chamoisHello everybody! http://pasteall.org/pic/index.php?id=11021816:11
sakrecoerhi chamois!16:15
sakrecoerhi everyone!16:15
sakrecoerappologies for my long silence...16:15
sakrecoervery busy, than sick... anyways... should bre more available during holidays16:16
sakrecoerchamois: its nice, but i don't quite see it fit (reckon its the boot image?)16:17
sakrecoeri probably missed a few stages of your progress, so i appologize if my feedback goes against anything you've been told by the other team members...16:18
sakrecoerdid you explore the "cyber-space" track, chamois ?16:18
sakrecoermaybe a sort of mind-map...16:19
sakrecoerlike a grid/production flow-chart...16:19
chamoisNot much, I tried with that : 16:20
chamoisI don't know if you saw it16:20
sakrecoeri saw that! its more like it... thought not convinced by the colorsceheme...16:21
sakrecoerbut something towards that...16:22
sakrecoerwhat i get into mind is like a map of the creative process...16:22
sakrecoerchamois: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/8d/fe/74/8dfe74340087de6b2c6c5c53579d7903.jpg16:23
sakrecoerbut yeah... like digital instead of handdrwan..16:23
chamoisWhat do you suggest?16:25
chamoisjust to change colors or what?16:25
sakrecoeri suggest a mix between the clean grid and a mind-map of the creative process...16:26
sakrecoerlike a clean mind-map :D16:26
sakrecoerthe logo/woodmark could be the creative machine, from where the arrows are going into various nodes of this and that type of creativity (photo, audio, video, whatnot and thisthat)16:27
sakrecoerif that makes any sense :)16:27
chamoisyeah that is better16:28
sakrecoeri have to run to catch a train.... 16:30
OvenWerkschamois: I like all of them... but the one with the continent shape is not really world usable.16:37
OvenWerksIs that not a continent?16:44
OvenWerksMaybe it is blob instead...16:45
chamoisIt should be a smoke simulation but you're right it could be misunderstood16:49
OvenWerkschamois: the haze beside looks smokey, but the more solid part of the right looks... well pretty solid16:51
chamoisyes they have different density16:57

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