Kilosmorning everyone04:37
magespawngood morning04:50
Kiloshi magespawn 04:53
magespawnhow is the farm life Kilos?04:54
KilosMaaz tell magespawn dont get to do much, but very lekker peaceful and quiet ty 05:30
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell magespawn on freenode05:30
Symmetrialol read my post on there05:34
Symmetriaits kinda funny05:34
Symmetriathe last comment in the list05:34
LangjanG'morning guys, how you feeling Kilos?07:35
Kiloshi Langjan ok ty and you07:38
Kiloswhat broke now?07:38
LangjanFine thks Kilos 07:38
LangjanJust some feedback, I used the system repair utilities in grub and it kicked xscreensaver out, looks like that was the cause of the screen freezes07:40
Kiloshappy to hear that, was rather a pain that07:40
Kilosdid you see to do that online?07:41
Kilosif not post that info where you saw others with the same prob07:41
LangjanNo I just went there to see what happens. Now I have opera developer and normal, which one to use?07:41
LangjanDeveloper still asks for key07:41
Langjanwhy both?07:42
Kilosi run both at the same time on different workspaces07:42
Kilosits your choice what to use07:42
LangjanI have two eyes but only one thinking tool07:42
Kiloshha thats why i leave things open on different workspaces so i dont have to remember 07:43
LangjanDid the fly fly?07:43
Kilosopen browser and important links are still there07:43
Kilosmust bhave07:43
Kilosoh my i didnt even wish him bon voyage07:44
LangjanI suppose we will see him on irc but at restricted times 07:44
KilosMaaz tell superfly Go safe our good friend07:44
MaazKilos: Sure, I'll tell superfly on freenode07:44
Kilospaddatrapper morning has fly left?07:45
LangjanMaaz, tell superfly from me also07:45
MaazLangjan: Righto, I'll tell superfly on freenode07:45
Kilossad day for za buntu07:45
LangjanMaaz, good guy07:46
MaazLangjan: What?07:46
LangjanBots dont have emotions07:46
KilosMaaz good guy07:47
MaazYou arent so bad yourslf my friend07:47
Kiloshe likes me more than you Langjan 07:47
LangjanSo they do you must just understand their lingo07:48
LangjanMaaz, good guy07:48
MaazYou arent so bad yourslf my friend07:48
Kilosaha he acepted you into the fold07:48
Langjancant spell though07:48
Kilosoh my07:48
Kiloshe sometimes makes spelling erors to see if we are awake07:49
LangjanKilos, I see theres a gnome screensaver but activation seems complicated07:49
Langjanso how you you tell him?07:50
Langjanor correct him?07:50
Kilostell him what07:50
Langjanspelling errors07:50
Langjanyou alzies? 07:50
Kilosscreensavers should be in your settings07:51
Kiloshe takes note and fixes them07:51
KilosMaaz good guy07:51
MaazYou arent so bad yourself my friend07:51
Kilosyou can teach him07:52
LangjanI see but dont see screensaver in settings07:52
LangjanSystem settings?07:52
Kiloshas unity dropped the screensaver button07:52
Kilosyour main settings with all the settings07:52
Kilossame place as the power one07:52
Langjannothing there07:53
LangjanUnity tweak tool?07:53
Kilosoh my07:53
Kilosyes try that07:53
Kilosthere were two tweak things one could use when i left unity07:54
Langjandont see anything there either07:54
Kiloswhat does this guy say http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/04/10-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-16-04-lts07:55
Kilosyou might need to install screensavers separately07:55
Kilosyou the unity man you should be telling me07:55
Kiloswhen i ak for unity help that is07:56
Kiloshee hee07:56
Kiloswill be back07:56
Kiloswont be long07:57
Kilosand dont dare leaving without first saying so like last time07:57
LangjanI downloaded gnome screensaver tar.xz but dont know what to do with that folder07:58
Kiloswhere from07:59
Kilostry right click etract07:59
LangjanLast time I greeted you very civilly but we were on pm 07:59
Kilosthen see if it opens an installable package08:00
LangjanI did that then a list of files one says install but also does not work08:00
Kilosthat tar route is too ingewikkeld for e08:00
Kilosthere is a command you can run08:01
Langjantheres a million word fikle on installation instructions08:01
Kilostry this https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111601208:04
Kilosshould be easy tar commands08:05
Kilosi got a horrible job i am putting off08:09
Kilosrewiring an automatic washing machine that was in a place where rats eat wires even08:10
Kilosmaybe next week 08:10
LangjanEish! Not good. I have a wiring problem in my car08:16
Kilosian too08:17
LangjanThat site did not help, why do they get so complicated?08:17
Kilosive rewired the whole section by the coil and distributor and fan08:17
LangjanLeft-hand low beam headlight dead, globe, earth and fuse ok08:18
Kilostook weeks to find there is problems in the harness so im slowly replacing what doesnt work08:18
LangjanLooks like I must bring it to you08:18
Kilosearth is normally just adding a few wires from battery to boby and engine but his goes deeper08:19
Kiloswhat isnt it doing08:19
Kiloshorrible working in harnesses08:20
Langjanlow beam in headlight08:21
Kilosonly one?08:22
Kilosor both08:22
Langjanleft side08:22
Kilosglobe ok?08:22
Kilosyou sure?08:24
Langjan It says its already installed08:24
Langjanja man08:24
Kiloshow do you know its ok?08:24
Kilosswop them around08:24
Langjaneks dom maar nie so dom nie08:24
Kilos\ok then08:24
Langjanfuse also ok08:24
Langjanas I said, lees jy nie?08:25
Kilostake a wire from the one thats working and join it to the one that isnt08:25
LangjanGood idea. Brilliant08:25
Kilosyou can test it by just touching the wire in the globe plug08:25
LangjanWill try08:27
Langjanso now I have a screensaver installed but cannot find it, lmga!08:27
Kiloswhat happens when you type screensaver in dash08:30
Kiloswb magespawn 08:32
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:32
Kilosand thatgraemeguy 08:32
Langjanit finds the xscreensaver tar.gz file08:32
Langjancheck those install instructions on pm08:35
LangjanKilos, dont worry I live without it08:35
LangjanLet me go see what I can work out with ma car's light08:36
chesedomorning all08:39
Langjanhi chesedo you ok?08:39
chesedogreat thanks and self oom Langjan?08:40
LangjanFine thaks08:40
chesedolo thatgraemeguy08:41
nsnzerohi guys08:42
Kiloshi nsnzero chesedo 08:43
nsnzeroKilos: hi , you was missing last night08:43
Kilosyes had to take a break, was tired from chest pain08:46
Kilosdeegee hows davey08:46
Kiloswhere are you now?08:46
nsnzerosorry to hear that Kilos : hope you are feeling better today 08:47
Kilosa bit ya but today im taking it very easy08:47
Kilosdid too much yesterday i think08:47
Kilosor maybe its all the meds making me feel this way08:48
nsnzerotake it easy now - you still need recovery time 08:49
Kilosi am taking it easy08:50
nsnzeromy mistake Kilos ;)08:52
chesedoKilos: btw, my feedback for our reverification page... but first it is suppose to cover the last two years (2015 & 2016) right?08:55
chesedothen we will have to forward those 2014 ones to their 2015/2016 counterparts and remove those that we can not forward08:57
Kiloswhat 2014 ones08:57
Kiloseverything we did from dec 2014 is valid for this application08:58
chesedothe 2014 Release Parties and SFD (which can be forwarded to its 2015)08:59
chesedowe will also have to provide proof (meeting links) for the things we have in the roadmap section as I understand it09:01
chesedobut still take it easy Kilos :P09:01
* chesedo will see what he can do with some of them later09:02
chesedooh, guess we will also have to update the date to the new one...09:03
Kiloshave we done anything in the roadmap09:13
Kilosand we can add in the place where we want to involve lugs that some lug members are here with us but lugs on a whole have fzzled away a bit09:14
chesedoyip that is in the roadmap (aka our future plans)09:26
Kiloslugs are hardegat09:30
inetprogoeiedag mense09:44
inetproanyone using xubuntu here?09:44
inetproor XFCE on any other distro09:45
chesedoinetpro: hi, used to long ago09:45
chesedowhat's your prob?09:45
inetprochesedo: what is the equivalent of KRDC on XFCE?09:46
inetproRemote Desktop Connection client 09:46
chesedooh, isn't it just the same...09:47
chesedoor do you mean a native XFCE one?09:47
inetproyes, a native one09:48
* chesedo does not think there is a native one09:50
chesedotry xrdp maybe09:52
chesedoor rdesktop09:52
inetproRemmina seems to be popular09:54
inetprowhat do people use on Ubuntu Unity?09:56
chesedohave never used it, but remmina seems to be installed10:00
inetproremmina crashes with a coredump10:10
chesedolol, same here on unity10:11
Kilosai! things are bad when pro sukkels10:18
inetproKilos: no, not sukkeling10:31
inetprojust asking what others are using10:32
inetprokrdc works10:32
inetprojust needs a lot of libs if you're not running KDE10:32
inetprochesedo: oh and setting to US Locale does not solve it here for remmina10:33
chesedoinetpro: changing the keyboard locale does work for me though (without a restart)10:49
inetprochesedo: how did you do it, what command?10:56
LangjanHi guys, back again Kilos sb11:02
chesedoinetpro: went to keyboard settings, added the US layout and then selected it11:07
chesedothat reminds me remove it too now :D11:07
Kiloshi Langjan 11:07
LangjanGuess what? 11:08
LangjanI viewed a Power Point and on last click screen froze again only mouse cursor moves11:08
Langjanso prob stil there, not related to xscreensaver11:09
Langjanseems to be a common problem with various versions and flavours of ubuntu11:09
Kilosnot kde11:09
Langjansome reported on kde also11:10
Kiloshave you tried using a few desktops11:10
Kilosid like to know if you can switch workspaces when that one is frozen11:10
LangjanI can do nothing except move the mouse cursor around11:11
LangjanI see remnants of xscreensaver in synaptic, maybe remove them all for starters11:12
Kilosenable them and use 4 then we see 11:12
Kilosmight be a kill command if only one is faulty11:12
Kilosthis is beyong me , i hammer my way through probs11:13
Kilosthe bigger the probs the bigger the hammer11:13
Kilosso bare with e11:13
inetprochesedo: oh wow that way works for me as well11:14
inetprochanging the locale didn't work11:14
inetprocrazy that it depends on the keyboard layout11:16
LangjanYou in a nudist colony Kilos ?11:19
Kilosbare as is struggle with me man11:19
Kilosnot get kaal with me11:19
Langjanbear with me, lmga11:20
Kilosya that11:20
Kilosim sukkeling here11:20
Kilosanother tough day ahead it seems11:20
LangjanI have been using 4 workspaces all along11:21
Langjanbut cannot access launcher to try to switch when screen is frozen11:23
LangjanSorry gotta go for lunch11:24
Kilosfull screen again11:25
Kilosdoesnt launcher show on left side11:25
chesedoLangjan: on unity use <ctrl> + <alt> + <direction arrow> to change workspaces with the keyboard11:39
chesedoalso see if you can get into tty 1 with <ctrl> + <alt> + <F1>11:40
chesedouse the same but with F7 to get back to tty7 (where the gui is)11:40
chesedoinetpro: it's stupid to be dependant on the keyboard layout in the first place...11:42
Langjanchesedo, Kilos ctrl alt f1 works fine. let me try to replicate the prob and see if I can get to another desktop 11:43
LangjanBack again, ctrl+alt+f7 does nothing, also ctrl+alt+ arrows does not change desktop11:47
Langjanctl+alt+f1 enables me to reboot via command line11:48
inetprochesedo: changing the keyboard layout in the remmina preferences from automatic to US solves it for us 11:49
inetprojust have to set the keyboard to US to begin with11:50
inetprounder Preferences | RDP11:50
chesedoLangjan: a solution to at least get the screen back would be to login at tty1 then run `sudo lightdm restart`11:51
inetprogoeidag Langjan11:51
chesedowithout needing to restart, but it will kill your login session11:51
Langjanhi inetpro 11:51
Langjanchesedo, ttyl?11:51
chesedoctrl + alt + F111:52
inetproctrl+alt+f1 = tty111:52
Langjanoh ok thks excuse my illiteracy11:52
inetproctrl+alt+f7 = tty711:52
inetproeasier to type the short version11:53
Langjanok thks learning11:54
inetproI bet it's just an app that is causing the hang11:54
LangjanI thought it was xsceensaver but that has been purged11:55
inetprokilling the relevant app would give you control again without having to restart or loose connection11:55
Kilos-but how to find the relevant app11:56
Langjanmaybe I use too many apps11:56
Kilos-type top in terminal oom11:57
Kilos-most liklely will need to bin the reply11:57
Kilos-clever guys will investigate11:57
Langjankeeps changing and unable to copy all11:59
Langjanwhats the bin access again plse?12:01
Kilos-in the topic at the top12:02
LangjanThis looks like current: https://bin.snyman.info/mmmjxcq912:06
Kilos-i wonder if that covers from before the freeze12:06
Kilos-inetpro at what stage must he do top12:07
Kilos-can it see back to before restarting12:07
LangjanCould graphics update error have an effect?12:12
Kilos-what error12:12
LangjanGraphics upgrade12:13
Kilos-how did you do that12:13
Kilos-and was this before the freezing started\12:13
LangjanI get GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.Packagekit was not provided by any .service files12:15
Kilos-how did you do that upgrade oom12:15
LangjanIt was Intel graphics update app 12:15
Kilos-oh still that12:16
Kilos-does it show in synaptic12:16
Langjanlet me check dont think so12:16
Langjanyes it does12:17
Kilos-try a reinstall12:17
Kilos-make its broken12:17
Kilos-reload synaptic first12:17
Langjanok done shall I check that Intel upgrade again?12:21
Kilos-reinstall it from synaptic12:21
Kilos-and look for error report12:21
Langjanalready done that12:22
Langjanno error reported12:22
Kilos-no error?12:22
Kilos-try not using full screen12:23
Kilos-keep your launcher clear12:23
Kilos-then see if it freezes12:24
Kilos-maybe even leave top running in terminal out the way12:24
Langjanwell then I wil have to avoid some things completely that automatically activate full screen, like powerpoint 12:24
Kilos-cant you set it12:24
Langjancan I12:24
Kilos-let it start full screen the size it yourself12:25
Langjanlet me try12:25
Kilos-push cursor into top right corner and see if it shows it can be resizes12:25
Langjanyou dont understand, when it freezes cursor does NOTHING except move around aimlessly12:30
LangjanI cannot access ant buttons or menus12:30
Langjanlightdm restart gets me back to black screen 12:31
Kilos-and your open desktops12:31
Langjanpower point music keeps playing in background12:31
Kilos-isnt top running still12:31
* chesedo mostly thinks that this is a graphics issue as mouse (and music) remains responsive12:31
Kilos-does it freeze the minute full screen actrivates12:32
Kilos-havent you got a graphics card you can put in there Langjan 12:32
chesedoLangjan: I would recommend that you check that Intel upgrade again12:32
Kilos-it is desktop pc hey12:32
Langjanno not always, some times it shows the whole presentation and freezes at the end but this time it froze at the start12:33
Kilos-did this only start after intel upgrade12:33
LangjanIntel upgrade gives same eror again  12:33
Langjanyes desktop pc12:33
Langjanno is started before 12:34
Kilos-have you got a graphics card12:34
Kilos-pci one12:34
Langjandont know12:34
Kilos-that will work around the onboard graphics12:35
Kilos-i think12:35
Langjanwhats a pci graphics card?12:36
LangjanIf I dont know I suppose its obvious I dont have one12:36
Kilos-plugs in to one of those slots in pc12:36
Kilos-check all your buddies pcs and borrow one12:37
Langjanyes thats what I thought and no, unless its in there but I can have a peek?  12:37
Kilos-lspci will how one\12:37
Kilos-i dont think you have one in atm12:37
Kilos-i asked do you have one meaning in another pc 12:38
Kilos-or in a drawer somewhere12:38
Kilos-or in some tannies pc thats resting there12:38
Langjannot that I know of12:38
Langjanlet me look around, will let you know meanwhile stay away from full screen goodies12:39
Kilos-ai! and they arent cheap either12:39
Kilos-some weakness there in onboard graphics12:39
Kilos-your screen is too big12:40
LangjanI have a pci adapter12:40
LangjanGigabit PCI Adapter GN680-T12:42
Kilos-or your glasses are too weak12:42
Kilos-nmow im losted12:43
LangjanNo its a wireless adapter12:44
Kilos-is that adapter plugged into a pci slot12:44
Kilos-or onboard12:44
Langjanno its in a box12:44
Kilos-where is this box12:44
Langjanlmga! on my desk12:44
Kilos-next to the pc12:44
Langjanas it came from the shop12:45
Langjana cardboard box12:45
Kilos-plugged in where12:45
Kilos-not used yet12:45
Langjanbut its a wireless adapter12:45
Langjanno unused12:45
Kilos-no use then12:45
Kilos-you need a graphics card with that same kinda plug at the bottom12:46
Kilos-pci fitting12:46
LangjanOK will look for one12:46
Kilos-then once thats workking onboard graphics are out of the picture12:47
Langjanwill report back boss12:47
Kilos-normally nvidia or ati12:47
Langjannow I will leave you in peace12:47
Kilos-good luck sir12:48
Langjanso you can help other peeps12:48
Kilos-try one more thing12:48
Kilos-you know the name of that intel package12:48
Langjanyes its here12:49
Kilos-try reinstall it with aptitude12:49
Kilos-aptitude gives good error reports and workarounds12:49
LangjanIntel graphics update tool for Linux OS12:50
Kilos-thats an update tool no the intel package12:51
Kilos-synaptic would have given an error if the installed package was faulty12:51
Kilos-where is this update tool 12:52
Kilos-oh that link you gave last week12:52
Kilos-or week before12:52
Kilos-i didnt use it12:53
Kilos-some peeps complained of issues i think12:53
Langjanwhere do I see what grapgics are onboard?12:53
Kilos-lspci i think12:53
Kilos-should be a long story12:53
Kilos-or lshw12:54
LangjanI915 module12:54
Kilos-we past 2000 already12:54
LangjanIntel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 10)12:54
Kilos-thats an ox wagon module12:54
LangjanAudio device: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)12:55
Kilos-chesedo guide the oom please12:55
LangjanPCI bridge: Intel Corporation NM10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Port 1 (rev 01)12:55
Kilos-ill read12:55
LangjanKilos-, sorry gotta take my lady to town12:56
Kilos-ok Langjan 12:56
Langjanwill chat later if youll excuse me12:56
Kilos-see you later then12:56
Kilos-ill have a nap12:56
Langjanok take good care12:56
Kilos-go safe12:56
Langjanyou too thks12:56
* chesedo installs that intel graphics util to get a better look at how to see what is wrong13:13
Kilos-i was afraid to do that13:18
Kilos-everything is working here13:18
chesedoit is installing so am holding my thumbs that nothing breaks13:24
Kilos-good luck13:31
Symmetriaanyone here on telkom ADSL?13:32
chesedotelkom refused installation repairs in my area long ago...13:34
inetprotelkom refused installation of lines in my area long ago...13:51
inetproSymmetria: does it have to be ADSL?13:51
inetproI think we have multiple people on Telkom LTE connection13:52
Kilos-telkom refused installation of lines in my area long ago...14:00
Kilos-telkom refused installation repairs in my area long ago...14:01
paddatrapperSymmetria: I am 14:03
SymmetriaI just need a telkom IP16:04
Symmetriathat I can trace to16:04
Symmetriato check something16:04
Symmetria(sorry was busy on calls)16:05
nsnzeroafternoon / good evening all16:32
Kiloshi nsnzero 16:33
nsnzeroKilos: how are you ?16:36
Kilos-ok ty16:37
nsnzerolet see who can help with this : i need to parse the udw.log file to output only certain field like source and time in real time16:38
magespawnas a constantly running command or only when you execute the script?16:46
Maazmagespawn: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell magespawn dont get to do much, but very lekker peaceful and quiet ty" 11 hours, 16 minutes and 27 seconds ago16:46
nsnzeromagespawn: it must show it in real time16:47
nsnzeroi think by storing the len of the file and checking if it has changed will display only changes16:49
nsnzeroi wrote a python 3 script to show the fields i want by splitting the line into a list16:50
magespawnyou could i think, write a bash script that displays the last entry of the log as it is made16:50
nsnzeromagespawn: tail var\log\ufw.log 0 -f will display the last line only and follow for changes16:52
magespawnnsnzero: would you have terminal open to monitor it or redirect the ouput to another text file?16:56
nsnzeroterminal magespawn 16:57
nsnzeroi attempted it with SED but i really dont understand SED atm17:02
magespawnnsnzero: just leaving it running screen?17:04
nsnzeroyip - want to monitor the firewall blocks17:07
magespawni see, so that should be fine then17:24
nsnzeromagespawn: i will figure it out - maybe a string search to pull out the values17:25
magespawnchat later 18:00
chesedonsnzero: use tail like magespawn suggested and try piping it to 'awk' or 'sed'18:03
chesedomaybe grep too18:03
nsnzerohi chesedo 18:07
chesedooh hi nsnzero18:07
chesedoweren't you here earlier today18:07
nsnzerochesedo: i am not fimilar with sed or awk atm 18:07
chesedonsnzero: what exactly do you want from the file?18:08
nsnzeroi probaly was on earlier 18:08
nsnzerofrom the udw.log date time source protocol destination18:09
chesedoare they always in the same columns?18:09
* chesedo has not worked with those files in a while18:10
nsnzerono chesedo they differ in number sometimes  18:11
chesedooh I only know enough awk to get certain columns18:13
nsnzerono worries chesedo i figurd out the pseudo code just have to type it out in python 18:19
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:58
LangjanHello guys 18:59
Langjananybody tried this? http://www.howtogeek.com/124286/how-to-uninstall-your-windows-product-key-before-you-sell-your-pc/18:59
inetproSymmetria: what's with za.archive.ubuntu.com ?19:00
inetproI've changed to ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za for now 19:01
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI

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