floridagram<ahoneybun> @KMyers is there any YouTube Red gift cards on sale public?00:12
floridagram<KMyers> @ahoneybun, A Google Play Gift Card includes YT Red00:28
floridagram<ahoneybun> The normal ones of like $50 or so?00:29
floridagram<KMyers> Actually wait00:29
floridagram<KMyers> Not sure if that is a thing00:30
floridagram<ahoneybun> Yea I thought bot00:30
floridagram<ahoneybun> *not00:30
floridagram<KMyers> Actually you can00:33
floridagram<ahoneybun> well my mom is running out of data while listening to Pandora at work00:33
floridagram<ahoneybun> So I was going to get her YT Red so she can download music for offline00:33
floridagram<KMyers> Yes, you can. In the Google Play MUSIC application, select settings and "Send Gift"00:34
floridagram<ahoneybun> Oh OK vool00:35
floridagram<ahoneybun> *cool00:35
floridagram<KMyers> It is 9.99 a month though00:35
floridagram<ahoneybun> Mm only up to 6 months00:36
floridagram<ahoneybun> Yea I know00:36
floridagram<KMyers> Yes00:36
floridagram<ahoneybun> I'm looking at options for her for xmas00:36
floridagram<KMyers> If you have a. Chromecast she may be able to get a few months trial00:36
floridagram<ahoneybun> Mm I wonder if anything is in that mi bo00:36
floridagram<ahoneybun> Mi Box00:37
floridagram<ahoneybun> Though that's kinda regifting00:37

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