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smosermagicalChicken, are you around today ?14:36
magicalChickensmoser: I am out of town, but I can do some work15:13
magicalChickenI may just be slow to respond15:14
smoserdo you want to ? i got somethign i want to have done today, but i can do it or let you do it :)15:14
smoserok. give me 10 minutes. and i'll point you at it15:16
magicalChickensmoser: ok15:17
smoserbah. almost there,15:43
smosermagicalChicken, you still there?15:46
magicalChickensmoser: yeah15:51
smoserfor bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1582323 . i regressed that when i "fixed" it.  i want to put the old behavior back in15:52
smosergit commit is 63501f44 that regressed15:52
magicalChickensmoser: so it was the fix for LP:1595302 that brought the regression in15:54
smoserso just rewvert the commit15:54
smoserbut need to add some unit tests to make sure i dont stupidly break it again15:54
smoseri just read code wrong15:55
smoserand didn't test15:55
smoserutil.mergemanydict has a wierd function signature15:55
smoserit kindo f works backwards ...15:55
magicalChickensmoser: sure, I'll get some unittess written15:55
magicalChickensmoser: oh, yeah it makes more sense with reverse=True15:56
smosermagicalChicken, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23659465/16:01
smoserthat is what i had just been playing with16:01
smoserlots of times i find that decorators get long winded, so this was kind of a way to try to make them less, but still wrap the 3 functions inside that fetch_base_config that basically need tob e wrapped16:02
smosermagicalChicken, ^ you see that ? if you think you make reasonable tests without my fancy / overengineered wrap_and_call, then feel free :)16:12
magicalChickensmoser: Yeah, just saw that16:13
magicalChickenit looks pretty good to me, the decorator is pretty simple16:13
smosersee test_ntp_handler16:13
smoserthat is what i wanted to kind of avoid16:13
smoserthe large indentation that you get with something liek that16:14
smoseror the lots-of-decorators if you got that route instead.16:14
magicalChickenyeah, the with chain gets hard to read16:14
magicalChickenit may actually be nice to move the multi-wrap function into helpers, the 'cloudinit.stages.util' could be set with a kwarg to make it more generic16:17
smosermagicalChicken, yeah.16:20
smoseri was thinking that too16:20
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magicalChickensmoser: I moved the wrap_and_call function into helpers and copied the unittest you had written in16:47
magicalChickenI've gotta head out for a little bit, but I can the rest of the unittests for fetch_base_config() written this afternoon16:48
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smosermagicalChicken, great.16:49
smosermagicalChicken, note, i have *kwargs wrong17:08
smosershould be **kwargs17:08
smoser        try:17:08
smoser            return func(*args, *kwargs)17:08
* powersj really needs to get the unit tests on merge requests going :(17:31
aixtoolshi, working on my aix-port. Quick question on /var/lib/cloud/data/ssl (specific case), but also on function and usage of /var/lib/cloud by deployed images19:15
aixtoolsi am guessing - but it seems /var/lib/cloud is where the first data-source gets "copied" to, so that on subsequent reboots - the "networked" datasource is no accessed - everything is coming from /var/lib/cloud.19:16
aixtoolsI would like a simple world :)19:17
aixtoolsre: /var/lib/cloud/data/ssl - is cloud-init (going to copy) that data from there to where "it should be" aka dist default location(s)?19:18
aixtoolsnew question: keeping it to two sources: what is the difference between source NoCloud and ConfigDrive - both seem to be referencing (virtual) CD/DVD, but how are they different?19:42
aixtoolsbbl, have to change wifi networks...19:48
powersjsmoser: Are you going to have a chance this week to look at the integration test merge proposal? I believe all the changes you requested are complete.22:00
magicalChickensmoser: I got that fixed in the version in helpers. I'm running a bit late, but I will get a pull request submitted for the unittests tonight22:53

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