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alan_ggreyback: congratulations! miral integration has passed QA09:55
greybackalan_g: hurray!09:55
davmor2alan_g, greyback: now don't make it sound like it is a fluke or we might go back and look at it again ;)10:11
alan_gso true!10:12
greybackalan_g: fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/miral/+bug/165138410:18
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1651384 in miral (Ubuntu) "[MIR] miral" [Critical,New]10:18
greybackneed miral to be in main before unity8 can use it10:18
alan_gOh yeah, I'd forgotten we'd need that.10:18
alan_ggreyback: can I help? Or is it just another wait for the wheels to turn?10:20
greybackalan_g: the later, I think that's all the paperwork needed10:21
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dandraderalan_g, hi, did you read my mail about the double-lock issue?11:57
alan_gdandrader: sorry, I forgot about it11:58
alan_gdandrader: I see. Yes, force_close() shouldn't be calling a function from shell::WindowManager.12:02
* alan_g wonders why he's not hit that12:03
dandraderalan_g, should I file a bug?12:07
alan_gplease - I'll get to it real soon12:08
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dandraderalan_g, https://bugs.launchpad.net/miral/+bug/165142212:14
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1651422 in MirAL "Double lock in force_close()" [Undecided,New]12:14
alan_gdandrader: thank you. Do you need the fix released? Or just committed for the time being?12:15
dandraderfirst option is best, of course. but it's not blocking me. worst case I add a work around in qtmir (ie, no lock that call)12:20
dandraderalan_g, ^12:20
alan_gdandrader: if you do a workaround I suggest using "#if MIRAL_VERSION <= MIR_VERSION_NUMBER(1, 0, 0)"12:24
dandraderalan_g, right, good point12:24
dandraderalan_g, so the next miral release is gonna be 1.0?12:36
alan_gdandrader: the last one was12:36
dandraderalan_g, is it in zesty?12:37
dandraderlanded today, right. because it wasn't there yesterday12:38
* dandrader upgrades12:38
alan_glanded yesterday, my afternoon12:39
alan_gdandrader: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/fix-1651422/+merge/31360912:50
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alan_gcamako: the discussion comment I promised you yesterday: https://code.launchpad.net/~cemil-azizoglu/mir/mirsurfacespec-deprecation-2/+merge/313451/comments/81456717:33
camakoThanks. I was just reading it.17:34
_javier4_Hi guys, I'm porting a device and now I'm stuck at the ubuntu animation boot logo (ubuntu text with dots moving). compositor log doesn't help, and now I'm seeing this messages in dmesg18:31
_javier4_(1)[2353:VSyncThread_0][DISP][mtk_disp_mgr_ioctl #1956]ERROR:[session]ioctl not supported, 0x40104fd518:31
_javier4_(1)[2361:Mir/Comp][DISPCHECK]primary_display_switch_mode require sess_mode DIRECT_LINK18:31
_javier4_repeated many times. Are they meaningful for my problem?18:33
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greyback_javier4_: sounds possible yes. Can you share the output of "/system/bin/logcat" and "$HOME/.cache/upstart/unity8.log" please18:43
greyback/var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log too18:44
_javier4_greyback, unfortunately logcat returns nothing, these are the logs you asked for18:50
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greyback_javier4_: hmm unity-system-compositor does bring up GL ok (lots of warnings, but it appears to work since you see the splash)19:12
greybackbut something is wrong with unity819:12
greybackit is a mir server, which connects to unity-system-compositor (as a nested mir server)19:12
greybackseems to fail to connect/start19:12
greybackam unsure why19:12
_javier4_is there something I can do to supply more debug messages?19:15
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