praisethemoongood day everyone07:46
praisethemoonelacheche, o/07:46
elachecheMorning folks08:27
nzoueidiMorning elacheche :D how are you?08:34
elachecheGood nzoueidi , how are you? didn't join us for a while!08:41
nzoueidiI am fine now, I was sick a little bit and passing the exams in the same time. You can imagine the struggle x)08:42
elachecheI see :)08:45
elachecheI had a weird M$ SQL Server exam yesterday, with some bugs, weird crashs and a BSOD x)08:46
nzoueidihahaha I can not imagine you handling those errors :D08:48
elachecheI was about to throw the PC through the window, but, it was an exam, I had no choice x)09:12
elachecheMorning capoutcha :) Welcome to #ubuntiste-msakni09:13
elachecheI mean #ubuntu-tn  x)09:13
capoutchaThank you @elacheche Good morning too #ubuntiste-msakni i like that ;) for me it am from Teboulba Monastir but i am not full time ubuntu just at home i work in a dev company so i just follow the client what it needs.09:16
capoutchai am new to IRC so if i am not following any rules or not tagging the names well it is because i just start this morning sorry again.09:17
elachechecapoutcha: Unless you use M$ products to develop you have no need for using something else than GNU/Linux.. I don't know if you know me or not, but where I work every dev with a PC use GNU/Linux09:18
elachechecapoutcha: No problem :) The rules are not much, just we want to make the channel clean and friendly.. :) And not have too much off-topic chats becasue ubuntulog is watching :)09:20
elachechecapoutcha: BTW, to tag names or channels you can write the 1st chars from the name then hit TAB and you'll get the whole name right ;) like when you do for bash commands ;)09:21
elachecheI write too much, x) praisethemoon & nzoueidi can confirm that x)09:23
capoutchathat why i said at work we are kind of obliged to use MS product we develope mostly to .net clients but at home i use 100% Ubuntu i am still in the learning process, oh about the TAB great but looks like i am missing something because it is not working for me09:23
praisethemoonhell you did09:24
praisethemoonshall I read all that? :309:24
elachecheno praisethemoon x)09:24
elachecheFocus on your work x)09:24
praisethemoonany interesting event coming soon elacheche?09:24
elachechepraisethemoon: Yeah, only for me → Exams09:24
praisethemoonelacheche, i'm doing 10 things, and my work ain't among them xd09:24
praisethemooni can't work with an internet 80kbps09:25
elachecheLooL.. Net issues @work?09:25
praisethemoondownloading JavaScript libraries 18mb takes me half hour09:25
praisethemoonit's always like this09:25
praisethemoonsome people has fiber optics09:25
praisethemoonsome don't09:25
elachecheReally! :o09:25
praisethemoonwhy? I have no idea09:25
elachecheAsk akira why x)09:26
praisethemoonhehe good idea xd09:26
elachechecapoutcha: It must be your IRC client :) Maybe a conflict between the IRC tab feature and the browser one ;) not a bigdeal anyway :)09:28
elachechecapoutcha: meet praisethemoon, a R&D and a Programming Language creator, nzoueidi a SysAdmin09:29
capoutchaHello all of you nice to meet you. a programming language creator that's cool!09:31
praisethemooncapoutcha, hello there :)09:42
praisethemoonHow is it going?09:42
capoutchapraisethemoon, good greate i am on holydays now and enjoying learning some Angular 2 stuff for an upcoming project ;)09:43
praisethemooncapoutcha, oh you're into IT, that's interesting!09:44
praisethemoonWant to tell us about your project? :D09:45
capoutchapraisethemoon, if i know i would tell you all i know now is that it will be some feature in a web client that needs to call some RPC calls to a server, and my first task will be to create a bootstrap like grid with a built-in feature09:47
praisethemooncapoutcha, don't use bootstrap09:48
praisethemoonuse Semantic UI09:48
capoutchano i am not using bootstrap for this project we are creating our own bootstrap, it is VW group that start building theire own bootstrap and i will be adding the grid to it, so it is just bootstrap like not bootstrap itselft, but good to know Semantic UI i didn't know it i'll jump on searchin on it ;)09:50
praisethemooncapoutcha, good luck with that :D10:22
capoutchapraisethemoon, thanks ;)10:22
nzoueidiwelcome capoutcha again :D10:55
nzoueidio/ praisethemoon10:55
capoutchanzoueidi, thank you10:56
nzoueidigtg, lunch time :D o/10:57
praisethemoonnzoueidi, \o10:58
nzoueidivery fast praisethemoon xD11:01
elachechenzoueidi: Cool awesome 4.0 http://imgur.com/5ZtnEMj :D11:25
elachechenzoueidi: did you knew that you can have a resized little windows always on top in awesome? Usefull when you wanna watch a video (Movie/Conf/Tuto, etc..) and you wanna work on other stuff as well..11:26
nzoueidiI like it! what theme he is using! :D11:27
nzoueidiYep sure that's one of the features that I like on Awesome11:27
elachechetyt nzoueidi, do you know how to keep that floating window in visible in all workspaces?11:43
praisethemoontell me elacheche :312:59
elachecheSo you think I'm chatty! :p check this out :p http://i.imgur.com/h1HLMHX.png ping nzoueidi x)13:00
elachecheThat's a year stat! ou were in here for less than 6 months I guess! Am I wrong praisethemoon?  :D hahahaha x)13:03
praisethemoonelacheche, are you serious???13:09
elachecheFYI → https://twitter.com/elacheche/status/81076685352193638613:10
elachecheLooL praisethemoon.. Believe it or not, the stats from 2 years ago put you in the 2nd place as well :D13:10
praisethemoonI'm a legend.13:11
elachecheThank you dude for joining #ubuntu-tn :D :D :D Really thanks :) :D13:11
praisethemoonthe pleasure is mine bro13:11
elachechepraisethemoon: you"re #2 in the 3 years old stats as well x) Amazing how much we talked in here x)13:15
praisethemoonThat deserve a blog post XD13:23
* praisethemoon is going to write one13:24
elachecheGo ahead :) I'll write one when I enhance the script x)13:25
elachecheI don't know if I shared this with you before or not, but this project need to be shared in here → http://kisslauncher.com/ a lightweight FREE & OPEN SOURCE Android launcher, if you're a F-Droid user (and you should be one) go an try it https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=fr.neamar.kiss13:26
praisethemoonalright, i'll give it a look and a try :D13:27
praisethemoonthanks for sharing!13:27
elachecheI use it for a year, and I like it13:28
elachechecapoutcha: You can join our conversation whenever you like.. This is a public channel ;) Don't be shy13:29
elachechepraisethemoon: The 6 years stats put me in 2nd and 3rd place, you're in the 5th place.. x)13:30
praisethemoonwow xDD13:31
praisethemoon80% of it would be "GUESS WHOS BACK"13:31
elachecheyeah, or "o/" x)13:31
praisethemoonbtw elacheche, do you have a good taste for laptops & their prices?13:33
elachecheIn Tunisia?13:34
elachecheOr you can get one from Europ or USA?13:34
praisethemoonfrom tunisia13:35
praisethemoonI'll show you the one I want.13:36
praisethemoonelacheche: http://www.zoom.com.tn/pc-portable/2005-pc-portable-lenovo-ideapad-300-i7-6e-gen-8go-1to-amd-2go-noir.html?search_query=thinkpad&results=1313:38
elachecheI was about to recommand a ThinkPad13:38
elachecheIdeapads are good, but never tested, thinkpads are perfect x)13:39
praisethemoonand expensive13:39
capoutchaelacheche, i am not shy i wasn't infront of my pc, and about the think-pad i don't reconmanded, i was a fan of the old think-pad versions but this new one naah, a new company just brought it and it was me who recomended them but it turns out i was a bad choice13:44
praisethemoonit was IBM, no?13:44
elachechecapoutcha: Which serie od Thinkpads? what was wrong with them.. Afaik, they work perfectly with GNU/Linux13:45
capoutchaelacheche, it was 500 or X500 i realy forget i can get the exact specs for you, but what i relly hate about it is the new look it look the same as dell inspiron in keys13:47
capoutchalooks not like a pro version13:47
capoutchaeach time that some one asks me about what laptop should by it is always the same answere for me dell latitude or precision13:51
praisethemooni think dell would probably more Linux friendly IMHO13:58
praisethemoonthe laptop i'm using @ work has a ubuntu sticker, looks like it came with ubuntu os by default :313:58
praisethemoonwith AMD GPU13:58
praisethemooni7 intel processor13:58
praisethemoonso very linux friendly hardware spec13:59
elachecheYes praisethemoon Dell is good for GNU/Linux as well.. @work I have Dell Latitude E series, tey are good13:59
elachecheXPS is awesome as well.. But very expansive14:00
capoutchai would love to have XPS :p i like it i have E6540 too for work and it is just amaising there where i felt inlove with dell Latitude14:03
elachecheI'd like to get a <=14" laptop, but they are very expansive for me right now14:04
praisethemoonelacheche, exactly, there are however some very interesting offers on tayara.tn14:06
elachecheYep.. I don't go there until I get my budget set x) otherwise there is no sense to go and keep looki,ng x)14:07
praisethemoonthere is, look and cry14:08
praisethemoonfor you can't afford it XD14:08
praisethemoonwelcome to my life :314:09
praisethemoonI have VIP internet connection.15:29
elachechepavlushka: Guess who's the talker #4 in this channel duringthe last year!!16:02
pavlushkaelacheche: u-la-la ?16:04
* pavlushka kidding16:04
pavlushkaelacheche: who?16:04
elachechehttp://i.imgur.com/h1HLMHX.png , nzoueidi you just used too much nicknames x) :p16:05
praisethemoonpavlushka, GUESS WHOS BACK16:07
praisethemoonmore like16:07
praisethemoonGUESS WHO TALKS TOO MUCH16:07
pavlushkapraisethemoon: elacheche actually cheated by posting a whole website here, that led him to top :p16:09
praisethemoonhmm, elacheche pastes a lot of URLs, true..16:10
elachechelool.. I forgot about that x)16:10
praisethemoonI'm gonna start posting quotes then!16:10
praisethemoonThough shall use ubuntu or though shall never experience inner peace.16:10
praisethemoon--- praisethemoon16:11
elachecheI should re-run the script before I made that misteke x(16:11
pavlushkaand u-la-la should be  added to my score16:11
praisethemoonu-la-la, is a spam16:11
u-la-lapraisethemoon: Excuse me?16:11
praisethemoonu-la-la i hate you16:11
u-la-lapraisethemoon: What?16:11
praisethemoonu-la-la stop spamming16:12
u-la-lapraisethemoon: Huh?16:12
elachechelool.. The script need some contributions..16:12
pavlushkau-la-la: peace16:12
pavlushkaelacheche: true16:13
elachecheThis is the source if you like to contribute.. https://github.com/Chakerbh/ubuntustatics I didn't had spare time to do it myself..16:13
praisethemoonelacheche, what did you expect? It was not written in Mugen.16:13
* praisethemoon refers to Kodo as Mugen16:14
praisethemoonname changed :316:14
praisethemoonproject needs a lot of revision :(16:14
elachechepraisethemoon: ping me when you choose thefinal name x)16:15
praisethemoonI hope I live to see that day my self16:16
elachecheHave fun :D http://climagic.org/coolstuff/let-it-snow.html16:26
nzoueidiBack :D16:41
nzoueidiOMG, I am here, there and everywhere xD16:41
nzoueidielacheche: you talked about a windows in AW, it stays always in the top16:44
nzoueidiit is one of the awful rule of Lua :D16:44
nzoueidipavlushka: how are you mate! :D16:46
pavlushkanzoueidi: I am good, thanks, what about you?16:47
nzoueidipretty well, just tired from working :(16:47
nzoueidiand trying my best to finish an article \o/16:48
pavlushkanzoueidi: good luck on that :)16:48
nzoueidity :)16:49
nzoueidigtg, my dinner time o/16:49
elachechenzoueidi: nah, you can tell awesome to not do that, what I mean, is to let one window apear in ALL your workspaces, like a movie window that I like it to apear in the whole 9 workspaces16:56
volkovmqxHello guys17:06
elachecheHey volkovmqx :)17:11
volkovmqxHow are you elacheche ?17:12
elachecheGood, u?17:12
volkovmqxFreezing x)17:17
volkovmqxAny idea of what are the options to host a web app in a tunisian low latency server?17:18
elachechevolkovmqx: What kind of webapps, and why "low latency" server?17:21
volkovmqxGame, using websockets17:22
elachecheCheck webhosts.tn VPS offers, or an OVH VPS17:23
volkovmqxovh servers are not in tunisia AFAIK17:24
elachechehttps://www.webhost.tn/serveur-vps-cloud or https://www.ovh.com/tn/vps/17:24
elachecheOh! You need a server hosted in Tunisa17:25
volkovmqxof course, that's what i am asking about :D17:25
elachecheWebhost say that they host their servers in TUnisia17:25
volkovmqxoh, i'll give it a try17:28
praisethemoonoh il y a du monde :D19:32
praisethemoonAcidNinjaFWHR, o/19:32
praisethemoonelacheche, you're here?19:34
AcidNinjaFWHRhey praisethemoon19:46
AcidNinjaFWHRhow are you?19:46
praisethemoonAcidNinjaFWHR, i'm good friend, wbu?20:00
elachechepraisethemoon: hello, crack3r wassup!21:05
praisethemoonelacheche, what's up?21:21
elachecheGood! you ping me21:32
praisethemoonelacheche, I finally decided22:05
praisethemoonMugen it is.22:05

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