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zbenjaminzsombi: don't forget the PR please :)08:38
zsombizbenjamin: I won't!!!!08:38
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kalikiana_oSoMoN:  t1mp: I commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-app-platform/+git/ubuntu-app-platform/+merge/311947 I think we definitely want to talk about language packs now. We can't be blowing up the base install of all core apps massively like that.13:04
kalikiana_Unless you can find a work-around that doesn't require that package13:05
t1mpkalikiana_: right. Thanks for checking.13:05
t1mpso, a separate language-packs snap would make sense. But I guess then the versions need to match?13:06
kalikiana_What versions do you mean?13:06
t1mpeach app and libs in the platform have their own translations? And the words used may differ between versions13:11
t1mpso the app versions and the lib versions in the runtime snap all need to match the versions used for the translations?13:12
kalikiana_t1mp: I don't think we necessarily want to bundle translations of all the (core) apps. But rather lower level strings like glib or uitk, and for example ubuntu-keyboard- packages.13:16
kalikiana_So an app will continue to bundle its own localization, but not that of all the various libraries it's using if they come from a platform snap13:18
kalikiana_(And I'd tentatively propose to move the keyboard packages from the platform snap to the language snap)13:19
oSoMoNkalikiana_, t1mp: I commented on the merge request. That specific change is not about language packs (but the conversation needs to happen regardless)14:07
kalikiana_oSoMoN: Sure. But you're nevertheless proposing a massive increase in size right now.14:15
oSoMoNkalikiana_, it’s either that, or a massive increase in size for every single app (if they need to apply the workaround themselves), or no localization14:16
oSoMoNor is there another option?14:16
kalikiana_oSoMoN: Well, I asked you first if there was another way, so you can guess that I don't have a suggestion right now :-D14:16
kalikiana_Of course it makes no sense for apps to ship it14:17
kalikiana_oSoMoN: Although it would seem sensible to assume we could try to take only part of it, and see whatever is required to "make things work at all" without actual translations14:18
oSoMoNkalikiana_, I’m not aware of any other way out or lighter workaround for now, unfortunately14:18
kalikiana_oSoMoN: In any event your comment is not correct. There is nothing missing in the core image. It won't ever be added.14:20
kalikiana_For the same reason, the image needs to stay lean14:20
kalikiana_Language packs will need to solve that.14:20
oSoMoNkalikiana_, I was under the impression that this was going to be addressed in snapd, at some point, given the description of bug #1576282, but I might have gotten it wrong14:21
ubot5`bug 1576282 in Ubuntu App Platform "Snaps built from deb can't be gettext translated" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157628214:22
kalikiana_oSoMoN: I don't see how snapd is related at all. Are you looking at a particular comment?14:22
oSoMoNkalikiana_, obviously we don’t need all the possible locale definitions that get installed with locales-all, only those that a user has on their system, and this is where snapd would come into play, it could expose them somehow to snaps14:23
kalikiana_oSoMoN: Exposing? You still need to download them14:30
kalikiana_Which translates to a snap containing them14:30
oSoMoNkalikiana_, right, so maybe there is a need for a locales snap14:32
kalikiana_oSoMoN: Well, we can see what timp thinks about it. since it's not a new bug or a regression I'm personally not fond of just adding it and potentially only revisiting it in a year14:36
kalikiana_We don't want to repeat the "why is libreoffice 10G" story :-P14:37
oSoMoNkalikiana_, I’m not fond of the workaround either, I’d rather have a clean solution agreed upon and implemented soon14:37
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