ubottu\9 called the ops in #ubuntu ()00:20
FlannelNice.  esck is currently "NickAuth" and trying to phish my password.00:26
valorieoh I meant to ask -- an allah-bot was in a channel where there were no ops about, so I tried to report it to #freenode00:31
valorieimmediately got hit by about 100 PMs00:31
=== Flannel is now known as esck
=== esck is now known as Flannel
valorieafter I shut that down, I still have maybe 50-75 notices to me after I went to sleep00:32
FlannelApparently /wii and /nick are similar in my fingers.  Sorry guys.00:32
valoriedo freenode staffers want a copy of that, or not?00:32
valorieI'm not willing to join #freenode again to ask00:32
valoriehttps://paste.kde.org/pqbqvuhlf/1lne15 passw: PMspam00:35
SonikkuAmericaThat's 6*6*6, must be the devil or something :)00:44
valorieoh gosh, I didn't count00:47
valorieanyway, need to do xmas cards now....00:47
bazhangcrossposting is so great02:05
bazhangespecially when done simultaneously and try ing to fact check what htey just got told02:05
ikonia!forget bing07:52
ubottuI'll forget that, ikonia07:52
valoriewe had bing?07:55
valoriethat's .....07:55
ikoniait was a pointless factoid07:56
ikoniadax: thank you for fixing my ban typo,07:56
Flannelikonia: buzzkill07:58
Arab_AspieWhat lol wtf08:58
Arab_Aspie"please rejoin #ubuntu-ops when you are active"08:58
Arab_AspieWait why am I even here08:59
ikoniahello there09:08
ikoniasorry for the delay in responding Arab_Aspie09:08
ikoniaArab_Aspie: are you at your keyboard currently ?09:09
ikoniaArab_Aspie: give me a nudge when you are back at your keyboard please09:20
bazhangcriminy filystyn11:09
bazhangthe fbomb is not cursing11:09
Arab_Aspieikonia: what11:28
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MenzadorFactoid update: !al / !xk calls up the Albanian LoCo team channel, #flossk .20:52
PiciI've asked for{} to stop announcing his now playing stuff a few times now.20:56
MenzadorHow many?20:56
Picimore than twice20:57
PiciI could check my logs, but I don't care that much.20:57
MenzadorMaybe should be a short ban?20:57
Piciits just a kick for right now20:58
MenzadorSure, we can snipe them if it continues.20:59
bazhangif it works in windows then use windows23:27
bazhangsuper great advice there23:27

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