waltmannow trying to make a bootable flashdrive of ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso ...03:47
r00t^2waltman: first rule- just use dd, don't bother with a gui program. many of them don't play nicely with hybrid ISO images03:50
waltmanI tried using dd and it didn't want to boot off my flashdrive.04:09
r00t^2did you hold b while booting?04:10
jthanit's a mac?04:10
r00t^2it's waltman04:11
waltmanI didn't know I needed to. The bios is set to boot off a usb cdrom as its second choice.04:11
r00t^2i'd be surprised if it wasn't04:11
jthanusb cdrom != usb flash drive04:11
r00t^2iirc, c is the boot from c, b is the boot quick-select04:12
waltmanI'm making it using a different flash drive using the mac app ubuntu recommends.04:12
r00t^2s/from\ c/from\ cd/04:12
r00t^2i'm guessing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick ?04:15
r00t^2where it says "UNetbootin for Mac OS X can be used to automate the process of extracting the Ubuntu ISO file to USB, and making the USB drive bootable. The resulting USB drive, however, can be booted on PCs only. If attempting to make a USB drive that can be booted from a Mac, follow the instructions below. "04:15
waltmanWhy would I want to boot it from a Mac?04:17
waltmanf12 brings up a book menu. But selecting USC-CDROM failed.04:18
r00t^2wait, this isn't mac? since when do you use pc hardware?04:18
waltmanWhy do you think I go to PLUG meetings if I don't also have a linux box at home?04:20
jthanlol is that a requirement? Must have linux SOMEWHERE to attend?04:20
r00t^2i've only ever seen you talk about mac04:21
waltmanAt any rate, I've been running linux servers at home since the 90s, long before I bought my first mac.04:21
waltmanAnd I just built a shiny new box today.04:21
r00t^2OH. well then. is it bios or uefi?04:24
r00t^2i see you mention BIOS a couple times, but a lot of people call the UEFI system that04:25
waltmanI have no idea. I see an EFI setting.04:25
jthanYou should use uefi if the board supports it04:25
waltmanIt was booting off of $friend's flash drive at his house.04:25
r00t^2okay. do you see a boot order? note that by default, UEFI boards are set to UEFI mode, not legacy (BIOS) mode04:28
r00t^2and with those, you have to have a bootable USB (with an image/filesystem on it that supports UEFI) inserted in the slot and THEN boot the computer, otherwise you won't be able to select it in the boot order most likely04:29
waltmanDid I mention this was working at my friend's house with the same settings?04:30
r00t^2yes, but if you remove a USB from a UEFI system, it won't try to boot from it.04:31
waltmanI'm really tired and I don't feel like debugging which of the 1000 settings in the bios is messed up. I'll deal with it tomorrow.04:31
waltmanBTW this is a big reason why people buy macs. There's none of this crap to deal with.04:31
r00t^2it's not a setting that's messed up, you can't tell UEFI to poll a device that isn't there, so it doesn't try04:31
r00t^2macs are EFI as well.04:32
waltmanI don't understand what you're saying04:32
jthanyou're telling it to use USB cd-rom. you said that. but that's not a flash drive.04:32
jthanit's different04:32
jthanusb cd-rom says "if you have an optical device plugged in to usb, use it"04:32
waltmanWhat should I tell it to use?04:32
jthanYou have to plug your imaged flash drive in04:32
jthanand go to the boot order04:32
jthanand select that flash drive04:32
jthanbut like r00t^2 is saying, if you don't have it plugged in at boot, it won't even see it04:32
waltmanSo a usb flash drive formatted as an iso doesn't look like a cdrom?04:32
jthannot at all.04:33
waltmanYes, of course I have it plugged in when I'm booting.04:33
jthanthe actual name of the device/manufacturer should show up in the boot list04:33
jthanlike "PNY USB 2.0"04:33
jthanor something generic like that, perhaps04:33
waltmanIt's possibly "LS120", but that didn't work either.04:34
jthanls120 is a floppy drive, no?04:35
jthanr00t^2: ^?04:35
r00t^2why would you think it's a floppy? it could be a floppy, it could be a usb, but i'd presume waltman would hear the floppy drive clicking and clacking when it tried to read a disk. also, i assume waltman's new computer doesn't have a floppy drive because it's obsolete04:37
r00t^2(unless you're the gubmint, heyooo)04:37
waltmanI think USB-FDD is probably the "floppy"04:37
r00t^2waltman: what are all of the devices you see listed that you can boot from?04:38
jthanI'm not crazy04:38
waltmanLS120, hard disk, cdrom, zip, usb-fdd, usb-zip, usb-cdrom, usb-hdd, legacy lan04:39
r00t^2jthan: superdisk isn't floppy, it's a different format04:39
jthanwellw /e04:40
jthansame shit04:40
waltmanI'm re-dd'ing my original flashdrive from my old linux box04:40
waltmanIf this still doesn't work I'm going to bed.04:40
jthanare you dd'ing on a mac?04:40
jthanyou were, but now you're using the other box04:41
waltman23:40 < waltman> I'm re-dd'ing my original flashdrive from my old linux box04:41
r00t^2yeah, this doesn't sound like UEFI if you're getting all those devices listed and not connected. in that case, dding should work since it's a hybrid iso. the question is if it supports BIOS.04:41
waltmanWith this flash drive, created with dd from an actual linux box, I'm still getting DISK BOOT FAILURE.04:44
waltmanI'm going to bed. Hopefully tomorrow $friend will suggest something simple I'm forgetting to do.04:44
waltmanmy command: sudo dd bs=4M if=ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb04:45
waltmanthat should be bootable, right?04:47
r00t^2should be04:47
jthanyeah, assuming your iso is okay04:47
waltmanI downloaded it from the ubuntu torrent site04:48
jthanDid you sum it?04:48
waltmanrtorrent does a checksum when it finishes.04:48
jthanah okay.04:48
waltmanlet me doublecheck...04:48
jthaneven if your block size is wrong it should be fine.04:48
waltmanchecksums match http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.10/MD5SUMS04:49
jthanYou might even try the usb-hdd option04:51
jthanmaybe that's how it sees it04:51
jthanCould be an issue with legacy mode turned on via bios though04:51
waltmanI already tried it.04:51
waltmanzzz &04:51
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:59
* waltman is sad14:10
* teddy-dbear hugs waltman and gives him chocolate :)14:36
waltmanteddy-dbear: awww :)15:40
waltmanoutput of fdisk -l for the new flash drives I tried to make bootable: https://gist.github.com/waltman/45f9ea0d081bcb9f29e2304882f17d9115:41
jedijfwaltman: use unetbootin(or en) not sure; it just works15:48
waltmanThat's what I tried with the second drive!15:49
waltmanThough it's got a bug on the mac where it won't even present the drive as an option if it's not FAT*15:50
waltmanOnce I'd run dd on the first drive I tried to unetbootin it from my mac but it wouldn't let me!15:51
waltmanalso… 22:50 < r00t^2> waltman: first rule- just use dd, don't bother with a gui program. many of them don't play nicely with hybrid ISO images15:54
jedijfi saw that - i make tons of sticks for events....unetbootin - format the stick and redo - just works15:55
waltmanHow do I format the stick?15:56
jedijfi think unet provides that option if it sees something living there already15:56
waltmanAnd can I run unetbootin from linux?15:57
jedijfbut not sure about mac unetb - i have used on linux and windows15:57
jedijfyes to linux15:57
jedijfor from your power lab windows15:57
waltmanDoes it have an option to trash whatever's on the drive?15:57
waltmanI was going to do that, but my train and the following train were both cancelled so I'm stuck at home today.15:58
jedijflinux from home15:58
swift110hey all15:58
jthanwaltman: yeah it's because you're trying to use something formatted for EFI on your bios.15:59
waltmanjthan: the second drive doesn't say EFI and it doesn't work, either.15:59
jthanbut also your dd would be more efficient if you did dd bs=512b based on that output.15:59
jthanI really think if you change your motherboard settings to use uefi instead of bios/legacy mode it's going to work16:00
waltmanThere's an option "EFI CD/DVD Boot Option" that's set to EFI16:02
jthanshould be on the main menu of the BIOS, likely.16:03
jthanbut I don't think that's the one. I can bring mine up in a second, but it's Dell so probably not helpful.16:03
waltmanThere's not an obvious option on the main menu.16:04
waltman"MB Intelligent Tweaker", "Standard CMOS Features", "Advanced BIO Features", "Integrated Peripherals", "Power Management Setup", "PnP/PCI Configurations", "PC Health Status"16:05
jthanwhat kind of motherboard/BIOS?16:07
waltmanGigabyte 781MT16:10
waltmanAward software bios16:10
* jthan can't seem to find anything pertinent 16:13
waltmanTurns out.16:53
waltmanI was trying to boot off of one of the USB3 ports on the front of the case. I tried plugging it into a USB2 port on the back and it booted! Only…16:54
waltmanI ended up getting a message "Input signal out of range. Change settings to 1920x1080 - 60Hz"16:54
jthanlol well that's clearly not related to the flash drive anymore16:54
waltmanMaybe I should try server instead of desktop?16:55
jthannah, probably just need to add a param to the boot string in the grub menu16:55
jthanassuming you actually saw the grub menu?16:55
waltmanNo, it just started booting.16:55
waltmanthis is on 16.10 desktop16:59
waltman$friend is suggesting I try 16.4.16:59
jthanWell, i don't know that it'd be much different. Can you just change your monitor to what it's telling you?17:01
waltmanI thought that message was from my monitor!17:01
jthanit probably is17:02
jthanbut if you cna change the refresh rate or w/e of your monitor you might have better luck17:02
waltmanTo what?17:06
jthanSomething higher/lower depending which way you think the output is from you rcomputer17:07
jthanor try to use like an autodetect after booting17:07
waltmanSomething in the ubuntu installer is trying to set the signal to something my monitor doesn't like. My monitor says what IT likes, but it doesn't say what it's being asked to use. So you're suggesting I just start randomly changing my monitor settings — that have worked for years on other boxes, and that I'd like to keep for them — until it works?17:08
jthanI mean, usually there's a button to just autoadjust17:08
jthando you have a gpu in your systme?17:09
jthanwhat's its default output?17:09
jthanDo you also have onboard graphics you could just use for now?17:09
waltmanjthan: You're not being very helpful.17:09
waltmanWhat's my GPU's default output?17:10
jthanYes, does it have a refresh rate that it's defaulting to?17:10
waltmanI don't have the slightest idea. I'd have to dig through manuals.17:10
jthanOkay, then do you have onboard graphics also? Part of your motherboard?17:10
jedijff4 f6 one of those will get to boot options on live17:11
waltmanI already tried plugging in my old VGI cable into it. If you've got a GPU installed, it disables the onboard graphics.17:12
jedijfadd nomodeset to boot line via 'e' in grub17:12
jedijfone of the f's (4 or 6) will have that has a boot parameter also17:12
jedijfgetting closer17:12
waltmanHow do I add anything to grub?17:13
jedijfpick nomodeset17:13
waltmanWhen do I press that?17:13
jedijfsee here17:13
jedijfor i would just say *now* push it hurry17:14
padenwaltman: were you given an option to do a text install at all?17:14
jedijfpaden he should be good now - that link has pictures17:14
jedijfpaden: also why we should do installfests - the company of other17:16
padenAH, pictures. the best help a linux installer needs.17:16
jedijfwell, i mean on the live boot screen the F's are all lined up on the bottom17:16
jedijfstatic photo doesn't timeout17:16
jedijfF6 doesn't say "Walt push here" <-- /me files a feature request17:17
waltmanThat's not anything close to what the F6 screen looks like for me.17:18
waltmanThat page is very out of date.17:18
jedijfyou can also use 'e' to edit the grub line(s) add nomodeset then f1017:18
jedijfIn addition to displaying preset boot options, pressing the F6 key also opens the "Boot Options" line for manual editing once the popup window is closed. (See next section).17:19
padenHold down ctrl when the system is booting, that will send you to the grub menu.17:19
padenThen hit e, find the line with your OS, add nomodeset to the end.17:19
waltmanOh, you've got to hit F6 from a different place to get that screen. Sigh.17:21
waltmanI checked that box, AND I added nomodset to the boot parameters it listed. But I'm STILL getting that message about the input signal out of range.17:24
waltmanI've got real work to do, and this is going to suck up all my time for the rest of the day. I'm going to shut it down for now, and put things back the way I had them until tonight.17:25
waltmanthis is why people buy prebuilt machines!17:25
padenwaltman: not sure why it isn't picking up the right display. What kind of display is it? Just a 1920x1080 screen? Or a 4k?17:26
padenWhat kind of GPU is in the system?17:26
jedijfwalt then put vga=791 on boot line thats 1024x768  moven17:27
waltmanIt's an HP LV2311 monitor17:32
waltmanI'll try that tonight. As I just said, I unplugged everything for now so I can work on $dayjob.17:32
waltmanIt's a boring old display. Nothing fancy.17:33
jedijfo 791 is safe17:33
waltmanIt's sort of reassuring to see that this process hasn't gotten any more user friendly since I last tried to do it a decade ago.17:33
padenIt's odd that you're having an issue.17:34
jedijfjust so many variables/config/hardwares to manage17:34
waltmanFor some reason I thought ubuntu was the simple user friendly way to insall linux!17:34
padenwaltman: it is?17:34
jedijfit kinda is17:34
padenI can have ubuntu up and running in a few minutes.17:35
jedijfthose f6 dropdown parameters cover most17:35
jthanyeah usually it just works17:35
waltmanThat f6 dropdown screen I was just on was a complete mess.17:35
jedijfbut again, reenforces that we still need installfests17:35
jedijfthe company of others helps17:35
padenjedijf: agreed.17:35
padenWe need more.17:35
jedijfso waltman thank you!17:35
jthanwould be fun to do a sysadministrivia sponsored one :-p17:36
jedijfthe best was the fosscon with ntr17:36
jedijfthat's a challenge17:36
padenThere's an idea.17:36
padenjedijf: yeah....17:36
waltmanI apparently was hitting f6 on the wrong screen.17:36
waltmanIf you hit F1 you get a menu where you can hit F6 to see special boot parameters. It doesn't say anything about nomodset.17:38
jedijfno biggee - didn't work try the vga=791 later and keep us posted17:39
waltmanalso https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions doesn't say what nomodset does17:39
jedijfbios mode17:40
jedijfno drivers17:40
jedijfdon't set video drivers use the bios certified settings17:40
jedijfbut could still wig out when X loads17:41
jedijfyou know bulletproof x17:41
waltmanI've got a fancy nvidia card in this box. That could be causing the problems.17:45
jedijfvga= should get you started then the open or other drivers can be installed17:47
jedijfget booted then we'll go through the 'additional drivers' stuff if needed17:50

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