oceanquakeHi all.  I'm trying to install Kubuntu 14.04 LTS on a machine with intel graphics.  After boot, I see the wallpaper and the Kubuntu 14.04 window where the installation dialogs are presumably supposed to be, but that dialog is just gray/white.  I can switch VTs via Ctrl+Alt+F1, etc., but can't get any content to appear in the installer window.  Web searches didn't turn this up, so help would be appreciated.00:08
oceanquakehmm, the main download page points to 14.04.4 , but http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/trusty/release/ shows a 14.04.5 .  14.04.5 seems to work.00:48
sintreis there a way to remove a backport , installed one for gfx drivers to try and fix a konsole crashing , it updated some drivers but , the server takes like a minute to load headers01:01
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R13oseStill having a hardtime with touchpad, too sensitive01:24
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kuSuSEI just disable mine when I boot if I have an external USB mouse with me03:19
kuSuSEoh wow I replied after two hours03:20
kuSuSEthis channel is dead >_>03:20
sintreyea slow night :)03:20
sintrei use a notebook as well , but also an external mouse so haven't messed around with touch pad settings03:21
sintreso no help from here really03:21
DarinMillersomebody fighting touchpad issues?03:22
DarinMillerI missed the post....03:23
sintresomebody said there touchpad was to sensistive like an hour ago03:23
sintreStill having a hardtime with touchpad, too sensitive03:24
sintrestill in chat maybe she'll come back03:24
sintreno offens eif that turns out to be a he :)03:25
DarinMillersintre: try installing xserver-xorg-input-libinput.  That makes my jittery mouse pad on a Lenovo work work almost perfectly03:25
sintrenot me was other user03:25
DarinMillerMy only gripe is palm detection is still fails to ignore my palm.03:26
sintrethis old alppy , but getting my new mouse is actualy opposite03:26
sintrenew system is i3 2 ghz03:26
sintrestill clean , that touch pad is twice the size03:26
sintrebut only problem with it is making double click on scroll bars stick , so gotta double click and hold again03:27
sintreanother minor issue for me to chew on :)03:27
sintremine is a dell03:28
sintreafter i get this old work horse worked out , then i can start with new one before i swap over all stuff and make it my main03:29
[Relic]would any problems show up if I had 2 exact same monitors on the same vid card; any random switching around?03:34
sintrei've had problems with duel monitors in older plsma 5.803:34
sintrebut when trouble shooting some others said that exact reolution for each is fine03:34
sintrenot possible for me with my set up though03:35
sintrebut different resolutions in plsm 5..503:35
sintredidn't like or understand different resolutions running in duel or extended03:35
sintreso one or the other had to be huighe ror lower which made everything look like crap03:36
sintreolder plsama 5.5 sry03:36
[Relic]I was just wondering about exactly the same monitors say something like asus model a247x (made up number); I currently have 2 same resolution different mfg monitors running03:36
sintrei haven't got a chance to test plsma 5.8 yet03:36
sintrewell honestly if win junk 10 can do duel or extended03:37
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sintreto native resolutions of different monitors maybe we can  find a way to :)03:37
sintrebefore i nixed win ten and its junk hdd from new system tested it03:38
sintreso it a software issue on kde/plsa side and now with everybody getting computers qwith hdmi or vga out  hopefully we can go there03:38
sintrei also had a problem with 0 sound being carrieds thru hdmi03:39
sintreagain haven't tested 5.8 on new system yet03:39
sintrewould be nice to be able to relax on couch with bigg tv as monitor and some blue tooth keyboard/mice03:40
[Relic]I just use 10 foot cables  :)03:42
sintrewell thats one solution :)03:42
tuxisagamerI just upgraded to 16.10 and now my system won't boot with EFI enabled and without EFI there's no sound.03:59
sintrecan you get into an os04:01
tuxisagamerYeah, I can boot to the desktop with EFI disabled and the EFI partition commented out.04:02
sintreseems  more like a driver problem , i had my own battle with the new firmware nonsense04:02
tuxisagamerI've tried switching the EFI and swap partitions even.04:03
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sintrewell my firm ware on my new system is uefi04:03
sintreeven more annoying04:03
sintreas for sound i would look up and try to update drivers and packages04:04
sintrei couldn't even boot04:04
tuxisagamerEverything was working fine till this morning.04:04
sintrei know that sounds simply , not meant to be offensive04:04
sintreso it DID work then stopped?04:04
tuxisagamerI built this machine 4 years ago.04:05
sintreok after your upgrade was that when it stopped working?04:05
tuxisagamerI upgraded it a few days ago. Was working fine till this morning.04:06
sintreso it did work04:06
sintre, not its just stopped04:06
sintrei would try a live dvd/usb stick and see04:07
sintremake sure it note a potential hardware failure04:07
tuxisagamerI already ran a full bad block check on the drive.04:07
sintrenot concerned about block04:08
sintremake sure your audio is working hardware wise is first step imo04:08
sintrethen can go deeper ito potential hardware issues04:08
sintreweould be my plan of action , than again i'm a noob :)04:08
tuxisagamerIt boots into a live usb fine.04:09
sintredoes audio work then?04:09
sintrein live04:09
tuxisagamerThat I didn't check.04:09
sintrewell sinse audio is the problem might wanna go there04:10
sintrefirst before messing around with a never ending hit and miss with drivers04:10
tuxisagamerWith splash turned off and my efi partition active in fstab I was getting timeouts after quota check.04:11
sintreand also test if you can not just speakers , but another set of headphones04:11
tuxisagamerSo I have been looking at the drive and partitions.04:11
sintrewell your probally mor knowledgable than me , that stuff is above my head . I'm the start first elimate potential cause then move on kind guy04:12
sintrewish i could help more04:12
sintrei don't think the drive or partitions would have anything to do with your audio not working04:12
sintrewhats Installed on them probally do04:12
sintrealso , not linux or os related04:13
tuxisagamerI've tried like 6 or 7 kernel versions and they're all suddenly failing with the efi partition enabled.04:13
sintrei've used enough computers to know that sometimes static electricity can get built up inside a pc long enough to block signals from ports04:13
tuxisagamerThe audio device is currently showing as dummy output.04:14
sintreso unpolugging everything and grounding yourself before you do it , then giving whole system a rest for thirty minutes might help04:14
tuxisagamerChecking the audio in a live usb is not a bad idea.04:15
tuxisagamerYeah. Sound in Live USB.04:19
sintreok so now its not hardware failure04:19
sintrei assume you've got everything updated?04:19
DarinMillertuxisagamer: regarding your sound issue, did you right click on the speaker in your panel and select audio settings?04:20
DarinMillertuxisagamer: by chance is the audio icon missing?04:21
tuxisagamerNo, the audio icon isn't missing. But all mixers only show the dummy output.04:22
DarinMillerOK, do you know how to manually add widgets to your panel?04:23
tuxisagamerThe audio works in the live USB I just booted too. But yes, I know how to add a new widget.04:24
tuxisagamerThe audio is just a symptom. Something is wrong with either my efi settings or disc settings.04:25
sintrei still don't get how your disc settings would affect audio playback04:25
tuxisagamerAny big changes in EFI between 16.04 and 16.10?04:26
tuxisagamerWith EFI turned on it's timing out on the EFI partition. Regardless of wheter EFI is on sda1 or sda304:26
DarinMillerI would tend to agree that the EFI security settings should have no affect on the sound.04:27
tuxisagamerI disable EFI in the MB and the partition in fstab it will boot but there's no sound module being loaded.04:27
sintrewell , your install was meant for efi or uefi04:28
DarinMillerHowever, I did a fresh install of 17.04 today and it was missing the sound icon panel and keyboard volume controls failed to work.04:29
DarinMillerAfter adding the sound icon, keyboard controls worked as expected.04:29
DarinMillerAlso, I have seen some updates default to the wrong sound output. So once the sound icon is on the panel, right click on it and select sound settings.04:30
DarinMillerGo to the Audio Volume Icon and select output devices.04:31
DarinMillerEnsure to select the port that is used for power your speakers or headphones.04:32
tuxisagamerThat won't help if the kernel modules aren't loading. I've just piped the lsmod output from the live-usb to the system harddrive and gonna try to manually load the kernel modules.04:33
DarinMillerhmm, if he fixes that the issue, I hope shares how he did it.  I have never heard of switching boot modes affecting sound.04:37
sintreme either04:37
sintrei had my own problem with new firmare04:37
sintreturned out to be the partition table04:37
sintrebut never affected sound04:37
sintrehe also said that it worked fine for days then just stopped04:39
sintrewhich is even more confusing04:39
sintrenormally you can kinda link action  = problem04:39
sintrethats why i asked him to check live ussb/dvd04:40
sintreonly thing i think to tewll him sinse he built is rig 4 years ago is to see if there is a bios upgrade available04:42
rbetzenvalorie:: finished reinstalling and now running kubuntu like a champ!  :)04:43
DarinMilleryes, upgrading bios from from linux can be challenging on some systems04:43
sintrewell sinse his mobo has a dated but not newest version something might not be matching up04:43
sintremy system is so old doesn't have that , legacy only04:44
DarinMillerJust walked my dad thru a 16.04 backport upgrade, other than a prolonged shutdown it went smoothly.04:45
DarinMillerI have 3 EFI systems, not issues on any of them.04:45
sintrewell sound is a bizarree one considering it works obviously04:46
sintreas a live usb can make noise04:46
sintreso another head scratcher04:46
DarinMillerOne older system is kicking my butt though, after I installed a refurbished SSD.  It's russian rullet whether the ksmserver will crash on wake.04:47
sintrehaha well atleast you have your knsole :P04:48
sintrebut atleast i know how to get it back now04:48
DarinMillerAfter installing Neon, 16.10 and 17.04 all with same symptons, I am betting the SSD is the cause.'04:48
sintrei will not blame my lil ssd that could on my konsole be a pain :)04:49
DarinMillerI asked my dad to test his terminal based on your issues and his is working just fine also, but he does not have an NVidia card.04:49
sintregot a 120 gig in this one and a 250 gig in the other04:49
sintreyes it is wierd as hell04:50
sintrethink about asking that04:50
sintrehelp my console don't work04:50
sintrelike serious guys lol04:50
sintrebut i think we went thru everything and then some04:51
sintrenew driver every output ect.04:51
sintrei'll see if it reproduces in new system as i haven't updated that thru backports yet04:52
sintrei don't think it will04:52
sintrenarrow it down further04:52
DarinMillerI was hoping you might have your old spare HD laying around where you could fresh install.  I hate recommending that, but installs are so fast these days I rather take the 45min re-install hit than spend hours of googling and trying random stuff.04:54
DarinMillerAlthough, I always learn cool stuff when such occasions occur.04:54
sintreis it possible to do a usb install04:55
DarinMillerYes, as long you bios is set to boot from USB, you can install and boot to usb.04:55
sintreyea i got threee drive laying around collecting dust04:55
sintreexternal enxlosure04:56
sintrenot usb04:56
sintrestick but literaly drives04:56
sintreeasy legacy04:56
sintrebut this old system usb204:56
sintrebut i think it'll do for testing04:56
DarinMillerThey will work.  Ensure to write the boot info to the external usb.  it will be /sdb or /sdc or something like that.  Do know of this install option?04:57
sintrei'm actually at this point curious myself wtf is with this04:57
sintrena another thing to learn04:57
DarinMillerlet me see if I can find a picture of that install screen....04:58
DarinMillerOK, 42s into this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm6TGqFCbQI04:59
sintrek got it book marked05:00
sintrethis week hell or high water i will figure this out05:00
DarinMillerBoot loader option at the bottom of the screen.  Ensure that points to your USB drive otherwise, you will have an opportunity to learn a whole lot more :)05:00
sintrejust gotta wipe out this lil 40 gig drive05:00
sintregot a 320 and a 500 lil lappy dirves05:01
sintrethink those to a lil over kill lol05:01
sintrelord i have to many drives around05:01
DarinMillerIf you forget to set the boot loader to your usb, the boot info is written over the top you existing boot loader information on main drive and when you try to boot with the usb, you system will be confused.05:02
DarinMillerIt's all fixabel though: live boot, chroot and reconfigure grub.05:02
sintrei'll install from new clean pc so if that happens its a 10 minute fix :)05:02
sintregonna cover bases hehe05:03
sintreyea well me and grub loaders never played nice , but time to learn heh05:03
sintrebut yea starting froma  clean install with an external can back track exact install of everything05:04
sintreso maybe can find when the probklem acurs and with what update05:04
sintrebtw dev chellen depressing all failing or still failing  :(05:05
DarinMillerYes, knowing what and when is definitely key to bisecting the problem.05:06
DarinMiller? dev chellen ?05:06
sintrethe other one i bug you in05:06
DarinMillerOh, that's normal.  I am trying to learn how to fix those myself. Right now I cause more problems than I fix.05:07
sintregiven my task to trouble shoot this , not motivational lol05:07
sintrealright midnight here , time to hit a shower and get some sleep05:08
sintretomorrow i'll be back around with my lil hdd and see if i can recreate this05:09
sintreand again thx a ton for your help05:09
R13oseI installed the package mentioned above but still touchpad is sensitive06:32
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santiago68good morning, This is Diego of Geneva, Switzerland "santiago68", I would like to have a registration code, please07:43
valorieregistration code?07:43
valoriefor what?07:43
valorie!register | santiago6807:44
ubottusantiago68: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.07:44
santiago68to register on the community.linuxmint.com07:44
valorieif that is what you mean07:44
valoriemint is not kubuntu07:44
santiago68oh sorry07:45
santiago68i am at the wrong place07:45
valorieand we don't have anything to do with their website07:45
santiago68no prob, sorry for the disturbance07:45
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:45
valorielooks like they use a different network, rather than freenode07:46
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irctc003I have just recently install Kubuntu 16.0408:52
irctc003There is this annoying thing on the taskbar when you hover it displays the entire application08:53
irctc003How do I turn it off ?08:53
hateballirctc003: rightclick the panel and go into settings, disable preview08:54
hateballtooltips, they might be called08:55
hateballI dont use english locale, so08:55
tlotrGot it08:55
irctc003Got it08:55
irctc003Thanks hateball08:55
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denza242Hi, I'm helping a friend install Kubuntu09:03
denza242and um, I dunno what the boot menu key is for their Asus laptop09:03
R13osedenza242: did you try holding down the shift key?09:33
efloidanyone know which setting determines whether you can resize windows by left-click dragging the corners?09:43
efloidotherwise i think the default is alt + right click09:43
efloidon one machine when i put cursor to corner of window it doesn't change to the drag cursor unless i press alt - right click09:44
R13oseefloid: you looked into the corners settings?09:51
lordievaderefloid: I have it set the resize window to Super + right-click, let met check where I did that.09:54
lordievaderefloid: System Settigns -> Window Behaviour -> Window Actions -> Inner Window, Titlebar & Frame09:55
R13oseStill having a hardtime with a too sensitive touchpad.  How do I fix that?09:58
soee_R13ose: http://i.imgur.com/VWGhBIW.png10:00
R13osesoee_: scrolling tab or another one?10:02
R13osesoee_: I tried changing settings in sensitivity bi10:09
R13osebut didn't make this less sensitive10:10
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EventHorizonevening...  Is the spash screen background still via: /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/components/artwork/11:14
EventHorizonhaving trouble changing the .png after the update.11:15
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EventHorizonevening.  what line do i amend in the splash.qml to change the breeze black background to an image?11:45
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xEvertontudo bot11:53
Dienonymoussaludos familia12:20
Dienonymoussaludos famiolia como estan en este dia12:34
Dienonymousespero entiendan el castellano12:36
Dienonymouspor que hay que tener cuidado con los drones de materia organica masificada que se alimentan de energia viviente osea tu12:37
Dienonymousse lucha muy facil12:38
lordievader!es | Dienonymous12:39
ubottuDienonymous: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:39
Dienonymousse inyectan gusanos bot y malguares revolucionarios espejo contrincante independientes en la energia12:39
Dienonymous gracias12:40
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Guest83866Hi, my kmail don't start after update. What can I do to use it again?13:02
soee_might be akonadi fault13:03
soee_what console says wen you run kmail from it ?13:04
Guest83866akonadi is online, I got messages of new email, no error/info in konsole after sonnet.core13:05
BluesKajHiyas all13:31
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R13oseAny thoughts on my question?  I know sensitive in the touchpad settings need to be fixed but hasn't fixed this for me yet.14:08
Guest25270what's wrong? kmail don't start after last update. I need help14:18
Guest25270what can I do to find the problem?14:18
R13oseAny ideas?14:45
R13oseThis is super annoying, the sensitive is driving me insane15:15
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momkenHow can I enable hibernate in kubuntu?16:08
momkenhi sintre, How are you today?16:09
sintregood , hmm i'd look nunder power management16:09
sintreseems kubuntu has a suspend feature16:10
sintrenot sure how close that is to hybernate in a windows box though16:10
momkensintre: suspend is different with hibernate. hibernate is saving ram in disk16:10
sintrehmm i can't find any settings for that , i'm also using older lts 16.0416:11
sintrenot sure if newer features in new version16:11
sintrebut its early around here west coast people barely rolin out of bed16:12
sintrelater should be somebody who knows more than me16:12
sintrelooking for some type of gui setting you can set , no luck so far16:13
momkensintre: Oh. Ok thanks. But the "hibernate" is a global thing in ubuntu.16:13
sintreso seems you can do it16:13
sintreyea found that16:13
momkenAnd "sudo pm-hibernate" worked correctly in terminal16:13
momkenBut I couldn't find a button for it!16:14
sintrewell think the only thing is is to request some setting / gui app to enable it  easier :)16:14
sintreor add to power management setting in plsma16:14
sintreseems simple enough , probally not alot of people have requested it16:15
momkensintre: It was written that "The presence of btrfs partitions has proved to make hibernation fail" which is wrong. I have mounted some Btrfs partitions and pm-hibernate still worked16:22
sintreno clue , i've never used hybernation16:22
sintrejustonly post i found that had some instructio to add option to list16:23
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sintrealso probally an old thread as well16:23
sintrebut certainly a feature if stable , i don't see why we should have easier way to activate it16:24
sintreso curious why its left out , could be plsma devels just didn't think top priority16:24
sintremaybe shoot em an email ask if they could consider it?16:25
sintreand include what you know , and that you use the feature ect.16:26
momkenlet me restart to see if hibernate is added by modifying polkit files16:28
JonelethIrenicusi just upgraded my packages in 16.04 and i am missing my system tray icons even after reboot16:31
JonelethIrenicusgetting this error when i try to upgrade the rest of the packages16:32
JonelethIrenicusErrors were encountered while processing:16:32
JonelethIrenicus /var/cache/apt/archives/libkf5mailcommon-plugins_4%3a16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa61_amd64.deb16:32
sintrehave you tried the update again16:33
JonelethIrenicussintre: yeah just now16:33
JonelethIrenicuscan i remove that package?16:33
sintre:( hmm , well you could start adding them back manually , i heard somebody mention something like this the other day, i'm using 16.04 ths one hans't happend to me 'yet'16:33
sintrei don't know enough to give you a good answer either way16:34
JonelethIrenicussintre: do you have the backports ppa?16:34
JonelethIrenicusyeah me too16:34
momkensintre: It worked and now the hibernate button is present16:34
sintremomnken> great16:34
sintremomeken>  i'd still shoot an email i think it should be disabled be default , but left out?16:35
sintremaybe they're afraid people's pc's will go to sleep and not wake up :)16:35
sintremomken> can you set a timer to hybernate?16:35
sintrelike in 30 mins hybernate ect.16:36
momkensintre: Yes. It is now available as an option in Power Management16:37
sintregood good16:37
sintrewell we know a solution to one problem :)16:37
sintresomething so small i'd think they'd be able to fix rather quickly16:38
sintreor they intentionally don't have it there , because of that kinda sorta bug16:38
momkensintre: Yeah, but I guess it had many bugs in other settings, so they disabled it by default16:38
sintreyea safe than sry i guess16:39
momkenI think pm-hibernate doesn't work in certain situations, which is why they disabled it16:39
sintreyea trying to have a feature like that for any imaginable setup , probally might be a pain16:40
Fritigernvalorie: Congrats on your new wave of Twitter followers! :-)16:58
marco-parilloBluesKaj: I remember you used to like the Plasma 4 feature of different wallpapers on each virtual desktop (not activity). Somebody has hacked together a work-around: https://github.com/martenjj/wallpaperswitch17:31
BluesKajmarco-parillo, thanks for the tip :-)17:37
CrellHi folks. I'm giving Chromium browser a try on a freshly installed Kubuntu system.  It's mostly working, but most video is not.  YouTube does, Twitter does not, for instance.  Any idea what package/lib/codec/thing I'm missing?18:14
momkenI have Kubuntu 16.04 updated to latest packages and connected to 2 monitors. But after each reboot it acts differently18:14
CrellI have chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra installed already, so it's not that.18:14
momkenI have set the below monitor to be primary, but sometimes after reboot the upper screen takes all panels and sometimes the below screen is blank18:15
momkenlike this: https://www.imageupload.co.uk/image/BdJg18:15
momkenIs it a known bug of Kubuntu or it may be due to old KDE version?18:19
momkenIn #kde channel they said I should upgrade to plasma 5.818:19
momkenHow can I upgrade to plasma-5.8?18:20
sintreback ports18:20
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sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports18:20
sintrethen sudo apt update18:21
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade18:21
sintrekeep in mind this could take a long time so get a beer18:21
momkensintre: Thanks very much dude. But what is backport? Does it mean porting latest code back from KDE to kubuntu?18:22
momkenAnd is that PPA safe enough?18:22
sintrenew programs on old version yea18:22
sintreone used and recomended for kubuntu18:23
momkenIf using the backport PPA is recommended for Kubuntu, then why they don't include it in ubuntu repos?18:23
sintrethey have there own18:24
sintrei assume18:24
sintrewell results may very18:24
sintreits not officially supported18:25
sintrei guess18:25
sintremomken >  not sure offically recomended but to get newest packages on older installs and version its needed18:27
sintrealso bug fixes ect.18:27
momkensintre: Hmm. So if the old KDE on kubuntu have some bugs, then I should use this PPA to get newer versions. However the newer version doesn't necessarily mean less-bugs18:29
momkenIf the new version has new features, then it may have new bugs too18:30
sintrei had never ending crash problems with plsma on 16.1018:30
sintreso switched back to 16.0418:30
Dienonymous And now my projection time is now that you navigate for me by the energy of the cosmos with worms malwares and bot and implement a full horizon for our beloved warriors of the future freedom is the last word18:30
sintrebut backports let ya update alot of things without full distro upgrade18:31
sintrethats some good kububntu poetry dien18:31
momkenOk. I will update to backport PPA, only because of that weird bug, but I don't like updating to latest software everyday.18:31
sintreit won't you have to do it18:31
momkenBut backport ppa is getting updatied everyday!18:31
sintrestuff installed might phone home like normal updater18:32
sintreyes but you gotta go and manually make it update18:32
sintrefrom terminal18:32
markus_e92Hi. How can I lockdown settings of okular for all users on the system? for a single user it works, if I edit .kde/share/config/okularpartrc e.g. MemoryLevel[$i]=Low18:37
markus_e92I use Kubuntu 16.04 LTS18:38
momkensintre: What is different between upgrade and full-upgrade?18:40
sintrenot sure , commands can kinda do same thing, but I think they'll do the same18:41
sintrefull-upgrade is not a distro upgrade i can tell you thar for sure18:41
sintreanother command used for that18:41
geniimarkus_e92: If you want users which will be added to the system to have this setting by default, make a file /etc/skel/.kde/share/config/okularpartrc   which has this in it. If you don't want them to change the setting, you can change ownership that rc file to root or another user they don't have the ability to write to files as18:44
marco-parillomomken: apt-get upgrade will not change what is installed (only versions), apt upgrade will automatically install but not remove packages, apt full-upgrade will install or remove packages as necessary to complete the upgrade,18:49
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marco-parilloHat tip: http://askubuntu.com/a/50092818:50
momkenmarco-parillo: Oh. Thanks18:52
sintremomken> what did you decide to do?18:53
markus_e92genii: I thought if I add my settings to /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde4-profile/default/config/okularpartrc it should work, but it's not. But e.g. power settings I could set /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kf5-settings/powermanagementprofilesrc this works --> this settings is lockdown for all users18:57
markus_e92genii: is it maybe, because okular uses kde4?18:57
geniimarkus_e92: Sorry, don't know19:04
markus_e92genii: no problem19:13
bruce_evening all. running "sudo apt update" receiving all sorts of errors, for lack of a better word. many 404 errors and some business about missing Release files and not being able to securely update...20:04
sintrewhat version20:04
bruce_version of which software, kubuntu or apt? apt at 1.3.320:07
sintreno clue about apt version , not that experienced here20:07
sintrebeen thru my own update headaches last weekis all20:08
sintrewhen is last time you updated?20:08
PiciWhat release of Kubuntu?20:08
bruce_16.10, is that right?20:08
sintrewell go to info senter under system20:09
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sintrethat should tell you version20:09
sintrecenter sry20:10
bruce_kubuntu: 16.10 and kernel: 4.8.0-22-generic20:10
sintreusing lts here20:11
sintreso only thing i could think of is trying to add back ports , do you have those installed20:11
bruce_fresh installation20:12
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports20:13
sintrethen try update20:13
bruce_just made it worse lol20:15
sintrethis is weird20:15
sintrewhat was your install medium20:15
sintreusb dvd?20:16
sintreok , well if dvd i could say could of been a bad burn20:16
bruce_https://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3156-2/  "USN-3156-2: APT regression - 16th December 2016"20:16
sintreso thats out20:16
sintrewell i guess follow that20:17
sintrepls inform if it works20:18
bruce_possible that something happened when running dd that caused dodgy write to of? cannot recall if i mounted or not. not sure if it will even transact unmounted.20:18
bruce_followed and failed o.O20:18
sintreok hmm one thing that cna cause problems is the hdd partition table legacy /dos /gtp20:18
sintrecan mess stuff up20:19
sintrenever got mine to even boot though20:19
bruce_thanks for the assistance though. fedora just whispered something about coming home :)20:19
sintreso efi uefi firmare one system or older bios/legacy?20:19
sintreok but i think there is a solution , just gotta find it20:20
sintrealso was this a clean install to hdd , or a partioned ect.20:20
sintreohh well20:21
user|57370Hello. I wanted to ask whether in the kubuntu-ppa / backports-landing Frameworks 5.29 and when to wait for the update?21:18
soeeuser|57370: grameworks 5.29 aren'r staged yet i think21:30
xen_who feels Kubuntu releases happen too soon?21:41
xen_or too often?21:41
xen_do we get time to adjust, is there time to hammer things out, and is there time to really build something or do we spend all our energy on the plumbing?21:42
xen_Is Linux not an effort to rise above the endless fighting of the system?21:46
tim2hi, I'm using the KDE 5.28 packages from the Kubuntu backports PPA. Since the upgrade to 5.28 I'm unable to run .desktop files22:33
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DienonymousPass the game cosmos navigation by worm22:54
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DienonymousAlready but this does not end and already I hackie the mind will develop a new element of clarification in pursuit of the new ivy23:15
DienonymousThe worm of electric discharges that sails in the earth could be programs for the good of the emotional health23:18
DienonymousAnd at adequate power23:22
DienonymousHere it would be called to each dog with its owner that it sounds a little daring but the reason can with the logic23:25
DienonymousThe most fabulous worms for the most fabulous universe23:27
DienonymousTemplanza downloads would be fabulous23:33
PoperMy kmail don't start after last update in 16.10. What can I do to use it again?23:34
PoperThere is no output after sonnet.core. No crash message and akonadi is running.23:35
PoperBut I see no window and the task use 25%(quadcore)23:36

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