Kilosmorning za peeps06:12
magespawngood morning06:13
nsnzeromorning all07:03
chesedomorning all07:26
nsnzerotrying out irssi - dont know if i set it up right ???07:30
Kiloslol that was difficult for me07:31
Symmetriaheh irssi is simple if you keep the options simple 07:34
Symmetriabut there are a gazillion things you can do with it - and the more you do the more complex it gets07:35
Kiloshehe ill stick to konversation07:35
nsnzeromorning Kilos and Symmetria 07:37
nsnzeroyeah reading the documentation - it gets quite complex 07:37
magespawni like it a lot, i do not have a comples setup though.07:42
superflynsnzero: I've heard that weechat is a bit nicer 07:42
Symmetriaheh so - Neotel transaction is done and dusted - now the real work begins07:43
superflyBut I prefer my Quassel setup07:43
Symmetriaand there will be a lot of it 07:43
nsnzeroi just setup irssi because it was the first one i saw - but now i will have to try quassel superfly 07:45
nsnzeroSymmetria: we will be happy to help with testing the network - if you provide us with modems 07:46
superflynsnzero: Quassel is slightly different. You can either use it as a normal IRC client, or you can use it as a GUI client in your PC that interfaces with a core daemon on a remote server 07:47
superflynsnzero: I have the client/core setup, which means that right now I'm using the Quasseldroid app on my phone to chat :) 07:49
superflynsnzero: ask paddatrapper about his weechat app on his phone, that's also pretty cool07:50
paddatrappernsnzero: I running weechat in tmux on a VPS and ssh into it usually. On my phone I have Weechat remote which works with the remote API in weechat07:51
paddatrapperAlso occasionally use the web remote07:51
* nsnzero is experiencing an information overload 07:56
nsnzerobbl guys - take care 07:57
inetprogood mornings08:16
inetproSymmetria: you are back in Town?08:16
Kiloshi inetpro 08:25
KilosMaaz announce 08:31
MaazKilos: Excuse me?08:31
KilosHi Miles,08:31
Kilosthere's no meeting today. The next one is on the 10th January. If you08:31
Kiloslike we can extend the the verification for ubuntu-za until 10th January.08:31
KilosMake sure to setup the Reverification page and add it to our agenda08:31
Kiloshere: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda08:31
KilosMaaz ok08:31
MaazKilos: *blink*08:31
Kilosno verification today guys08:32
Kilosi have asked for it to be on the 10th as he suggested08:32
* Kilos waits for ack08:32
Kiloschesedo superfly inetpro etc etc^^08:33
superflyKilos: fine with me08:33
inetprosuperfly: before I forget to talk to you before your flight, which hopefully I won't, I wish you safe travels and many fond memories on your holiday trip abroad08:39
inetprooops... it's not a holiday?08:40
superflyif it was just a holiday, why didn't I leave in october?08:40
inetproanyway... hope you have a short flight and arrive safely on that side08:41
inetpromake the most of the last few moments here and don't forget to appreciate the flight attendants on board 08:46
inetprothey will most likely not be with family during the coming few days08:46
chesedoKilos: np09:10
LangjanG'morning Kilos did you sleep well?09:17
superflyinetpro: my shortest flight is 4 hours09:19
inetprosuperfly: keep yourself busy programming in flight 09:21
LangjanHi superfly what route do you fly?09:21
MaNII don't know how anyone could do any meaningful programming on a plane, unless in a first class seat or something09:22
superflyLangjan: Cape Town to Doha to Chicago to Tucson09:22
inetprohi Langjan09:22
Kiloshi Langjan 09:23
LangjanWhew, long detour. Reminds me of our Oz trip via Doha - Qatar? 09:23
Kilosyes ty and i feel better today how are you sir09:23
Langjanhi inetpro and Kilos 09:23
LangjanGlad youre feeling better09:24
LangjanI'm fine thks Kilos 09:24
inetproMaNI: a friend of mine does it on his daily trips on the Tube in the UK09:24
MaNIno idea how a tube compares to a plane, but plane seats are so cramped that you can't even get a good angle view of your monitor or type properly - my personal experience09:25
LangjanKilos, my screen freeze has to do with full screen, not screensaver except in that it also goes full screen09:25
MaNImaybe a very small person might have better luck09:26
LangjanDoes it in Opera, not in Firefox09:27
LangjanOpera also keeps asking for keyring 09:27
MaNIThats before taking into account constant interruptions and other issues like that which make difficult problem solving unlikely - I suppose if coding very easy stuff thats less of an issue but IDK it seems like trying to force something that just shouldn't happen - better to just do something more suited to plane flight like read a book or sleep or something09:27
Kiloslet me read it Langjan 09:28
Kiloshard to sleep sitting up MaNI we not chickens09:28
MaNItube is probably a bit less cramped than an aircraft seat - but I wouldn't know as I've never been to london09:28
KilosLangjan Page Not Found09:29
MaNIKilos, I usually find that if I pick a window seat and take a jersey I can lean against the wall in a position that allows a light sleep like state - not perfect but passable. Any other seat except window is a disaster09:30
LangjanKilos, Firefox finds it no prob: http://askubuntu.com/questions/577459/making-youtube-fullscreen-will-freeze-unity-the-whole-desktop09:32
Kilosinstalling the fox09:49
Kiloswhat are you doing in youtube now that freezes your screen Langjan 09:50
Kilosjust resize it so it isnt full screen and see what happens09:50
Kilosinternet very very slow here today09:51
LangjanKilos, watched this video: http://e4wd.co.za/breathtaking-drone-footage-filmed-throughout-africa/10:01
Kiloslangjan try that fix but be careful in compiz10:02
Kilosi dont do videos man10:03
Kilosbattled even to download firefox10:03
Kilostry that fix but be careful in compiz10:03
LangjanResize? Its standard size or full screen. Standard size works fine, as soon as I go full screen it works for a while but seems to freeze whenever I click on something like "share" icon. Also freezes when video stops at the end.   10:03
Kilosyou can drag the sides of pages to resize them10:04
Kilostry the compix fix10:04
Kilosor install kde10:04
Kilosfly said beware of fiddling in compiz10:04
Kilosso be carefull10:04
LangjanTried the fix, does not work for Opera. I also put Firefox in and am not sure if that made the diff but FF is wokring foine in full screen.10:04
Kilosno rush rush break things10:05
LangjanYes I am very wary of compiz10:05
Kilosdoes the fox now do speedtest 10:05
Langjanyes its fine10:05
Kilosyay then use it seeing as you are so anti opera10:06
LangjanI'm not anti-opera its fast but no good it it freezes my screen and keeps asking for keyring10:06
Langjanbobbejaantjie sĂȘ huh10:07
Kilosget this one10:08
Kilosthen when you apt update it will get keyrings stuff10:08
Kilosi gave you the wrong one last night sorry sir10:09
LangjanGo pm10:13
Kilos-hi chesedo do you think our wiki reverification page is complete?13:57
Kilos-and did you note the date change13:58
Kilos-10th jan at 1700 utc13:58
Kilos-so 7pm here i think13:58
Kilos-paddatrapper you guys winning with iterum13:58
paddatrapperKilos-: Getting there. ALmost ready to package13:59
Kilos-whats news magespawn ? you been very quiet13:59
Kilos-wonderful paddatrapper 13:59
Kilos-kudos to you and superfly 13:59
paddatrapperThanks :)13:59
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
chesedoKilos-: this is the first time that i'll witness a reverification, so do not really know what __complete__ will be. but i'll go and compare it to the docs later tonight and give you feedback14:01
chesedoKilos: ^^14:01
Kiloscool ty lad i think superfly is happy with it, if so i will add it to the agenda for the 10th14:08
nsnzeroinstalled plamsa 5.8.4 - had to edited all the themes again14:12
nsnzerohi Kilos 14:17
nsnzerothey put a funny black splash screen after a bright blue login screen 14:18
nsnzeroif anyone needs help changing their plasma themes - i can help abit 14:23
Kilosyou can do that in nsettings i think14:32
Kilosthere is a get new themes button14:32
Kilosor you can search your pics14:33
Symmetriacan anyone here browse to www.flysaa.com?14:33
Symmetriait seems to be having serious issues right now 14:33
Kilosunknown host14:33
Kiloshave you tried etihad airways14:34
Kilosthey quite good imo though im no frequent flier14:34
SymmetriaLOL kilos I need to fly to ZA and within ZA 14:34
Kilosjust economy is too cramped to sleep14:35
Symmetriabut I'm just laughing because flysaa.com being down = major chaos at this time of the year14:35
Kilosyeah crazy14:35
Symmetriaheh I'm platinum on SAA14:35
Symmetriaplatinum on emirates14:35
Symmetriaplatinum on BA14:35
Symmetriaand gold in ethiad 14:36
Kilosthat dont help if the airline crashed14:36
Symmetriayeah :p14:36
nsnzerowonder if a dns problem or DDOS????14:44
Symmetriadns problem14:47
nsnzeroi read a story once about this company - their server would go down every 2nd day for 7 to 7:3014:54
nsnzeroafter much trouble shooting , they discovered that the cleaner would unplug it to plug in the floor cleaning machine14:55
Symmetriaso here is what happened14:55
Symmetriabusineses connection didn't pay for a domain14:55
Symmetriathat domain has the nameservers on it for flysaa.com14:55
nsnzerohow much business that is going to cost them - being peek season 14:57
nsnzerocant you use their ip address ? the dns is a lookup service for ip addresses14:58
Symmetriaheh you can't because of the vhosting and the way its done 14:59
Symmetria:) and don't worry I know how DNS works - lol I run the largest DNS servers on the continent - I've logged the relevant calls14:59
Symmetriaand trying to get hold of the CEO of ZACR at the moment14:59
SymmetriaI got the suspension lifted on ipnetwork.co.za15:02
nsnzeroSymmetria: you are very knowledgable indeed 15:03
nsnzerobbl 15:03
inetprowell done Symmetria15:11
Symmetriaheh that will bring most of the parastatals back 15:13
Symmetriathats hilarious though15:13
Kiloswow Squirm you still alive16:25
SquirmStill around16:25
Kilos-sjoe power keeps going with the storm16:36
magespawnChat later all16:59
nsnzeroguys i am getting a 404 error on za.archive.ubuntu.com , when trying to update 17:18
nsnzerogood evening all18:33
magespawngood evening18:34
nsnzerohow you doing magespawn ?18:35
magespawngood and you nsnzero ?18:36
nsnzeroi am well, just a little hot  18:37
magespawnwas fairly warm here today too, but just had a nice thunderstorm so that has cooled things down a bit18:49
nsnzeromagespawn: thats good - its cloudy here now - hopefully we get some rain to drop the temp18:56
nsnzeromagespawn: can you run sudo apt-get update and check if za.archive.ubuntu.com gives a 404 error ?18:57
magespawnnot running ubuntu unfortunately, so prabably would not do any good18:58
nsnzerokubuntu ?18:58
magespawnnope, kali based on debian18:58
nsnzerooh ok - pen testing ?18:59
magespawnyes, learning mostly, but it is the main os on this machine19:00
nsnzeroi used kali as well - but i dont like it much ... 19:01
magespawnwhy not?19:01
nsnzeroi cant get it to work - even with a simple windows xp machine it fails19:02
magespawnahh,it does take a bit of practice and most of the commands assume you are running as root19:03
nsnzeroi followed the tut to the letter , but no reverse shell on meterpreter 19:05
nsnzerono error messages ether , like everything went smoothly but no shell 19:06
nsnzero*either 19:06
magespawnahh well, i wont be any use like said i am still learning19:06
nsnzeroi wish you the best 19:07
nsnzeroget armitage for kali its a good gui for metsaploit 19:08
magespawni think sometimes those tutorials are against the perfect target19:09
magespawnarmitage comes installed now19:09
nsnzerook - i downloaded the vmplayer iso - didnt have it installed by default19:10
magespawni have never used that, i have always had installed as the main OS, but at work i have a nice enough machine that i can run it virtually19:12
nsnzeroi gave it a try it was the main os in this laptop for a while until i upgrade to plasma 5.8.2 on my other HP - from the neon repo19:16
nsnzerothe upgrade didnt go well , so i installed kubuntu here on put kali in a vm 19:17
nsnzerohi chesedo 19:18
chesedohi nsnzero19:21
magespawnhi chesedo 19:21
chesedoand magespawn19:21
nsnzeromagespawn: if you need any help , let me try 19:23
magespawni will do, thanks nsnzero 19:24
nsnzeromagespawn: learn ruby - it will help you understand the internals of MSF 19:26
magespawnmost of it is finding a lab to practice in, so i do not accidentally tear down some persons website etc19:26
magespawnthat might have to wait a bit, learning python and php first, but i do have a couple of ruby courses lined up19:27
nsnzerowait i can help with that 19:27
magespawnmy current employer has graciously allowed us to build a lab at work, i just have to be a bit patient19:28
nsnzerogive this a try /www.hackthissite.org/ its a good starting point 19:28
magespawni have used that one briefly befoer, but have not been back in awhile19:30
magespawnthere is also this site https://www.hackthis.co.uk/19:31
nsnzeroyeah there are a couple of those types of sites 19:31
magespawni have also found a couple that have CTF set that you can install on a web server in a lab19:32
nsnzerothe rapid 7 exploit database also makes good potty reading 19:33
magespawni want to get my hands on some of the equipment from hak519:33
nsnzeroi will have to google that 19:34
magespawntime is always short though, and i still have to work19:34
magespawnbloggers and such have website up, with come very nice kit on it, also a youtube channel19:34
magespawnand sleep19:35
nsnzeronow i wondering about making a rubber ducky 19:38
nsnzerotake care magespawn 19:38
magespawni am off, good night all19:38

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