srulilapion: you might want to try a newer version of NM, https://launchpad.net/~lkundrak/+archive/ubuntu/network-manager-daily-stable for me it ironed out many issues00:00
ikoniaerr no00:00
ikoniayou should not randomly upgrade stuff from PPA00:00
tarelerulzI'm trying to get my wireless netgrear  n apapter n600 dual band  wnda3200 working. I cna't see the file the ndiswrapper files need00:00
srulimaybe only when the ubuntu version of NM is broken!00:01
ikoniasruli: no00:01
Bashing-om!paste | ra21vi00:01
ubottura21vi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:01
ra21vithanks Bashing-om00:02
tarelerulz It  is  usb wireless dongle .  could it be Ubuntu 16.04 does not have the module used to make it work or black listested .00:03
sruliikonia: here is the problem with the amd package, each time my screen locks it doesnt accpt my passowrd to login, have to make a reboot to get in00:04
ra21viwhat keyword to search for this chrome text rendering issue - http://imgur.com/a/Bk4UL    (is it flicker or tear ro something else)00:04
lapionI do not get how nobody else has this problem.. every system I have that runs 16.04 or higher has this same problem. It happens very consistently00:04
srulicant even login in tty1, put in my user name and doesnt ask for password, returns to user name line after 5 seconds00:05
lapionI guess most people do not have a router that has ipv6 dhcp00:05
lapionand I am one fo the few whose isp supports ipv6...00:06
Ben64i have ipv6, works perfectly00:07
sruliwhat can cause that after screen turns off it doesnt accept my password and need to reboot?00:08
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ubottuFor nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »00:12
pavlossruli, can you get into the grub menu and add nomodeset to the boot options (after splash)00:12
lapionBen64, yeah but if you set the network profile to require ipv4, do you get both ipv4 and ipv6 upon boot00:13
escki need help00:14
lapionBen64, when using auto connect on ehternet network ?00:14
Bashing-om!help | esck00:15
ubottuesck: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:15
esckBashing-om: i have pain in my ass00:15
esckwhat to do?00:15
gswallowesck: you didn't ask in one line :)00:16
esckok, I have pain in my butthole. anyone can help?00:16
srulipavlos: what will not loading graphic drivers help?00:16
gswallowesck: I hear switching to Mac OS X will fix that.00:17
esckgswallow: thanks faggot00:17
ra21viesck, are you a bot?00:19
esckra21vi: no, asshole.00:19
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu00:20
Flannelesck: Please mind your language, and get on with your support question, thanks.00:21
esckFlannel: kiss my ass00:21
pavlossruli, allow you to login ... this may help, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/ubuntu-drops-amd-catalyst-fglrx-driver-16-0400:21
esckFlannel: wow, strong guy, kiss my ass again00:21
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srulipavlos: i am using the amdgpu driver, if i use nomodset with it not load at all?00:29
pavlossruli, correct00:29
srulipavlos: in that case i am back to sq1 with no multi display support00:30
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pavlossruli, maybe I misunderstood the issue, I thought you could not load the AMD 460 drivers00:34
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ra21viwhat keyword to search for this chrome text rendering issue - http://imgur.com/a/Bk4UL    (is it flicker or tear or something else)00:39
srulipavlos: the original problem was that the card does not work out of the box i need to install the package from amd site to get it to work, which i dont understand why, but from the responses here it seemed thats not a problem, however i find that when the screen locks i cannot log back in (without the amd drivers i dont get display settings options i need for my 3 displays)00:41
pavlossruli, ok, I stand corrected.00:42
CrazyHDoes anyone know how to fix the broken workspace switcher in Ubuntu 16.04? I've tried all the web has to offer. None of it works :-(00:43
srulipavlos: you mean i should use the nomodset?00:43
pavlossruli, no -- I dont know how to set up mult displays00:44
daisyhi can someone help me ?01:00
bazhangdaisy, ask a question first01:01
Bashing-omdaisy: No way to know 'til you say what the issue is .01:01
ra21viwhat keyword to search for this chrome text rendering issue - http://imgur.com/a/Bk4UL    (is it flicker or tear or something else)01:01
ra21viBashing-om, ^01:01
daisyi have a question im confused i want to learn one of these two either sql server 2012 or pentesting but i dont know wich one will be better for a career?01:02
ra21vidaisy, this is ubuntu chan01:02
daisyi know but i need help plz01:02
daisyif u can help me ill be gratefull01:02
Bashing-omra21vi: I am not the greatest in finding graphics faults . but .. what card and what driver is in use ?01:04
spacekoo1Anyone know if/ how I can import LXC containers from a previous installation? (With tarballs of the rootfs + config)01:05
ra21viBashing-om, nvidia 960M (with IGD), with nvidia-367 proprietary driver (ubuntu 16.04)01:05
Bashing-omra21vi: pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep nvidia ' let's see what is installed and if there are conflicts .01:07
ra21vidaisy, pentesting needs a lot dedication, no defined zone on what exactly to learn.. No books to master. Its also not mainstream job, struggle, but if hired n u r smart, good pay scale. SQLServer is MS technology..  Lets close this discusion now01:07
ra21vispacekoo1, docker?01:07
spacekoo1@ra21vi LCD01:08
ra21vispacekoo1, they have irc chan #lxcontainers01:08
spacekoo1My previous host was Fedora which I had to leave, I archived all the containers and now copied them onto my new server. Where I want to use LXD and ZFS. But I can't work out how to import the old containers now :(01:08
spacekoo1@ra21vi I guess I'll go ask there...01:13
dylanwhos alive01:13
ra21viprobably you..01:14
bazhangdylan, here is ubuntu support, do you have a support issue01:14
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qqHello i have problem downloading and  installing mysql workbench when i use console : sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench console stops working cant type or do anything01:50
ra21viqq: which ubuntu?01:51
Bashing-om!info console xenial01:51
ubottuPackage console does not exist in xenial01:51
qqkubuntu 16.1001:51
Bashing-omqq: ^^ The exact command you attempted to execute ? and what release is this in ?01:52
TheHackOpsI have a VPN which uses DNS leak protection, the issue is when i disconnect from it i cant resolve any websites via their domain names01:53
TheHackOpsChecked the settings in my network manager and nothing looks different than normal01:53
TheHackOpsAny ideas how to clear all the settings the vpn client has set01:53
qqsudo apt-get install mysql-workbench01:56
Bashing-om!info mysql-workbench yaketty01:57
ubottu'yaketty' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, yakkety-proposed, zesty, zesty-backports, zest01:57
Tuzamim on 16.04. will "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" update it to 16.10 or something and thus depriving me of the 3-year support?01:57
nightswhy is my .bash_history missing?01:57
nightsjust reinstalled fresh on 3 different machines and same with all01:57
nightstried touch and chown01:58
Bashing-om!info mysql-workbench yakkety01:58
ubottumysql-workbench (source: mysql-workbench): MySQL Workbench - a visual database modeling, administration and queuing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.3.6+dfsg-0ubuntu4 (yakkety), package size 8837 kB, installed size 87846 kB01:58
Bashing-omTuzam: No, "dist-upgrade' updates installed packages, and has nothing direct to do with a release upgrade. That release upgrade is a different command .02:00
FlannelTuzam: No.  update/dist-upgrade (assuming you didn't do anything unusual with your sources.list), will make you up-to-date on your current version, nothing to do with switching between versions.02:01
Tuzamwill these also install security updates, and what's the command to update versions?02:01
Bashing-omqq: So what is installed ' dpkg -l mysql-workbench ' ?02:01
FlannelTuzam: Assuming you haven't disabled your security repositories, then yes, you'll get security updates too.02:01
qqconsole stop working nothink is installed it ask me to write my password but i cant write anythink cuz it stops working02:04
Bashing-omqq: Ouch . at the login screen key combo ctl+alt+F1 for a console interface . Can you log into the system here ?02:07
The_ChullachakyCompañeros; acabo de instalar ide netbeans en mi lap, y cuando empienzo a abrir un proyecto nuevo elijo "Java Application" y me sale la bola de mensajes de error.... que comienzan .-..."Not all requested modules can be enaled" ... me pueden ayudar gracias02:12
The_Chullachakyestoy con ubuntu 16; el Ide de netbeans q instale es el "sh" no instale netbeans con synaptic (tengo instalado netbeans 8.202:13
Flannel!es | The_Chullachaky02:13
ubottuThe_Chullachaky: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:13
qqthanks <3 it worked from ctrl+alt+f102:19
Bashing-omqq: So we have a permissions issue with mysql-perhaps only ? Make sure "you" are authorized to access your desktop ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' .02:24
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SpaceBassanyone familiar with EncFS? I'm using -o umask='0002' but it's not honoring that once it's mounted02:44
SpaceBassI end up with: -rwxrwxr-x02:44
TheHackOpsI have a VPN which uses DNS leak protection, the issue is when i disconnect from it i cant resolve any websites via their domain names02:45
TheHackOpsChecked the settings in my network manager and nothing looks different than normal02:45
TheHackOpsAny ideas how to clear all the settings the vpn client has set02:45
mniipSpaceBass, sounds about right, no?02:45
sruliTheHackOps: how does the vpn use dns leak protection? does it use iptables?02:48
SpaceBassmniip, come to think of it, it does...but the app (#owncloud) I'm trying to use complains that the dir is not 77002:48
mniipmaybe it's asking for literal 770?02:48
mniipi.e a-rx02:49
TheHackOpssruli, no idea02:49
TheHackOpsBut when I disconnect from the vpn i get a DNS probe error02:49
sruliTheHackOps: paste output of "sudo iptables -nvL" to paaste.ubuntu.com02:50
TheHackOpsWait connected or disconnected from vpn02:50
TheHackOpsone sec02:51
sruliTheHackOps: also paste the output of "cat /etc/resolv.conf"02:53
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TheHackOpssruli, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23651468/02:55
sruliTheHackOps: also paste the output of "cat /etc/resolv.conf"02:56
TheHackOpsWhile disconnected?02:56
TheHackOpsGotta disconnect again02:57
bridgesoxWe are Anonymous. We are ready to find and crucify our circumcisers.02:58
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TheHackOpssruli, could you give me the ip address of paste.ubuntu.com03:00
TheHackOpsso i dont have to reconnect03:00
sruliwhat ip is in there?03:00
sruliin resolv.conf03:00
TheHackOpsNo i mean03:00
TheHackOpsthere is nothing in there afaik03:01
TheHackOpsits just comments03:01
TheHackOpsill open it in vim03:01
TheHackOpsye nothing03:01
TheHackOpssruli, Any other ideas03:03
=== whodafak is now known as DarkDevil
sruliwhats in resolv.conf?03:03
TheHackOpsI told you03:03
TheHackOps# Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)03:03
TheHackOpsThats all thats in it03:04
sruliyou dont have a line with nameserver
srulii guess the vpn software removes it and does not put it back, basically it protects from dns leaks while you are disconnected03:04
TheHackOpsshould i run resolvconf03:05
TheHackOpsDo you know the command to re-insert that line03:05
srulitry adding a line with "nameserver" see if it works, but i dont know how your vpn software works, it might mess with your dns leak protection, i use openvpn + iptables rules03:05
TheHackOpsMeh im not even concerned about privacy so much its just for netflix i use it03:06
TheHackOpsthat had no effect03:07
sruliit might have messed with resolver, try instead of put
TheHackOpssruli, ok03:08
TheHackOpsThe file says do not edit03:08
TheHackOpsAt what point will it be destroyed, on reboot?03:08
TheHackOpsThat fixed it03:09
TheHackOpsHow do i make that perma03:09
srulieverytime you disconnect from vpn you will have to do it03:09
i-kill-frogsthe frogs03:10
i-kill-frogsthey dead03:10
i-kill-frogsmy psychiatrist had a pet frog03:10
srulibut!!! after you do it and connect to vpn again check if its still there and make a dns leak test with something like ipleak.net03:10
i-kill-frogsbut my psychiatrist asked annoying questions03:10
i-kill-frogslike "have you ever killed anything?"03:10
TheHackOpssruli, Again I live in Australia soo im not hiding from anything major03:11
i-kill-frogsso i stabbed his frog with a scissors03:11
i-kill-frogsand then i said yes, i have killed stuff03:11
bazhangi-kill-frogs, not on topic here please stop03:11
TheHackOpsbut yea i think Netflix can detect DNS leakage03:11
i-kill-frogsthat was the first time i ever killed a frog03:11
i-kill-frogsbazhang: bug off03:11
i-kill-frogsand since then, i have been killing frogs03:11
i-kill-frogssorry bazhang03:11
sruliTheHackOps: it surely can, question is if it does,03:11
i-kill-frogsdid not realize you are op.03:12
bazhangstay on topic here i-kill-frogs03:12
i-kill-frogsok sorry03:12
TheHackOpssruli, I think thats one way they prevent content circumvention03:12
i-kill-frogshow do i cr@x0r an ubuntu passw0rd?03:12
bazhangi-kill-frogs, you dont03:12
i-kill-frogsi need to hack the computer at the zoo03:12
i-kill-frogsand it runs ubuntu03:12
bazhangi-kill-frogs, again off topic03:12
i-kill-frogsthe location of all the frogs is stored on it03:13
i-kill-frogssoo i must crack the ubuntu  login password03:13
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belestHello! Help, please to install fpc and lazarus. Is it possible to install them without of mass uninstall?03:24
wyoungbelest: free pascal and lazarus :/  personally i would develop in python instead.03:26
wyoungi am quite sure not many people here can help you with that.  perhaps a lazarus specific channel will be a better place to look (or mailing list).03:27
belestOk, going to lazarus channel...03:28
wyoungi wish i could help more :(03:29
bazhangbe patient wyoung and learn, and help when you can03:29
Bashing-om!info lazarus xenial | bele03:30
ubottubele: lazarus (source: lazarus): IDE for Free Pascal - SDK dependency package. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6+dfsg-1 (xenial), package size 26 kB, installed size 128 kB03:30
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ziggiplease help04:14
joshua__i am new to ubunru04:14
Gobbertziggi: what do you need help with?04:14
ziggii am04:14
joshua__boot speed was very slow04:15
joshua__2 min to boot04:15
joshua__but windows machine was very fast04:15
ziggihow to instal adobe flash player to firefox   linux mint?04:15
joshua__go to addons04:17
joshua__search for flash04:17
joshua__any 104:18
Bashing-om!mint | ziggi04:19
ubottuziggi: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:19
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ziggiah ok  ))  its new version update04:20
joshua__how to increase boot speed04:21
darkbluejoshua__, the best way is do not shut your system down...04:22
joshua__dark blue but i m using laptop04:24
Bashing-omjoshua__: Boot speed analsys : http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/systemd-blame.html tutorial .04:26
infectiiousanyone got any good termite guides for ubuntu? I've got it installed but havn't configured anything yet.04:34
Guest68383FAST SUPPORT NEEDED IN IRC.REMOVED.US #DSLR WHITES ONLY NO NIGGER'S OR SPICS!!!!!!! jelatta Mibix edwinp[m] Swant LiMp^ Ad1Tech Kjartan SQL syadnom simulated ChrisOei ahoneybun CrazyEddy bigpresh jtrucks Electrometro lift JoshuaACasey axsuul anononon[m] [AMSG]04:57
lotuspsychje!ask | devstronger05:15
ubottudevstronger: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:15
lotuspsychje!ask | beqa05:30
ubottubeqa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:30
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beqai just installed ubuntu few days ago.. so im begginer n sorry if there will be some mistakes , my english is not great:)05:33
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ngaiocompiz is constantly crashing for me in 16.10. Error: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '/proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0000:01:00.0'05:56
ngaioit's getting to be quite destructive given it kills all of my running applications too, except Gnome Files for some reason05:57
ngaioit's triggered when I use VirtualBox05:57
beqaare u used kill comand ?05:58
ngaioit dies all by itself05:58
ngaiosometimes it restarts, sometimes it doesn't and I need to reset05:59
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ngaioI've been using Ubuntu for about a decade now and this is definitely the most difficult bug I've encountered06:01
davidohave you tried tailing /var/log/syslog and doing whatever needs to be done to trigger the fail?06:01
davidoi'm not sure you would find anything useful there but may be worth a shot06:02
eodchop(eodchop) Hi all. I have a bash script that calls tcpdump as the last command. Tcpdump is starting, but the script is not exciting after tcpdump starts. This script is started by cron hourly. This is causing several pids to stack up of the script.I have tried using the '&' to background it like i would from the CLI.... What is the proper way to background tcpdump and have the script return 0 status?06:02
beqacan i turn off join/remove notifications ?06:03
davidobeqa that's up to your irc client06:04
ngaiodavido, does this look useful to anyone? kernel: [18889.622835] compiz[4879]: segfault at 80 ip 00007f5f6fe58656 sp 00007ffe42545250 error 4 in libunityshell.so[7f5f6fc47000+5df000]06:05
cfhowlettask your ubuntu questions, cris1906:41
cris19dove posso scaricare?06:41
cfhowlett!it | cris1906:41
ubottucris19: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)06:41
cfhowlett!it | ron_07:01
ubotturon_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)07:01
ron_Yes but, I'm french :D07:01
cfhowlettEnglish in this channel.07:02
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:02
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gebruikerhow can I add a user automatically with the system groups as the one with the installation07:03
pronetsystem > User and groups. Then add one07:09
* homejoe 07:09
* homejoe 07:09
pronetAll configs of the proir user account must be done on a separate account. @gebruiker07:10
johnfluxsystemd is running a "java" process with is using 300% cpu.07:10
johnfluxAny idea what this could be?07:10
johnfluxah, found it :)07:13
JollyOmoleubuntu would been making the first smart tvs07:21
cfhowlettJollyOmole, is there a question there?07:21
JollyOmolehad they not allow themselves to be dimwitted dumbasses that assumed they can just act clueless when they question about programming07:21
JollyOmolehello howlett07:22
cfhowlettJollyOmole, enough.  this is the tech support channel.  chitchat goes to #ubuntu-offtopic07:22
JollyOmoleoh its about ubuntu as a group, and assembly07:22
JollyOmolenot really offtopic material... but irrelavent...07:22
JollyOmoleso hows unity coming along?07:22
cfhowlett!details | JollyOmole07:23
ubottuJollyOmole: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.07:23
JollyOmolehowlette.. that was irrelavent to my question07:23
JollyOmoleor is unity just to be the adbeflash mockup?07:24
JollyOmolebut see y'all was callin ubuntu core's unity, which also made me wonder07:24
nightshow hard can this be07:24
nightshow do i append $(hostname) while reading a while in a bash script?07:24
nights*a file07:25
JollyOmoleyou can look up the daemon code in the manual07:26
civWhat's opc07:26
nightsbecause you dont know07:26
JollyOmolejust type ? before the applied command07:26
JollyOmoleunless the manufiles07:26
JollyOmoleare still being removed/edited07:27
JollyOmoleor bugged out07:27
JollyOmolethen just use the connection manager07:27
JollyOmolei dnt know what your trying to do on your computer, no... could you elaborate?07:27
JollyOmoleoh missing manual files07:28
JollyOmolegosh, might check lost&found, and remove the containers off it.07:28
JollyOmolegosh darn they all going to skype to chat now07:32
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pronetguys, Does inter linking motherboards through  pci  enabale multi-processors exploitation?07:43
=== phili_ is now known as archive
PolarcraftSo right now I have a script that looks for a session name, but I need to find only the screen session. How would I go about changing this so it would only look for screens with a certain name? "if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep $screen > /dev/null"08:01
yellabs-r2hello all , does some one know how to auto advance to next apge with evince pdf view ( this is for a presentation )08:01
yellabs-r2apge = page08:02
cfhowlettyellabs-r2, use libreoffice impress08:02
yellabs-r2for pdf ?08:02
cfhowlettevince is a no-frills viewer.  so things like autoadvance are absent08:03
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
cfhowlettnow impressive, on the other hand, will absolutely do autoadvance.  however, terminal based ...08:04
yellabs-r2impressive ?08:06
cfhowlett!info impressive08:07
ubottuimpressive (source: impressive): PDF presentation tool with eye candies. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.1-1 (yakkety), package size 169 kB, installed size 436 kB08:07
alkisgHi, I'm trying to print on a hp laserjet cp1515n on Ubuntu 16.04, and I'm getting "data" instead of normal printouts, like "JZJZ4$ZZ on top + empty page". This worked fine in previous Ubuntu versions. Other HP printers work fine in 16.04. So I'm suspecting an issue with the .ppd file?08:13
hateballalkisg: what driver are you using? perhaps the wizard picked the wrong one for you08:15
alkisghateball: I tried with the jetdirect one, and with the dnssd one08:15
alkisg(both do mention the correct printer name of course)08:16
hateballalkisg: by jetdirect, you mean the hpijs driver?08:16
=== jz is now known as Guest45138
alkisghateball: so, I click on add network printer. I get two options, one to add the printer via ip on port 9100 as an appsockete/hp jetdirect printer,08:16
yellabs-r2thanks for the tip , impressive is a cool program, some one should take time to write a gui for it ..08:17
alkisghateball:  and another one to add it via dns-sd, so I select that second one in case the printer ip changes08:17
yellabs-r2but for now , i can slide show any pdf file , nice !08:17
hateballalkisg: either should be fine, but you should be able to pick driver as well08:17
hateballalkisg: or if the wizard does that for you, at least be able to edit the one used08:17
alkisghateball: then I get the driver selection dialog, and I select HP => Color LaserJet CP1215 (suggested) foomatic/foo2hp08:17
hateballalkisg: do you have any other options? like hpijs08:18
alkisgNo, I only have 1 option there08:18
hateballalkisg: do you have hplip installed ?08:18
alkisghateball: hrm, while typing it, I noticed "1215" vs "1515" which is the printer model08:18
alkisghateball: hmm, it's "state=rc" for unknown reason... thanks, installing...08:19
alkisghateball: thank you very much, printing works fine now, will investigate why hplip was in "rc" state. :) You're great!08:22
hateballalkisg: :)08:22
hateballprobably left in broken state after some upgrade or other08:22
ooxiI'm running Ubuntu 16.04, should I use syslog or journald for logging of my docker container?08:34
ooxiwhich does ubuntu use by default for other services?08:34
ikoniathey do the same thing and can be used in conjunction08:35
ikoniayou can use journald to log to syslog for example08:35
ooxi@ikonia yes but which should be the primary target?08:36
ikoniaup to you08:37
ooxior does ubuntu not have one and some services use syslog while other use journald?08:37
ikoniathere isn't a rule08:37
ooxithanks :)08:37
HairTodayHow can I restore a single fie from a single package without re-installing said package?  is there a like a .deb I can download for this package?08:46
Ben64HairToday: explain what you're trying to do08:46
HairTodayvlc-data - I was trying to remove the santa hat icon and I accidentally over wrote the orignal icon08:46
HairTodaythe original file is in the vlc-data package08:47
Ben64what's bad about reinstalling it08:47
HairTodayWouldn't it reset my setting and other undesirables?08:47
hateballHairToday: apt-get download vlc-data, open with your archive manager of choice and extract the file you want08:48
Ben64your settings wouldn't be affected08:48
HairTodayhateball, Thank You!!  Thats also good information for the future08:48
HairTodayThank you Ben6408:48
testtest001Hey all, I have a ubuntu 16.04 and there's something strange with nautilus : when I run an executable compiled through make and GCC that opens a window it works in terminal but when double clicking in nautilus it does nothing08:49
roryOnce a minute or so, my external monitor goes black for a second before coming back on. I tried a different monitor which has the same issue, and also a different displayport cable.09:10
roryI can't see anything in syslog when this happens, is there anywhere else I should look?09:10
ikoniarory: do you have multiple monitors/laptop monitors ?09:13
roryI have one external monitor + built-in laptop monitor09:14
ikoniaso you see this behaviour sometimes while the monitors sync with each other and align each other, the flashing is the detection09:14
roryi seem to be able to trigger it more often by moving my cursor between displays09:14
roryweird flashing artifact yes09:14
roryMATE desktop 16.0409:15
subho99I am trying to Reverse Tether my Android, and I have followed this guide: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28857402/reverse-tethering-of-several-android-devices-via-usb09:20
subho99However I wan't to know if it's possible to use play store while reverse tethering my android09:21
subho99Because as it is mentioned play store and some other apps don't work while revese tethering.09:22
subho99Is there any workaround?09:22
roryit happens if I switch my display manager to Compiz, or to Marco (no compositor)09:23
subho99This guide doesn't work for me(the last part i.e. temporarily using 3G). Here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=228749409:23
rorywhere is the space coming from in the output of: date +"%Y%m%d-%k%M%S"09:26
rory20161219- 9262409:26
roryI swear it wasn't doing this on Friday09:27
jcHaving a little trouble with cupsd in that it restarts at 06:25 every morning without fail, rendering pending print jobs unprintable. How can I prevent this service from restarting? upstart and cron.daily aren't providing any clues.09:30
=== Humbedoo` is now known as Humbedooh
DuzzyHey, is it possible to get back a deleted file somehow? Running 16.0409:42
roryDuzzy: in theory yes, check this http://askubuntu.com/a/676247/6296909:46
roryDuzzy: stop writing to the drive immediately09:47
Duzzyrory: im checking that page now yeah09:47
roryDuzzy: you should consider the file lost though09:49
DuzzyI've used vi to edit that file, maybe vi does save some kind of swap/backup file somewhere?09:50
DuzzyNo hidden files in the folder though09:50
Duzzyso if it does, they are somewhere else09:50
rorymaybe in /tmp09:50
rorydont think so though09:50
DuzzyIts a script, and its being run by cron, know if cron saves something? :S09:51
roryit does not09:51
DuzzyOkay.. I'll just rewrite it then, thanks rory09:52
=== vinleod is now known as vdamewood
=== rory is now known as guest
korosohow can i remove directory /etc/ssh please?10:06
jroachcd /etc10:07
jroachrm -rf ssh10:07
guestkoroso: why?10:17
guesthow can I solve this problem with installing mysql-client-5.5 - apt-get -f install performs no action http://paste.ubuntu.com/23652732/10:18
korosobecause i can solve a pb with openssh-server10:18
guestsudo rm -rf /etc/ssh10:18
korosoand i can remove openssh-server10:18
guestI think if you need to ask this, you ought not to be removing that directory though.10:19
guestwhat are you trying to do overall10:19
guestyou can "apt-get remove openssh-server"10:19
ikoniaguest: stop using a PPA10:20
ikoniaguest: thats how you can solve the mysql client problem10:20
korosoit doent work10:20
ikoniakoroso: whats the problem you have10:20
guestdon't think I'm using a ppa. Nothing listed in /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*10:21
ikoniaguest: I suspect you are10:21
ikoniaguest: as there are broken packages, that would be unlikley in the main repo10:21
ikoniaguest: where are you getting mysql from (what repo)10:21
ikoniaguest: look at why libdbi-perl is not available for example10:22
guestmain I assume. Here is my apt-get update http://paste.ubuntu.com/23652748/10:22
guestPackage libdbi-perl is not available, but is referred to by another package.10:22
ikoniaguest: mysql 5.5 is not in precise10:23
guestThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or10:23
ikoniaso where are you getting that10:23
ikoniaoh wait, is it10:23
ikoniahang on10:23
DHEGLENKi have the problem monitor on pc10:23
guestlet me bounce the server it might be a snafu10:23
ikoniaerr no10:23
ikoniathats not going to fix anything10:24
ikonia!info mysql-client-5.510:24
ubottuPackage mysql-client-5.5 does not exist in yakkety10:24
guestit could, I already had mysql-client-core.5.5 installed10:24
guestgo back to clean base.10:24
ikoniaguest: again - thats not i nyour repo10:24
ikoniaguest: a reboot won't "clean" anything10:24
guestwell it got installed from somewhere10:24
guestnot a reboot10:24
guesta new server10:24
Ben64precise, not yakkety10:24
ikoniayes, I was looking in precise on packages.ubuntu.com10:24
guestshoot the cattle10:25
ikoniait doesn't show as a valid package name10:25
guesti got it from trying to run "mysql" command10:25
ikoniamysql-client-5.5 is not listed as a valid package10:25
guestand it said I should install mysql-client-core-5.510:25
Ben64!info mysql-client-5.5 precise10:25
ubottumysql-client-5.5 (source: mysql-5.5): MySQL database client binaries. In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.53-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 7935 kB, installed size 28479 kB10:25
* Ben64 shrugs10:25
guesttried that, but then later needed mysqldump command, which says I should install mysql-client-5.510:25
guestwhich brought me to this point10:26
ikoniathat shows no mysql-client-5.510:26
FinalX5.5 might be in backports, but precise default is mysql-{server,client}-5.1, not 5.510:26
guestI'm not lying...10:26
FinalXoh, not even in backports.10:26
guestnew instance coming up I'll let you know10:26
FinalXI'm running 50 precise installs, they don't have 5.5.10:26
guesthopefully this isn't configured with a later repo or something batshit like that10:27
guestwouldnt put it past the new dev team10:27
=== Henric_ is now known as Henric
FinalXah, yeah, in updates.10:28
Ben64looks like guest is missing some repos10:28
guesttbh I could just install 5.110:29
jroachis there a substitute for the super key on a chromebook?10:29
guestroot@ip-10-86-11-209:~# mysql10:29
guestThe program 'mysql' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:10:29
guestapt-get install mysql-client-core-5.510:29
Ben64guest: fix your repo list10:29
guestit's untouched10:30
Ben64pastebin it10:30
srulii am having problems with blutooth headset a2dp profile, after a minute or so the audio looses sync, i have to reconnect every time to get back in sync, how can i resolve this?10:30
Ben64why didn't stuff like 'deb http://eu-west-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted' show up on your apt-get update then?10:31
guesthang on this is a new instance. it might still be configuring itsself. 1 min10:32
guestwhen i run apt-get update now I DO see those10:33
Ben64then why wasn't it on the one you pastebinned earlier10:34
guestThe one I pastebinned earlier was from before I terminated the instance and got a new one10:34
guestpossible the old instance was in a broke/partially-configured state10:35
guestnow I DO see PPAs on this inatcne10:35
guestregardless, I'm now able to install mysql-client-5.510:36
guestso it sounds like that was the case to start with10:36
guestsorry for waste of time10:37
korosowhat's that mean /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 1: Bad configuration option: \357\273\27710:38
Ben64line 1 has that weird stuff in it10:39
guestkoroso: if you want to be sure then "cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config" and put it on http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel.10:41
korosothere is no error see it please http://paste.ubuntu.com/23652816/10:42
Ben64there is, or the error wouldn't exist10:43
Ben64sounds like you edited the file with some wonky editor10:44
eversonHi all, using 16.04 desktop, I have multiple terminals open that are SSHd into different servers. In old versions of Ubuntu I would see window "titles" in the taskbar with the server names, ie: everson@freenode, everson@othernode, etc. - but now I can't, and having to alt-tab is getting a bit frustrating. Any tips on how to get the window titles to display in the taskbar again? Thanks10:44
korosoi open this file with libreoffice is it possible that is the problem?10:45
ikoniathe problem is line 1 has bad info it it10:47
korosohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23652816/ can you verify please and tell me because i dont see any error10:48
ikoniakoroso: that is not the default ubuntu config file10:48
ikoniawhere has that come from10:48
korosoi just change Port10:49
avellanedasmorning people10:49
ikoniakoroso: I'd be looking for hidden caracters10:49
ikoniakoroso: visually it looks fine10:49
ikoniakoroso: what text editor did you change it in10:49
korosook thank you10:49
avellanedasfucking freaks10:50
korosomaybe that is the error10:50
korosoi must have use notepad10:50
korososince i change port with libreoffice it doesnt work anymore10:51
ikoniakoroso: have you found the hidden chars ?10:51
korosoi will see10:51
korosohow can i do it?10:53
Ben64maybe you saved it strangely10:54
Ben64i'd suggest using something more basic, like nano10:54
ikoniawise words Ben6410:55
korosocan i just remove /etc/ssh/sshd_config and reinstall it?11:00
korosobecause i dont know how to find hidden char11:01
srulikoroso:  "sudo apt-get remove --purge ssh" then "sudo apt install ssh"11:02
guestthat should be openssh-server not "ssh"11:02
sruliGuest: are you sure? that config looks like ssh client to me11:04
guestsshd_config is the ssh daemon (that's what the d stands for)11:04
korosook thank u sruli i try it11:04
Filystyni need ppa key hash11:04
Filystynhow to find that11:05
guestFilystyn: step back a bit, what problem are you experiencing?11:05
Filystynim on debian now extreamly pissed already11:05
srulii am having problems with blutooth headset a2dp profile, after a minute or so the audio looses sync, i have to reconnect every time to get back in sync, how can i resolve this?11:05
Filystyni wanted to add ubuntu repository to dowload glc because idiot who made the build file of it fucked it up11:05
bazhangFilystyn, no cursing here11:06
Filystynthat's not coursing stay on topic11:06
guestwe won't help with your debian problems here Filystyn - at any rate, trying to add an Ubuntu PPA on Debian will almost certainly be a bad idea11:06
Filystynjust where do i find the key11:06
Filystyni don't care how bad idea it is11:06
gueston the launchpad page for the PPA11:06
Filystynthis? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas11:07
Filystyni see no key here11:07
guestFilystyn: link the PPA page itsself11:08
guestFilystyn: what PPA?11:08
guestit's a different key for every PPA11:08
bazhangFilystyn, please dont use the enter key as punctuation11:08
guestFilystyn: https://launchpad.net/~arand/+archive/ubuntu/ppa11:09
guestepand "technical details about this PPA"11:09
Filystynfound it11:09
Filystynit was in *technical data11:09
Filystynadding the fuckign key11:10
bazhangFilystyn, no cursing here at all11:10
guestFilystyn: you're on your own now anyway. Or go to #debian and tell them you're having trouble adding an Ubuntu PPA (please :P)11:11
ArrghusI have a computer with a 15GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. Would there be any problems with installing Ubuntu on the SSD and using the HDD for file storage (asking because 15GB is below recommended disk size for 16.04.01)?11:11
Filystynbut you helped me thank you11:11
FilystynGod Bless11:11
ArrghusOr is there some other alternative I should know about?11:12
guestArrghus: should be OK, just be aware the automatic partitioning will put a swap partition on the root drive, so you won't have access to the full 15GiB11:12
FinalXArrghus: depends on your setup and what you're using it for. Ubuntu server can be a few hundred MB's, Desktops take a lot more, and if you want to upgrade it's also advisable to have a lot more. You can also mount partitions of the 1TB in system places as well.11:12
guestArrghus: you could use custom partitioning to put the /home directory on the extra drive11:12
sruliArrghus: if you set your /home partition on the 1tb should work fine (might want to skip the swap or put that on the 1tb too)11:13
FinalXon my server I'm using 16.04 on a 16 GB SLC stick, and that uses 4.4 GB now. everything else is on other drives, incl LXC-containers etc.11:13
ArrghusMoving /home to the HDD seems sensible.11:13
ArrghusGood to know, means I don't have to fiddle around trying to modify the laptop if I want that SSD speed. Thanks people.11:14
LinuxNovicehello, anybody online here? I needed some help in choosing a suitable DE for my old laptop. which one is more suited for it Mate or XFCE?11:15
CrazyHdoes anyone know how to get the multiple workspaces working in Ubuntu 16.04? I've tried everything that the Web has to offer. None of it works :-(11:15
guestLinuxNovice: Either are better than Unity for older machines. IMO Ubuntu MATE edition.11:16
sruliCrazyH: what is the problem exactly?11:17
LinuxNoviceBut, I have heard that Xfce is more lightweight. Why do you prefer Mate?11:17
LinuxNoviceIs there any advantage of using Mate over Xfce?11:18
guestBecause I liked Ubuntu 10.04 and want to continue using it with a more up to date version of Firefox :P11:18
guestThey really are much the same11:18
guestWhy not download both and try them out in a live environment?11:18
CrazyHsruli, I right click on workspace swither and click preferences. I tell it that I want 8 workspaces showed in 1 row. I click close. Nothing happens. When I re-visit preferences I see that it has ignored what I told it and reset to default. I tried enabling workspaces under Appeareance settings. Made no differenace. I tried installing / running compiz manager. Made no difference.11:18
LinuxNoviceI am new to Linux. I have this old laptop which came with WinXP.11:18
guestXubuntu might be slightly more lightweight but there isn't much in it. The layout of MATE is just more familiar to me.11:19
guesthow much RAM does the laptop have LinuxNovice ?11:19
CrazyHsruli, I'm running a brand new install of ubuntu 16.04 64 bit with gnome flashback / compiz session11:20
LinuxNovice2gb RAM.11:20
guesteither will be fine.11:20
guestgo with the one you prefer the look of.11:20
LinuxNoviceIt has Intel Celeron M Single core processor with 1.5 GHz, 2 gb RAM, and 40 gb hdd.11:20
CrazyHsruli, I'm upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04. All of this worked in 12.04, so something changed that broke it between 12.x and 16.x :-/11:21
LinuxNoviceIs RAM the only consideration?11:21
LinuxNovicewhat about processor?11:21
guestpretty much yes11:21
guestThere's not much more info I can give you LinuxNovice11:21
guestdownload each and try them from a USB11:21
sruliCrazyH: dont know in gnome11:22
CrazyHsruli, is there a way to trouble shoot it? Is there a log file that workspace switcher writes to or something like that?11:22
sruliCrazyH: i've never really used workspace switcher, not sure, someone else might be able to help?11:23
LinuxNoviceI tried other distros like Peppermint OS. When doing multiple tasks the maximum RAM consumed doesn't exceep 1GB and I have 2 GBs of RAM. But, the CPU usage reaches 100% most of the times and the system becomes slow.11:24
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guestLinuxNovice: try this https://www.bunsenlabs.org/ but you won't get support for it here.11:25
LinuxNoviceI have tried a couple of distros from USB. But, the issue is the same.11:25
=== littlebit1 is now known as littlebit
LinuxNoviceok. I'll try that.11:25
CrazyHsruli, thanks for trying11:26
pronetid prefer lubuntu to start with @linuxnovice11:26
LinuxNovicepronet, I have tried that too.11:27
theshahow do i bring back a file in original after i made the changes using git?11:30
guestthesha: have you committed the file?11:31
theshaguest: i use git commit -s -v11:32
guestthesha: just help me understand: you made a change to the file, then staged the change for commit using "git add", then you committed the change with "git commit" ?11:32
ubunboI having a problem with the sound card11:33
ubunboI restart the time did not pull out headphones, and then the volume control which can not see my sound card11:34
ubunboubuntu 16.0411:34
theshaguest: i remove braces then i staged it using git add and after that i use git commit -s -v then i checked again , it was causing extra blank line so i gone to the code and remove the single blank line and save it .now i want the file as it was earlier11:35
pronetDownload Alsa Mixer. > Enable Jack sense11:35
guestthesha: type "git log" you will see a list of commits and their IDs. IDs look like this ff317501a500dd9ab0841339fd098ae3c49614ca11:36
theshayes and after that11:36
guestthesha: check out the file from the previous commit with this command: git checkout commit_id filename11:36
guestthesha: you can check out any file from any commit using that method.11:37
pronetubunbo: apt-get gnome alsa mixer11:37
ubunbopronet:let me try,thank you~11:38
guestthesha: and next time ask in #git :)11:38
guestubunbo: for managing sound stuff I like the program pavucontrol over the built-in sound app.11:38
theshaguest: but the braces are not there11:39
guestdid you definitely check out from the correct commit id?11:39
guestdidn't accidentally select the one later than the one you wanted?11:40
guestthesha: recommend following these https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/saving-changes/git-commit11:41
guestthesha: and asking further questions in #git  rather than here.11:41
ubunbopronet, This method is invalid11:41
theshaguest: yes i copied it and paste it ,it executed git checkout commit_id11:41
ubunboguest, I need hotkey......11:42
CrazyHsruli, any idea where I can view the soruce code for workspace switcher? I know that the code is available, I just don't know the official name of the workspace switcher program11:45
sruliCrazyH: sorry i dont11:46
theshaguest: thanks for your time11:47
CrazyHsruli, is there a way to use tail -f to monitor the database that dconf writes to / reads from? If so, I could use that to track down some of whats attempting to be done behind the scenes11:51
sruliCrazyH: i really dont know, you are better of asking the channel than me directly11:51
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=== Guest31423 is now known as bdsuicidesquad
eversonHi all, using 16.04 desktop, I have multiple terminals open that are SSHd into different servers. In old versions of Ubuntu I would see window "titles" in the taskbar with the server names, ie: everson@freenode, everson@othernode, etc. - but now I can't, and having to alt-tab is getting a bit frustrating. Any tips on how to get the window titles to display in the taskbar again? Thanks12:13
srulieverson: are you using regular ubuntu unity? i see user@domain in the title of each tab12:17
eversonsruli, yup. And yeah it's in the tab of the terminal, but in my panel I want to the title of the windows in my workspace - like old school ubuntu / OS interfaces.12:18
wonderworldeverson: maybe try another terminal app like guake12:19
srulieverson: when u right click on terminal icon what do you get?12:19
eversonsruli, yeah I get the window list. I'm wanting to see the actual title previews in the panel of each open window though - make sense? Just one click away, or better yet I can alt-tab more easily between windows open in my workspace (so multiple terminal windows don't stack).12:21
everson(Not sure if I'm phrasing all the jargon correctly, apologies if that is the case)12:21
srulieverson: if i understand correctly, you want 1, not to group icons of same open applications. 2, display text with icon in panel?12:24
eversonsruli, yup! :)12:25
eversonsruli, have a look at this screenshot - the bottom left "andrei@andrei-desktop" - I want one of those "window previews" open for each open window. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-vWw7vXIJHUE/T75bI5piXJI/AAAAAAAAJAk/pUhkW8VhsPc/s1600/ambiance-before-fix-gnome-classic.png12:26
ufki use pm2 to respawn nodejs processes if they get killed. i have here a nodejs process that crashes and then pm2 always tries to restart it, it consumes a lot of resources until it causes my server to be unresponsive and I need to use the aws console (amazon) to restart the server. can't I add some sort of limitation so this issue would occur again ?12:28
=== pasha is now known as Guest84916
srulieverson: maybe try unity tweak see what you can achieve, a google search shows many options but a quick search i only found ones which you need to install packages from ppa's  search https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#tbs=qdr:y&q=show+application+preview+in+panel+ubuntu12:34
=== MRK is now known as mrk
eversonsruli, I've tried unity tweak tool as well as compiz config manager, no luck with either. But thanks for assistance12:42
eversonI probably just need to find a way to use "classic" / old-school desktop with 16.0412:42
Harishello all12:43
HarisI'm on 14.04 lts12:43
HarisI changed /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini to have post_max_size=15M. On apache restart its still showing the default 8M value. what went wrong ?12:43
=== mrk is now known as mrkl
eversonHaris, it's possible that it is being overwritten in a local .htaccess file12:46
sruliHaris: you might also need to change the "upload_max_filesize = 15M"12:47
eversonHaris, otherwise it might be being said at runtime in one of your applications php scripts. Look out for a command: init_set("post_max_size", "8M"); or something along those lines12:47
A_C_Mbekks: Heya. The culprit for my problem was udisks. As soon as I've uninstalled it, the HDDs went quite even under heavy load (read copy), grinding once in 10-15seconds. And the HDDs are going to sleep after 30mins of inactivity without worries.12:52
HarisI'm not using any app12:56
=== BioKee is now known as Guest20005
Harisafter php.ini tweak, I'm running php -i | less in shell/cli to check what value these variables have on global scope12:57
Harisupload_max_filesize=20M and post_max_size=15M12:57
Harisshould work ?12:57
Harisboth values are not taking affect12:58
Harisas configured in config file12:58
Haris:o ubuntu has separate config files for cli and non-cli interface ?12:59
Ben64Haris: what13:00
Haristhere's /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and /etc/php5/cli/php.ini13:00
Ben64well yeah, gotta be more careful with publicly accessible stuff13:01
quantibilityI have REINSTALLED 4 times in as Many days and now have finally leveled out.. Several times i have lost my launcher bar in attempts to customize my desktops and such. I am now afraid to customize for fear for screwing up before i actually get to save my user...13:11
quantibilityi went from xubuntu, saved my user and moved on to Ubuntu, and after the last attempt and making the same mistake, i actually fixed the problem but lose everthing.. which was ok.. i was just starting out.. Unity is what im working with i think that caused the issue.13:13
wmei52yy(*@ο@*) 哇~13:14
altinhow do I mount a nfs3 filesystem in ubuntu?13:20
altinI installed nfs-common, I can mount nfs4 but not nfs3 ?13:21
Blazing420i see purple trees13:22
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Blazing420i see purple trees13:28
BluesKajHiyas all13:31
makos2000sup guys13:33
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Blazing420it's all turning purple!13:42
Blazing420PURPLE STUFF13:42
cfhowlettBlazing420, please play elsewhere.  not amusing and completely offtopic in this channel13:43
Blazing420cfhowlett: sorry13:44
ufki wanna setup cgroup for nodejs processes not to take all system resources. i'm a bit confused on how to do that. i want to configure that all the processes in the nodejs group won't take more then 90% cpu. how can i do that ?13:44
Blazing420but i speak the truth13:45
Blazing420i ate all my wife's home made brownies13:45
Blazing420but before i even finished eating them all, they turned purple13:45
Blazing420and then the trees started turning purple13:45
Blazing420and everything turned purple13:45
Blazing420cfhowlett: help me13:46
Blazing420what is happening to me?13:46
jamesrleimersomeone had special brownies this morning13:49
fission6whats the best way to upgrade my ec2 which is version Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS13:55
cfhowlettfission6, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade13:55
fission6is that pretty painless cfhowlett13:56
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cfhowlettfission6, test it for yourself with a simulation:  apt-get -s update && apt-get -s dist-upgrade13:57
cfhowlettfission6, sorry.  apt-get -s dist-upgrade will show the projected changes.13:57
rizonzanyone a clue here ? I cannot get it installed14:00
yao_ziyuanhow do i manually create an icon on unity's sidebar?14:01
yao_ziyuani.e. the left-side bar.14:01
=== cubic is now known as Guest4910
sruliyao_ziyuan: shortcut to installed app or custom launcher?14:06
ArrghusArrghus here again. 16GB SSD person from 3 hours ago. I've made the necessary backups and am now installing Ubuntu. I'm at step 4: Installation type, and am unsure whether to "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" or choose "Something else" and try to fiddle with the partitioning system (am not much used to partitioning).14:08
sruliArrghus: something else...14:08
sruliArrghus: are you going for en encrypted partition?14:09
=== thesha is now known as thesha|away
wiggmpkHow would I list all i386 installed packages?14:10
ArrghusNot necessarily. I've done it before, I know how it works, but right now I don't see much of a benefit to it. Nor a downside, though.14:10
cfhowlettwiggmpk, dpkg -l | grep i38614:10
wiggmpkthanks mate14:10
wiggmpkany way to safely remove them without it removing things like "wine-staging, ubuntu-gnome-desktop, etc"?14:11
sruliArrghus: make 2 partitions in the ssd, 1 around "256mb ext2 /boot" another with rest of space "ext4 /" "ext4 /home", bootloader should be in the ssd14:12
sruliArrghus: you can make a swap partition in the 1tb drive aswell14:12
cfhowlettwiggmpk, see for yourself with a simulation: apt-get remove -s *i386*14:12
wiggmpkcfhowlett: simulation? this is new to me lol14:13
cfhowlettwiggmpk, the "-s" triggers the sim14:13
wiggmpkcfhowlett: so it just shows you what will be removed?14:13
cfhowlettwiggmpk, yep.14:14
wiggmpkcfhowlett: it is weird it wants to remove my nvidia drivers...14:14
wiggmpkcfhowlett: I was trying this "sudo apt remove .*:i386" but it was going to remove a whole lot more14:15
=== phil is now known as Guest49350
cfhowlettwiggmpk, why do you hate 386?14:15
Arrghussruli: "" another with rest of space "ext4 /" "ext4 /home" "" is this one or two partitions?14:15
wiggmpkcfhowlett: I don't, I just have OCD14:15
wiggmpkcfhowlett: installed a few native linux games that require 32bit libs and I would rather have the libs inside the game directory to keep things tidy14:16
sruliArrghus: ext4 = partition type, /, /boot. /home are mount points, you will see them in the dropdown when configuring the partition14:16
cfhowlettwiggmpk, understood.14:16
wiggmpkcfhowlett: only because some games require older 32bit libs that I had to manually download to begin with, OCD lol14:16
wiggmpkcfhowlett: so, I suppose I can't stop apt from removing packages like my nvidia drivers? I just have to reinstall them afterwards?14:18
cfhowlettso it would seem.  perhaps best to just live with the status quo?14:19
wiggmpkI wish they wouldn't have gotten rid of the ia32 pacakge14:19
Arrghussruli: Ok, so I set up a small space for the bootloader first. Then should I give the rest to root? Or home? Or make two separate partitions in the SSD, one for each? I don't seem to be able to make a partition that mounts at both root and home?14:20
wiggmpkArrghus: a single partition that mounts at / would contain /home14:21
wiggmpkArrghus: unless you want to separate them, makes for easier disaster recovery IMO14:21
ArrghusThat makes sense.14:21
ArrghusThen do I want to try and do something with the HDD as well?14:22
ArrghusThe HDD resists me creating a new partition table on it, claiming it is in use by "LVM volume group ubuntu-vg".14:23
wiggmpkArrghus: are you using a liveCD or are you booted up like normal?14:25
sruliArrghus: if you have backed up your data dlelete all partitions from the drive to be able to add new partitions14:25
sruliArrghus: you dont setup space for bootloader, you select where to install bootloader from the dropdown at the bottom of partition page. you then split the ssd into 2 partitions, 1 for boot (256mb should be enough) specify type "ext2", mount point select "/boot". for the second partition, specify type "ext4", mount point "/". then select the 1tb drive from list create a partition 2 times the size of your ram and type "swaparea", the rest of partition type "ext4"14:25
ArrghusI'm booting from a memory stick.14:25
wiggmpkArrghus: ^ what sruli said14:26
wiggmpkI really wish Empathy was more feature packed...14:27
FaynWhat happens to scripts in /etc/init in Ubuntu? does systemd manage services in there, or is it via some other system?14:27
cubic1Hello guys, I have few active ports (eth0,1,2) and I need to find out if the active port is on the PCI Ethernet card or the port on the On-board Ethernet. Any hints please ? I'm using Red Hat Linux and I do not have physical access to the server.14:27
cfhowlettcubic1, only 1: ask redhat.14:28
cfhowlett!redhat more than likely.  not supported here.14:28
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:28
wiggmpkFayn: I think you have to make a *.service file nowadays and put it somewhere like /etc/systemd/system/*.service14:28
Picicubic1: Their channel is #rhel (or #centos if you're on that)14:29
wiggmpkFayn: although I am a complete n00b to systemd14:29
cubic1thanks Pici14:29
sruliArrghus: where i wrote "type" i was referring to "Filesystem type", in partition menu the label where you select it might be "Filesystem"14:31
ArrghusI can't seem to manipulate the majority of the HDD directly (except for about a gb at the start) but I can rewrite two partitions under something called "/dev/mapper" which I'm prety sure is the LVM. I can't increase or decrease the sizes of these partitions, but they seem to be about the sizes needed for a swap space and a storage space anyway.14:32
wiggmpkArrghus: it is part of the LVM yes, you would have to delete the partitions and re-create them to do anything with them14:33
wiggmpkArrghus: have you tried using the "guided partitioning" option?14:33
ArrghusHaven't seen anything under that name.14:33
sruliArrghus: can you post a screenshot14:34
ArrghusIRCing from a separate computer.14:34
wiggmpkArrghus: smartphone?14:34
wiggmpkfor the pic14:34
Faynwiggmpk: i'm pretty sure the service showed in systemd even though it wasn't systemd unit file but a file in /etc/init/. do you think ubuntu uses something like https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-sysv-generator.html?14:36
FaynUbuntu server 16.0414:36
wiggmpkFayn: no, you create the unit file and symlink it to /etc/systemd/system/14:38
wiggmpkthen enable the script14:38
wiggmpksystemctl daemon-reload14:39
wiggmpksystemctl enable my_systemd_script.service14:39
wiggmpksystemctl start my_systemd_script.service14:39
wiggmpkFayn: keep in mind, I am very new to systemd and that is just what I pulled off the internet14:39
wiggmpkFayn: it would be best practice to convert your init script to a unit file for systemd14:40
sruliArrghus: have you managed to partition it?14:42
ArrghusEverything except the HDD looks good. Got caught up in smartphone stuff trying to transfer photos of my screen.14:43
wiggmpkmy bad14:44
ArrghusMy old computer and my smartphone don't get along well.14:45
ArrghusI think I've located the photos, but I'm not sure and my old computer can't read whatever format they're stored in, so I'm opening up my old Google Drive account to see if that can read them so I can be sure.14:46
sruliArrghus: cant u upload them to something like snag.gy from your smartphone?14:47
ArrghusProbably. Don't know what that is, I barely use my phone for non-phone things.14:48
jcHaving a little trouble with cupsd in 16.04 in that the service restarts at 06:25 every morning without fail, rendering pending print jobs unprintable. How can I prevent this service from being restarted every morning?14:49
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theoceaniscooljc, Have you checked cron?14:55
jctheoceaniscool: there are cron.daily jobs for upstart and logrotate, but not cups. I can't think that a logrotate would force the cups service to restart14:59
ArrghusOk, this is getting too complicated. Restarting installation with Ubuntu running with it so I can do things more straightforwardly.15:00
sruliArrghus: good idea15:00
ArrghusAlso eating something. I'm running low.15:01
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no_gravityHello! Do you guys install powertop on a new laptop these days?15:05
chocopuff2938This is not exactly related to ubuntu, can't find any others that know about what to do15:07
chocopuff2938it's about GPT table being overwritten15:07
chocopuff2938I was in the process of trying to install OpenBSD, and I chose some automatic partioning option, but what it did was it rewrote the entire table15:07
chocopuff2938into something like 8 partitions15:07
chocopuff2938I have a record of my previous UUIDs  and lsblk output15:08
cfhowlettchocopuff2938, bsd is completely offtopic here15:08
chocopuff2938cfhowlett: no, it's about GPT partitioning15:08
chocopuff2938cfhowlett: it's not a distro related question, its more of about GPT15:08
cfhowletttake it to a bsd channel.  this isn't one.  different OS = different solutions15:09
OerHeksoh dear, run testdisk, maybe it can reveal your partitions, not really an ubuntu issue, more ##linux or #openbsd ?15:09
chocopuff2938oh is there a linux channel?15:09
chocopuff2938i didn't know, thanks15:09
=== for{} is now known as ruthlessness
Picichocopuff2938: ##linux15:09
chocopuff2938cfhowlett: it's not an issue pertaining to the OS15:09
chocopuff2938cfhowlett: it's disk partitioning. i'm just looking around for help, no one really knows15:09
pyBlobI have set up a chroot environment for cross-compiling arm using http://hypernephelist.com/2015/03/09/cross-compilation-made-easy-on-ubuntu-with-sbuild.html15:09
chocopuff2938Oerheks: thanks, testdisk sounds right15:10
pyBlobIn the sbuild-shell, I have installed vim, but it complains that it can't write to /home/ubuntu/.viminfo (although current user is root)15:10
srulii am having problems with blutooth headset a2dp profile, after a minute or so the audio looses sync, i have to reconnect every time to get back in sync, how can i resolve this?15:10
pyBlobalso printing "echo ~" outputs "/home/ubuntu" not "/root"15:10
chocopuff2938cfhowlett: I know it's not exactly an ubuntu issue. but thank you for your help! i really appreciate it. thanks15:10
chocopuff2938Oerheks: actually meant to be directed at you15:11
vkolchevHello, just got a question. Can I use backup tool from settings menu of Ubuntu to backup to Dropbox?15:11
jo__regarding virtual book15:11
ArrghusAnd I have a screenshot https://snag.gy/iQthyV.jpg15:11
chocopuff2938pyBlob what are the permissions on /home/ubuntu/.viminfo15:11
chocopuff2938pyBlob: ls -l /home/ubuntu/.viminfo15:12
pyBlobchocopuff2938: /home/ubuntu does not exist, because I'm in the chroot for building and the current user should be root (whoami -> root), not ubuntu as from the host-system15:12
jo__The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing  '/sbin/vboxconfig'  as root.  where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.15:12
chocopuff2938ah i see. weird. do not know beyond that then15:12
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pyBlobchocopuff2938: ah ok, the ~ receives its value from $HOME, which is set to /home/ubuntu instead of /root -> setting it manually has resolved the issue15:16
R13oseHow do I fix sensitive on my touchpad.  It is way too sensitive to use.15:16
ubuntu533any 115:16
ubuntu533Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)  The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing  '/sbin/vboxconfig'  as root.  where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.15:16
sruliR13ose: settings > Mouse and Touchpad, maybe?15:17
R13oseI forgot to sau using kde15:18
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Guest39715guys, is there any non obtrusive overlay I could use that shows cpu and gpu usage?15:19
theoceaniscoolno_gravity, If I recall correctly, it is installed automatically in Ubuntu15:19
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theoceaniscoolno_gravity, In no-Ubuntu ones, I tend to install it, it does not hurt15:20
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no_gravityTheDankinShip[m]: Ubuntu automatically starts it on boot?15:21
Arrghus2Ok, I've set things up as in https://snag.gy/r9j3RF.jpg and https://snag.gy/JnAr5z.jpg is this good sruli wiggmpk15:21
ArrghusAlso there are two Arrghuses because I'm now logged in from both my old and new computer (new so I can copy-paste easier, old because it's nicer to read/write on a properly set up system)15:23
granjaque haves?15:23
CarlFKGuest39715: look up conky15:23
granjaalguine sabe de una buena distro?15:23
noimnotninevolt!es | granja15:23
ubottugranja: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:23
Guest39715doesn't conky only stand on top of the desktop? I need something to get on top of any current open application15:24
CarlFKGuest39715: which will end up being a ton of work, because it is more of a framework for building custom system info dashboards.15:24
granjajoin #ubuntu-es15:24
CarlFKGuest39715: probably.  you might also want just a little.. status bar meeter?15:25
OerHeks2333327 pages with conky scripts .. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=2327&s=4d564ade621ad6ea471bdc040cabe71815:25
OerHekserr 232715:26
raa1113im newbie here. someone can give me a lesson>15:26
nicomachusOerHeks: not to mention https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn has thousands more15:26
no_gravityHmm.. I installed Linux on an system with 1024x600 pixel. Some system dialogs are unusable because the buttons exceed the screen. Any way to handle that?15:27
sruliArrghus2: 1. for the partition on the 1tb, change the mount point to /home, 2. change the bootloader to /dev/sdb. 3. you can delete the ext2 partition from sda (1tb drive)15:27
OerHeksno_gravity, what linux are you talking about?15:28
OerHeksas you crosspost in debian, i wonder.. as ubuntu does not mess up small screens :-D15:29
no_gravityOerHeks: Mint. It's a mix of Ubuntu and Debian :)15:29
OerHekssee, wrong distro.15:29
sruliArrghus2: send another screenshot of both drives before you proceed to install15:30
nicomachus!mint | no_gravity15:31
ubottuno_gravity: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:31
no_gravitynicomachus: ok15:32
Arrghussruli: 1. done. 2. not sure what you mean. Isn't /dev/sdb1 already a partition on the /dev/sdb drive? 3. Done. Though I'm unsure what the benefit of 500 extra mb of HDD is.15:32
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Guest39715CarlFK, no, because that wouldn't show up with fullscreen applications15:33
Arrghus2sruli https://snag.gy/FeXxG4.jpg https://snag.gy/vajAhU.jpg15:33
FManTXI installed a package, but I cannot find it15:33
nicomachusFManTX: how did you install it?15:33
OerHekspackage without name?15:34
FManTXnothing was written into dpkg.log - I asked apt-get to do it for me15:34
nicomachusFManTX: ok... how did you install this package?15:34
FManTXyou mean the excat comant?15:35
nicomachusyes please.15:35
sruliArrghus, the bootloader gets installed on a drive not a partition, you selected the 1tb drive for the bootloader, ideally it should be on the same drive as the boot partition which in your case is /dev/sdb  (bootloader dropdown is at the bottom, "device for bootloader installation" )15:36
FManTXapt-get install spectemu-x1115:36
ArrghusOh. Right. The drop-down menu.15:36
Arrghus2https://snag.gy/I9slUY.jpg this better15:37
nicomachusFManTX: ok. and now you just need to run it?15:38
sruliArrghus: seems fine15:38
Arrghus2There was to be a question mark, but keyboard hasn't been configured yet so I don't know where those are.15:38
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nicomachusFManTX: open a terminal, type the first few letters and hit <TAB> to autocomplete15:38
ArrghusSo I can go ahead and continue now?15:38
srulianyone recall how to convert upper case to lower case on libre writer?15:39
srulifound it15:39
Amm0nFManTX, "dpkg -s show packagename" to get information about a package and "dpkg -L packagename" to display provided files.15:39
Arrghussruli: I can go ahead and install now?15:40
OerHeksFManTX, xspect <game>.z80   >>> http://mceleney.org.uk/spectemu.php15:40
sruliArrghus: yep15:40
gioansi am a new ubuntu15:43
FManTXI always forget that bash emulates IRC with autocompletion, but it didn't help in this case, since they named the command something completely different15:43
FManTXthank you for those, Amm0n!15:43
FManTXI thought there might be commands to extract that info, but I am a noob :)15:44
Amm0nFManTX, yw but i made an error it's just "dpkg -s packagename"15:45
Amm0nOr "aptitude show"15:45
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ArrghusAnd installation is officially into the automatic stage. Time to go so something else for a bit. Thanks a bunch, sruli, wiggmpk.15:47
sruligood luck15:48
mmdsmy bad15:49
CarlenWhiteDoes ubuntu have multiple MOTDs? Because it seems like on a different user it's pulling some kind of MOTD information and duplicating already present information.16:02
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FinalXhmm, new disk, want to install Ubuntu 16.04 with ZFS root, and Windows 10 next to it. Should work fine in that order, right? Then just fix grub after again with live cd?16:09
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aryan_I am having an issue with python316:11
aryan_where can I get help from ??16:11
Piciaryan_: A programming issue?16:12
compdocmabey #python16:12
aryan_Pici, not programming issue16:12
aryan_but with OS16:12
Piciaryan_: Whats up then?16:12
aryan_I am not able to import bz216:12
aryan_I get error16:12
aryan_in python316:12
aryan_ImportError: No module named '_bz2'16:12
Piciaryan_: That really sounds like an issue for #python16:13
aryan_Pici, really ??16:13
aryan_I thought is ubuntu issue as it works in one PC and not in another :(16:13
compdocaryan_, bz2 is a compression program. you might need to install the package16:14
aryan_compdoc, I have done it16:14
aryan_but while importing via python3, is not working16:15
kang0What's opc server or client16:15
tonytcan ubuntu do dialup internet?16:15
ducassetonyt: you mean like slip/ppp? sure.16:15
Piciaryan_: What release of Ubuntu is this?16:15
compdocaryan_, what did you install?16:15
FinalXaryan_: bz2 library comes from libpython3.5-stdlib in 16.0416:16
Piciaryan_: And you're using the python3 that came with Ubuntu?16:16
aryan_FinalX, yees16:17
aryan_that lib is preinstalled16:17
Piciaryan_: What architecture are you on?16:17
FinalXwhich python3; python3 --version; looks like you're in a virtual environment or something (virtualenv)16:17
=== precise|JimmyJoh is now known as precise
FinalX"which", as in "run the command 'which'"16:18
FinalXand what did "which python3" return?16:18
FinalXit should return /usr/bin/python316:19
aryan_ /usr/local/bin/python316:19
FinalXyou can also check if /usr/lib/python3.5/bz2.py exists .. that's what's installed by the package, libpython3.5-stdlib16:19
FinalXhum, that's not a ubuntu python3, then16:20
FinalXsystem's python3 is installed in /usr/bin/python316:20
FinalXdpkg -S /usr/local/bin/python316:20
aryan_FinalX, ok how do I change ?16:20
FinalX(if it doesn't return a package, python3 was manually compiled/installed on the system)16:20
aryan_to /usr/bin/python3 ?16:21
FinalXwell, first check if someone screwed up your system by installing software without using packages, or whether you're lucky and it's a package that it's coming from, with the dpkg -S command I gave you16:21
FinalXyou can also try and just type the full path to the ubuntu version, /usr/bin/python3 and then "import bz2" should work just fine.16:22
FinalXif that works you can rename /usr/local/bin/python3 to /usr/local/bin/python3.disabled and if needed, symlink /usr/local/bin/python3 to /usr/bin/python3 .. or uninstall the package if you're lucky enough to have it coming from a package.16:22
aryan_FinalX, ok, got that my sis installed it via source code16:25
aryan_can I uninstall that ??16:25
tonytducasse k16:25
FinalXaryan_: no, if you don't use a package, it's a pain in the butt to get it all removed. maybe you can just do "mv /usr/local/bin/python3 /usr/local/bin/python3.disabled"16:26
FinalXthen the files will still be there, but your PATH will then probably prefer /usr/bin/python316:26
FinalXI'm assuming the system's python3 is still fully functionally installed16:26
jnewtI have a program frozen.  when i try to close it from the task bar, i get a save dialog, but cannot access it with mouse or keyboard.  how can i save my work before forcing it closed?16:28
jnewtthe top menu (applications, places, System) is also non-responsive.  it's ubuntu mate btw16:30
OerHeksjnewt, alt tab and space?16:37
quantibilityjnewt, you are saving it to a file right?16:38
quantibilitycan you manaually save the project?16:38
jnewtOerHeks: I can get the window highlighted, but nothing responds within it, no space, enter or mouseclicks16:39
OerHeksjnewt, then i have no clue how to fix that16:40
pavlosjnewt, can you ssh from another computer?16:41
jnewtquantibility, I think the program MPLAB X IDE only saves manually or on shutdown.  There's no auto-save.16:41
pylearnerI have a two line file on the first line set.event.flexString1Label and on the second line some random text I want to on the first line add ,set.event.flexString2Label and on the second line without replacing the random text add a comma and a variable entry I have stored I know sed can do this not sure how to has this out though16:44
jnewtpavlos: port 22: connection refused :( guess i never set up sshd16:45
aryan_Thanks FinalX fixed it :D16:45
jnewtseems like it happened once before after letting the computer sit until the screen locks and then when logging in, it's frozen.16:46
pylearnertrying to accomplish the following with sed http://paste.ubuntu.com/23654072/16:47
=== Rochvellon is now known as Guest9085
FinalXaryan_: glad to be of help :)16:56
srulii am having problems with blutooth headset a2dp profile, after a minute or so the audio looses sync, i have to reconnect every time to get back in sync, how can i resolve this?16:59
waltmanI'm trying to install 16.10 server off a flash drive. After botting I get the message "Input signal out of range. Change settings to 1920x1080 - 60Hz" and then I seem stuck. Any suggestions?17:01
mojtabaI am trying to send messages to #vim, but it says: You cannot send messages to #vim.17:02
mojtabaDo you know why?17:02
ducasse!register | mojtaba17:02
ubottumojtaba: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.17:02
tdannecy_waltman: I think you're going to have to use the ubuntu alternate ISO. https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads17:02
deanmanHello, is it possible to change the "All Settings->Network proxy" method using CLI ?17:05
waltmantdannecy_: Which alternate ISO?17:06
tdannecy_waltman: I don't understand what you mean. The alternate ISO is a low-resourse image that doesn't load a GUI for installation.17:07
mojtabaducasse: I am a registered user, but I can not send messages just to that channel.17:07
ducassemojtaba: ask in #freenode, this is not an ubuntu issue17:08
waltmantdannecy_: I don't understand what you're asking. That page lists network installers and torrent sources.17:08
tdannecy_waltman: You should download a network installer. The network install will hopefully avoid any issues that you have with graphics drivers.17:10
waltmanok, I'll try that.17:10
waltmanOr could I try the server installer?17:11
tdannecy_waltman: Not the server installer. That will give you a bunch of packages you probably won't need.17:14
zzero1how can I have a custom script that I will include in the initramfs executed on initramfs boot ?17:16
pyBlobI have created a chroot using mk-sbuild, how do I properly remove it?17:18
MonkeyDustpyBlob  the most common way to remove chroot is with     sudo umount /var/chroot/proc; sudo rm -r /var/chroot17:21
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pavlosdeanman, are you trying to configure a proxy for apt?17:53
zh1http://thehackernews.com/2016/12/ubuntu-hack.html :(17:55
pavlosdeanman, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/apt.conf17:56
pavlosdeanman, Acquire::http::Proxy "http://yourproxyaddress:proxyport";17:57
tgm4883zh1: old news and already patched17:57
deanmanpavlos, not I'm trying to find a way to turn off proxy while home and not in the office without having to go through the GUI settings, network configuration, proxy, etc.17:58
whitekidneyis there any way to do livepatching on ubuntu servers **without** the canonical livepatch service?17:58
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tgm4883whitekidney: yes, but I doubt there is lots of documentation on it18:00
mojtabaI have installed vim using checkinstall, could you please tell me how can I remove vim, using checkinstall?18:00
MonkeyDustwhitekidney  there's also #ubuntu-server18:00
ducassewaltman: iirc, the network installer does not support uefi among other things, check that if you need it18:01
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whitekidneytgm4883: MonkeyDust cheers, ty18:06
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tdannecy_!hi | HardBios18:19
HardBiosYou Russian Man?18:19
tdannecy_!ask | HardBios18:19
ubottuHardBios: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:19
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:19
manbear1hello what do I need to search to look at making a jail for chrome browser?18:22
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manbear1If is install chrome via ubuntu snaps is it going to offer security for stuff in my /hpme folder or should I be using a chroot?18:26
OerHeksnot sure there is a chrome-browser snap18:28
manbear1OerHeks, I cannot find one now you come to mention it.18:30
xanguaThere are some "Linux portable apps"18:31
sintrelike a lil flash drive18:33
sintrepuppy linux good mini distro , with suite of usefull apps and install to usb well18:34
manbear1are portable apps isolated from the rest of the filesystem?18:35
sintrewell i was recomending full function os to boot from usb18:35
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geniiPortable usually means they are a monolithic binary without library dependencies18:35
sintreas for installing apps alone not sure18:35
sintrei've heard of it on windows , but why just have the apps when you can have an entire os18:36
OerHekssintre, don't recommend puppy in the ubuntu support channel, so funny18:36
* sintre was just trying to be helpfull18:36
OerHeksSome dayt there will be a chrome-browser snap, i guess.18:36
odroidwhat are you doing18:37
trkhelp ! i am unable to uninstall application18:38
MonkeyDusttrk  which application and what happens when you try18:38
trki installed maltego using downloaded package18:39
trkamd it not show option of uninstall on unity menu18:39
nacctrk: 'downloaded package'? do you mean a .deb file from a webstie?18:40
trknacc: yest18:40
nacctrk: how did you install it?18:41
trksinply download it and may be installed it using double click then application manager pop up for installation18:42
nacctrk: maybe use the software center to uninstall it then?18:43
trknacc: it is not shown under installed section of software center.18:44
OerHeksany .deb installed with softwarecenter should show up in ; installed;18:45
nacctrk: you could also run `dpkg -S maltego` I guess (hard to say since I don't know what the eventual package name was)18:46
trknacc: it is not unistalled by above command binary name is MaltegoXL18:50
OerHeksThat command just lists packagenames.18:50
nacctrk: no, it won't uninstall it, but it will show if it is considered installed by dpkg (and what files it installed)18:50
trknacc: Output of dpkg -S command is https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23654909/18:53
nacctrk: ok, so to remove it, would be `dpkg -r maltego-xl`18:55
tompawI need a newer openssl on my trusty server, what is the best way of going 1.0.2+ without breaking everything?18:56
trknacc: thank you buddy!! :)18:57
nacctompaw: not trivial; upgrade to xenial?18:57
nacctompaw: why do you need a newer openssl?18:57
tompawnacc: for webrtc @ asterisk + chrome18:57
tompawit's confirmed it needs 1.0.2f+18:57
nacc!info asterisk trusty19:00
ubottuasterisk (source: asterisk): Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:11.7.0~dfsg-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 991 kB, installed size 3719 kB19:00
nacctompaw: that ? --^19:00
nacctompaw: or are you trying to install a more recent asterisk?19:00
tompawnacc: nah, in asterisk world, packaged versions are waaaay behind19:00
tompawI'm on 13/1419:00
tompawSeriously, hardly anyone uses packaged * in production.19:01
nacctompaw: right, but that is no longer the ubuntu package. Ubuntu ships a specific combination of packages, which is what is supported here. If you want a newer openssl in a support fashion, upgrade your ubuntu to 16.04, afaict19:01
nacc*supported, sorry19:04
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CrazyHWhats up with ubuntu 15.x? I'm trying to upgrade to it, but it's the only release on Ubuntu's site that doesn't have standard .iso files.19:22
naccCrazyH: 15.x are all eol19:23
naccCrazyH: you should *not* upgrade to it19:23
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:23
naccit's only still on the archives because of ubuntu phone19:23
CrazyHwow... that EOL list is surprisingly out of order! Didn't see that commin' O_o19:25
naccCrazyH: how is it out of order? it's in reverse chronological order19:25
CrazyHI mean out of order according to release numbers19:25
\9CrazyH: 14.04 is LTS, so it has 5 years of support19:26
\9so is 16.04 (LTS is released every 2 years)19:26
\9and 16.10 is the latest19:26
tgm4883I still don't understand, but you need to look at the EOLUpgrades link to get updated19:26
\9also 12.04 is on its final year of support19:26
\9so those 4 are still supported19:26
CrazyHbut 12.10 is already EOL19:27
CrazyH15 is EOL19:27
\9right, because 12.10 is not LTS19:27
\912.04 is19:27
naccCrazyH: and those are in the EOL section, so again, how is it out of order?19:27
CrazyHThat's what I meant when I said that it was out of order19:27
tgm4883CrazyH: just because you don't understand the order doesn't mean it's out of order19:27
naccCrazyH: maybe you need to revisit the support timelines for Ubuntu releases?19:28
\9CrazyH: it is in order if you consider LTS and non-LTS releases separately :)19:28
tgm4883granted, whoever put that page together could have done it better19:28
\910.04 is EOL, 12.04, 14.04 and 16.04 are supported19:28
CrazyHwhatever. It was just an observation based on my opinion with is obviously wrong. It's not worth wasting the bandwidth to talk about it19:28
OerHeksCrazyH, boot your ubuntu more often :-)19:29
tgm4883whatever happened to the support graphic?19:29
nacctgm4883: the ones here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack ?19:29
naccwhile specific to the kernel, they are overall accurate, i think19:30
tgm4883nacc: similiar, but actaually for supported releases19:30
tgm4883nacc: similiar to the graphic here http://www.mythbuntu.org/  because the graphic I'm talking about is what I designed that after19:30
nacctgm4883: interesting, i have no idea :)19:31
OerHekstgm4883, on this page , https://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life19:31
CrazyHDoes anyone know how to solve this issue that I posted on Ubuntu forums? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2346852  I've been trying to solve it for about 24 hours now. If I can get this solved then I can upgrade to 16.04. Otherwise I'll have to go with 14.04.5 LTS19:32
tgm4883OerHeks: oh yea, that's an updated one. Pretty19:32
OerHeksCrazyH, that " Dconf setting to move the close, maximize and minimize buttons to the right side of the window" does not work in 16.04 anyway19:33
CrazyHDerHeks. Yes it does. I know because I'm using it19:35
OerHeksSo you are on 12.04, Gnome flashback?19:35
OerHeksThat whole story starts with 16.04, but you ended with help to upgrade 12.304.19:37
CrazyHOerHeks, Right now I'm am running 12.x with Gnome flash back. I also have a seperate install of 16.04 running Gnome flash back19:37
CrazyH16.04 is what I want to upgrade to, but I can't do that unless I get workspaces working19:37
CrazyHOerHeks, I deleted the last line of that post because its irrelevant. What I need it help fixing 16.0419:40
CrazyHWell, I guess I'll go with 14.04.5 LTS and hopes it works out better than 16.0419:44
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MWMIm trying to find the minimum system specs for Budgie but cant.  SHould I assume Ubuntu minimums?19:52
corbahi, how can i access my windows share in xubuntu?19:53
corbaive tried with thunar but i cant copy19:55
wafflejockcorba, did you install any samba client stuff?19:55
koffeinfriedhofMWM: I think its a lighter one. Assume it like xfce19:55
corbawafflejock, i installed samba, and i can access the shared folders but i cnat copy anything remotely19:56
wafflejockcorba, strange so you can see file listings but just can't copy and paste them?19:56
MWMcorba: you are accessing xubuntu from windows or windows from xubuntu?19:56
corbawafflejock, exactly19:57
MWMthanks koffeinfriedhof19:57
corbaMWM, accesing windows from xubuntu19:57
wafflejockcorba, are you sure you have write access to the destination?19:57
corbai read a bit online and i think i cant do it with thunar...19:57
corbawafflejock, i should, the destination is my local disk, im going to try with sudo19:57
MWMcorba: Im out then.  Ive never accessed windows from xubuntu.  Other way around works fine.  If it helps NTFS cant hold Linux permissions so that may help you find the issue19:58
wafflejockcorba, well depends on where on the local disk you're trying to save, if it's your home folder should be fine19:58
corbaMWM, i tried with NTFS and ext419:58
wafflejockcorba, someone here suggests thunar-shares-plugin but from 2010 https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158266519:58
MWMoh wait... heard you wrong.  You are booted to xubuntu and are trying to get to windows right? how did you set up samba?19:59
corbawafflejock, nope, its a separate disk19:59
corbawafflejock, ill look into that thanks19:59
MWMdid you write your share into /etc/samba/smb.conf?19:59
corbaMWM, i didn't write the share, shouldnt i only have to do that if i was trying to share from xubuntu?19:59
corbai also tried with gigolo20:01
MWMoh jeeze: I keep crossing what you are saying iun my head. I got it mixed up again and was right the first time.  I dont know how to get Windows from xubuntu... only xubuntu from windows. sorry20:01
corbano prob :)20:02
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corbaive done it a thousand times in cinnamon but this is an old computer and i have to use xfce or lxde, i dont know if i can run mate...20:04
wafflejockah yeah the shares plugin appears to be for adding shared folders, might be useful but not for this issue20:04
corbanot only that, im having problems downloading it form the ppa haha20:05
wafflejockcorba, you try running thunar from the command line and/or watching syslog while you try to copy/paste? might give more info20:05
corbawafflejock, im going to try that20:05
corbaim going to restart ill be bakc in a while, thanks for the help20:06
wafflejockgood luck20:06
MEGAxhello my friends20:06
cacoHello Everyne: has someone tried to install ubuntu on lvm with xfs? i have been trying with 16.10, but i cannot get grub to boot20:07
MEGAxusb boot20:07
cacoMEGAx: That is for me? What do you mean by usb boot?20:08
MEGAxinstall ubuntu with usb boot20:08
MEGAxmake usb boot20:08
=== dax is now known as ro
OerHekscaco, You may need to install the xfsprogs package in the live system, before installing. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XFS20:09
MEGAxa flet njeri shqip ktu me vlla20:10
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:10
Menzador!al | MEGAx20:10
corbanow i cant even access my windows shares haha20:11
cacoOerHeks: What is that for? i usually create the xfs lvm partitions from the live system without issues, its after the install that i cannot boot to linux20:11
MEGAxmy lenova g50 working with usb boot ai hev ubuntu mate live installer ai dont hev hdd on  lenovo20:12
cacoOerHeks: I just checked, in the live systems, xfsprogs is current20:13
groobI'm dual booting 2 ubuntu systems (both are 16.04).  Call them OS1 and OS2.  Currently grub is installed from OS1, so update-grub only has an effect when run from OS1.  What is the best way to get the bootloader to automatically update if OS2 has a kernel update?20:14
corbagroob, I guess the easiest way is to instal grub customizer in os2, and when you update the kernel, also update grub from grub-customizer20:15
MEGAxmy pc alienware r5 ai hev install 4 booting windows 7-backtrack r5-ubuntu kylin-end wifislax ok20:17
corbaMEGAx, what is your question?20:17
groobcorba: Thanks!  That won't be automated though, right?20:18
MenzadorMEGAx: Ju mund të provoni bashkuar kanalin #flossk për mbështetje Ubuntu në gjuhën shqipe. (Ajo u krijua fillimisht për Kosovën, por gjithashtu mbështet zona të tjera shqipfolëse.)20:18
corbanope, and i dont know if it will correctly update the grub because the past update was in /boot from OS120:18
corbabut you can give it a try, i always use it to update grub graphically, change font, background image...20:18
janat08I can't find windows partition20:20
janat08which i think is ntfs so i should read it20:20
groobcorba: Ah ok.  Yea, that's the issue that I'm hitting.  Each OS has a seperate /boot that is updated.  I suspect that the solution would require OS2 to change the /boot location to be the same as OS1.20:20
corbagroob, you could put /boot on a separate partition :)20:20
groobcorba: Hmm... You might be on to something there haha20:21
wafflejockjanat08, can't find it where?20:21
janat08file manager20:21
corbagroob, but why do you need two OS?20:21
wafflejockjanat08, depending on file manager it should show up there20:22
groobcorba: "reasons"20:22
* genii ponders OS/220:22
corbagroob, virtualization wouldnt do the trick?20:22
janat08well i got the default one, and it doesn't have my computer tab20:22
groobcorba: I'm running 2 filesystems and also I just like to keep things isolated.20:24
groobcorba: I tried virtualization but the performance just isn't that great on my hardware sadly.20:24
janat08how do i access windows partition?20:26
corbajanat08, you mount it20:26
groobcorba: Thanks for the help!  I'll try using a dedicated boot partition instead.  The biggest downside that I can think of is that the partition order in the menu will change depending on which OS ran update-grub last.  If that could be solved, then it would be perfect.20:28
corbapartition order?20:28
test12345_So has anybody here used phpvirtualbox recently? i installed ubuntu 16.04 server yesterday, but i seem to be to stupid to setup phpvirtualbox haha20:28
corbatest12345_, i use normal virtualbox daily not problems with it20:29
groobcorba: Err, I mean the order of the operating systems.  OS1 appears first currently, but if OS2 ran update-grub, it would cause OS2 to be listed first.20:29
corbagroob, you could change that with grub-customizer easily20:29
groobcorba: Oh, cool.  Good to know!  Thanks!20:30
corbayou need to install it through the ppa though20:30
test12345_yeah i thinkj normal one works, it is just that i dont have gui on the srever, and doing everything via VBoxManage and cli seems a lot of work (especially if you never did it)20:30
MEGAxkemi naj shqiptar ktu apo fare20:31
nicomachuswhat language is that....?20:31
nicomachusMEGAx: this channel is English only20:32
Bashing-omgroob: There can be only one boot control authority per hard drive . What I do is disable 30_os-prober in the seconday system,' sudo update-grub' amd in the primary also 'sudo apt-update-grub' to propogate the changes to the system(s) .20:32
nicomachus!Albanian | MEGAx20:32
tomreyntest12345_: you could use libvirt + kvm on the server and virt-manager on the client20:32
PiciMEGAx: have you asked in #flossk ?20:32
MEGAxyes ai nou20:32
nicomachuswe don't have an albanian factoid... go figure20:32
ubottuEdhe Ubuntu Ekipi LoCo Shqipe shërben si Shqipërinë dhe Kosovën, dhe ofron mbështetje në kanalin #flossk. Për të hyrë, lloji "/join #flossk" (pa thonjëza).20:32
test12345_tomreyn: ah i might look into that also seems like an idea20:33
Bashing-omgroob: Typo .. sudo apt-update-grub' s/b ' sudo update-grub '20:33
MEGAxok men albanian is on flossk chat bye20:33
groobBashing-om: Thanks!  Won't that still require manually running update-grub every time the kernel updates though?20:34
zacky83Hi everybody , my fail2ban does not seem to be active , I keep getting asterisk hacking attempts but I never see result in fail2ban log20:36
walidofhello all20:36
groobzacky83: Did you copy the config file in /etc/fail2ban after you installed it?  By default I think fail2ban does nothing.20:37
Bashing-omgroob: Yes that is true / 'sudo update-grub ' will be needed ach time the kernel is changed . But that is no big deal, is it ?20:37
walidofi need help for first login to ubuntu core, i need localhost login name / pass, i try add : ubuntu - ubuntu - toor - root - startx, and the problem not solved.20:38
groobBashing-om: It's not a huge deal.  It's what I'm currently doing.  I update the kernel in the secondary OS followed by running update-grub within the primary OS.20:38
walidofi use ubuntu core for raspberry pi 220:38
zacky83groob I don't have any /etc/fail2ban directory under my ubuntu server20:38
groobBashing-om: I was just hoping that there was an easy way to automate it, that's all.20:39
groobBashing-om: But thanks!20:39
Bashing-omgroob: My expeprience with out disabling 30_os-prober in my secondary systems is that there is the propability of recurssion in the primary grub.cfg file .20:40
groobzacky83: Did you install fail2ban already?  If so, was it installed by running "sudo apt-get install fail2ban"?20:40
zacky83groob yes , it is installed20:40
zacky83groob in fail2ban.log I have 2016-12-19 21:06:25,137 fail2ban.jail   : INFO   Jail 'asterisk-tcp' started20:41
OerHekswalidof, ubuntu core setup needs a SSO account, https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=101141 so you get SSH key to login20:42
groobBashing-om: Ah, I see.  Currently I just have 2 /boot directories, so nothing conflicts.  When OS2 has a kernel update, it just updates a /boot that is never used.  If I set up a decidated boot partition, I'll take note of that.  Thanks20:42
OerHekserr https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/raspberry-pi-2/20:42
groobzacky83: I'm not really sure then.  When I installed it (using the guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fail2ban ), I had to "cp /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf /etc/fail2ban/jail.local" before it worked.  If you don't have that directory, however, then I'm not sure what to do.20:44
devn0llWhat do you guys recommend for copying/cloning a directory? (eg cloning /storage1 to /storage2 locally) -- Its about 3TB data, both large single files and very small ones. Preferably with progressbar and some sort of verifying the integrity of the files after the copy.20:44
corbai think i fixed the samba problem, i install fuse, sambaclient, and run through cli "thunar smb://'ip_destination'"20:44
Ben64devn0ll: rsync20:45
OerHeksrsync with grsync as gui20:45
walidofi use SSH correct, but efter put email and login, the next need  localhost login name / pass, in general in ubuntu for pc is normal add root / toor or ubuntu/ubuntu to login but in core i try all what i know but not work20:46
zacky83groob sorry ,I have this directory , I have jail.conf in it but not jail.local20:47
OerHekstry ubuntu:<empty>20:47
walidofi try20:48
walidofubuntu:<empty> / root:<empty> / toor:<empty> / startx:<empty>20:48
Bachusis xubuntu supported here20:48
Ben64Bachus: yes20:49
Ben64walidof: well it's not going to be toor or startx for sure20:49
groobzacky83: Ah, ok good!  The first thing that I always do is copy the jail.conf to jail.local.  Then add all of the necessary configuration changes to jail.local.20:49
zacky83groob , how can /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/asterisk.conf be taken in account for fail2ban ?20:50
walidofBen64: what is the solution ? how can login ? and this is first use ubuntu core to raspberry pi20:50
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
Ben64walidof: idk, but it certainly isn't toor or startx20:52
Bachustil what year are security updates provided to the users of xubuntu 16.0420:52
OerHeksnot sure there is a password, the guide clearly states ssh key https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/raspberry-pi-2/20:53
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)20:53
corbacan you use rsync with a windows machine?20:53
ppfcorba: via samba20:53
corbathx :)20:53
groobzacky83: That I'm not sure about unfortunately.  Perhaps someone else knows?  I've never used that fail2ban filter.20:55
Bachusppf: is xubuntu 16.04.1 supported for three years like 16.04?20:55
Ben64Bachus: you didn't seem to read what ubottu said20:55
BachusBen64: oh yea20:56
Bachusi apologize for my stupidity, Ben64, i can assure you that not all beginners are like me20:57
Ben64Bachus: no worries20:57
OerHeksjust hop from lts to lts any 2 years :-)20:58
tabakhase:/ Arctis7 wirelessHeadset gets detected - but only shows as mono and doesnt actually work :( thanks god for the lineIn :F21:02
tabakhasenot like ive expected them to work at all tho :D21:03
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MOUDHey all21:18
worktonerDid the 'top' program get replaced from ubuntu 10 to 14?21:21
MOUDI'm looking for a few programs. I need a program like Netbalaner (which tells each program how much bandwidth it's using and the ability to block traffic for that specific program). The other program is one that shows every page that I visit but with the full url.21:22
naccworktoner: no, top still exists21:23
naccMOUD: isn't the latter just your browser history?21:23
MonkeyDustwas thinking the same thing21:23
worktonernacc: No i mean, is it a different program for that functionality21:23
worktonerIt seems very different from how it used to be21:24
naccworktoner: are you sure you're not running htop instead of top perhaps?21:24
ppfworktoner: there is htop, which is a bit more colorful21:24
MOUDnacc, no. Some pages (usually php ones) don't show the full url when you go to another link.21:24
MOUDalso, some images are the same too.21:24
Elementalisti cant see the users list21:24
worktonerI used to know how to navigate around and change the column priorities, etc.. now I'm nearly useless with top..21:24
MonkeyDustElementalist  mind your language21:25
Elementalistsorry m821:25
Elementalistapparently i am using wrong program21:25
Elementalistis there any program near mIrc?21:25
MonkeyDustElementalist  try hexchat21:25
Elementalisti mean looks-operates21:25
MOUDElementalist, I use HexChat21:26
ppfor whatever that's called today21:26
Elementalisthexchat ok21:26
ppfyeah, hexchat :)21:26
naccworktoner: run top and then hit '?' to get the help21:26
Elementalisti am currently using xchat and i cant see the users21:26
naccworktoner: it's certainly possibly (although sort of unlikely) that the options have changed between major releases21:26
Elementalisti am just seeing only those who speak/leave/join.21:26
Elementalistoh dear...21:27
Elementalistwhat a tab can do in that program...21:27
worktonerAhh I see they've changed around the commands.21:27
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bray90820What would be a good way to slow down the mouse pointer speed from the terminal21:28
pavlosElementalist, you can right click on the channel, settings, hide those who join/leave21:28
MOUDthat reminds me... how can I use CTRL+C/V on terminal?21:29
MonkeyDustMOUD  ctrl ins pasts21:29
naccMOUD: it depends on your terminal application, in gnome-terminal, e.g. it's ctrl+shift+c/v21:29
MonkeyDustMOUD  i mean, shift-ins21:30
MOUDcan't I change it? or another terminal alternative?21:30
froglokcan anyone help me fixing an issue? Using amazon EC2 for a virtual ubuntu server.. changed my hosts file to point to the server IP.. setup virtualhosts, apache, etc.. and configured and accessing the domain gives me 403 Forbidden21:31
naccfroglok: anything in your server's logs?21:33
figure002I'm trying to install collectd on a Ubuntu server, but for some reason it lists a bunch of GTK libs as dependencies (e.g. libgtk-3-0). Is `collectd` the right package?21:33
naccfroglok: and did you restart apache after all your configuration changes?21:33
naccfigure002: are you installing all the 'recommends'?21:33
naccfigure002: which version of ubuntu?21:34
Elementalistpavlos here?21:34
froglokyes I restarted. I followed the instructions to setup a virtualhost. did the a2ensite command, etc.. it definitely did something because previously it showed the default index.html Apache page.. once that was done it showed the 403 forbidden error21:34
pavlosfigure002, there is collectd and collectd-utils21:34
figure002nacc: Ubuntu 16.04. No, just the required packages.21:34
froglokI havent checked logs21:34
pavlosElementalist, here21:34
Elementalistela re patrida21:34
pavlosgeia mas21:34
Elementalistti programma xrhsimopoieis?21:34
naccfigure002: can you pastebin the command and output you are using/get?21:34
froglokI installed apache2.. what other packages could I be missing?21:35
wedgiefroglok: that depends a lot on your site...21:35
naccfroglok: i would check the logs then?21:35
froglokok Ill see what the logs say21:36
wedgiefroglok: check /var/log/apache2 for logs. If nothing stands out there then pastebin your vhosts config21:36
figure002nacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23655644/21:36
froglokcool thanks for being helpful, awesome chatroom lol21:36
naccfigure002: are you fully up to date *before* installing collectd? (`apt update; apt full-upgrade`)21:37
figure002nacc: you mean `dist-upgrade`? yes, my system is fully up-to-date.21:38
naccfigure002: well, `apt` and `apt-get` have different options, but sure21:38
naccfigure002: ok, i think it's because librrd pulls in a bunch of stuff21:38
naccfigure002: you could try 'collectd-core', but not sure if it will get you everyting you want21:39
froglokit looks like this is the error: [Mon Dec 19 20:32:47.199290 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 3963]  AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /home/user/example.com$21:39
figure002nacc: yeah, I just checked that packages, but it seems like I will miss some stuff (e.g. configurations)21:40
hahuang61hey guys, I just installed 16.10 and something I noticed with the LiveCD and after install (as well as Fedora 25 LiveCD) is that my mouse cursor won't move, but the underlying mouse moves (I can move and make a guess where the cursor is and click, but the actual cursor displayed never moves)21:41
ph88^hey guys, i'm using ubuntu 16.04 and i added this repo to software https://apt.dockerproject.org/repo/  why am i getting  Could not resolve host: apt.dockerproject.org  during apt update  ??21:41
hahuang61anyone run into this issue before?21:41
naccph88^: are you able to resolve it?21:41
ph88^what do you mean resolve it ?21:42
figure002I guess I could just pull the configuration from somewhere, thanks for checking nacc21:42
naccph88^: `nslookup apt.dockerproject.org` or `dig apt.dockerproject.org`21:42
pavlosit pings21:42
naccfigure002: np21:42
naccpavlos: well, ping for you isn't helping ph88^ :)21:42
pavlosnacc, sorry21:43
frogloksweet I got it working now21:43
ph88^nacc, nslookupp returns the ip adres ... by the way if i put it in my browser i see something as well21:43
naccph88^: pastebin full output?21:43
ph88^nacc, http://pastebin.com/1y0ULkBi21:44
naccph88^: sorry, pastebin output from `apt update`21:44
ph88^eh now it's not giving that error anymore o_O21:45
figure002nacc: this is so weird.. check this out: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23655695/21:52
sysconfigwhat is weird21:52
figure002apparently Ubuntu installs recommended packages by default?21:52
figure002sysconfig: see my previous posts21:52
sysconfigabout what21:52
figure002sysconfig: scroll up a little, it's right there21:53
zh19970205ehh ...21:55
zh19970205it is the first time I use irc lol...21:55
zh19970205so .. anybody can tell me why I can not use /help now ...21:55
OerHekscollectD : Note: The package does not depend on all packages that are required by all of the plugins ... so if you want all the plugins to work, you need them.21:56
sysconfigno, nobody's goin to tell ya anything like that21:56
zacky83Hi, I have a problem with fail2ban , it does not put the IP in jail21:57
zacky83who can help me on this21:57
Mccallum1983can anyone assist, when i try to install bitcoin from git on 14.04 i get autoreconf: aclocal failed with exit status: 1, is this an error with my system or with the dev21:57
figure002OerHeks: still makes no sense to me why a daemon would need X11 and such..21:57
figure002zacky83: did you enable the jails?21:58
Mccallum1983can anyone help21:59
OerHeksfigure002, apt-cache rdepends collectd  # gives me no X11 ..21:59
figure002OerHeks: See http://paste.ubuntu.com/23655644/22:00
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naccOerHeks: it's because of librrd22:00
naccOerHeks: iiuc22:00
naccfigure002: oh seeing your next paste22:00
zacky83figure002: I enabled asterisk-tcp and asteriskudp jails yes22:00
naccfigure002: yes, it seems like that is a default (as recommends tend to be stronger than suggests :)22:01
figure002nacc: I'm not convinced it is because of librrd, because if I install that separately, it tells me it is already installed22:01
naccfigure002: ack, i was wrong on that22:01
zacky83figure002: looks like the pattern in /var/log/asterisk/messages is present but never detected22:01
ppffigure002: blind guess: it's because of java22:03
figure002nacc: ah I see, those are separate categories22:03
beqamy poker accaunt has been blocked , there is chanse to unblock with small hacking ?:))22:03
ph88^.j #haskell22:03
sysconfigneed some help, anyone?22:04
nicomachusbeqa: you're in the wrong place for that.22:04
beqawhere is my place..22:04
sysconfigout of here?22:05
figure002ppf: yup, that's where the X11 comes from, but not the gtk and icon stuff22:05
wafflejock!alis | beqa22:05
ubottubeqa: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:05
wafflejockbeqa, this is an ubuntu support channel so only questions about ubuntu and packages in the main repos is covered in this channel22:05
beqaunderstand , sorry.22:06
sysconfigwafflejock I have a question about packages22:06
wafflejocksysconfig, shoot I may be able to help, thought you were asking if someone else needed help earlier :)22:06
sysconfignope I didnt ask yet, my question is22:07
sysconfigI'm looking for a 'hip' software22:08
sysconfigsomething able to control which applications may gain access  to web and which dont22:08
ppffigure002: i guess if it's really important to you you will need to chase all the depend chains22:08
figure002zacky83: did you check the default configrations for that jail? maybe it needs to be detected N times within a timespan for it to be triggered?22:09
zacky83figure002 I get tons of the same pattern22:09
sysconfigwafflejock, I shot the question ;)22:09
zacky83so it should be enough22:10
devslashI set up Ubuntu so I need to enter a password to boot it up. It says "Please unlock disk sda5_crypt:" I forgot the exact name of that. Can that password be changed ?22:10
figure002zacky83: is it watching the correct log file?22:10
wafflejocksysconfig, I'm hit... I'm going down :) I think the general answer is you want something to modify iptables but I don't have a direct answer for that one22:10
sysconfigiptables does not work 'per application', as you certainly know22:11
wafflejocksysconfig, if you post to the ubuntu forum or ask ubuntu can link it here with what you wrote you're trying to do and what version of the OS you have (in terminal, lsb_release -a)22:11
sysconfigthanks you wafflejock, I will22:11
wafflejocksysconfig, this seems to say you can use a program to configure it to block per process but I'm not familiar with it http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/68956/block-network-access-of-a-process22:12
jluHello I've removed my Ubuntu partition which contained Grub and now I get Grub Rescue. I've followed several instructions but without succes. Can anyone help?22:12
figure002zacky83: and is the jail listed when you run `fail2ban-client status`22:12
zacky83figure002: yes it is watching /var/log/asterisk/messages file22:12
jluHere is the failed boot fix http://paste2.org/nCs9H4K322:12
sysconfignot to block the process wafflejock, just to block access to web to any application22:12
sysconfigsince I noticed some application logs the net without my explicit permission22:13
wafflejocksysconfig, well if unshare works as described there it will launch the process without any access to network interfaces22:13
jluno boot help?22:14
wafflejocksysconfig, would require that you're launching those processes manually or modify how they startup though so not ideal, there is probably a better way22:14
ppfsysconfig: iptable can manage per-user filters, though22:14
sysconfigmy word processor,just in example, uses to connect just when launched, and there's no way to prevent this weird (...) behaviour22:14
zacky83figure002 yes : Jail list:           asterisk-tcp, ssh, asterisk-udp22:15
sysconfigin windows environment, I can use a HIP program, I bet something similar exists even for linux/ubuntu22:15
figure002zacky83: ok, then I don't know either22:15
sysconfigthanks ppf, but I'm not sure pre-user filters are what I'm looking for22:16
ppfper* user22:16
sysconfigyes ppf, I know what you mean, its a tricky workaround though22:16
wafflejocksysconfig, this may help too has some references to intrusion prevention software https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSecurityCore22:17
ppfthat's a bit heavy handed22:17
wafflejocksysconfig, would be curious to know what traffic the program is sending as well to know if it's really worth blocking or if you could just stop it through a config change22:17
sysconfigthank you wafflejoick, I'll read it very carefully, my aim is that only my browser is permitted to connect the web22:17
ppfsysconfig: there's certainly a couple of tools around that can do this with firewalld/iptables22:18
ppfbut what about namespaces22:18
sysconfigI have no clue wafflejock, I sniffed a little but its kinda encrypted traffic22:18
ppfutil-linux (i think) ships an unshare program, which launches a program and removes it from selected namespaces22:19
ppfe.g., unshare -n firefox gives you a firefox without network access22:20
sysconfigI will get a try22:20
sysconfigmaybe the best way is22:21
sysconfigcreating more than a user and22:21
sysconfigallow just one user to the network22:21
sysconfigthe one with browser / updater22:21
taylor_join #one2one22:24
ppfhowever namespaces is the "correct" way to do this22:25
ppfit's kind of their prime job22:25
roothorickmy server just will not fsck root. the filesystem metadata is WAY past due, I'm getting the "will be checked for errors on next reboot" message, I made /forcefsck, it just ignores all of it and does a normal boot22:41
OerHeksroothorick, The -F option force fsck on reboot, # shutdown -rF now22:47
roothorickI'll try it...22:48
roothorickno fsck.22:51
roothoricktune2fs still says the last check time was in June22:52
micky_anyone have problems with ubuntu 16.04 randomly powering off (just like someone held down the power button)? for most people this seems to happen because their machine is getting to hot, but that is not the case here. not sure where to look next22:52
roothorick"pass" field in fstab is 122:55
wedgiemicky_: i would suspect hardware. Power supply might be my first suspect22:56
micky_should have mentioned this never happpens in windows (dual boot) and sometimes it just freezes instead of shutdown22:56
micky_I ran 'lm-sensors' and nothing is getting hot either22:57
nacccould also be an ACPI issue that windows knows about in a low-level driver (or a firmware path)22:58
micky_nacc, how would I go about looking into that?23:00
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micky_there may be something to that acpi thing. I just checked out my syslog and there is a LOT  of errors having to do with acpi. I dont know what to make of them but heres a couple of them i copied from my syslog:  http://pastiebin.com/embed/585867558b8f323:05
naccmicky_: sorry, power hiccup here, let me look23:07
naccmicky_: yeah, so it's possible that the ACPI tables expose information that Linux simply doesn't know about (this could, in theory, explain why windows is stable while linux is not)23:08
micky_ok, so for the sake of conversation, let's say that's what's happening. is there anything I can do about that? or is this just a machine that doesn't like linux (any distro as far as i can tell)?23:09
micky_btw I'm on a toshiba satellite click-2. one of those 2-in-1's where the screen detaches to become tablet-ish.23:10
roothorickfsck.mode=force was the only thing that worked23:11
roothorickthat really shouldn't be necessary...23:11
roothorickif the timestamp in the FS metadata says it's time, it should just do it23:11
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OerHeksroothorick, odd indeed23:15
naccmicky_: are there possibly any bios/firmware updates?23:16
naccmicky_: if the machine is newish, or has something window-specific (e.g. in the bios), it might be tricky. I'd suggest googling around and seeing what others with the identical model of hardware have found23:16
micky_hmm. I'm not sure, I think I checked a while back but I'll look into that. it is newish(xmas last year)23:17
OerHeksmicky_, this seems like your issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/754295/var-log-syslog-constantly-logging-errors-growing-at-1-mb-s23:17
bjrohanHey all. Recently got a Galaxy S7. I'm trying to transfer files via USB. When I do, I have to Allow on the phone, however shortly after I get a message on my computer that process for mtp has died, and I get another pop up on my phone asking me to allow access to phone data23:21
bjrohanWhen I do this on Windows, I have to allow access once, and everything works23:22
wyoungbjrohan: Yeah, saying something just works in Windows isn't helpful though, different drivers, different everything.  More information about the error message in Ubuntu would be helpful though in getting down to the cause of the problem.23:25
wyoungbjrohan: dmesg, tail /var/log/syslog, etc.. will give you more information about what went wrong23:26
wyoungWithout more information my response would need to be "if it works in windows then use windows".23:27
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bjrohanwyoung: https://dpaste.de/5zRH23:33
bjrohanFrom mtp-detect23:33
bazhangbjrohan, have you installed gmtp23:34
Sean_McGalmost 2000 people, I do believe this is the largest IRC channel I have ever been in23:34
bazhanggot an ubuntu support issue Sean_McG ?23:35
jpmhI have a ubuntu systen running procmail.  For user john,dave and kay I have a .forward file that includes: "IFS=' ' && exec //usr/bin/procmail.  Each user has in his home a .procmail/general.rc file - for save and john all works as expected, for kay it appears that the procmail is not happening - any suggestions on how to debug this?23:35
bjrohanbazhang: NO23:35
bazhangbjrohan, that does it here23:35
bjrohanWill try23:35
Sean_McGbazhang: not at the moment no, but was willing to help other people that might23:35
naccjpmh: sounds like a homework question :)23:36
OerHeksCheck usb mass storage option on that android23:36
Office_i need to install something called svgo23:36
bjrohanbazhang: After installing, what is the best way to use it?23:36
Office_apparetly ubuntu does not have this23:36
naccOffice_: what is svgo?23:37
OerHeksOffice_, see github https://github.com/svg/svgo23:37
OerHeksfiles & tutorials23:37
bazhangbjrohan, I unlplug and the replug the device23:38
Sean_McGnode.js thing, debian does not appear to have it either23:38
Sean_McGyou will probably have to install it yourself23:38
Sean_McGunless by any chance there is a PPA for it23:38
bjrohanbazhang: still nada. gmtp says it can't open raw device. My phone constantly asks to allow access to phone data :-(23:40
hmmAnyone have any ideas on fixing a line out port that won't recognize my speakers? The port works fine on my windows partition.23:40
bazhangbjrohan, I had to set the device to properly do that23:40
bjrohanbazhang: remeber how? I have developer options enabled, USB debugging on23:41
bazhangbjrohan, is there a setting for storage23:41
OerHeksunlock androidscreen before connecting usb cable23:41
bjrohanOerHeks: I have been FWIW23:42
bazhangI cannot recall the exact setting name23:42
bjrohanI am also using a USB 2.0 port not 3.023:42
Sean_McGshould only affect the transfer speed23:43
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bjrohanbazhang: I tried accessing items on teh internal storage, same issues23:44
bazhangbjrohan, I missed the exact device name, could you please repeat it23:45
bjrohanS7 edge: SM-G935V23:45
bazhangthe note seven?23:45
Sean_McGSamsung hasn't bricked yours yet?23:46
* Sean_McG ducks the tomatoes23:46
bjrohanbazhang: Nope, the S7 edge23:47
beqahow to load windows in usb , with wich program , anyone can help me...23:48
pavlosbeqa, http://www.howtogeek.com/191054/how-to-create-bootable-usb-drives-and-sd-cards-for-every-operating-system/23:50
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ArtesMagaeHello, Everyone. I have a question about dial booting Windows and Ubuntu. I did this years ago and had no problem selecting the OS every time I restarted. This time, only options to start Ubuntu appear on restart.23:58
ArtesMagaeIf I change the OS boot order, I can get back to Windows. But it is a cumbersome process. Any ideas?23:59
Guest10317hello guys, I own an hd 7770, I'm using padoka's ppa to update my drivers and according to glxgear im using mesa and opengl 3.0, as I'm reading this card has support to up to 4.5, so how would I go around enabling this? how can I install and test radeonsi?23:59
Sean_McGArtesMagae: wierd, grub picked up my Win8.1 partition no problem23:59
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