flexiondotorgcyphermox, Any chance you're still about?14:37
flexiondotorgJust wondering if there are plans to move Ubiquity to setting up swapfiles rather than swap partition?14:37
cyphermoxthere is, it's basically following the same logic as d-i14:38
flexiondotorgOK, thanks.14:38
flexiondotorgJust wanted to make sure this is a general change, not just server.14:39
xnoxflexiondotorg, the change was done in both d-i and ubiquity.15:45
flexiondotorgxnox, Thanks!15:45
acheronukHi, has anyone been looking at or have an idea on? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/165076715:58
acheronukcyphermox: Force downgrading ubiquity and it's KDE frontend from to 16.10.14 produces an error free install of today's 17.04 daily image16:31
acheronuk17.04.1 fails every time16:31
cyphermoxyou shouldn't ever need to downgrade that16:44
xnoxacheronuk, you can't really downgrade it, like that.16:49
xnoxacheronuk, i wonder if this is a qt / python qt bindings regression16:49
xnoxand/or change.16:49
xnoxgiven the Type Errors.16:49
acheronukyou CAN and I DID16:49
acheronukto test16:49
acheronukpyqt5 has not changed16:50
cyphermoxacheronuk: I'll look in a bit16:52
acheronukcyphermox: thank you :)16:52

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