mappsberlin station so good05:15
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:42
foobarryi bought an itunes voucher many years ago, and had to create an appleid09:01
foobarrykeep getting attempts to login the account so i wanted to remove it...doesn't seem possible09:02
popeyyou have to ask them to remove it I think09:03
popeyoh, you might be able to from within itunes09:04
popeybut that means installing itunes09:04
SuperMattVendor lock in? What vendor lock in?09:04
foobarry We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again or come back later.09:04
foobarrythats the support page09:04
foobarryand a spinning whell. just like using a mac09:05
foobarrythey have to call me :(09:12
foobarryoh the shame when i had to answer my comical security questions on the phone09:15
foobarry..should i say flippant09:16
SuperMatt"What's your favourite operating system?"09:16
foobarrybeen passed to senior adviser09:19
foobarry"you don't have any plans to have any apple stuff in the future?"09:19
SuperMattbecause you said your favourite is Linux?09:19
foobarry"your account will be locked forever"09:19
SuperMattI have to use a mac for work, and it's just terrible. For instance, there's no option for the dock to intellihide09:20
SuperMattIt's either hidden all the time of visible all the time09:20
foobarry"are you currently involved in legal action against apple"09:22
foobarryi get the impression not many people do this09:24
foobarrydoes retro pie work oOK with pi zero?09:51
foobarrywas thinking of getting some of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-Wired-USB-SNES-Controller-Retro-Gaming-Joypad-Joystick-Gamepad-For-Nintendo-/162281751335?hash=item25c8bf0327:g:8JEAAOSwcLxYKyg809:53
davmor2Morning all09:58
popeyfoobarry: i use a pi3 but any pi will do for retropie10:32
popeyI have 8bitdo bluetooth controllers with my pi3. works a treat10:32
foobarryquite expensive?10:39
popeythey're more expensive than the cheapo wired ones on ebay, yeah10:39
popeysearch for 8bitdo10:44
popeythey're quality devices10:44
foobarrybeen enjoying star wars pinball on android over the weekend, but got bad headaches11:00
zmoylan-pithe game occupying my time is pixel dungeon, a roguealike variamt thats fairly hard11:22
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knightwisehmmm. is it possible that i need to upgrade my xps firmware to get bluetooth to work   ? ?13:10
knightwisecant connect a single bluetooth mouse13:10
zmoylan-pido any other bt devices work?13:11
zmoylan-pisend a file from a phone etc.13:11
knightwisei havent been able to pair my bluetooth speakers so far13:12
knightwisetried an apple mouse and 2 bluetooth models13:12
zmoylan-piit may have a limited bt feature set, try sending receiving a file from a phone.  one of the more basic services13:12
zmoylan-pibut it doesn't look good13:12
knightwise:( Hmmm13:13
knightwisegonna google some more , see if i can find something out13:13
knightwisehmm. downloading firmware from a dropbox like . rrrr13:17
foobarryknightwise: borrow a BT usb adapter from someone13:33
knightwisefoobarry: gonna try that13:33
knightwisesee if that works13:33
ali1234sending a file from a phone over bluetooth is a bad test because it is explicitly broken13:58
ali1234the feature was maintained by gnome so they removed it without writing a replacement13:59
* zmoylan-pi makes a note to check what's doing the transfer next time i bt to a laptop14:04
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RixonHi there, I've been following a guide to pivot_root so I can shrink my root fs+lvm and grow my var fs+lvm, I got as far as copying the necessary parts into tmpfs and restarting all the services, fuser -vm and lsof both roport nothing holding onto /oldroot but I still can't umount it =( I saw a suggestion that /oldroot/boot might still be mounted, but it's not14:23
Rixonany ideas on what to investigate if fuser -vm and lsof both have nothing left to tell me?14:25
diddledanRixon: what about /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys and any other mountpoints?14:47
diddledanRixon: I'd recommend doing the resize in a live-boot environment rather than off your working installation14:48
Rixondiddledan: unfortunately we have no physical access to the machine, so no liveCD trickery, hence the online resize14:53
Rixon /dev, /proc, /sys and /run are all in tmpfs now and pivot_root worked fine14:53
diddledanyes but did you unmount the old locations?14:54
Rixonaaaah it looks like umount -a didn't catch them because they were still busy - thanks I think I should be able to pick it up from there ;)14:55
Rixondunno how I didn't see that haha14:58
daftykinsdiddledan: i see your cat links and i raise you...17:06
daftykinskittens in 4K! https://www.dropbox.com/s/50xmsuxadlinsy7/VID_20161219_133034.mp4?dl=017:06
diddledannaww, cute kitties17:46
daftykinsadding to the 2 year old son and wee dog, bit crazy that place now :>17:47
daftykinsooh i just tried a bit more of Tron: Legacy out on the LG OLED, sooo nice looking \o/17:48
daftykinswith any luck the 2017 models will be cheaper ;)17:48
daftykinsi could totally move up from a 55" to a 65" ;)17:49
davmor2daftykins: awwwwwwwwwwwwww18:01
diddledanI'm curious if anyone thinks snap could replace rather than compliment something like docker18:44
diddledan(or lxd)18:45
diddledanthere's some kind of similarities in containers and snap's confinement model but implemented using different tech18:45
diddledanand if not replace, how do you see snap complimenting docker or vicky verky18:46
davmor2diddledan: there is a very nice summary that mark did let me see if I can find it18:55
diddledanthankyou :-)18:56
* diddledan checks shuttleworth.com18:56
diddledanapparently mark is into integrated product handling solutions :-p18:56
davmor2diddledan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z3yusiCOCk18:57
diddledanlol @ docker and apt-get had a baby18:58
zmoylan-pia frankenstein kill it with fire baby...18:59
diddledandon't you love that mark has to have a label telling people he's mark shuttleworth? :-p18:59
davmor2zmoylan-pi: besides the slide it's actually a good talk :)18:59
zmoylan-picould you pick top 20 silican valley faces out of a police line up? :-)19:01
diddledanwell it depends whether I saw them actually commit the murder or not19:01
zmoylan-pithey wouldn't murder, they'd violate a eula :-P19:02
diddledaneven worse19:02
davmor2diddledan: hope that helps resolve your issue for you :)19:02
diddledanthey might violate the GPL!19:02
* diddledan watching it19:03
zmoylan-pigpl 1, 2 or 3, or lgpl? there's not a lot gpl in that...19:03
davmor2zmoylan-pi: it's one project where bits touch all of the above ;)19:08
diddledanwhile we're talking about docker, I spun-up a few containers to support ubulog.com19:35
diddledanthere's two elasticsearch containers, a web container, and a kibana container (for my use only)19:37
diddledanoh and a logstash container19:37
diddledanknew there was one I was forgetting :-p19:37
diddledanaah, and another container collecting the logs in the first place19:38
diddledanso that's 5 containers and 1 kibana container19:39
diddledanthis guy's getting silly with it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4gH7e3mvFM (same conference as davmor2's link to Mark's explanation of snap vs docker)19:44

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