slashdfor sru, could you please take action on "os-prober" [1.70ubuntu3.2] waiting in the Xenial upload queue (importance : CRITICAL) in order for the pkg to be available in -proposed for testing. This fix a missing dependency in 1.70ubuntu3.1 fix that solve a possible risk of FS corruption to some users  (LP: #1579609)13:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1579609 in os-prober (Ubuntu Xenial) "os-prober bug resulting in possible FS corruption" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157960913:48
slashdcyphermox, ^ do we want os-prober 1.70ubuntu3.1 to land in -updates without the grub-common dependency ?14:08
slashdcyphermox, and then 3.2 will introduce the missing dependency via another sru process (which may take days/weeks) ? or we jump right away to 3.2 to not have a 3.1 without the grub-common dependency ?14:13
cyphermoxslashd: os-prober ...3.1 is already in proposed, the SRU can just go on top and should definitely not be verification-done for now14:41
cyphermoxalso, you're probably on the wrong channel if you expect people to do things about this SRU other than verifying it14:41
slashdcyphermox, ok so what is the next step ?14:42
cyphermoxaccepting the new SRU on top of this14:43
slashdcyphermox, ok then 3.1 will never make it to -updates ?14:43
cyphermoxit certainly shouldn't since it's broken14:44
slashdcyphermox, yes, this is why I ask, I want to make sure it won't happen14:44
slashdcyphermox, which channel is appropriate for that then ? #ubuntu-devel ?14:44
elio_manuelHello guys, this is the channel where we can chat about a problem that i'm facing with ubuntu 16.10 related to games and some flickering?14:47
slashdcyphermox, I re-post in #ubuntu-devel14:48
slashdtks cyphermox14:49
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