* slangasek waves17:02
stgraberhey there17:02
slangasekdo we have quorum today? :)17:02
slangasekstgraber: well, it's your turn to chair, so if you scare up any of the others, I'm here ;)17:05
stgraberI'm only barely here myself (off today) :)17:06
stgraberonly thing we seem to have to discuss is the drop of powerpc, but not much to say there unless mdeslaur and/or kees show up17:07
slangasekand I gave them a deadline for feedback, which has passed17:09
stgraberprocessing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/164364817:09
slangasekkees gave me an offline acknowledgement17:09
slangaseksending that u-d-a mail is on my todo for today17:09
stgraberdid you have any luck making the LP e-mails land on our mailing-list? looks like we've had a DMB request open for a month now which I haven't seen anything about (or I'd have processed it about a month ago)17:10
slangasekno, have not followed up on it17:11
slangasekor rather, I followed up enough to determine that we needed sabdfl to add the subscription for us17:11
slangasekand haven't pestered him yet17:12
slangasekthe mapreri one was open before our last TB meeting when we discussed the bugmail question fwiw17:12
stgraberdid the edit-acl run for that bug now, closing17:12
stgrabergoing to wrap up this non-meeting since the other two three aren't showing up and I should be away from my computer anyway :)17:14
stgraberdoesn't look like there's anything for us to discuss anyway. Agenda has been updated and AFAICT the action list is still accurate.17:15
slangasekhopefully so, as I updated it 15 minutes ago17:15
slangasek[AGREED] mdeslaur to take responsibility for the above17:16
mdeslaursorry, forgot, was enjoying my holiday too much :)17:17
mdeslaurdid I miss anything?17:18
slangasekmdeslaur: we chatted, but didn't gavel in with just the two of us17:18
slangasekso no :)17:18
slangasekagenda is accurate and will last until next year17:18
mdeslaurslangasek: saw your powerpc post, thanks for the heads up17:18
slangasekI should manage to get the u-d-a mail out today17:19
mdeslaurDo we have anything else to discuss, or can I go back to lounging around in my pyjamas?17:29
* mdeslaur goes back to watching funny cat videos on youtube17:37
mdeslaurhappy holidays everyone17:37

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