swift110how do I update to the latest kernel17:33
xanguaWhy you need to upgrade to "latest"kernel?17:36
swift110xangua, I am hoping it will solve suspend issues18:19
xanguaswift110: you mean black screen after suspend? Don't know if installing a newer kernel would affect that but you could just remove light locker and install xscreensaver18:59
xanguaThat worked for me, 16.0418:59
xangua! Mainline | anyways19:05
ubottuanyways: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds19:05
swift110ok cool xangua thans19:05
swift110yes xangua19:05
Guest88615Hello to all. Sorry about any issue caused by my absence. Was doing 2 upgrades - installing SSD drive and upgrade to 64 bit.   Quick question for group... sorry if I already asked this earlier. Anyone have knowledge and/or experience in voice/speech recognition?? I read up on "Simon" - but it wants to install a lot of KDE stuff. I also read up about "Voice Control" - it wants to install a bunch a extra apps like Brasero and Audaciou22:48
Guest88615s - which I neither want on need.22:48
lynorianGuest88615, there is the --no-install-recommends option in apt-get that might bring down some packages that are only recommended might end up installing less uneeded packages22:50
Guest88615Humm... thanx Lynorin! I did not think about that command. Now to see which to consider... Simon, Julius, Sphinx/Pocketsphinx, Palaaver (maybe spelled wrong), Gnome-voice-contol,  etc,,, etc,,,22:58
wxlyou could always filter them out by installed size22:59
=== Guest88615 is now known as James1138
James1138Has anyone heard anything (could be years ago) about speech/voice recognition apps? Maybe some webpage that lists them or compares them?23:11
wxlmight want to ask in #ubuntu since there's a wider audience23:12
James1138Done that Wxl... but with almost 2000 people - it may take awhile for them to finally get to reading my question... even more time to replay.   <frown>23:13
James1138I can wait. <smile>23:17
wxlah hah23:19
wxli THINK this will do what i suggested23:19
wxlsearchterm=""; for package in "$(apt-cache search $searchterm | awk '{print $1}')"; do apt-cache show $package | egrep '(Package|Installed)' | awk '{print $2}' | paste -d " " - -; done | sort -g23:20
wxljust set fill the quotes in searchterm with what you want to search for23:21
wxloh let's refine that23:22
James1138Oh Wxl! I think I have a good idea of the number of apps for voice/speech recognition. I was just asking if anyone had any suggestions for or against certain such apps?23:22
wxluse egrep '(Package:|Installed-Size:)' instead23:23
wxlJames1138: if you use what i gave you, it will give you a list of such packages sorted by install size, which should give you at least a good indication of where to start looking23:23
wxli assume you already saw https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility#Voice_Recognition23:24
James1138Oh.. sorry23:24
James1138Yes. I checked the link you posted before asking. Sorry23:25
wxlhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Links might help23:25
wxltrack down the accessibility folks https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accessibility/Contacts23:25
wxlnote they have an irc channel23:26
wxlthat's about the best help i can give you, outside of searching for general contacts for accessibility in linux23:27
wxlthere are some such things on that links page23:27
wxlyou might as well be asking about software defined radio. i mean, sure, there's people that doing it, but the number is relatively small. i doubt that #lubuntu or even #ubuntu would be much help there, just as with voice recognition in general23:28
wxl(actually i'd suggest you'd have MORE luck with SDR) :(23:29
James1138Thanks... will google that right now and start reading23:31
wxlgood luck23:31

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