cyphermoxacheronuk: I know how to fix that issue but no idea why it came up, I don't see a recent looking change in pyqt5 or qt5 to explain it, and there weren't relevant changes in ubiquity to explain that either. I'll upload a fix in the morning after I have a bit more time to test it and look at the underlying failure that triggers that crash.03:06
acheronukcyphermox: thank you09:02
acheronukI was quitr puzzled by it as well, as try as I might I could not see a change in ubiquity 17.04.1 that would specifically trigger that, or and pyqt/qt changes in the archive that would do it either09:03
acheronuknonetheless, I could consistantly install fine with the previous installer version and crash the install 100% of the time with 17.04.109:04
acheronukwhich I can't explain09:05
hkoofHi, I've been building installer netboot image before succesfully, but now the build fails in (probably) the last stage.11:16
hkoof# syslinux is used to make the image bootable11:17
hkoofsyslinux  ./tmp/netboot/boot.img11:17
hkoofmcopy -i./tmp/netboot/boot.img ./tmp/netboot/vmlinuz ::linux11:17
hkoofmcopy -i./tmp/netboot/boot.img ./tmp/netboot/initrd.gz ::initrd.gz11:17
hkoofAnd then:11:17
hkoof"Disk ful"11:18
hkoofWhat can be wrong? Is there a way to make the image for the initrd bigger?11:19
hkoofI'm using xenial and got installer source version 20101020ubuntu451.611:20
hkoofAlready solved by editing debian-installer-20101020ubuntu451.6/build/config/amd64/netboot.cfg12:21
hkoofchanged "FLOPPY_SIZE = 45056" to 6553612:22

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