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AmmarZuma11playig launchpad?03:12
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vi01etwgrant: hello! last week i ask to fix my account login error because of my openstack account. do you remember me?08:06
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kuldeepHello, i create an account "kuldeepdhaka"   create PPA "madresistor".  now i want to build my packages "libbox0", "libreplot" etc and make them available under "madresistor".14:18
kuldeepthe video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bG-SXNX9Ww is for bzr. my packages will be build from git, (code here https://gitlab.com/madresistor)  anyone can help me understand the launchpad mechanism on how to add my packages? :)14:19
kuldeep(and build them and make them available)14:20
cjwatsonkuldeep: You'll want to first arrange for your repositories to be imported into Launchpad's git hosting (https://help.launchpad.net/VcsImports), and then you can use a git recipe to build them, much like the system for bzr (https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds)14:36
kuldeepok, i will import the git repo.14:38
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kuldeep"Make sure the project is registered in Launchpad"  shall i register madresistor as a project? (or just go on without it)14:40
kuldeepcjwatson, ^14:40
kuldeepor should i register "box0" as a project?14:42
cjwatsonI have no idea about the structure of your project.14:46
kuldeepok, "Mad Resistor" is the organisation, "Box0" is a project/product of "Mad Resistor".14:47
kuldeepcjwatson, make sense? ^14:47
cjwatsonbox0 would be a more appropriate match for a Launchpad project, then.14:47
cjwatsonmadresistor could be a "project group" in Launchpad if you needed it, but that usually isn't necessary.14:48
kuldeepthat can be done later14:50
kuldeephttps://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+new  "**Name:**" "This will be used in the branch or repository URL to identify the import. Examples: main, trunk."   i have no experience with any git VCS. should i enter "master" in that input box?14:57
kuldeepcjwatson, ^ :)14:58
kuldeep*i have no experience with any VCS other than git14:59
cjwatsonkuldeep: For git-to-git imports it should typically just be the repository name, so in this case "box0".15:02
cjwatson(The text was written for *-to-bzr imports, which are per-branch rather than per-repository, so it needs a bit of work.)15:02
kuldeepim importing https://gitlab.com/madresistor/libbox015:03
kuldeepcjwatson, i guess you want to say "libbox0" right?15:04
cjwatsonSure, libbox0 if that's what you're importing.15:04
kuldeepi confused the Project and  Name field.  Project should have be the project that i created "box0"  and "libbox0" should be in the field Name to tell the git repository name.15:06
cjwatsonOh, probably.15:07
kuldeepimporting code :D15:08
cjwatsonYou could argue for libbox0 being a separate project, but whatever.15:08
kuldeepthe words are very related, so thing get confusing.15:09
kuldeepok, i have imported the git repo. i can see the commits.15:10
kuldeepcjwatson, maybe i forgot to tell that, Box0 contain a C library (libbox0), GUI programs (box0-studio-qt and liab-studio-qt - both need libbox0).   so the structure i made seems wrong.15:14
cjwatsonhonestly it doesn't matter that much if it's mainly for a recipe.15:15
kuldeepcjwatson, yes, but i dont want to build up confusing things right from start. i will take the effort do it nicely in the first go. :)15:17
cjwatsonI tend to think of one-project-per-upstream-repository as a decent rule of thumb.15:18
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kuldeepcjwatson, ok, i will just register "libbox0" as a project. later i can do project group on the name of "Box0" or "Mad Resistor".15:28
* kuldeep confused with git "branch" and lp "branch" word usage.15:33
cjwatsonthey should be synonymous, except that there might be a few places where LP uses "branch" where it means "branch or repository"15:35
cjwatson(going out for a while now)15:37
kuldeephttps://code.launchpad.net/libbox0/+configure-code     "There are 2 errors."  but no error being shown. :/15:47
kuldeepim using the option "Import a Git repository hosted somewhere else"15:50
kuldeepnow it just worked. :)  (from another tab.)15:54
kuldeepnow this is another fact i came to know: i need a team to make PPA "Every individual and team in Launchpad can have one or more PPAs, each with its own URL. "  https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA16:07
kuldeepi cannot describe the hard time im going through.16:08
kuldeepall i just wanted to have was: fetch the gitlab code, build the binaries for ubuntu and store them.16:09
nacckuldeep: you don't need a team to have a ppa, your lp user has ppas as well16:09
kuldeepwhole ecosystem is mixed up. source-code-mgmt + ubutntu-ppa = launchpad.net.  why couldn't they be two seperate things? just simply let me keep my build my ppa's.16:11
kuldeep*build my binaries16:11
kuldeepthank, i cannot delete the project that i created. because no project deletion code has been done. lol16:12
kuldeepnacc, that what i had done earlier, a PPA "madresistor" but then these extra element of source-code-mgmt confused me. i had hard time figuring out that the whole thing is poorly though out.16:16
naccsource code mgmt and ppas are separate16:17
naccunless you are using recipes, which are explicitly a way to tie them together16:17
dobeywell, the source management and PPA are still separate things16:20
dobeya recipe is just a statement of "please take this one and put it into a package in the other16:20
kuldeepnacc, yes but for newcommer its a nightmare. im not familar with the terms at all16:21
naccdobey: good point16:21
nacckuldeep: which terms? did you read the online documentation?16:22
kuldeepnacc, i read the online documentation and looking at it, git is being treated as step child.16:22
dobeygit support in launchpad was only very recently added16:22
nacckuldeep: well, lp only relatively recently added git suport16:23
naccwhat dobey said :)16:23
dobeylaunchpad itself is over 10 years old; git repository support is something that only really happened this year16:23
dobeyif you don't want to use recipes, you can create and sign source packages yourself, and then upload them manually to your PPA with dput16:24
kuldeepi have an lp.net account, what is the most straight forward way to build packages for ubuntu.16:24
dobeyto use recipes, you must import the code onto launchpad.net into either a git repo or a bzr branch16:25
nacckuldeep: do you want them 'automatically' built or 'manually' request them to build?16:25
naccwhat dobey just listed off are those two options, imo, (in the opposite order)16:25
dobeyi don't know if you can import to private git repos without creating projects though16:25
dobeynacc: well no, recipes can be set to automatic or manual :)16:26
kuldeepdobey, do i need to create a "project" for that? (or i can just use import it under my account as git repo)16:26
naccdobey: ah :)16:26
kuldeepalso, i want to automatically build new package when a new commit is pushed. (or once everyday if new commit are there) - whichever, im fine16:27
dobeykuldeep: i don't know enough to answer that exactly. i /think/ you have a single personal git repo, and you can't import to it, which would mean the need to create projects16:27
kuldeephttps://gitlab.com/madresistor/libbox0 https://gitlab.com/madresistor/box0-studio-qt  https://gitlab.com/madresistor/libreplot   and a few other.  (all git repo, and each repo will be a "{}.deb" file for ubuntu)16:29
kuldeepdobey, that detail is enough?16:29
dobeyno, you need to define how to build the packages from the source inside a debian/ dir in each project16:31
dobeythat can be on the master branch or on a different packaging branch16:31
naccright, recipes/lp-git-integration doen't solve that you still need to package up your source (afaict)16:32
kuldeepok, i will put them under "ubuntu-ppa" branch (branch as in `git branch`) and we can later do a temporary merge before building. right?16:33
dobeythe recipe can have an instruction to merge a packaging branch16:33
dobeyanother option you might want to look at is building snaps instead of debs, with snapcraft (https://snapcraft.io)16:34
dobeywhich can also be done automatically on launchpad.net, and is somewhat less involved than building debs16:34
kuldeepi will stick with ppa for the moment. my aim is ubuntu package.  (i have already confused myself with many other options)16:36
kuldeepdobey, (minor query: any possibilty that i can delete the project "Box0" and "libbox0" that i created? - looking a issue raised it says no such facility implemented)16:37
dobeyno, you can't delete projects16:38
kuldeepdobey, can i build ubuntu packages without having to create any project? (import the gitlab git code under my account and build the ppa from git code under my account)16:39
dobeyas i said earlier, i don't think so16:39
kuldeep*create any project (project as in "Mozilla Firefox" https://launchpad.net/firefox)?16:39
kuldeepdobey, ok16:39
dobeyand to be accurate, even with a project the code import would still be "under your account"16:39
kuldeepso, i will be forced to use lp.net to use recipe facility?16:41
kuldeepi mean, i have to maintain another project page just for having a ppa. :/16:43
dobeyi'm not going to argue with you16:45
kuldeepdobey, im not trying to argue, im simply trying to understand what can be done in a easy straightforward way to get my package to ubuntu.16:46
kuldeepspending hour on this, and still no outcome make me sad.16:46
dobeyyou don't really have to "maintain" anything16:47
kuldeepwill be back after food.16:47
dobeyyou're making it much harder than it is16:47
kuldeepdobey, ok, after food, i can a clean approch.16:48
kuldeepthank you for helping everyone16:48
cjwatsonwe can delete (well, technically hide) projects on request.  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion18:32
kuldeepcjwatson, ok18:34
kuldeepwell, now i can resume on the work.18:34
kuldeepdobey, :)18:34
cjwatsonand indeed, from where you are the main thing you need to do is to prepare actual packaging files, i.e. debian/*; those can live in a separate branch or even in a separate repository if you like18:35
cjwatsondobey is correct that you need a project to host a code import from another site (although not to push a repository directly to LP)18:37
cjwatsonin the new year maybe I'll see if I can hunt down a reason for that, since it doesn't seem to be an especially well-founded restriction18:37
cjwatsonas for the documentation, there are definitely gaps where git isn't mentioned and should be; happy to receive pointers to problems so that we can fix them (https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug is fine for that)18:39
cjwatsonin terms of development effort we regard git as a first-class citizen though, since bzr isn't getting much love any more18:40
kuldeepi have a project https://launchpad.net/libbox0 and PPA https://launchpad.net/~kuldeepdhaka/+archive/ubuntu/box018:50
kuldeepnow as cjwatson wasid i need to have debian/* files.18:53
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rlaagerI'm trying to help a colleague setup a Launchpad account. He created an account, confirmed his email. He can login to Ubuntu One, but when trying to login to Launchpad, after clicking "Yes, log me in", it fails with the Launchpad crash page "something went wrong".23:37
kuldeepfinally i have https://gist.github.com/kuldeepdhaka/79f3b0b59e3d504abe73000909b958a4  (additionally: `changelog` file is empty and `compact` file content "9")23:48
kuldeepdobey, cjwatson nacc ^23:48
cjwatsonrlaager: Can you raise a ticket on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion with the OOPS ID they should have got?23:50
cjwatsonkuldeep: That's a start.  You can use the dch(1) tool to deal with debian/changelog, and that should be debian/compat (short for compatibility level) not debian/compact.23:51
kuldeepim still curious how will the libbox0 and libbox0-dev will be divided.   my cmake script will generate a makefile, and `make install` will install header and binary at once23:51
rlaagercjwatson: Done: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/40777123:51
cjwatsonkuldeep: You can use https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/cjwatson/libpipeline.git/ if you want an example of a simple library package.23:51
nacckuldeep: that's specified by debian/libbox0.* files and debian/libbox0-dev.* files23:51
nacce.g. libbox0.install23:52
cjwatson(Obviously everything outside debian/ will be different, and there'll be various differences in detail.)23:52
kuldeepcjwatson, thanks, will look into it23:53
cjwatsonAnd as nacc says.23:53
nacckuldeep: this may help: .launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/40777123:53
nacckuldeep: --^23:54
* cjwatson goes back to amateur music typesetting23:55
nacckuldeep: and as cjwatson pointed you to, looking at other library source packages is probably a good reference, especially if all they generate is a lib and lib-dev like yours23:57

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