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zbenjaminzsombi: did you check out the pr already?08:50
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popeyDanChapman: ^18:49
DanChapmanHey nessita, Is there a way to mark a snap uploaded to the store obsolete or delete an upload. I have a snap that went into manual review which i have since resolved the error but any new uploads just get stuck in the queue18:51
nessitaDanChapman, hi, what's the URL?18:51
nessita(the url for that revision)18:51
nessitaDanChapman, there is no way to delete an upload, the review has to be completed to unblock other revisions, I can help with thta18:52
DanChapmannessita: ah ok then. https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/5980/rev/13/ is the initial revision and all revisions up to 17  are affected by the same error.18:56
DanChapmannessita: thanks :-)18:57
nessitaDanChapman, so Jamie from our security team will handle the review19:03
nessitahe should unblock you now19:03
DanChapmannessita: that's great. Thanks for your help19:04
nessitaDanChapman, anytime :-)19:05
jdstrandDanChapman: ok, it looks like they are all starting to auto-approve now that you dropped allow-sandbox. You'll need to release them yourself19:13
jdstrandDanChapman: it is still reviewing all of them. it is up to r27 now. give it 5 minutes and all revisions should be reviewed19:13
jdstrandit's probably closer to 2 minutes...19:13

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