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xnoxrbasak, which tomcat server is the default in xenial?01:27
xnox7 or 8?01:27
* xnox ponders if the tasksel tasks are out of date in xenial01:27
sarnoldmy tools tell me tomcat8 is in main in xenial01:31
naccxnox: should be tomcat8 in 16.0402:03
naccxnox: tomcat7 is in universe, iirc02:03
naccxnox: and i believe we also updated the seeds02:03
xnoxsarnold, nacc: ack, will fix tasksel in xenial.02:04
naccxnox: thanks!02:06
Nicho1asHi, I need an efficient software load balancer for my vsftpd cluster thingy; could anyone recommend one to me?06:41
karstensragehow do you read /var/crash files? im not use the GUI at all and everything seems to indicate you have to use the UI?07:04
Hetfieldgood morning08:05
Hetfieldi need a fast clarification about autopilot-juju-conjure status in ubuntu nowadays08:05
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kdo__I have tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 Server on PowerEdge R530, the installation is working but it is really slow08:30
kdo__I made Raid 6 install and the server got 8Go RAM08:32
kdo__I don't understand because there is no error in console log08:32
kdo__moreover it seems certified to work https://certification.ubuntu.com/hardware/201411-1616408:34
kdo__I made a mistake the server got 16 Go Ram08:34
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lordievaderkdo__: Is there something hogging the cpu?08:42
kdo__lordievader : no08:43
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lordievaderkdo__: Could you run 'vmstat 1' for a while and give the last few lines?10:51
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mnms_Anyone experienced error:  Diskfilter writes are not supported ?13:39
ikoniamnms_: as I recall it's something to do with raid devices when the machine boots and it can't access the file system in a certain way13:40
ikoniaI think it's software raid only when /boot can't be accessed as a raw device13:41
mnms_ikonia: what is the best solution for this ?13:41
ikoniamnms_: I think you'd have to understand what triggers it properly, I'm working from memory13:41
ikoniamnms_: what's your disk config/layout13:41
ikoniamnms_: the other thing is, is it causing you a problem ?13:42
mnms_cause my system doesnt boot up without pressing key13:42
ikoniaahh, so it won't actually boot without interaction13:42
mnms_thats right13:42
ikoniamnms_: tell me about your disk config, specfically around /boot and /13:42
ikonialets see if we can figure it out13:42
mnms_ikonia: I have software raid13:42
ikoniaas in mdadm software raid ?13:42
mnms_ikonia: everything is under root. I dont have separate boot partition13:43
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lordievaderI had that issue once, this fixed it for me: https://askubuntu.com/questions/468466/diskfilter-writes-are-not-supported-what-triggers-this-error13:44
lordievaderHas a good explanation of how it happens too.13:44
ikoniaooh, lets see13:44
mnms_lordievader: you applied a patch ?13:44
ikoniaahhhh I see,13:45
lordievadermnms_: Back when I ran Ubuntu, yes.13:45
ikoniaI don't think you should have to patch this on a modern ubuntu13:45
mnms_It is 14.0413:45
lordievaderFrom the same page "Still not fixed in 16.04. This breakneck pace of bug fixing is hard to keep up with."13:46
mnms_lordievader, ikonia: So what do you propose? apt-get uprgade, patch ?13:46
mnms_I dont want to go with quick boot = 013:46
lordievadermnms_: I applied his patch, back then.13:46
mnms_lordievader: and everything was fine after that ?13:46
mnms_no problems ?13:47
lordievaderNot that I can remember.13:48
mnms_I understand I could also add disk which is not in RAID and installer grub there?13:49
ikoniais /boot under LVM13:53
ikoniaor / under lvm13:53
cpaelzerrbasak: are you stil laround for a mysql dependency to Debian question?14:18
mnms_ikonia: yes14:19
ikoniamnms_: easy fix, mirror a 500mb partition as /boot, then put the rest in lvm on a second mirrored partition14:19
ikoniaproblem solved14:19
rbasakcpaelzer: o/14:20
rbasakToday is my last day.14:20
rbasakBefore January, that is. I am coming back :-)14:20
cpaelzeryeah, thanks for not being another one :-)14:22
cpaelzerI was breaking our strongwan changes up to be ready for Debian14:22
cpaelzerand I'm pretty far - or so I thought14:22
cpaelzerbut now comes mysql14:22
cpaelzerwhich gives me a build error on debian-sid14:22
cpaelzerrbasak: I know that you were in the midst of all these mysql/mariadb things14:22
cpaelzerrbasak: so I hope for an advice14:22
cpaelzercurrent Ubuntu strongwan pulls libmysqlclient-dev and works building the mysql plugin14:23
cpaelzerthe same fails in Debian-sid14:23
rbasakCan you show me a build log?14:23
cpaelzerI kind of blindly try exchaning for libmariadbclient-dev now, but any betetr advice is useful14:23
rbasakFor compatiblity with both, you should now use default-libmysqlclient-dev if possible, but that shouldn't matter.14:24
cpaelzerrbasak: ok, pasting buildlog now ...14:25
cpaelzerrbasak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23659110/14:26
cpaelzerrbasak: I was too eager putting it in an autopkgtest right away, so I had to fetch the buildlog before pastebining it14:26
rbasakI can't find the bug right now, but it is fixed in VCS14:28
rbasakSorry we don't have an upload to sid right now. We haven't found a DD to do it.14:28
mnms_ikonia, lordievader: thanks for help14:28
rbasakIf building in sid, you can build against default-libmysqlclient-dev and that'll build against MariaDB and should fix the issue.14:28
ikoniamnms_: no problem14:28
rbasak(and you'll want to do that anyway for Debian)14:28
cpaelzerrbasak: ok trying with  default-libmysqlclient-dev already14:29
cpaelzerrbasak: as I read you 5 minutes before as "that is the way it should be done"14:29
cpaelzerrbasak: thanks, I'll let you know if that fixed my issues14:29
mnms_ikonia: do you always create separate boot partition ?14:38
mnms_or just /14:38
ikoniamnms_: I do personally yes14:38
mnms_ikonia: / /boot swap is enough for most cases I quess ?14:39
cpaelzerrbasak: at least in sbuild it is happy now, spinnign up autopkgtest again14:39
ikoniamnms_: you can slice it up however you're most happy, there is no right and wrong14:39
mnms_ikonia: ok, great14:39
cpaelzerbut well I reuse built binaries so I won't double check compilation - only the dep8s int here14:40
cpaelzerrbasak: thanks for the hint14:40
lordievadermnms_: No problem14:44
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jgrimmsmoser, powersj, rbasak, caribou: irc mtg16:01
jgrimmsmoser, caribou: what needs to happen yet for the cloud-init SRU mentioned in meeting?16:16
dudejiHi guys, I have two ubuntu servers under load balancer bt one of them is giving too much CPU-load due to IO operations , what can be probable issue ?16:16
cariboujgrimm: the SRU team needs to push it to xenial-proposed16:16
smosersru team member just needs to let into -proposed for xenial and for yakkety16:16
caribouyeah, & for yakkety16:17
jgrimmrbasak, ^^ this was the one you'd already pre-reviewed i thought?16:17
smoseryakkety is much larger sru16:17
jgrimmwell, not the yakkety part16:17
jgrimmthat is, our discussion last week was that xenial should go immediately after proposed cleared (Monday)16:18
dudejithis is the error i am getting : CPU iowait time (xxx:system.cpu.util[,iowait]): 29.07 %16:18
smoserpossibly i guess rbasak might ask for a re-upload with only the new changes in that list16:19
smoser(ie, only 16.04.3... id' uploaded as a replacement for .2 so it had both the chagnes listed)16:19
rbasaksmoser: I was about to accept cloud-init into Xenial. Are you referring to Yakkety? I hadn't looked at that at all.16:20
smoserrbasak, there is both needed.16:22
smoserxenial is small16:22
smoseryakkety is larger16:22
smoserxenial's changes file (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/298091288/cloud-init_0.7.8-49-g9e904bb-0ubuntu1~16.04.3_source.changes) has 2 entries16:22
smosersee ?16:22
smoseri can re-upload with only the one if you'd like16:22
rbasakI did review both changes, so I'm happy to accept both. Unless you want to do one at a time?16:24
smoserrbasak, no. that snot what i meant.16:26
smoserthe Changes file16:27
smoserhas 2 Changes16:27
rbasakAh, I see.16:27
smoseri think if you release it, wont the bugs for 0.7.8-49-g9e904bb-0ubuntu1~16.04.2 get re-marked16:27
rbasakYes. That'll probably confuse the tooling.16:27
rbasakSorry. I follow now. Please do re-upload with that removed.16:28
smoseryou can NACK that one and i will re-upload. with a new changes16:28
rbasakI'll leave the current one there if that's OK. Easier to diff in one go when both are present.16:28
smoserdoes that work?16:28
smoseri'll upload the same thing, just different changes16:29
smoserrbasak, uploaded16:30
jgrimmsmoser, rbasak: thank you16:30
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caribousmoser: rbasak: testing uploaded cloud-init atm17:05
smosercaribou, easiest thing to do is just launch an instance, then install it.17:06
smosertnen rm -Rf /var/lib/cloud /var/log/cloud-init*17:06
caribousmoser: not sure I still have my instance on their cloud17:06
smoseroh. i thought htat is what you meant by uploaded17:07
caribousmoser:  no the uploaded to xenial-proposed17:09
caribousmoser: my local test is correct though; it fails later but does find the datasource17:10
caribousmoser: I'll ask them for one17:11
smosercaribou, i can give you one17:14
caribousmoser: then go ahead & I'll test it17:14
smoserone thing that sucks on their clloud... to my knowledge i now have some funds available on only their zrh region.17:15
smoserie, funds are region specific17:15
jgrimmrbasak, are you also handling the yakkety-proposed cloud-init SRU?17:30
smosercaribou, well, i'm trying17:30
rbasakjgrimm: no, that hasn't been on my list17:40
jgrimmrbasak, no worries, that's what i assumed but noticed that it was v-d now too17:41
caribousmoser: fine, I'm lightning up the christmas tree in the meantime :-)17:44
smosercaribou, ubuntu@
smoseri think you should be able to get in17:46
caribousmoser: ok tryign17:46
caribousmoser: ok, I'm in17:47
caribousmoser: works fine on Xenial \o/17:54
smosercaribou, you all done ?17:57
caribousmoser: for Xenial, yes17:57
smoserk. i'll kill that then17:57
caribousmoser: upgraded, remove /var/lib/cloud & rebooted17:57
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rbasaknacc: o/21:02
rbasaknacc: FYI, I made some progress on the unapproved queue work21:02
rbasaknacc: not close to ready yet: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/+git/usd-importer/+ref/unapproved21:02
rbasaknacc: I had to refactor some other bits though so you might be interested21:03
rbasakeg. https://git.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/diff/usd/git_repository.py?h=unapproved&id=9ad33082e532707403d1b91ac91f975825707cd221:03
rbasakand https://git.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/diff/usd/importer.py?h=unapproved&id=ac4197077503c34c9b5662c521b46a9cbdba255521:03
rbasakThat sort of thing21:04
bildzCan someone help me with an issue with Postfix.  I have tried editing the /etc/aliases file (and running newaliases) and have also created a .forward file for the user account used to send messages, but it all appears to be rejected locally.  Please take a look at the following output and let me know what I am doing wrong.  http://pastebin.com/5s6FnA3b   thanks!21:39
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sarnoldbildz: does postfix/local do 'local' deliveries, to unix mbox or maildirs? do those user accounts need to exist in /etc/passwd and so on?21:59
naccrbasak: nice, will take a look!22:14
bildzsarnold: its a default postfix install of 16.0422:35
bildzi just added a relay host22:35

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