pruebaslinuxColombia.... hay alguien?03:05
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anthonyTrying to get into my home folder through places opens rhythmnbox. An update has changed a setting and I cannot remember where to go to change it back. Can anyone assist?06:17
alkisganthony: what's the output of this command? cat ~/.gtk-bookmarks06:18
anthonyNo such file or directory06:19
alkisgAnd what happens if you run: xdg-open ~06:20
anthonyit opens rythmnbox06:21
anthonyIt's happened once before and my Linux tutor found some referance on the forums with a solution, only I wasn't paying enough attention.06:21
alkisgCan you open a "guest session" and see if it happens there too?06:22
anthonyand cannot remeber the details06:22
alkisgSo that we see if it's user specific, or system wide?06:22
alkisgLast post in https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2343283 mentions a solution06:23
anthonyThat's it alkisg thanks06:24
alkisgDid it happen in guest too?06:24
alkisg(because if it's system-wide, it might affect more users...)06:24
anthonyI'll bookmark that now.06:24
anthonyYou will need to assit me with logging out and logging back in as guest. how do i do that?06:25
alkisgIf you click the "start menu" or whatever else you have, you'll see a logout button, you can logout that way and then select the "guest session" from the login screen06:26
anthonyI only have a shut down the computer button. i will go and add a login option to the panel.06:27
alkisgMaybe you have it in the "system" menu then06:29
anthonyYeah it was in the System menu06:29
anthonyIt didn't happen in Guest.06:29
alkisgOK then it was somehow initiated by you, not a system-wide change or upgrade06:30
anthonyOK that thread mentions the solution i need to make though i still need assistance changing a setting06:39
anthonywhere do I set caja as the application to open home06:40
alkisg Open file manager, then using any folder: right click > Open With  > Other Application > Caja (there were two Cajas to choose from:  one with a folder symbol, the other with the file cabinet symbol. I  selected the latter). ""06:41
alkisgHow far do you get with those instructions?06:41
anthonyall the way and it has repaired the break06:42
anthonythanks again06:42
anthonyI'm very certain i didn't cause the break though np this install is buggy anyway06:44
sambagirlquick question, can't i install to a usb thumb drive?07:58
sambagirli'm trying it on one usb and trying to install to another one07:59
alkisgquick answer, you can :)07:59
sambagirlit's reporting failed for almost everything.07:59
alkisgMaybe you need longer questions/answers then, including the messages etc :)08:00
sambagirli'm using a ssd with 10 on it on the other side.08:00
sambagirlget_widget stuff is failing08:00
alkisgsudo parted -l08:01
alkisgOr better yet, sudo parted -l | nc pastebin.com 999908:01
alkisgWhat's the output of that?08:01
sambagirljust a sec08:02
alkisg(open a terminal with alt+ctrl+t, copy/paste the command there, and then pste the output here)08:03
sambagirljust a sec08:03
sambagirldamn touch screen :D08:03
sambagirloh it looks like it is trying to install grub08:04
sambagirllet me see if it's successful08:04
sambagirlumm something very odd here08:06
alkisgsambagirl: you can't install to a fat partition08:09
alkisgext4 is needed08:09
alkisgYou need an empty stick, or one with an ext4 partition in it08:09
alkisgMaybe you didn't paste all the output?08:09
sambagirlwell i thought it would wipe everything? that is what i selected.08:09
alkisgsudo parted -l | nc pastebin.com 999908:09
sambagirlwell it finished the installation let me see what happens. brb08:09
mate|48872hi chatroom, has anyone tried to install ubuntu-mate with a preseed file?08:18
sambagirlok that didnt work :)08:19
sambagirloh god i think it wiped out my windows 1008:19
sambagirlyep it wiped out 1008:22
sambagirloh well08:22
sambagirlwhy would it create a 7gig swap when i have 8 gig ram?08:22
alkisgmate|48872: i think it would be best to be more specific on what you want with the preseed file...08:22
sambagirli think it did wipe it out. i dont see it under gparted.08:23
sambagirlbrb let me try to see what happens with another boot08:23
alkisgsambagirl: if you selected to wipe all, sure08:24
mate|48872@alkisg -  im trying to force the live cd to use a preseed file stored on a web server (automate installl) but it just jumps back to the GUI install. Was wonder if someone has the correct boot options for me08:25
alkisgmate|48872: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/armhf/apbs02.html ==>08:26
alkisg  preseed/url=http://host/path/to/preseed.cfg   preseed/url/checksum=5da499872becccfeda2c4872f9171c3d08:27
mate|48872thats what I've being trying, but it goes directly to the GUI installer.08:34
alkisgI'm not sure if booting from usb will allow an http preseed, did you try with netbooting it?08:36
alkisgAlso, since it's not related to the mate code base, you could ask in #ubuntu about it08:36
mate|48872is there netboot ubuntu-mate iso?08:50
alkisgmate|48872: no, the netboot cds don't have a de, and you can configure it with the preseed. Most packages are downloaded over the web in netbooting, so one cd fits all DEs08:56
sambagirlmorning. ok i have it installed. set it to legacy so i can get it to boot.09:21
sambagirlmy question is does linux handle rotation? this is a 360 laptop.09:21
fantesbergerI just installed ubuntu mate 16.04 in a vm. how can I change the kezboard layaut and add hidpi support?09:54
fantesbergerI found the keyboard support now under system menu. The hidpi things is critical too, I am using reading glasses and a magnifier glass in conjunction and nearly cannot read anything10:01
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SweetlewHello, everybody. I need a solution for this problem, and I need it fast. My Chromecast just all of a sudden, out of the blue, decided to not work with Chromium this morning, and I need it to work so that I can provide something to watch for all my younger cousins at my family Christmas party on Saturday.17:20
Akulidoes it work in full chrome?17:21
SweetlewAnd the Google rep on the phone is saying that it's something wrong with Ubuntu, while I'm saying that my Chromecast isn't recognizing my wi-fi.17:21
SweetlewAkuli: Yes, it worked in Chrome Canary on my windows 7 machine.17:22
Akulithen you can download chrome if you can't think of anything else17:22
SweetlewAkuli: I run a 32-bit install.17:24
Akulithen we have a problem17:24
Akuliinstall or computer?17:24
SweetlewAkuli; both17:25
Akuliand it doesn't work in other browsers?17:25
SweetlewAkuli: Not in chromium.17:28
Akulimaybe you could run windows chrome in wine?17:29
SweetlewAkuli: I just tried regular chrome on my windows laptop, and chromecast worked just fine with it. I don't get it, though. I was able to cast just fine from my desktop last night.17:35
SweetlewMy current chromium version is 55, btw.17:36
Akulii believe google updated their stuff17:36
SweetlewWell, I need this to work before Saturday.17:37
Akulidoes chrome work in wine or not?17:37
SweetlewAkuli: I don't know, I'm tired of workarounds, though.17:39
Akulitry it in wine, you don't lose anything and i don't have time right now :)17:40
SweetlewAkuli: Will do. I don't have time for this issue, either.17:43
Akulithen i'll try that17:44
Sweetlew"Unable to connect to the internet. If you run a firewall, please whitelist GoogleUpdate.exe."17:45
SweetlewHow can I tell if I have an active firewall running?17:46
Akulimaybe ufw?17:47
Akulii doubt it if you haven't enabled it17:47
Akulii guess chrome just doesn't like wine, which is no surprise :(17:47
SweetlewOk, well, if this is a supposed bug, then I don't have freaking time to wait. I need a solution to this problem, pronto.17:51
Akuliborrow a windows or 64-bit computer for whatever time you need it?17:52
SweetlewAkuli: I found gufw.17:57
Akuliyou don't need that :)17:57
Akulisudo ufw status is enough if you really want to have a look17:57
SweetlewIt's active.17:59
Akuliyou can disable it temporarily17:59
Akulii have no idea if chrome is actually going to work though...17:59
SweetlewAkuli: And borrowing and/or using another machine wouldn't really be ideal in my situation.17:59
SweetlewAkuli: How can I temporarily disable it?18:00
Akulisudo ufw disable :)18:00
Akuliufw is really easy to use18:00
Sweetlew"firewall stopped and disabled on system startup"18:01
SweetlewDo I need to reboot?18:01
Akuliit just means that it won't start again if you reboot18:02
SweetlewAkuli: ok.18:02
SweetlewNope. Still not working.18:03
Akulithen we have a problem18:03
Akuliyour thing just doesn't work in firefox?18:04
SweetlewAkuli: No.18:10
Akulii don't have more ideas :(18:10
Akulimaybe a windows vm?18:11
SweetlewAkuli: Takes up too much RAM.18:11
Akuliyou have how much?18:11
SweetlewAkuli: 6 gigs.18:12
Akuliooh there's no such thing as takes too much ram then :)18:12
Akulii can run a windows xp vm just fine with 2gb18:12
vanisharehey guys, i;ve been trying to add two entries in "startup applications", one "/usr/bin/mate-terminal -e mcabber" and the other is "/usr/bin/mate-terminal -e weechat".. thing is, after reboot one always dissapered, how can i resolve that?18:12
SweetlewAkuli: Also, it would take up quite a bit of time for me.18:13
AkuliSweetlew, not really18:13
Akulilatest chrome supports windows 7 and up...18:13
Akuliwe don't want to pirate anything, so you need to find a windows 7 installation dvd somewhere and just install it without activating it, windows has a 30 day trial18:14
Akulii have a windows 7 installation dvd, i could make an iso of it for you18:15
SweetlewAkuli: Ok, but I don't want to go down that route.18:16
Akulibetter ideas?18:16
SweetlewI've already tried enabling/disabling/resetting everything you can imagine.18:16
Akulithere you go, google just updated their stuff :)18:17
SweetlewThe rep did mention downgrading Chromium.18:17
SweetlewAkuli: How so?18:18
Akulii have no idea18:18
Akuliyou can get an old version of chromium if you want to18:18
Akuliunfortunately i don't know how to help because i've never done that18:19
SweetlewOk, I'm trying commands in the command line from the page you just linked. Not getting anywhere.18:27
Akuliwhich version is your chromium?18:28
Akulialso, have you apt-get upgraded recently?18:28
SweetlewAkuli: 55 and no.18:30
SweetlewShould I run apt-get upgrade?18:30
Akuliif you want an older version, no18:30
Akulimine is 53 :)18:30
Akuliyou know what i realized18:31
SweetlewAkuli: And do you have a Chromecast that works with that?18:31
Akulii have chromiums 51, 52 and 53 in my apt cache18:31
Akulii don't even know what chromecast is :)18:31
SweetlewWell, then I need to talk to somebody on here that has a Chromecast.18:32
Akulimaybe someone on #google knows?18:34
SweetlewAkuli: I just tried to downgrade, and I get dependency errors.18:45
Akuliwhich ubuntu?18:45
Akulialso, if you just want to entertain children let them play supertuxkart :)18:45
SweetlewAkuli: Ubuntu Mate 16.0418:46
Akuliyou could of course try 14.04, but you might as well go windows at that point18:46
SweetlewAkuli: Is there a way of how I can downgrade without dependency errors? I've been at this all damn day.18:48
Akulisolve the dependency problems, of course :) or use an older ubuntu18:48
SweetlewAkuli: I don't have time for that. I'm going to be in a podcast in a couple of hours.18:53
Akulii would probably find something else for the children to do18:54
Akulihow old are they?18:54
SweetlewAkuli: And, besides, I want the only one touching the computer to be me.18:54
SweetlewAkuli: 5 up through early teens.18:54
Akulimaybe you could just look up something long enough on youtube?18:55
SweetlewAkuli: Ok, that's not helping.18:59
Akuliyeah :(18:59
Akulii don't have more ideas18:59
SweetlewYeah, well, I need this problem solved. I can't wait for bugfixes and workarounds, as this has already taken up too much of my damn time already.19:00
Akulijust get another computer somewhere19:03
Akulias you can see, we're not getting anywhere19:03
SweetlewAkuli: Exactly, Which is why I need somebody that uses a Chromecast to help me.19:04
ubuntu-matehi everyone20:37
ubuntu-mateI'm newbie in use ubuntu mate20:38
ubuntu-matewhat is a difference between ubuntu mate 16.04.1 LTS and ubuntu mate 16.10? thank you.20:39
mate|49444any one home20:44
Akuliubuntu-mate, 16.04 will be supported for many years, 16.10 for a few months21:08
Akulithat's what LTS means, Long Term Support21:08
Akuliyou can use 16.10 if you want to try out the newest features... i wouldn't :)21:09
ubuntu-matethank you very much Akuli.21:22
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barrympixhowdy folks, I have a question regarding Ubuntu MATE hibernation option for a new laptop23:32
barrympixtrying to figure out how to contact matey23:37
barrympixhow do I get the bot to answer a question?23:41
barrympixthat must not be it.23:41
barrympixmatey: do you answer questions?23:41
barrympixI'll take that as a no.23:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:42
masnell_@barrympix: there are many ppl here willing to help, just need to be patient cos many come in &  out of the chat to see if any questions we can help with based on our experience / resources.23:46
masnell_For hibernation maybe worth checking the community forums tips & Tricks section23:46
barrympixah.  I am looking for something to put on my portable computer to replace (what I find to be terribly invasive) windows 10.  Ubuntu MATE looks like a great option for college purposes, I wondered if there was a problem getting the laptop to hibernate?23:50
* barrympix looking for tips and tricks section.23:50
masnell_Linux &  Hibernation tends to be a hardware specific success story23:51
masnell_Generally I have had success but you need to try on your system to confirm23:51
barrympixit's a new system.  haven't got it yet.  I want to replace the OS before it boots up with anything.  I plan to boot to boot options menu, set to boot USB, and load a new OS without ever having to look at Windows 10.  I am taking a bit of a leap of faith with that kind of approach, but I don't see any redeeming features for MS at this point other th23:56
barrympixan it is what the system has on it already.23:56
masnell_Should not be a problem.23:59
masnell_I build systems and never let Windows near them unless it's in a VM23:59

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