cmaloneyAre we having fun yet?01:17
cmaloneyhey widox! Long time no see!15:16
widoxI know it! just lingering here, been busy and just not wanting to go outside :)15:38
cmaloneyIt's cold and dangerous out there.15:38
cmaloney(at least now it is)15:39
cmaloneyYou probably have an even more amazing beard now15:39
widoxI dunno. it does collect snow pretty good, anyway15:39
widoxbought a house. so that's kind a big project atm15:41
widoxits completely empty. so there is much to be done - hoping to be able to move in early summer15:42
cmaloneyWow. Whereabouts?15:43
widoxhere in Detroit, Corktown area (few blocks from the old Tiger stadium)15:47
jrwrenyou live in corktown?15:47
jrwrenyour hipster convertion is now complete.15:47
widoxcurrently renting around the corner from the house :)15:47
jrwrenthat rules!15:47
widoxI know it, I can't take these jeans off anymore!15:47
jrwrenwhat street?15:48
widoxhouse is on Church St, between 11th & Rosa Parks15:48
widoxI'm on 11th currently15:48
jrwrenwidox: OMFG... I'd get Bucharest EVERY DAY!!!15:49
jrwrenwidox: do you?15:49
widoxyes, I can smell it all the time15:49
jrwrenwidox: for whom do you work?15:49
widoxwe keep the urge in check; its too easy to get burned out on it15:49
jrwrenI only get Bucharest once every few years and its always a level or more above anything else.15:50
widoxwe used to live downtown, a few blocks from its old location there -- and we overate it there for a bit...15:50
jrwrenNow that its gone from Park Bar, I'll probably never get it again :(15:50
widoxjrwren: I work from home. company is based in FL (all dev is remote though) http://www.sentryds.com15:51
widoxits only like a mile from DT15:51
jrwrenwidox: nice!15:51
jrwrenwidox: yeah, that is a great location. I didn't know if maybe you worked for DTE or something really close15:52
jrwrenwidox: an old friend used to live about 10 blocks away on lafayette15:53
jrwrenbut that was at least 15yrs ago, lol. I'm getting old.15:54
cmaloneybbiab. :) TTYL!15:57
cmaloneyoff to take mom on the annual "I'm not shooping for dad" trip.15:58
greg-git's a widox ! :)17:11
widoxhey hey greg-g. how are you?17:15
greg-gwidox: in a meeting (that I'm running ;), and the weekly technology team managers meeting, heh ) but good! well, tired as hell. Was up all night with a 5 year old who was having nightmares17:19
greg-gyeah :/17:20
greg-gmaybe reading him A Christmas Carol (the orig) as a bedtime story is backfiring17:20
greg-g_stink_: dude, that made me sad :(17:24
greg-g"I'm doing that to him!"17:24
greg-gresolved: no more A Christmas Carol before bed. Back to Dr Suess17:26
cmaloneygreg-g: Yipes19:56
jrwrenlol. that is funny.19:57

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