the migrationtarget facade requires superuser21:40
babbageclunknatefinch: maybe? It happens reliably though.21:40
babbageclunknatefinch: I think thumper had to fix something in the connection to the target api for a similar scenario (maybe the same test). But I haven't been able to find his change, and he's on holiday. I might ping him on alternative channels to see if he can give me a quick pointer.21:45
natefinchbabbageclunk: so, the last login I see before migration starts starts here: 22016-12-16 01:44:21 TRACE juju.rpc.jsoncodec codec.go:120 <- {"request-id":1,21:53
natefinchthat's the response to the login, which returns some data, which seems relevant: "controller-access":"superuser","model-access":""21:53
natefinchI wonder if the lack of model access is a problem.  It would be interesting to see if that access field is different in a case where the user is a superuser to start21:54
natefinchI would expect that controller superuser access would just override needing model access, but I don't know for sure21:54
babbageclunknatefinch: yeah, that makes sense - it should work in the case where the user doesn't have model access, but maybe the auth in logtransfer isn't getting that right.21:55
natefinchI gotta run to make dinner, but I'll be back on later.22:00
babbageclunknatefinch: ok, thanks!22:01
mupBug #1651260 opened: landscape bundle error when deployed via gui (KeyError in config changed hook in haproxy charm) <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1651260>22:43
babbageclunkperrito666: ok, what about bug 165025123:16
mupBug #1650251: Model migrations fail if cloud names don't match <model-migration> <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1650251>23:16
perrito666babbageclunk: cannot open the bug for lack of bw23:21
perrito666bootstrapping a vmware machine is very bw intensive23:22
perrito666bbl when this is finished and I dont have 3 seconds of lag for each time I hit enter23:22
babbageclunkperrito666: no worries - I was about to type my findings and current thinking to you, but then realised I should put them on the bug instead of in irc23:23
redirperrito666: babbageclunk are we doing standup?23:45
babbageclunkredir: I thought we weren't but I can!23:50
* redir shrugs it's on my calendar still. but that might just be mine23:50
perrito666I also thought we werent23:55
perrito666also, I have been uploading a vmware image for the past 50 mins and it would seem it will take another 50 mins23:56
perrito666so no chance I can do a video call23:56

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