profetik777Hi, casual linux user and fan here.02:09
profetik777Didn't know things were broken up by state02:10
profetik777like IRC channels etc.02:10
jthanwaltman: fix it?04:49
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else11:00
waltmanjthan: No, I had to run some errands then finish working on $dayjob stuff.12:06
jedijfhe was buying hot sauce(s) with hundreds.....12:17
waltmanFor folks who don't follow my twitter, yesterday the gentleman in front of me at Trader Joe's purchased 10 items -- 5 bottles of sriracha and 5 bottles of green dragon hot sauce. He paid for them with a single crisp $100 bill.12:23
iceysounds like a fun time waltman13:05

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