mate|89005Hey, having similar problem as this guy https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/installing-ubuntu-mate-latest-version-via-dvd-on-g4-mdd/10615/8 any thoughts?03:38
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mate|53420trying to install ubuntu mate. having problems. I yaboot live video=ofonly radeon.agpmode=-1 I can get to the desktop and if I am quick and close the welcome screen I can get terminal open. It seems as though once I start messing with the GUI things freeze. Is there some command I could run in terminal that might give us more information or allow m16:07
mate|53420e to trigger the installation bypassing the GUI?16:07
alkisgmate|53420: there's the netboot cd or the mini cd which allow you to install anything (including mate) in text mode16:37
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mate|97890iam new to linux how do i install a network printer17:57
Goldschlager120Anyone have any issues with mate being a bit slow?19:54
Goldschlager120like 10 seconds to open the home folder?19:54
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Guest54920cozy in here20:50
mcasselMate loaded on Pi Chromium does not load but great otherwise21:58
ubuntu-mateHello, I'm trying Ubuntu Mate (live CD)22:50

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