Tuzamim on 16.04. will "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" update it to 16.10 or something and thus depriving me of the 3-year support?01:56
bazhangTuzam, dist-upgrade does Not change versions02:00
Tuzambazhang: what does02:00
bazhangTuzam, and it's five year LTS not three02:00
Tuzambazhang: but on https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-16-04-release/ it says 3 years02:00
bazhangTuzam, you just posted in #ubuntu02:01
Tuzambazhang: yeah since this channel was dead02:01
bazhangTuzam, and you are getting support there as well02:02
Tuzambazhang: does three year of support imply that i'll receive security updates from ubuntu for only three years?02:03
bazhangTuzam, you just got an answer for that02:03
bazhangplease stop with the crossposting Tuzam02:03
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xubuntu95wWhat did. Only has established on VB Xu 17 and has installed the System Load Indicator program (indicators have to be visible always Xu 16-ok) http://rgho.st/download/private/8zwnZpylJ/fa005084ba7c5720424f964f84e57cd9/850edcb81a16213dffa6372cec36b36e20431277/%2567678%25$%23%236788.avi08:11
xubuntu95wOnly has installed ...08:12
flocculantif you've installed the developement versions and all ^^ means indicators are missing from the panel - yes it's a known bug08:16
flocculantalso #xubuntu-devel for devel versions - assuming you're testing it for us08:17
xubuntu95wreinstall, uninstall and install System Load Indicator program not help08:18
flocculantno - it won't - there is a bug :)08:18
flocculantactually system load works for me - but this is the wrong channel for 17.0408:22
xubuntu95wI seen and showed. What to do with this, you decide.08:35
xubuntu75wXu 17.04 64bit08:58
ngomeshi. i have a information window telling me that it's not posssible to download ttf-mscoredonts-installer. it has been trying to install since yesterday, from time to time the pop-up just opens to inform me. any way to make it install ?09:46
ngomesthis is the command : /usr/lib/apt/apt-helper download-file http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts/andale32.exe /var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/andale32.exe SHA256:0524fe42951adc3a7eb870e32f0920313c7109:48
xubuntu84wagain I. For Me this always on 17. https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-multiload/+bug/163651810:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1636518 in System Load Indicator "indicator-multiload shows a no-icon icon after a screen lock or suspend in 16.10" [Undecided,New]10:00
bazhangthats not yet released and is discussed in #ubuntu+1 not here10:06
xubuntu84wHumor. "I know this: Xubuntu 17 doing developers Debian - Ok. I gonna go write about this problem on the Debian the website."10:32
bazhang#xubuntu-offtopic please for chat/jokes10:34
Spass_Slown: Cześć.10:55
SlownSalut Spass_10:56
Slownvous me conseillez quoi ?10:57
Slownla 16.10 ou la 16.04 LTS10:57
bazhang16.04 is lts10:57
bazhangthe other has nine months support10:58
bazhang#ubuntu-fr if you need support en francais10:58
Slownyou talk english there ?10:58
bazhangno worries10:59
bazhangenglish here10:59
bazhangfrench there10:59
Slownnp I can speak english10:59
Slownthanks bazhang10:59
Slownso 16.04 is better ?10:59
bazhangdepends on your needs10:59
Slownwhat does it mean ?11:00
SlownI don't want to update my system everyday11:00
Slownthat's the important thing11:00
bazhangif you want something with longer term support11:00
SlownI'm looking for11:00
Slownthe less updates is better11:00
bazhangyou can choose when to update11:01
bazhangalthough security updates are better done sooner11:01
SlownIt's not a question about what I choose11:01
Slownbut I have a weak broadband11:01
bazhangI know11:01
bazhangsecurity updates are done better sooner11:02
Slownnp with security updates11:02
SlownI'm talking about frequent applications updates11:02
bazhangyou can also choose to offline installs11:02
bazhangthats not a problem11:02
SlownIf you have a weak broadband11:03
Slownand a lot of updates11:03
bazhanglts tends to have fewer of those11:03
Slownthat's really a problem :)11:03
bazhangie application updates11:03
bazhangwhich browser do you use11:03
Slownin LTS version or the regular one ?11:03
Slowndo you know archlinux ?11:04
bazhangfirefox is security updates, whichever you choose11:04
Slownnot a troll or something like that11:04
bazhangnever thought you were11:04
SlownI'm looking just for the exact opposite of that11:04
bazhangthen lts it is11:05
Slownjust to give you a picture of what I'm looking for11:05
Slownso let's go for the lts version11:05
SlownI'm hesitating between xubuntu & lubuntu11:06
SlownI have an intel core duo processor11:06
Slown2 GB of RAM11:06
bazhanglubuntu is very lightweight11:06
bazhangboth will work with that11:06
Slownwhat do you think bazhang ?11:06
Slownnp If I choose xubuntu ?11:07
SlownIt will works smoothly ?11:07
SlownI mean with firefox11:07
bazhangI use the full unity ubuntu with 2gig of ram11:07
Slownand some other apps11:07
bazhangfewer tabs on firefox, sure11:07
Slownless than 1011:08
Slownand to update my system to xubuntu 18.0411:08
Slownthe next LTS version11:08
Slownno need to reinstall all the system ?11:09
SlownI don't want to lose my data11:09
bazhangno need at all11:09
bazhangalthough having backups is always a good idea11:10
Slownso I just download the new ISO11:10
Slownand reinstall my system11:10
Slownthat's good11:10
knomeyou don't have to download the new ISO when upgrading11:11
bazhanglts to lts is a one jump11:11
Slownthank you guys11:24
SlownI have to go now11:24
Slownsee you later11:24
BuddyButterflyI do not get listed any printer from printer server nor am I able to change the IP of the printer server. there is a pre-filled IP, which is the wrong IP, but I am not able to change it. Any idea?12:06
BuddyButterflyUsing Xubuntu 16.04.12:06
BuddyButterflyAm I missing some rights?12:06
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n0b0dyHI! I can not save config from xfpanel-switch.20:46
n0b0dyI see a save file dialog, but clicking on save does nothing.20:46
n0b0dyis this s known bug?20:46
n0b0dyBTW this xfpanel-switch is a FANTASTIC feature - I was just asking myself how to avoid fiddling with xfce panel xml files and now found that there is a nice gui fo that.20:47
flocculantn0b0dy: what xubuntu version?20:48
n0b0dyah, sorry, xenial!20:49
n0b0dyfreshly installed and updated, no customizations regarding xfce ppa or anything in that direction20:49
flocculantcertainly works fine here - save and see new line appears20:50
n0b0dyhow can I debug that? how to get output about why that save action does nothing?20:50
flocculantn0b0dy: check in .local/share/xfpanel-switch/ first20:51
n0b0dythis directory does exist, but is empty20:52
n0b0dyis there any logging that can be activated and seen? Have no xperience with xfce development, but feel confident with poking around.20:55
flocculantnot sure what goes there - if you can hang around for a while, bluesabre might have more idea20:56
n0b0dythanx, will stay here for a while20:57
n0b0dymeanwhile reading http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/debugging21:00
xubuntu45whi there, i have downloaded and installed 16.04 LTS xubuntu.  Everything looks good.  However, i cannot play any video in http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html .   I have done the "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras"21:12
xubuntu45wmore info : mine is 64 bits.   i have all blue check mark on youtube.com/html521:14
xubuntu45wdoes anyone have this problem?  what do i miss?21:14
geniiThat page is very old. Firefox 4 and Chrome 9 are listed as supported on it.21:26
n0b0dyall videos on that page playing with my xenial chromium. I have no flash plugin installed.21:43
n0b0dyI always uninstall adobe flash and use chromium.21:44
xubuntu45wi have installed google chrome.  Both firefox & google-chrome cannot play video in youtube.com22:03
xubuntu45wfrom the firefox's about:plugins , i have /home/xubuntu/.mozilla/firefox/vpq52i17.default/gmp-gmpopenh264/1.6 for openh26422:06
xubuntu45w@n0b0dy , i have just installed "sudo apt-get install chromium-browser" and tried loaded the video from quirksmode and youtube.   it is still not working :(22:52
n0b0dyhmm, that is strange - did you do a standard installation from iso?23:04
xubuntu45wyes, i have just downloaded xubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso from http://mirror.us.leaseweb.net/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/23:06
n0b0dyI just yesterday installed a fresh xubuntu xenial, video just works23:06
n0b0dyah, wait, there is one check box in the installation screen to download additional multimedia stuff23:06
xubuntu45wyes, i did23:07
xubuntu45wshould i know check it?23:07
n0b0dyi checked that, but these may be the restricted-addons you wrote earlier about23:07
n0b0dyI have a package ubuntu-restricted-addons installed - maybe these are the key parts for video23:09
n0b0dyalso I have  chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra23:10
n0b0dytry to install these packages and check again23:10
xubuntu45wubuntu-restricted-addons & xubuntu-restricted-addons & chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra are all in latest version on the server23:12
n0b0dyon the server? what do you mean? just install them with apt-get install23:14
n0b0dysudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra23:14
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n0b0dyin a terminal of course23:15
xubuntu45wall these packages are installed with latest version on my xubuntu box :)23:17
n0b0dyand still no video? well, sorry, I do not know what that might be. any blocking plugins?23:18
n0b0dydid you actively deactivate video play in browser settings?23:19
xubuntu45wi didn't change any settings in firefox or chrome or chromium.   everything should be default......23:20
n0b0dyI can only tell you that on my freshly installed xubuntu videos on that page just play fine. sorry.23:20
n0b0dyin such cases I create another user and log in as that new user with a clean $HOME23:21
xubuntu45wthank you for your help.   I hope others can help23:21
n0b0dyjust to avoid some settings I have from earlier sessions interfere with systems default23:21
n0b0dymaybe another test: you could check if these videos play from inside the LIVE xubuntu on the iso.23:23
n0b0dymaybe there is some hardware problem regarding video playback, but this seems not very realistic to me.23:23
n0b0dyso I mean booting from iso / usb and check if videos work there.23:24
n0b0dyalso maybe try with another machine to exclude that there is some hardware problem.23:24
xubuntu45wFYI, i have just switched to "Guess Session".   not working either.23:25
n0b0dyI just checkd that page with Firefox, too, no problem. And I have no flash plugin installed, so pure html5 playback23:26
n0b0dythis does not help you much, but at least I can confirm that the page is ok and xubuntu can do it.23:27
xubuntu45wi am going to try live version and see ttyl23:46

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