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KristijanZicGuys, anyone here? I was writing the comment on the omgubuntu about new scopes mockups and was brainstorming how to make them more useful and attractive for the user and I think I just came up with the idea that could save the scopes! And make both users and developers/publishers happy!04:33
KristijanZicOk, so I outlined a very crude general idea in this document and some reasoning behind it, you are welcome to edit it, give your opinions, comments, everything https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BKGQFQuWQn7rG74Zi3APt2wNtu0mC11J2Iadxa48sHE/edit?usp=sharing04:35
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mterry@unity it *appears* that our issues with mesa in proposed causing autopkg tests to fail is resolved.  Can anyone confirm seeing LP pass those?14:31
tsdgeosmterry: CI doesn't run against proposed afair14:33
tsdgeos*our* CI14:33
mterrytsdgeos: not CI, but brittany does14:33
mterrytsdgeos: that's what we were blocking14:33
tsdgeosah, then i don't know where i have to look at :D14:33
mterrytsdgeos: a page like http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html shows migration status for ubuntu -- but I was just curious if anyone was aware of a package there being held up that did land after all14:34
mterryAll the unity8 lines there seem to be green14:35
tsdgeosmterry: sure i know of that, but since we landed we won't be there even if we still failed i thought you meant somewhere else14:35
mterrySo I guess we're good14:35
tsdgeosah right, other packages14:35
mterrytsdgeos: well we'd be holding up others14:35
mterryI'm guessing it was the new gcc, since the crash I saw was in libgcc14:36
mterryBut who konws14:36
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mzanettimterry, can you log into jenkins?15:03
mzanettiI managed like 20 mins ago, but now I can't any more15:03
mzanettipff, now it worked again15:04
mterrymzanetti: yeah just did15:06
mterrymust be flaky15:06
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mterryIs anyone using the unity8-greeter?  I tried turning it on for my xenial system, but it doesn't come up (just stays black)  :(23:10
dmj_s76andyrock: I tested your scaling patch.23:43
dmj_s76Would recommend against it because it has really counterintuitive behavior and doesn't solve the intended issues.23:45
dmj_s76andyrock: did you see my patch in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/164973623:55
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1649736 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity picks poor hidpi scale factor defaults" [Undecided,New]23:55

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