swift110hey all04:14
sh0rtbusany chance you're there wxl07:45
sh0rtbusany one for that matter07:45
ridgedaleTrying to install Lubuntu on MacBook Pro 2,2 but cannot boot to the installer either from USB or external CD/DVD drive. Using reFit - USB boot stops with "not found locatedevicepath", cd boot stopped initailly with "no bootable device", then updated partition table with reFit partition tool, now CD boot stop with "missing operating system". Any tho08:44
tsimonq2sh0rtbus: It's like 4 AM for him at the moment and he gets online at around 10 AM his time until 5:30ish PM his time.12:15
xnoxhi, could we upgrade sddm to 0.14 for high-dpi support?13:10
simpleuserHi there. I try to change my default language but it seems I don't have "language support" in Preferences. Any idea?18:20
leszeksimpleuser: make sure to have the language-selector-gnome package installed18:25
simpleuserleszek: Mmm already installed :\18:46
leszeksimpleuser: if it is already installed executing gnome-language-selector should start it. Maybe only the launcher for it is missing for you18:47
simpleuseroh indeed!18:48
simpleuserleszek: Dziȩkujȩ bardzo!18:48
leszeknp :)19:00
MegaMind_I have installed Squid3 on Lubuntu. What kernel tweaks are necessary in gerenal for better Performance.19:43

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