JavezimAnyone had an issue with GlusterFS Running on ZFS, where by deleting data from Gluster pool doesn't delete it from the ZFS Bricks available space on Ubuntu 16.0401:07
JavezimDoing a du -csh, the data has gone, but doing a df -h shows that the data is still there01:07
Javezimthe df -h never shrinks after deleting files01:07
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SpaceBasshey folks02:41
SpaceBassanyone familiar with EncFS? I'm using -o umask='0002' but it's not honoring that once it's mounted02:42
SpaceBassI end up with: -rwxrwxr-x02:42
trippeh_well that do match the umask. maybe you want 0007 or 0027 instead?02:46
trippeh_(never used encfs myself)02:46
SpaceBasstrippeh_, I think you're right...it 0007 isn't it?02:49
trippeh_if you want other to be none, yes02:49
SpaceBassthat worked - thanks trippeh_ !02:51
trippeh_np :)02:51
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SuperLagI'm running into this issue. http://lvb.link/2gQpCM9 I'm trying to use Ubuntu Server as a template to create new VMs from, and the VMs created from the template have no networking. Is there any way to permanently fix that issue, so I can continue to use it in an *automated* fastion? or am I stuck with manually editing files every time, to fix it?03:36
SuperLagI'm using kitchen-test, which spins up an Ubuntu VM and runs the cookbooks I've written, and tests everything, then it destroys the VM03:37
SuperLagChef stuff, that is.03:37
fluvvellI virtually never use ftp, but am setting up vsftpd - certificates work for tls, but I05:39
fluvvellget stuck around the jail setup, which file do I put the user I'm allowing in?05:39
fluvvellI get a prompt using filezilla, the correct certificate comes up, then it fails on password.05:39
fluvvellI know I don't put the username in the same file as the disallowed users,05:40
fluvvellI wanted to chroot the user - sandbox him as it were but I'm going in circles05:41
fluvvellI am setting up vsftpd - certificates work for tls, but I get stuck around the jail setup, which file do I put the user I'm allowing in?  I get a prompt using filezilla, the correct certificate comes up, then it fails on password.07:14
fluvvell I know I don't put the username in the same file as the disallowed users,  I wanted to chroot the user - sandbox him as it were but I'm going in circles  Anyone used vsftpd successfully?07:14
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caribourbasak: I need to revisit my nut merge : AFAICT, I followed the wiki instructions step by step11:01
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rbasakcaribou: we can go through it together if you like. I know the documentation is a bit lacking.11:49
caribourbasak: I may have found the reason : using usd tag on the logical goes to fetch the version in the changelog and, once the changelog is removed from the reconstruct/{vers}, it has the debian version at the top11:50
caribourbasak: unless I've made yet another mistakke11:50
caribourbasak: if you checkout to the logical/{vers} tag, the changelog has 2.7.2-4 as a version, w/o the ubuntu1, which is in the changelog commit of the reconstruct/{version}11:52
rbasakcaribou: I don't follow. What steps are you taking exactly?11:54
caribourbasak: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging/GitWorkflow#Detailed_workflow11:54
rbasakOh, I think I see.11:55
caribourbasak: sorry, I meant deconstruct/{vers} though11:55
caribourbasak: step #6 creates the tag11:56
rbasakYes, that's a bug in either "usd tag" or the workflow documentation.11:58
rbasakI'll file a bug.11:58
rbasakFor now, can you rename the tag manually please?11:58
rbasakSorry about that. I've never actually used "usd tag" - I predate the tooling and tend to do things by hand :-/11:58
rbasakcaribou: I filed bug 165111312:02
ubottubug 1651113 in usd-importer ""usd tag" cannot tag logical tags" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165111312:02
caribourbasak: well, I was doing it by hand the first time and mistakenly took 2.7.4-4 so  I decided that it would be better to adhere strictly to the doc :-)12:03
caribourbasak: ok, will do & force push the change12:03
caribourbasak: done12:13
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rbasakcaribou: have you got commits 11414d6 and 0d4aab8 muddled?12:25
rbasakOld logical commit 40d6910 too.12:26
rbasakActually it's just 40d6910 that seems to be squashed into 11414d6 now.12:27
caribourbasak: I'll look at it12:27
rbasakcaribou: and did you manage to send any of the delta to Debian please?12:30
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rbasakcaribou: so for the logical, I'd expect 40d6910 and 53cc078 to be squashed together. Logically, it's just "add nut to dialout group", as opposed to "add nut to dialout group, then fix how we did it".12:39
rbasakcaribou: and then in your merge branch, 11414d6 needs splitting out, with the "add nut to dialout group" part squashed with 0d4aab8f in a separate commit that is just "add nut to dialout group".12:39
caribourbasak: thanks for the review, I'll try to get it done by EOD12:40
rbasakcaribou: no problem, and no rush. I haven't finished the review, but this fix probably should involve rebasing and will mutate all the commit ids. So shall I want for you to do that before continuing?12:41
caribourbasak: I'm fighting a QEMU upstream bisection in-package12:41
rbasakcaribou: you can create a merge.v3 when you're ready.12:41
caribourbasak: yes, that was my thought12:41
rbasakcaribou: sounds good. Also don't forget to check that debian/changelog still matches after those changes.12:42
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caribousmoser: any  news regarding the SRU for LP: #1648380 ?13:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1648380 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Yakkety) "cloud-init fails to find CloudSigma datasource with cloud-init 0.7.8-1-g3705bb5-0ubuntu1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164838013:49
caribouseems to be blocked by another SRU13:50
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smosercaribou, yeah, its blocked by the other... the other is supposed to i think go in today14:28
smoserand there is an upload in the queue to go in as soon as it can14:29
caribousmoser: thanks!14:29
smoserbut we didn't want to re-start a waiting period on the one already in -proposed14:30
cpaelzerrbasak: FYI since Debian split off some packages the strongswan update is in the NEW queue14:30
cpaelzerrbasak: I tihnk this is just normal, but if you think there is something odd going on and I'd need to adapt anything let me know14:31
rbasakcpaelzer: that sounds as expected, thanks.14:39
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whitekidneyis there any way to do livepatching on ubuntu servers **without** the canonical livepatch service?18:07
genii!info ksplice18:11
ubottuPackage ksplice does not exist in yakkety18:11
geniiApparently not.18:11
genii!info ksplice xenial18:12
ubottuPackage ksplice does not exist in xenial18:12
genii!info ksplice trusty18:12
whitekidneyksplice is only free for desktop systems18:12
ubottuksplice (source: ksplice): Patching live kernel without having to reboot. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-5 (trusty), package size 527 kB, installed size 3525 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; arm; armel; armhf)18:12
genii..besides which it seems to have been removed or superceded18:13
whitekidneyya exactly, by what :P ive been googling around18:13
naccwhitekidney: i mean, sure, you could presumably provide the patch data yourself to your kernel? but then you'd need to maintain/provide that data. That is, you'd do the live patching just like you would with a mainline kernel?18:38
naccwhitekidney: ksplice was deleted from debian: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=80591618:39
ubottuDebian bug 805916 in ftp.debian.org "RM: ksplice -- ROM; FTBFS; obsolete" [Normal,Open]18:39
naccwhitekidney: i'm assuming you'd want to read Documenation/livepatch/* in the kernel source18:41
hasenovhello, anyone know how to succesfully import an image into novalxd that is not ubuntu?19:20
hasenovspecifically, i would like to import centos image19:20
hasenovi was able to succesfully import images from cloud-images.ubuntu.com19:21
hasenovhowever all those images hosted are ubuntu19:21
hasenovthe images hosted from cloud.centos.org do not seem to work19:27
sarnoldhey hasenov :) the centos kernels may be fairly different from the ubuntu kernels, I'm not 100% sure the software in the container would be prepared for the kernel configuration options we used on our kernels19:29
hasenovoh i see, sarnold, would you be able to explain to me why centos container images work with lxd however fail to start up with novalxd?19:30
hasenovim just trying to figure out how it all works19:31
hasenovi am able to succesfully start up centos container instances using "lxc start instance" however when i try to start up same image with novalxd it wont work19:32
sarnoldhasenov: ahh I see19:42
sarnoldhasenov: are you able to import the images into glance?19:42
hasenovsarnold: hi, i can import it succesfully19:51
hasenovhowever when i start it from the horizon web ui it refuses to start19:51
sarnoldhasenov: oh, that's a start; what error do you get?19:52
hasenovon the log console i dont get any error, it completely empty19:57
hasenovhowever when i goto the compute-nova log file, i get WARNING nova.compute.manager [-] [instance: 8ec8e338-a0cf-4968-88bc-8a6d4bfa2d31] Instance shutdown by itself. Calling the stop API. Current vm_state: active, current task_state: None, original DB power_state: 4, current VM power_state: 419:57
hasenovits status is Active, however Power State always goes to Shut Down19:58
hasenovhmm, if i go into the compute node and try to start it up manually with "lxc start instance" it throws out19:59
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.236 ERROR    lxc_start - start.c:start:1439 - No such file or directory - failed to exec /sbin/init20:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.236 ERROR    lxc_sync - sync.c:__sync_wait:57 - An error occurred in another process (expected sequence number 5)20:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.236 ERROR    lxc_start - start.c:__lxc_start:1354 - failed to spawn 'instance-00000020'20:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.748 ERROR    lxc_conf - conf.c:run_buffer:347 - Script exited with status 120:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.748 ERROR    lxc_start - start.c:lxc_fini:555 - failed to run post-stop hooks for container 'instance-00000020'.20:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.748 WARN     lxc_commands - commands.c:lxc_cmd_rsp_recv:172 - command get_cgroup failed to receive response20:00
hasenov            lxc 20161219195844.748 WARN     lxc_commands - commands.c:lxc_cmd_rsp_recv:172 - command get_cgroup failed to receive response20:01
hasenovhowever the same image works with lxc outside of the compute node, if that makes sense20:01
sarnoldyeah, that makes sense; you'd expect lxd to be good at handling lxd images :)20:03
dasjoekirkland: hi! I think it'd be nice if manpg.es/ would keep pointing to the latest LTS, I just realized it points at zesty as of now :)20:07
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hasenovyeah, i get this error for the cloud centos image too20:24
hasenovguess i am SOL on this?20:24
sarnoldhasenov: it's probably worth a bug report or a mail to the server mail list20:25
sarnoldrbasak: nice reply to ubuntu-devel re security sponsoring, thanks :)21:48
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