perrito666Redir no one cancelled it it would be us 3 do you guys need anything or would like to discuss anything? If so I am perfectly fine with doing it but will have to wait a bit :p still uploading00:30
redirperrito666: babbageclunk and I caught up for ~15 minutes compared notes...00:31
perrito666Just ping me00:31
perrito666I actually am ircing from the phone with let :p00:32
redirI've got a new error. That's progress right00:36
perrito666Yes it is00:37
redir"hostname": ["Node with this Hostname already exists."]}00:41
perrito666Mm while doing what?00:43
redirstart a kvm instance00:50
redirhere juju.provisioner kvm-broker.go:73 failed to prepare container "0/kvm/1" network config:00:51
redirdigging around in state.prepareorgetcontainerinterfaceinfo00:52
* redir eods01:03
redirgot to go to dinner01:03
blahdeblahanyone know when 1.25.9 will be released to the stable PPA?01:37
blahdeblahIt's showing as released to centos & windows & tarballs, but xenial PPA is still on 1.25.801:37
blahdeblahhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/juju/stable/ubuntu/pool/main/j/juju-core/ is showing nothing later than 1.25.6!01:39
babbageclunkDoes anyone feel like doing a review? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/673505:08
blahdeblahDoes anyone feel like publishing 1.25.9 to the PPA? :-)05:25
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jambabbageclunk: I made a comment on https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/6735#pullrequestreview-1376536714:10
perrito666jam: babbageclunk might be sleeping14:11
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bdxhello all18:18
bdxI'm experiencing really high controller memory usage for a very small environment, is there a preferred method of gathering controller metrics when submitting other than just manually grabbing things?18:20
bdxpossibly a tool that gathers all the important metrics in one swoop18:20
redirbdx: try this https://github.com/juju/juju/wiki/pprof-facility18:37
redirbdx: though you might also check mongod and see how much memory that is using18:38
babbageclunkjam: thanks! looking now20:07
babbageclunkrogpeppe: ping?20:29
babbageclunkjam: you're probably not still around, but I replied to your comment, thanks!20:37
frobwareredir, babbageclunk: easy review ... https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/673720:37
babbageclunkfrobware: yay, looking!20:39
babbageclunkfrobware: LVGTM20:40
frobwaremuchas gracias20:40
babbageclunkfrobware: de nada20:40
babbageclunkfrobware: do you mean $$merge$$?20:43
frobwarebabbageclunk: ah, crap.20:43
frobwarebabbageclunk: oh, well. getting late. :./20:43
babbageclunkfrobware: don't worry, it's just a machine!20:43
frobwarebabbageclunk: it'll pass on !!build!!, then fail on $$merge$$ :-D20:44
babbageclunkfrobware: true that20:45
babbageclunkfrobware: you can do them in parallel, you know20:48
rediroh, dear20:49
* babbageclunk chuckles20:50
babbageclunkI always do !!chittychitty!! anyway.20:50
redirbabbageclunk: I almost responded with a !!trulyscruptious!! once. But decided against it20:51
redirscrumptious even20:51
babbageclunkredir: that's the best20:51
rediryeah that and grow the roses20:51
redirnot that I know the names of the songs, I just remember them20:51
redirsooo close on the kvm bits20:52
redirjust two problems eluding me20:53
redirOk maybe just one problems20:57
redirOk maybe just one problem20:57
bdxredis: thanks for the pprof link21:04
bdxredir: it looks like I have a mongo process thats been hanging around for > 3hrs, and using > 30% of my memory21:04
bdxanother thats been hanging out for > 1 hr, and using > 15% mem21:05
perrito666Morning redir and Babbageclunk21:19
redirmorning perrito66621:20
babbageclunkmorning perrito66621:20
babbageclunkI mean, evening.21:20
* perrito666 is queuing in the supermarket21:20
redirbdx mongo can appear to be using much more memory than it really is21:20
babbageclunknatefinch: ping?21:20
natefinchbabbageclunk: howdy21:20
perrito666Hey finch did not realize you where here :)21:21
babbageclunknatefinch: did you get anywhere with that migration status bug?21:21
natefinchbabbageclunk: totally forgot about it.  I'll work on it tonight.21:21
babbageclunknatefinch: thanks!21:22
perrito666Lol all of us are waiting for that one21:22
* natefinch puts it in the kanban this time21:22
perrito666Is sinzui off for the rest of the week?21:22
natefinchso I've heard21:24
natefinchbabbageclunk: was there a bug link for that issue?21:24
redirbdx: see the mongo docs https://goo.gl/u6wFYP21:27
babbageclunknatefinch: sorry, here you go: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/165042521:28
mupBug #1650425: migration: migrating back gives "target prechecks failed: model is being migrated out of target controller" <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1650425>21:28
babbageclunkfrobware: other way around - check build failed and merge build passed!21:30
frobwarebabbageclunk: I'll take it!21:30
frobwarebabbageclunk: "that's the way I like it... " - sing along!21:30
veebersperrito666: yep, sinzui is off until next year :-021:35
veeberserr :-)21:35
perrito666redir: babbageclunk want to do a quick hangout to sync?22:35
babbageclunkperrito666: yup22:35
perrito666standup ho?22:36
redirblew jeans?22:36
redirbrt grabbing water22:36
babbageclunki'm there already22:36
perrito666I would really appreaciate a review of https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/673823:46

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