Acou_Bassso it seems that none of my scopes at all are able to access location services on my phone (the indicator flashes white though)00:15
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Kiryat8_Alarm did not sound again this morning. Nexus4-bq-aquaris.07:51
rbasakAnyone else seeing a battery life regression with the latest OTA?08:56
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mardyoSoMoN: hi! This is a bit convoluted, but could not think of a better solution: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/webbrowser-app/qml-path/+merge/31353513:42
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oSoMoNmardy, I’ll take a look later, thanks14:31
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horuxanhi all14:46
horuxanport ubuntu touch for moto g its very hard ?14:46
dobeyit's not trivial. have you ever done any sort of android porting work before?14:50
horuxandobey, yes15:05
horuxansailfish os15:06
dobeyhoruxan: the porting guide is linked in /topic15:06
dobeyhoruxan: you should be able to reasonably follow it i guess15:07
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rbasakAnyone else seeing a battery life regression with the latest OTA?16:03
dobeyrbasak: i've seen a couple mentions of the possibility. not sure if there's a bug about it yet16:05
dobeypmcgowan: ^^ you know?16:05
rbasakI wish there were a tool telling me what process is responsible.16:07
rbasakI did have a thing that captured a process listing every ten minutes or something, so one might be able to infer things from process CPU times. I might have to fire it up again :-/16:07
pmcgowanrbasak, which device?16:07
rbasakAquaris 4.516:07
pmcgowanhmm not a known issue to me16:08
pmcgowanmako had some issues after 1316:08
dobeyrbasak: powertop maybe?16:08
rbasakI'm really sure what to file apart from "it drains battery now". Any other diagnostics I can do?16:08
dobeythough i guess it needs root :-/16:08
pmcgowanrbasak, I would first check syslog to see if it is really suspending16:08
rbasakI have ssh enabled so I can get root easily enough.16:09
dobeyrbasak: syslog should have... what he said16:09
dobeyrbasak: does the phone get hot?16:09
rbasakNot that I've noticed.16:10
dobeyrbasak: probably not something eating CPU then. more likely it's something holding the wakelock and keeping the device from suspending16:10
rbasakI don't think it's pegged at 100% CPU or anything.16:10
dobeyso yeah, syslog/dmesg would be good place to start looking16:10
dobeypowertop and process listings probably won't tell you anything especially useful16:11
rbasaksyslog suggests it is suspending right now. I had left it plugged in all day as I need it this evening (and it'd have mostly drained otherwise). I only just unplugged it.16:11
rbasakThank you for the help. I'll keep an eye on syslog.16:12
pmcgowanrbasak, there is a neat tool called suspend-blocker which will parse syslog and give you a report16:13
rbasakNeat. Thanks!16:15
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jgdxmardy, ping16:53
jgdxmardy, mind me fixing https://bugs.launchpad.net/account-plugins/+bug/1651183 ? Is that USS plugin used elsewhere or in USS only?16:56
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1651183 in Online Accounts: Account plugins "USS plugin assumes normal pageStack" [Undecided,New]16:56
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horuxandobey, git init cyanogenmod ?17:52
horuxanand compile ?17:52
dobeyhoruxan: i don't know. i've never done porting or really build android or cyanogenmod18:27
_javier4_Hello. I'm facing a blocking problem with my UT porting. Screen gets stuck at ubuntu loading animation (text with dots moving). It seems a Mir issue, but the only meaningful message I get is19:32
_javier4_ERROR: QMirServer - Mir failed to start19:32
_javier4_from /home/phablet/.cache/upstart/unity8.log19:32
_javier4_Not too much explanatory. I link the whole log19:32
horuxanone people have idea to start commands for port ubuntuos for moto g ?20:50

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