ArtesMagaeSean_McG: Maybe it is an issue with Windows 10?00:01
Sean_McGArtesMagae: possibly. I don't know anyone who dual boots with Win10. Would surprise me if the bootloader has changed though.00:02
Office_how i add gulp top path?00:02
ThePiHi, I recently switched from Kubuntu 15.04 to Ubuntu 16.04, I've been having a few issues I was hoping someone could help me with. Issue #1 is when i ctrl+alt+f2, i just get a black screen rather than a login prompt. The second issue is, back on kubuntu, i was able to play modded minecraft just fine, however since switching, the game sometimes freezes my entire laptop, sometimes for a few minutes before it recovers, other times it won't recover and00:06
ThePirequires me to do a hard reboot. I'm using the propritary nvidia drivers00:06
ThePiCould anyone point me in the right direction or give me some ideas of what to try?00:06
P4NT0MHello, does anyone here use MATLAB?00:07
Night_state your question rather than beeing silly P4NT0M00:08
P4NT0MSorry Night_ i don't understand why it's so slow when start up, i think that it might be a jvm problem, i would like to know if anyone had the same problem00:09
Night_low specs machine i would aasume00:09
P4NT0Mi7-6700 on ssd 8Gb of ram00:10
Sean_McGSkylake for the win!00:10
Night_8GB of ram?00:10
Night_my laptop had that 5 years ago00:11
P4NT0Mi think that it's quiet enough for MATLAB00:11
P4NT0Mand i doubt that it's a ram problem, it's slow on startup not after...00:12
wedgieP4NT0M: might ask your question in ##matlab as well *shrug*00:12
Night_what wedgie said00:13
Sean_McGThePi: is Minecraft still Java-based on Linux?00:13
ThePiSean_McG: yes00:13
P4NT0Mi will00:13
Sean_McGThePi: which version of the nvidia binary blob are you using?00:15
ThePiSean_McG: 36700:16
Sean_McG(I seriously doubt Java is causing your system to lock up)00:16
ThePiSean_McG: I also tried switching to the xorg driver but then the game wouldn't even start up, some sort of opengl error00:16
Sean_McGThePi: which GPU?00:16
ThePiSean_McG: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108M [GeForce GT 630M] (rev a1)00:17
Sean_McGhmmm... old enough that 367 is probably fine.00:18
KB3VGWI think there is a  issue with the phppgadmin pkg00:19
KB3VGWit shul dnot be forcing apache to install00:19
Sean_McGerrrrr... you sure about that? can nginx host php?00:20
KB3VGWnginx has done php forever00:20
scottunbuntu rules00:21
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KB3VGWno it needs to clean its pkgs up00:21
KB3VGWno php/python interface should force install a web server00:22
Guest44044double partition son. 7 and unbuntu yea boi00:22
KB3VGWsince nginx can serve these up also00:22
KB3VGWand lighttp can also00:23
Guest44044wtf yall talkin bout man?00:23
KB3VGWso forcing apache is wrong00:23
Guest44044this geek code linkgo or somin?00:23
Sean_McGThePi: not sure what to say... maybe it's an issue with Mesa, or nVidia's OpenGL driver00:23
Guest44044im just kiddin yall00:23
Guest44044oh i must have missed the beginning of this conversation00:23
Guest44044something about a driver issue with software troubleshooting involved?00:24
Sean_McGThePi: surprised it would cause a lock-up though. Maybe try with a newer Java runtime?00:24
ThePiSean_McG: I'll grab openjdk9 and see if that helps00:24
naccKB3VGW: you have to tell your system that you know how to solve the dependencies in that case, aiui00:25
naccKB3VGW: by default, for ease of use, apache is the first dep used00:25
naccKB3VGW: but if you are using nginx, you probably have php installed, which also satisfied the dep00:25
KB3VGWbut the app should not force the apache in pkhg\s00:25
KB3VGWor it should give a option of the webserver to use00:26
KB3VGWfollow the unix norm00:26
Sean_McGnacc: for curiousities sake, how is that handled? the alternatives subsystem?00:26
KB3VGWhow to tell it nginx00:26
Guest44044how do you browse other chats on this?00:28
naccSean_McG: Depends: libapache2-mod-php | php-cgi | php00:28
naccSean_McG: one of those need to be present for nginx to be phppgadmin to be satisfied00:29
KB3VGWit is00:29
Vix_96Hey guys, so I have a problem if you could help me out. I shut down my Ubuntu laptop the other day. I have a MacBook Pro 8, 3 . So I shut it down and I turn it on again and I get a weird white screen that appears and it fades in. It fades in until it becomes really bright and then it goes black. I've tried changing the kernel parameters, I've boote00:29
Vix_96d into the machine in recovery mode but it looks terrible. I've tried wiping the hard drive all together and reinstalling but it still has the same problem. I'm lost... Any help would be appreciated..00:29
naccKB3VGW: if php is already installed, phppgadmin should not install libapache2-mod-php00:30
sintrevix> try a live dvd/usb00:30
KB3VGWseems php-cgi is not a default php phg00:30
naccKB3VGW: 'phg'?00:30
naccKB3VGW: no, as I just said, libapache2-mod-php is the default SAPI00:31
naccKB3VGW: based upon the above order, if you want php-cgi, you need to tell apt that00:31
Sean_McGit's probably a vietual package that something else provides00:31
Sean_McGvirtual, even00:31
naccSean_McG: what is?00:31
Vix_96Any ideas?00:32
Sean_McGsomething for nginx presumably satisfies the php-cgi dependancy00:32
Sean_McG(nota bene: I use Apache on my Ubuntu box)00:32
jack190i need gfx for an ap00:33
jack190someone from the uk00:33
jack190simple gfx00:34
Vix_96I can boot in and see everything in recovery mode...00:34
naccSean_McG: well, no, that's not how nginx works00:34
sintrevix try a live cd/usb and make sure not a hardware issue00:34
jack190pm me if you;re native english speaking and can do scalar graphics00:34
Vix_96I have.00:35
Sean_McGnacc: fair enough00:35
sintreand does it work?00:35
Vix_96It's not. Works fine.00:35
naccSean_McG: iirc, many people use php-fpm and nginx00:35
KB3VGW-where is it installing phppgadmin its no in var/www where it should be00:35
Vix_96With the exception of Ethernet wired connection thinking it's wifi and I can't get internet00:35
Vix_96It's perfect00:36
naccKB3VGW-: /usr/share/phppgadmin ?00:36
naccKB3VGW-: with an apache and php config file in /etc, iirc00:36
naccanother reason that it defaults to using apache --^ it doesn't shipt any configuration for running under anything else :)00:36
jack190looking for a vector gfx artist00:37
jack190for phone / tablet00:37
Sean_McGwrong channel son00:37
Vix_96I know that Mac's are known for their difficulty with linux, but it's a pain in the neck.00:37
jack190which channel then?00:38
sintrevix> never had a mac so honestly don't know where to go from here00:38
* Sean_McG shrugs, this is for Ubuntu support00:38
jack190k sorry00:38
nacc!alis | jack19000:38
ubottujack190: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"00:38
Vix_96Fair enough00:38
sintrevix> but certainly not to much support from apple to help rival os work on their machines but if you dig in enough forums you'll probally find some guide posts atleast00:39
Vix_96It's so weird though. Never seen anything like it. And from my googling, neither has anyone else...00:39
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sintrevix> might get me banned but if this install doesn't have much dedication files setting ect. , maybe try a different distro and see if that works00:40
Sean_McGApple very definitely has no vested interest in helping anyone run anything other than MacOS on their hardware -- with the small exception of dual-booting Windows, but that is most likely because their customers made a big fuss.00:43
Vix_96I've had luck with feddy... Might go that route, at least to confirm it's not a hardw issue00:43
Sean_McG(disclaimer: I was once an Apple fanboy, no longer.)00:43
Vix_96Yeah, getting rid of this old Mac first chance I get... Getting Lenovo.00:44
sintrenice vix00:44
Vix_96I heard they're the best for using any Linux distribution...00:44
sintremy new but buddget lappyuses ddr3 lv , but when shoping around seems most leveno mavchine using ddr4 now00:45
sintrewell that depends lol00:45
sintremore user config but certainly better than a apple brick00:45
Vix_96I'm going to start the long process of putting MacOS back on the comouter... I single boot btw00:45
sintregl i know the pain00:46
Vix_96Maybe restoring some sort of system driver through a hidden OSX partition will fix something...00:46
Vix_96Starting now... Getting sick and tired of apple man...00:50
sintregl man00:51
Vix_96Long night... Sorry to take up your r time guys peace...00:51
Night_how can you be tierd of apple .p00:51
Night_i never touch the crap00:51
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hahuang65I'm having some trouble with Gnome's network manager's OpenVPN (or possibly OpenVPN in general). My connection succeeds, but it looks like most of the internet doesn't work. I can connect to certain company sites, but nothing else (even though the same config on another machine allows me to connect everywhere)01:01
Sean_McGpossibly a VPN policy issue?01:02
hahuang65Sean_McG: nope, this appears to be a Gnome Network Manager thing. It works with `openvpn --config /path/to/config`01:04
hahuang65Sean_McG: like it said, on my other machine, it works fine. This VPN doesn't block anything, only grants access to some internal sites.01:04
hahuang65not sure what to do01:10
Sean_McG<-- no experience with openvpn, probably should not have chimed in01:11
carlos_boa noite01:13
badtaste_U2ele sabe!!!01:13
carlos_sou novo aqui01:14
badtaste_U2aqui eh ingles01:14
carlos_sou pessimo em ingles01:14
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sintremia el gringo?01:15
sintremy maintance guy calls me that  :P01:15
star314Hello, I've a quick question. In a new ubuntu setup, the network interface and the hard disk is named something like /dev/en0d8 instead of /dev/eth0. How can I change this?01:15
\9star314: it's a new convention that has obsoleted the old one01:16
\9why do you need the old naming?01:16
\9the hard drives are the same as before01:16
badtaste_U2good to know that01:16
Sean_McGI didn't nptoce until now but mine is called eth2. I wonder what claimed eth0 and eth1.01:17
Sean_McGnotice, even01:17
\9Sean_McG: not necessarily anything. devices names are pretty arbitrary01:17
\9i suppose it just happens to be eth0 most of the time01:18
\9before the new convention anyway01:18
star314Yeah, but /dev/en0d8 is really annoying. Fedora provides an option to revert back to the old syntax? Is this not possible in Debian or Ubuntu?01:19
carlos_Is there someone who speaks my language?01:19
badtaste_U2knowing what en0d8 means may help us01:20
sintreif thats spansih i blieve there is an entire ubuntu forum for spanish speakers01:20
sintreahh , hmm but i know brazil has alot of open source advocates01:20
sintrebut couldn't help you find the chat room/forum as i don't speak it01:21
star314badtaste_U2: That is the uefi-internal name for the network card.01:21
zykotick9Sean_McG: debian's 70 factoid might be of interest to you?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23656481/01:21
star314In older ubuntu versions is should be eth001:22
\9star314: it seems to be a systemd thing. more info here http://askubuntu.com/a/68914301:22
cerealguyhello all01:22
badtaste_U2star314, now Im more puzzled... what UEFI have to do w/ that?01:22
JonelethIrenicusany help here? Errors were encountered while processing:01:22
JonelethIrenicus /var/cache/apt/archives/libkf5mailcommon-plugins_4%3a16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa61_amd64.deb01:22
wedgie!pt | carlos01:23
ubottucarlos: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:23
badtaste_U2star314, ok,ok - I think it have to do w/ BIOS and resource allocation - I thought UEFI as "boot" only01:23
cerealguyi'm running 16.10, Unity desktop, and installed Gnome b/c i was bored.  But now when i boot into Unity, I can't get my trackpad to respond to tap with one finger or tap with two fingers.  i've done some googling but none of the solutions have worked for me.  wondering if someone can help me troubleshoot01:23
carlos_Good night, everyone!01:24
sintrebon noche carlos01:25
star314badtaste_U2: In fedora the fix is GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"01:25
star314But this does not seem to work in ubuntu/debian01:26
badtaste_U2star314, ok. a kernel boot parameter01:26
badtaste_U2star314, maybe they have spare documentation for kernel parms for ubuntu?01:27
Sean_McGzykotick9: ahh cheers, I haven't messed with udev at all01:27
star314badtaste_U2: I don't care about the name of the network interface. However, my harddisk is also renamedt. Usually it was /dev/sda1, now it is /dev/prn0d<something<01:29
Bashing-omstar314: : See: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/ . Here ther is explaned how to revert the name .01:29
badtaste_U2Bashing-om, hi!01:31
badtaste_U2messing w/ udev wont resolve? - it may be dangerous01:32
badtaste_U2im a sufferer of udev chickeness01:32
star314Bashing-om: Using udev to rename the device is not a good idea because there are please of services which still refer to the cryptic name.01:33
sintrenot much help , but if its just annoying , then let it be for a bit maybe you'll get used to it01:34
sintrewhat i do when i can't fix stuff :)01:34
Bashing-omstar314: That is true , not always a good thing to do to change the name in udev .01:37
badtaste_U2ok guys01:38
badtaste_U2I kicked a bad one01:38
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Bashing-omsintre: ubuntu is always fixable, given time and effort . When your frustation level threshold is exceeded there is the nuclear option - RE-install .01:40
cerealguyfixed it01:41
sintreBashing-om ahh lol thought you were warning of us of kick from chat or something01:41
cerealguyxinput set-prop 12 290 101:41
sintrei have been kicked so i like for warning :)01:41
cerealguy12 is the id for the touchpad from xinput01:41
cerealguy...wait does this mean i'm finally l337?01:42
sintrelol people still use the |33701:43
sintrei remembe rthe code word pr0n ohh the late 90's so much fun on dial up01:44
badtaste_U2thats phun01:44
sintrehey its code word no ban for violating :P01:44
profetik777whats up!01:44
profetik777newbie here01:45
profetik777just bored and wanna chat linux01:45
sintrehi shoot01:45
profetik777Sweet...so anyone here using ubuntu phone?01:45
profetik777if so how is it so far? Im thinking about buying a nexus 5 and making something out of it.01:45
* sintre hearasa crickets01:46
profetik777no one?01:47
Menzador!ot | profetik77701:47
ubottuprofetik777: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:47
zykotick9!phone | profetik77701:47
ubottuprofetik777: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:47
badtaste_U2profetik777, the last stuff I heard from that front was about a "ubuntu touch"01:48
badtaste_U2profetik777, but their images are for mainstream devices (I think Nexus may be ok)01:48
profetik777Yeah, I'm dying for convergence already....can't wait...but I guess I will have to01:49
Keydnsi want to know what program i should use to taech my little cousin how to type01:49
badtaste_U2profetik777, in my case I would have to look for all my chipset SOC stuff and risk a "compatible" image01:49
badtaste_U2Keydns, theres a good one from GNU01:50
profetik777Yeah, its a bummer it isn't as easy to install like it is on desktop.01:50
Keydnsbadtaste_U2 how do i get a hold of it?01:51
badtaste_U2Keydns, I tried and - it would take to "relearn to type" - a bloody painfull process that would disable ,my current typing while learning to do it right01:51
badtaste_U2Keydns, is a simple console app01:51
Keydnsdoes it have a name?01:52
profetik777Anyone using Wayland yet?01:52
badtaste_U2Keydns, gtype... something like that01:52
Keydnsthank you01:52
Keydnswill do some searching now01:52
jackvpnhi guys< Best vpn for device ? any help ?01:52
badtaste_U2Keydns, gtypist01:52
profetik777I heard its shipped with Fedora 25, gotta take it for a spin.01:52
profetik777I won't be surprised if they drop MIR in a couple years for wayland if it ends up being better01:53
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profetik777gez so many people in the room but no one talks...weird.01:54
badtaste_U2profetik777, whats that? grapgical server?01:54
profetik777yah. I don't know enough about Tech, but I always wondered01:54
sintrewell talking is kinda forbidden lol01:54
sintreor atleast chatting about anything non supporet related01:54
badtaste_U2I better go - tks for the chat guys01:55
profetik777same here01:55
profetik777::facepalm:: support channel, dur01:55
profetik777have  a good oen folks.01:55
Bashing-omprofetik777: chit-chat in #ubuntu-offtopic . Here is OS support .01:56
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dancingd3mon__anyone speak Korean here?02:01
sintrei believe there is a korean ubuntu channel02:03
sintredon't don't speak korean but , sure somebody will chime in02:03
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko02:03
richardjonesHi there , I want to change my public ip to a name ?02:05
Bashing-omrichardjones: Details . As your IP is a lot like your mailing address. if ya change your address how will you get your mail ?02:08
squintypsychic drone02:09
=== jcdenton is now known as Repentance
richardjonesBashing-om, I mean i have a webserver running on public ip but i want to change it to name02:23
wedgierichardjones: you need to buy a domain02:25
wedgiewhich is probably pretty off topic here02:26
JonelethIrenicusplease help fix this02:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1637829 in libkf5mailcommon (Ubuntu) "package libkf5mailcommon-plugins (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/designer/mailcommonwidgets.so', which is also in package libkf5libkdepim5 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu2" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:41
naccJonelethIrenicus: it will get fixed via the bug, not via this channel (typically)02:43
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totallyserioushttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/331553/a-process-to-check-if-other-processes-are-running Anyone know of something for this?02:44
nacctotallyserious: it's a pretty trivial bash script?02:44
JonelethIrenicusnacc: just hoping for a work around02:45
JonelethIrenicusright now my scaling is busted02:45
JonelethIrenicus4k display with busted scaling is no fun02:46
naccJonelethIrenicus: i guess pick one or the other to install?02:48
naccJonelethIrenicus: not sure, sorry02:48
JonelethIrenicusnacc: required packages for plasma02:48
naccJonelethIrenicus: ah02:51
naccJonelethIrenicus: you might be able to convince it to allow the packages through via dpkg's --force-overwrite flag02:51
naccif only one needs upgrading02:51
naccbut you might want to first verify they are the same02:51
jack190anyone to package my software?03:02
jack190i give you credit03:02
jack190i've had tens of thousands of downloads03:04
jack190google is 'span-gles''03:04
jack190any in to do svg for a big %03:09
posiIs virtualbox ext pack broken? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/KmGpqx5T/03:36
posiHash mismatch Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.0.24.vbox-extpack03:36
Menzadorposi: It's not the latest extension pack for VBox. Are you using 5.1?03:39
posiwhat ppa is best? I'm on xenial03:41
Menzadorposi: First, did you download the extension pack from the VirtualBox Web site?03:43
posii installed vagrant03:44
posiis all03:44
Menzadorposi: It also appears that we're the only ones supporting that version of VBox now.03:44
Menzadorposi: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads has instructions for adding the VBox repo. Support for it can be found over in #vbox.03:45
posiMenzador: rgr that, have a great evening!03:45
posican confirm. If you remove virtualbox, you can't run the command  virtualbox-ext-pack. Thanks for the workaround. Will someone file a bug to the right person? or do i need to do that. If so what's the proper protocol?03:46
MenzadorThere is no "virtualbox-ext-pack" command...03:47
MenzadorJust remove it with [ sudo apt remove virtualbox-ext-pack && sudo apt autoremove ]03:47
posiMenzador: Sorry I meant package not command04:16
Literpho_I have an Ubuntu VM where an app on port 8000 is accessible from local host but not from outside of the VM. Wh is this the case? I don't have this issue with other apps04:20
Menzadorposi: Did you try the command I listed?04:20
dshello...  not quite ubuntu, but i have a multimedia xfce question if anyone uses that04:21
posiMenzador: i ran all of the apt commands you listed04:21
posiI also installed the ppa you linked to04:21
posiI was able to install other versions of linux04:21
posivirtualbox for linux04:21
posii lied it wasn't a ppa, it was a key and a source.list entry04:22
daniel_anyone willing to help me out with my 3tb hdd's only showing 1.8TiB, I'm pulling my hair out04:22
kk4ewtyou sure its a 3t and not a 204:22
manufactur3dwhat does fdisk -l show for the disk?04:23
Menzadorposi: Usually when you add a new repo in the way VBox wants you to add it, you do [ echo deb <repo_location> | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/<name_of_program>.list ]04:23
posiThat command makes sense04:25
posiI am familiar with the new sources.list.d makeup. I also am a big fan of tee.04:25
mrodI have a simple bridge setup for VM networking. For some reason, I can't prevent eth0 from getting an IP address anymore. I've disabled NetworkManager, but br0 and eth0 continue to get the same address: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23657095/ Here's my /etc/network/interfaces file04:25
daniel_yeah, i've got 3 wd red 3tb drives. have tried on 3 different computers. one of the disk's show the full 3tb the others only 1.804:26
daniel_No problems found. 3907073067 free sectors (1.8 TiB) available in 104:26
daniel_segments, the largest of which is 3907073067 (1.8 TiB) in size.04:26
daniel_even in the bios only one disk shows 3tb04:27
kk4ewtpastebin the fdisk -l04:29
=== Schlawiner|BNC is now known as Jochen_wvdT
kk4ewtyou sure thats not a ssd-spin combo drive04:29
daniel_all disk have been converted to04:39
Literpho_I have an Ubuntu VM where an app on port 8000 is accessible from local host but not from outside of the VM. Wh is this the case? I don't have this issue with other apps04:40
daniel_at the moment the (good) drive is not conected04:40
linux_userI am running Ubuntu 16.04 and when I try to watch Youtube videos it rarely works right04:42
linux_userI have to refresh it upteen zillion times to finally watch it.04:42
linux_userI have resorted to using youtube-dl to get them04:43
linux_userbut I really want to be able to watch youtube videos in firefox, what can I try to fix?04:43
* linux_user I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and when I try to watch Youtube videos it rarely works right, the firefox variant I have is: 50.1.0. I have to refresh the page ZILLIONS of times before it finally plays, and thus out of pure frustration resorted to using youtube-dl to download and then use something else to watch them. It is an extremely circuitous methodology to use and I wish to fix it. Can anyone suggest any 04:47
* linux_user solutions or things to test?04:47
=== pepe[] is now known as bingbong
pine0peppercorn bingbong?04:49
linux_userpepe le 'bingbong?04:50
daniel_the disks have been formated to gpt, i've tried zeroing them in gdisk, tried formating gpt in gdisk, I'm at my wits end04:51
* linux_user I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and when I try to watch Youtube videos it rarely works right, the firefox variant I have is: 50.1.0. I have to refresh the page ZILLIONS of times before it finally plays, and thus out of pure frustration resorted to using youtube-dl to download and then use something else to watch them. It is an extremely circuitous methodology to use and I wish to fix it. Can anyone suggest any 04:57
* linux_user solutions or things to test?04:57
* linux_user I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and when I try to watch Youtube videos it rarely works right, the firefox variant I have is: 50.1.0. I have to refresh the page ZILLIONS of times before it finally plays, and thus out of pure frustration resorted to using youtube-dl to download and then use something else to watch them. It is an extremely circuitous methodology to use and I wish to fix it. Can anyone suggest any 05:02
* linux_user solutions or things to test?05:02
wyounglinux_user: could be a number of things05:02
wyounglinux_user: and repeating your question within 5 minutes is frowned apon.05:02
frbeyerI have a "bad habbit" to disable media.mp4.enabled and media.mediasource.mp4.enabled at about:config. See if it works. :-)05:04
wyounglinux_user: It could be: Your Internet, your internal network (especially if you are using wifi), your video card, your video drivers, firefox plugins conflicting with it, something resource intensive on your PC causing slow performance, a number of other factors05:04
linux_userwell, no one was responding at all, and there many users here. So, I figured if I repeated it I'd at least find out if anyone saw it.05:04
wyounglinux_user: It is probably bed time05:04
linux_userwhat would you recommend me starting with first? which of those is the low hanging fruit?05:05
wyounglinux_user: the order that I wrote it in05:05
pine0is there an elementary os irc?05:05
pine0got it05:06
wyounglinux_user: try basics first, cables, are things on, turning things off and on again, then do some benchmarks for Internet and network  speeds, etc..05:06
linux_userwell my network seems to be fine, I ran a speed test a while ago and webpages from foxnews with video download and function fine.05:06
kostkonlinux_user, try in another browser, like chrome05:06
linux_userit is something specific to the way youtube is working05:06
linux_userthats a good idea, lemme do that!05:06
linux_userI'll try the exact same link05:06
kostkonlinux_user, are you on 16.04?05:07
wyoungLTS <305:08
linux_useryes, 16.04 but going to upgrade to 16.10 eventually (just need to get a new external drive for a backup first)05:08
Bashing-omlinux_user: Another thought; Flash up2date " dpkg -l flashplugin-installer >> ii  flashplugin-in  " ?05:09
frbeyerwell, well, linux_user, have you tried to also disable media.mp4.enabled and media.mediasource.mp4.enabled?05:09
wyoungFlash is still a thing?05:09
linux_userDownloads is 33.61Mbps, I think that is pretty peppy05:10
wyoungI thought HTML5 fixed the need for Flash05:10
frbeyercan you also send the yt link you trying to watch?05:10
linux_userthat is the link I was trying to watch but it happens all the time with other links too05:11
roothorickwyoung: on paper. Adoption has been slow.05:11
linux_userfrbeyer, how do I disable the things you mentioned?05:11
kostkonlinux_user, what exactly happens when the video fails to play?05:11
frbeyertype about:config at address bar.05:11
linux_userwas told flashplugin-installer is passee and unsupport05:12
linux_userii  browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash              0.3.6-1~webupd8~xenial6        amd64                          PPAPI-host NPAPI-plugin adapter for pepperflash05:12
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: tried forcing youtube to html5?05:12
linux_userhow do I do that?05:12
linux_userforce it to html5?05:12
kostkonlinux_user, did you install that?05:12
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: go to https://youtube.com/html5 and enable the thingy from memory05:12
frbeyerI think youtube defaults to html505:13
linux_userI just installed it now05:13
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: html5 videos have worked fine for me here for ages, although my versions are different to yours05:13
Triffid_Hunterfrbeyer: oh? that's new05:13
Triffid_Hunterfrbeyer: had to opt-in via that link last time I checked05:13
linux_userThe HTML5 player is currently used when possible. and it has a checkmark next to it05:14
linux_userI installed it tonight I had flashplayer-installer before05:14
Alon7How do u avoid viruses in windows os? anti-virus + sandboxed browser?05:14
linux_userbut that didn't work either05:14
linux_usershould I switch back to flashplayer-installer?05:14
linux_userI can reinstall it if that is the problem05:15
linux_userit puts a F in a circle there and sits there unendingly05:16
Triffid_HunterAlon7: off topic, and you basically can't05:16
linux_userthen it puts a play button (arrow in a circle facing right), so when I click it then it just sits there doing nothing05:16
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: I find youtube sometimes tries to load the flash player despite my html5 setting.. since I've removed flash completely it doesn't work well and in those cases I resort to downloading05:16
linux_userI see05:17
linux_userso under linux its very hard to watch youtube in a browser you mean?05:17
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: seems to only happen on videos where the publisher has enabled multiple video ads and disabled viewing on "devices" which don't support showing them05:17
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: 98% of videos work perfectly for me05:17
linux_user100% for me do NOT05:18
Triffid_Hunterlinux_user: tried chrome/chromium yet?05:18
linux_useryes, same problem there too05:18
linux_useroh wait05:18
linux_userhang on05:18
linux_userI was on the wrong browser window05:19
frbeyerpossibly not. The video is working fine.05:19
linux_userlet me check chromiumn05:19
frbeyerbut it is only encoded using h264 and vp8.05:19
frbeyerno vp9.05:19
linux_userit says if playback doesn't start try restarting your device05:20
linux_userwhat device? Its firefox!05:20
linux_userI should restart firefox?05:21
turbo64how do i mount ntfs-3g read only in fstab05:23
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
mukluksanyone know how to get systray working for pidgin on 16.10 ?05:31
linux_userstill not luck with firefox and youtube05:31
muklukslinux_user: what's wrong?05:32
linux_usercannot watch youtube videos in firefox05:33
muklukswhat error?05:36
linux_usercannot watch youtube videos in firefox on Ubuntu 16.04 with Firefox05:37
linux_userno error just doesn't work05:37
linux_usersome curvey f with a dick sticking out http://www.iconarchive.com/show/software-icons-by-hopstarter/Macromedia-Flash-Player-icon.html05:37
crazyhorse18how does one disable workspaces?05:39
crazyhorse18found it :P05:40
wafflejocklinux_user, it's trying to load flash player plugin, with YouTube it should be using HTML5 video05:54
wafflejocklinux_user, you can maybe check the preferences here but think default is to go with HTML5 now https://www.youtube.com/html505:55
linux_userI did and it put a check mark next to everything on there05:57
linux_userwhat preference do I check wafflejock?06:08
linux_userdo you know the name of it in about:config?06:08
wafflejocklinux_user, eh well there's just Youtube account settings on the page I linked to have it prefer HTML5 video, it's possible the video you're trying to watch was encoded before they did the encoding for HTML5 codecs have you tried a few videos?06:11
wafflejocklinux_user, you can also install the flash player plugin if you want to actually use flash player but for the most part it's not really necessary and has a bad history of security issues06:11
linux_user1 second06:12
wafflejockrunning out bbiab06:12
linux_usergetting some sleep06:13
linux_userits 1:15am06:13
bahaa2008hi guys06:14
bahaa2008 I have a problem booting my xubuntu netbook06:14
bahaa2008It fails to initramfs06:14
bahaa2008anyone can help ?06:15
cfhowlett!patience | bahaa200806:15
ubottubahaa2008: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:15
linux_userthat guy asked the question once.06:17
Nicho1asHi, I need an efficient software load balancer for my vsftpd cluster thingy; could anyone recommend one to me?06:26
wyoungNicho1as: squid? apache? *shrugs*  what is vsftpd again?06:29
=== MonkehParade is now known as Guest24277
wafflejockNicho1as, this may help http://serverfault.com/questions/488668/load-balancing-between-2-ftp-servers, have only done some minimal load balancing stuff with WebSphere myself so not sure what's recommended on Ubuntu06:30
wafflejockNicho1as, you may want to try #ubuntu-server though or maybe even ##networking06:31
wyoungwafflejock +=06:31
wyoungwafflejock += 106:31
Nicho1aswyoung: it's a very secure ftpd06:40
Nicho1aswafflejock: Thank you very much for the advice06:41
iMadperHi I got ssl.SSLError: [X509] PEM lib (_ssl.c:3053) when I try to add-apt-repository ppa:~kernel-ppa/mainline . Is there any workarounds for it?06:41
=== stein2843_ is now known as stein2864
haiveany chines?06:42
iMadperhaive: Chinese? I am.06:42
cfhowlett!cn | iMadper06:42
ubottuiMadper: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:42
cfhowlett!cn | haive06:42
ubottuhaive: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:42
iMadperubot9: No need. I will not input Chinese in this channel.06:43
=== stein2843_ is now known as stein2864
wyoungNicho1as: It supports FTP server to FTP server transferring?06:47
=== stein2864 is now known as hasen
=== hasen is now known as galgamers
Toggi3these spam messages, every day lol06:53
Nicho1aswyoung: I actually don't know about that06:53
Toggi3who did kloeri piss off?06:53
cfhowlettToggi3, set your mode to +R and no unregged msg's will appear06:53
cfhowlettand/or add the send to /ignore06:54
Nicho1aswyoung: transferring what?06:54
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia06:54
Toggi3cfhowlett: thanks for the tip06:56
cfhowletthappy2help! Toggi306:56
=== haive_ is now known as itholiday
cfhowlettitholiday, english only in this channel please06:56
iMadperitholiday: stop using Chinese in this channel.06:57
itholidayI want to join a "菜鸟" channel.06:58
cfhowlettitholiday, do this          /join #ubuntu-cn06:58
iMadperitholiday: I noticed that you are already existed in ubuntu-cn.06:58
itholidayGot it!06:59
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MOUDHey all07:14
crackenbonjour comment allez vous ?07:20
sintrei believe there is a french ubuntu channel07:20
iMadperjust verified, there is a ubuntu-fr07:21
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:21
crackens'il vous plait comment pourrai-je avoir la dernière verson de Netbeans sur Ubuntu 1407:23
EriC^^!info netbeans trusty07:23
ubottunetbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 7.0.1+dfsg1-5ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 876 kB, installed size 1919 kB07:23
EriC^^derniere version au repository official ^07:24
=== puzzola_ is now known as RZiw
crackenMerci #Eric^^07:26
EriC^^cracken: no problem07:26
veni1is there someone bootloader pro? to help me on something pls?07:34
hateball!help | veni107:36
ubottuveni1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:36
iMadperveni1: Before you asking the question I'm not sure if I'm a bootloader pro.  lol  ;-)07:36
veni1ok guys07:36
veni1i ll make the question07:37
iMadperveni1: But if it's UEFI only question, then I am.07:37
Triffid_Hunterveni1: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html ;)07:38
lxleuser_lxle and mint have a usb boot write in the programs07:38
cfhowlettlxleuser_, your question is ... ?07:39
veni1i want to create a submenu in the burg bootloader (sora them) in the options submenu to contain all the rest linux selections "recoveries and memtest"07:39
veni1i have already created the submenu but only the gui, now it needs some commands..07:40
cfhowlett!ppa | veni1, burg is a ppa07:41
ubottuveni1, burg is a ppa: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:41
MOUDDoes ubuntu 16.04 automatically check for updates and download them?07:42
iMadperMOUD: seems no.07:42
cfhowlettMOUD, if your settings say so ..07:42
MOUDI just installed it, I'm not sure about the settings. But when I run "ps -A | grep apt", I get 2 sessions. "apt.systemd.dai" and "aptd". I'm not sure but I think it's using bandwidth.07:44
srulii upgraded to 16.04, 1 of my java applications, doesnt start i get a java 9 crash error, how can i install java 8?07:51
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.07:52
iMadpersruli: i'm using http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/java/ubuntu07:53
iMadpersruli: It provides oracle-java8-installer. Just install it.07:53
iMadpersruli: Because my android-studio told me openjdk has some performance issues. So I choice oracle-jdk07:54
srulihateball: i try to install jdk 9 but get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/23657683/07:56
jokxsruli, you can use openjdk-8 by installing package : openjdk-8-jre07:56
jokxsruli: after what, sudo update-alternatives --all while let you choose your prefered default engine07:57
jokxsruli: and many other default choice07:59
srulijokx: thanks that worked08:01
sruliso the problem was openjdk-908:01
jokxyep :o)08:02
=== lajos is now known as lajb
MathisenMorning i have an issue trying to boot the installer for lubuntu on a ASUS x71SL but it halts everytime after choosing install or start live option.. tried 16.04 and 16.10 64 and 32 bit what can be the issue here ?08:11
Mathiseni just get a black screen no error no nothing08:11
sniperhi guys08:13
lajbHey guys, I'm having some issues with the bluetooth on ubuntu mate 1.16 on a lenovo ideapad 510 15IKB. I asked this on askubuntu a week ago, but nobody answered. Could someone take a look at this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/859265/bluetooth-does-not-work-on-lenovo-ideapad-510-with-ubuntu-mate-1-1608:13
sniperI have a amd mobility hd 4570 on Dell studio 1555 connected to external monitor via VGA . I installed latest ubuntu and now there is some graphics curruption/ flicker/ tearing when i type something or move the mouse or open close anything. I connected it to a TV via HDMI and same problem. I tried to get the catalyst drivers but they are not available for new ubuntu. What can i do ?08:15
veni1so probably noone that is active can help me08:17
sniper@lajb I have the solution for you08:20
gayfaggoti've been banned from the offtopic channel08:25
gayfaggoti've done nothing wrong08:25
gayfaggoti'm here and i'm queer so get used to it08:25
gayfaggotfucking homophobes08:25
snipergayfaggot, nice to see somone fabulous here08:26
gayfaggotsniper: thank god someone appreciates it cupcake08:26
snipergayfaggot, can you run some of your fabulous magic on my ati graphics problem and fix it?08:26
Ben64sniper: best not to feed the trolls08:26
sniperBen64, can you fix it then?08:27
abhishekBen64, sniper is himself. Keeps sending stupid pms.08:27
Ben64sniper: i don't really do amd gpu stuff, sorry08:28
sniperBen64, and you scared away the fabulous guy who could know?08:29
MathisenMorning i have an issue trying to boot the installer for lubuntu on a ASUS x71SL but it halts everytime after choosing install or start live option.. tried 16.04 and 16.10 64 and 32 bit what can be the issue here ? only get a black screen no error no nothing08:29
sniperBen64, Those guys are good at fixing stuff you know08:30
Mathisentried with nomodeset acpi = off and nolapic nothing...08:30
sniperMathisen, first check your iso image and if it is properly written to disk and if it boots on another computer08:33
Mathisensniper, ofc it does done this 100 times before08:33
sniperMathisen, on the same laptop? Did it work before?08:34
Mathisennot on the same one no.. trying to figure out how to troubleshoot this08:34
Mathisenwhen it not giving any error its kinda hard08:34
sniperwhat graphics card u have08:34
Mathisennvidia 9300m08:35
Ben64you could use the mini iso08:35
sniperdoes any other distro work on this?08:35
Mathisentried the mini also Ben64 :(08:35
Ben64mini didn't work?08:35
Mathisennope same thing08:35
sniperMathisen, did you try any other distro? Manjaro ? Mint? Elementary?08:36
sruliMathisen: are you using eufi?08:36
Mathisennope old computer only legacy08:36
Ben64try 14.04?08:36
Mathisenthat i have not done, give me 2 min a get it and do that08:36
Ben64if the mini iso doesn't work, something is weird08:37
Ben64might be a busted computer?08:37
Mathisenit boots windows installs08:38
Mathisenand runs it08:38
sniperMathisen, then its jinxed08:38
Mathisenbut need to replace vista that is on it now with a more "light" OS08:38
sniperMathisen, try an older version of any other distro .. year 201408:39
sniperMathisen, see if it boots08:39
Mathisensame thing with the 14.04 mini.iso08:42
Mathisenil try another dist and see if anything works at all08:43
sniperMathisen, best try any other distro not based on ubuntu/debian08:44
k_sze[work]What's the deal with libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-*?08:49
reisiogood question08:50
k_sze[work]e.g. Why is there libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-vivid for Trusty??08:50
reisioshe's always leading me on08:50
xxxxcan i ask about lubuntu here? grub problems..08:52
xxxxi install ubuntu and now lubuntu but the same unbooting problem.. no grub. how can i install it?08:56
reisioxxxx: how does it manifest, this problem?08:56
xxxxcannot turn off or reboot08:57
xxxxand i read a lot about missing grub08:57
EriC^^xxxx: which laptop?08:57
Mathisenokej tried another dist same issue but arch told me problem atleast it hangs on "probing edd" how to turn this off for ubuntu ? arch i just added edd=off08:57
EriC^^xxxx: ubuntu boots but you can't turn it off or reboot?08:58
xxxxnow i have lubuntu -- acer 500hd 64 bit 2ram08:58
EriC^^xxxx: so it boots?09:00
xxxxyea, no problem to start (i'm on it)09:01
EriC^^xxxx: ok type sudo nano /etc/default/grub09:02
EriC^^xxxx: add a "#" before GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT09:03
sruliis there a way to snap to windows to use half screen width each?09:04
reisiosruli: install ccsm and look around09:04
reisioshould be09:04
EriC^^sruli: ctrl+super  + left and right arrows09:05
xxxxwait (keyboard arrow ptroblems09:05
sruliEriC^^: thats works, great, thanks09:05
EriC^^sruli: no problem09:06
xxxxEriC^^: cannot do, arrow keys do NOT work09:06
EriC^^xxxx: type sudo sed -i 's/GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT/#GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT/' /etc/default/grub09:07
xxxxEriC^^: thiss--- sed: -e expression #1, char 22: unterminated `s' command09:09
EriC^^xxxx: you might have a typo09:11
SkaagI can't seem to be able to get-edid on an hdmi connected display, is it supposed to "just work"™ or do I need to somehow point it to a specific device?09:11
=== thxer is now known as Guest30531
jarnosCan you tell me why Software Updater stops to show changelog and ask user interaction (q) in details window? How to change it non-interactive (again)?09:11
xxxxok, i figured out how to write on sudo nano /etc/default/grub09:12
SkaagI mean get-edid | parse-edid give me a single mode of 1024x768 which is clearly wrong (based on what I know about my display)09:12
EriC^^xxxx: ok, save it and type sudo update-grub09:12
MathisenEriC^^, can you give me any clues about this  https://i.imgur.com/WP1xihU.jpg09:12
UbuntuUrHey All09:12
MathisenEriC^^, trying to get a install going09:12
UbuntuUrHave A big Problem ...   i've Deleted GRUB ,. And my pc now with out boot loader09:13
UbuntuUrWhat 2 do .. ELP !09:13
xxxxEriC^^: should i copy/paste to you?09:13
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: you can use the installation media to recreate your grub09:14
SkaagMathisen: is this a laptop?09:14
EriC^^Mathisen: checking..09:15
MathisenSkaag, yes09:15
SkaagMathisen: I found this: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103351 which implies you need a firmware upgrade09:15
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 103351 in intel_idle "Machine check exception on Broadwell quad-core with SpeedStep enabled" [Normal,Closed: documented]09:15
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> : Thnkx ... But i don't have The iso File ...09:15
EriC^^xxxx: no, just type sudo update-grub09:15
Skaagsee the 2nd comment on that bug report to try a temporary workaround09:15
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows09:15
UbuntuUri'ts Large size ,,, and i have a really bad net connection09:15
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Hmmm I see, you can try with a small ISO like netinstall09:16
xxxxEriC^^: well, no errors.. that's it?09:16
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> : Thnkx again ... Can you Give me an Example ?09:17
SkaagMathisen: check if there's a UEFI update for your laptop09:17
MathisenSkaag, its old one only got legacy09:18
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: You could even use a Debian netinstall just so it detects you OS, enough to boot back to ubuntu, then all you have to do is reinstall your grub once ubuntu is running, hold on....09:18
Skaagthen try the workaround suggested on that thread09:18
MathisenSkaag, not even sure there is a bios update but i can check09:18
SkaagMathisen: just to be sure, try the workaround first, see that you're able to boot09:18
EriC^^Mathisen: is it a thinkpad?09:19
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> You Are Amazing .... But The Debian netinstall is 300mb ... and it still large 2 me ..09:19
EriC^^xxxx: yes that's it09:19
MathisenEriC^^, asus x71SL09:19
EriC^^xxxx: next time you boot you should get a grub screen09:19
xxxxthanks a lot09:19
EriC^^xxxx: did you try adding acpi stuff for the reboot problems?09:20
MathisenSkaag, just add " processor.max_cstate=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=0 idle=poll " ?09:20
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Oh dear, then I don't know another way to recover a lost MBR, or grub09:20
EriC^^Mathisen: try looking in the bios for any security chip option09:20
xxxxnope, just installed lubuntu minutes ago09:20
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: These are like 50 MB each: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/16.04/?_ga=1.35862952.985524255.148064741009:21
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: What version of Ubuntu?09:22
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> hmmmm ... i'll see ... Thnks09:22
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> my version is 16.0409:22
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Then those images should work, google up a bit how to recover grub with netinstall09:23
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Or see if you can somehow create a temp grub in a USB drive09:24
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: then boot from that09:24
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> can i install the netinstall 2 another partition ? ...09:24
sambagirlmorning. does ubuntu handle rotation for touchscreens?09:25
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Actually if you have the extra partition and no sensitive information in it, then it will make it easier, just make sure that partition is empty or with data that is not important to you, because it will be erased09:25
sambagirlyou know how it can bring up a virtual keypad maybe?09:26
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: It can be a very small installation, not even graphical, just enough so it recreates grub09:27
pronet A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://deb.pinguin.lu ./ Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY C103FFFA8B45F50C09:27
pronetW: Failed to fetch http://deb.pinguin.lu/i386/./Release09:27
pronetW: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.09:27
Mnemonic^Anyone inhere knows assembler?09:27
UbuntuUr<joegiampaoli> : ThnX !09:27
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Sure! And best luck!!09:28
=== guest is now known as rory
joegiampaoliUbuntuUr: Hope you pull her through...09:28
=== rory is now known as AnimeWeedLord420
sambagirldo you use florence for virtual keyboard?09:29
=== AnimeWeedLord420 is now known as Snoo
MathisenSkaag, tried the workaround it does not give any kernel panic anymore but hangs on "evm: HMAC attrs: 0x1"09:29
unknown___how can i replace upstart/plymouth ini with runit?09:29
UbuntuUrHope That :)09:30
xxxxEriC^^: same, not reboot (dark screen) or turn off (lubuntu logo freezed), have to force with power button09:33
xxxxwhat's acpi?09:35
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
Mnemonic^Does anyone inhere know the way of the force=09:36
reisiouse the force luks09:37
EriC^^xxxx: sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep Windows09:37
EriC^^xxxx: which laptop model is it?09:37
xxxxaspire E 15 Start - no windows09:37
xxxxi make 6 partitions: 8g "swap" , 80g "/" , 320g "/home" , 5g /var , 5g /tmp , the other empty09:39
cfhowlettMnemonic^, avoid "... anyone ...?" questions.  state YOUR issues and YOUR specifications09:41
jccupsd on 16.04 restarts at 06:25am every morning. Would it work to edit /lib/systemd/system/cups.service to remove the -l (run on demand) flag from the ExecStart line to prevent the service from restarting?09:42
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Mnemonic^cfhowlett, I know .. I have been here for ever.. :) Just messing with you. :)09:48
Mnemonic^cfhowlett, Did you feel the StarWars question was a real problem that I had?09:48
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MarGulHey. When I go to /etc/php I have both 7.0 and 7.1 directories (so both installed). How do I use v7.0 instead of v7.1? When I do a phpinfo() I get version 7.1. Use nginx as a webserver.10:23
adymitrukI'm having some issues setting up outgoing email with postfix10:44
adymitrukI'm following the basic steps here: http://www.postfix.org/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html10:44
adymitrukbut the mydomain settings are not taking effect10:44
adymitrukis there a better irc channel for getting help with postfix?10:47
brainwashadymitruk: #postfix10:51
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DarkchaosHey Guys, Is there a known reason why (K)Ubuntu doesn't support the Media Keys on the Keyboard by default? You can hack your way around, but I think that is something which should work out of the box11:25
cfhowlettDarkchaos, laptop?11:25
DarkchaosNope, "Roccat Ryos MK Pro", which seems to have a dedicated driver. Should it work by default?11:26
Darkchaos[Considering that stuff like https://wiki.debian.org/Keyboard/MultimediaKeys is 6 years old]11:26
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brainwashDarkchaos: did you install the driver?11:30
DarkchaosNope, it is a stock Kubuntu 16.10 (But I asked here, since I thought it might effect any *buntu)11:31
Darkchaoshid_roccat_ryos        16384  0      hid_roccat             16384 1 hid_roccat_ryos     hid_roccat_common      16384  1 hid_roccat_ryos11:32
brainwashthere is http://roccat.sourceforge.net/11:32
brainwashdid you read through this?11:32
DarkchaosNot yet, but I assume Media Keys should work for "basic" hid's?11:33
hateballthere's this PPA, no idea how well it works however https://launchpad.net/~berfenger/+archive/ubuntu/roccat11:33
brainwashDarkchaos: you can run "xev" and see what keypress events you get when using the media keys11:35
DarkchaosSo I found out using modinfo that the driver is indeed from the linked sourceforge page11:37
DarkchaosActually I don't get any output, xev doesn't print anything for the media keys, not even the "fn-selector" Modifier State thing11:37
brainwashmaybe some hints in this review11:38
brainwashDarkchaos: I would contact the roccat support and ask them directly (in case you cannot find a solution)11:39
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Darkchaosbrainwash: Yeah, but does Ubuntu usually support changing the volume and such through special media keys?11:39
brainwashI would guess that it does. however, that depends on the desktop environment also11:40
Darkchaosokay, then I'll just try with some cheap logitech thing I am floating around11:40
hateballDarkchaos: in my experience things usually work ootb, especially with "cheap logitech things"11:43
hateballDarkchaos: if you're on kubuntu you can pick (for supported models) the appropriate layout in the keyboard config gui11:44
DarkchaosBut then I would see the keys in xev, right? If they aren't there, the driver is swallowing them11:45
richardjoneshello there11:46
hateballDarkchaos: yeah you should see stuff in xev11:47
richardjoneswhere i can make email account without enter personal details11:47
Darkchaoshateball: Then maybe I'll just take a look at the driver, maybe I can help those guys out11:47
richardjoneshi there just running web server on public ip address . How can change it to domain for free.11:51
ducasseDarkchaos: if the wm/de swallows a keybind, that can mess up output through xev11:53
bazhangrichardjones, thats not topic here11:53
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heap_hi, im trying to install https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/SQLCMD-and-BCP-for-Ubuntu-c88a28cc on ubuntu 16.0512:18
heap_ops 16.0412:18
heap_but once i execute bin - msodbcsql-11.0.2270.0/bin/sqlcmd-11.0.2270.0: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:18
cfhowlettfree online peer support is available for this microsoft product from --- micrsosoft12:19
cfhowlettas per the web pag12:19
heap_its trying to locate /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/tls/libssl.so.6"12:25
heap_but there is nothing inside that dir12:25
cfhowlettheap:  For online peer support, join The Official Scripting Guys Forum! To provide feedback or report bugs in sample scripts, please start a new discussion on the Discussions tab for this script.12:26
gebruikeris this security leak already fixed : http://scarybeastsecurity.blogspot.nl/2016/11/0day-exploit-compromising-linux-desktop.html12:27
coffeeguyhi have there been any issues with dual boot win10 and ubuntu 16.04.1?12:27
cfhowlett!dualboot | coffeeguy12:28
ubottucoffeeguy: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot12:28
coffeeguykk thank you cfhowlett :D12:28
cfhowletthappy2help! coffeeguy12:28
Darkchaoscoffeeguy: I don't have any. But I installed Win first and disconnected my Linux Drives just to be sure12:28
DarkchaosAnd well, the first update-initramfs did find win10 so you can boot it from grub12:29
AyudaopenVAS not run12:32
PitmasterHii guys12:33
BluesKajHi folks12:33
kuldeepHello, i want to distribute my program through PPA. Is it possible to fetch from my git repo, build and store it so that users can install them. i want to automate the process as much as possible.12:47
phakoI'm having an issue with NetworkManager, it's dnsmasq and systemd-resolved's NSS plugin12:56
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phakowhen querying the dns server on localhost, I can perfecly resolve the hosts that register themselves on my router12:57
phakowhen using a program that uses NSS, it doesn't find the hosts12:57
KingsyI have a ubuntu minimal installation, where do I start with installing a network pritner? I have installed cups.. Is there a package for the gnome printer UI? I remember that being useful for adding printers.12:58
phakoKingsy: cups comes with a web interface12:59
phakoyou can also use that12:59
Kingsygot it13:00
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kuldeepIm looking for help on creating a new PPA for my software from my git repo automatically. anyone?13:01
srulii recently started getting this in apt update "AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors." anyone know what it is?13:02
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Kingsydamn it doesnt look like there is a driver available for the printer I am trying to use.13:03
phakoKingsy: which one?13:04
cfhowlettKingsy, try the toshiba generic printer13:08
Kingsycfhowlett: its not in the cups list13:10
phakoKingsy: maybe the windows driver has PPDs you can use13:13
Kingsyhmm this was working on 16.04 mate. Just since I installed minimal13:14
Kingsythere must be a package I missing.13:14
xpl0iterHi, I am surprised ubuntu does't have a terminal with the capabilities like mac to save and restore terminals. Or am I missing anything?13:16
Kingsycfhowlett: what package contains the generic toshiba driver?13:16
phakoxpl0iter: save and restore?13:17
cfhowlettKingsy, have you *any* Toshiba drivers?  generic should be there.  if not, make the closest match to that model and test it.13:17
xpl0iterphako, for exmaple, I run a scp command from a specific directory and several other things over there. So once I do that and save it, later when I need I can restore that shell and look at the history to do all over those again.13:17
xpl0iterso changing directories or anything needed.13:18
Kingsycfhowlett: CUPS do not have ANY toshiba drivers.. OR a generic driver.13:18
Kingsyoh it has generic13:19
Kingsyno toshiba drivers.13:19
phakoxpl0iter: well you have "history"13:20
Kingsycfhowlett: yeah I saw that.. how is it installed?13:20
xpl0iterphako, hsitory's memory is limited and scrolling through the whole available history is time consuming. I hope you understand how helpful iterm is in mac. I don't use MAC, I use linux but when I saw this in a mac I was amazed by it.13:21
rhaguhi, what permissions should my homefolder have?13:23
rhaguchmod 700?13:23
xpl0iterI think it should be 75513:24
rhaguthank you13:24
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ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone13:30
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nejmHi everyone, does someone know how to fix the buggy ethernet driver in Ubuntu 16.04?14:11
hateballnejm: not without you telling us what chipset and driver you're actually using14:13
nejmthanks, you mean just ifconfig?14:14
nejmhateball: I can't look it up because I can't connect to my search engine xD14:15
OerHeksnejm, can you pastebin the output: lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net14:15
zwindlnejm: you can use lspci14:15
ikoniacould you define what you mean by "buggy"14:15
OerHeksespecially driver in use, and what ethernet card14:15
ikoniaI think thats pretty key14:15
hateballnejm: what OerHeks said14:16
hateball!paste | nejm14:16
ubottunejm: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:16
ikoniacould we get a description of the actual problem beyond "buggy" before trying to resolve it14:17
OerHeksif he cannot paste, he needs to type it over :-)14:17
hateballtho that will also be hard without webernets14:17
* hateball slaps forehead14:17
nejmhateball: OerHeks: I can't connect to paste.ubuntu.com, it's a few lines, shall I just post it or pm it to you?14:17
ikoniawhy can't you connect to it ?14:17
ikoniawhat is the actual problem with ethernet14:17
nejmikonia: Some pages load normally, but some don't for some reason... :S14:17
ikoniaok - so why is that an ethernet driver problem ?14:17
ikoniawhy is that not just a dns problem (for example)14:17
nejmI just rebooted and it worked again, but now it doesn't do it anymore14:17
ikoniaok - so perhaps focussing on the symptoms rather than the fix14:18
nejmikonia: I think it's the driver, Ubuntu 14.04 worked fine and my windows laptop also resolves anything14:18
ikoniawhat happens if you query the dns server for a broken website14:18
nejmikonia: what command would that take?14:18
ikonianejm: what basis do you think it is anything to do with the ethernet driver14:18
zwindlyou can use dig to query the website14:19
nejmikonia: I said that already :P But if you think it's something different I believe you.14:19
ikonianejm: ethernet modules are pretty black and white, the card is up the card is down14:20
nejmI don't know what exacly is the problem, but I can hardly use the internet like this14:20
ikonianejm: they are not responsible for filtering webpages14:20
OerHeksnejm, wireless?14:20
ikoniaso I would focus on understanding why the broken pages don't display14:20
nejmOerHeks: My desktop does not have an WiFi-dongle14:20
ikoniathen move forward from that14:20
nejmikonia: how would you suppose to start in my case?14:21
OerHekshit F5 and see if the page loads.14:21
ikonianejm: ok - query the dns server for one of the broken pages14:21
ikonianejm: what do you get ?14:21
ikonia(broken sites sorry - not page)14:21
nejmOerHeks: doesn't work14:21
nejmikonia: how do I do that?14:21
nejm!pastebinin 00:19.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-V [8086:153b] (rev 05)14:21
nejmSubsystem: ASRock Incorporation Ethernet Connection I217-V [1849:153b]14:21
nejmKernel driver in use: e1000e14:21
nejmKernel modules: e1000e14:21
ubottunejm: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:21
ikonianejm: give me the name of a broken site14:21
ikonianejm: lets have a look what it is as a control site14:22
nejmikonia: this one doesnt; work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:22
zwindl nejm: Hit F5 and hit F12 when the page is loading, try to see more details14:22
ikonianejm: ok - so type the following in a terminal14:22
ikonia"nslookup paste.ubuntu.com"14:22
ikonianejm: what do you get back14:22
nejmikonia: ** server can't find paste.ubuntu.com: REFUSED14:23
ikoniathere we go14:23
nejmand a few addresses14:23
ikoniaso there is your problem14:23
ikoniayour DNS server is refusing your request14:23
ikonianejm: now do the following test14:24
ikonianejm: type "nslookup" you should then get a prompt, then do "server" you should then see the server being set, then type "paste.ubuntu.com" what do you get this time ?14:24
nejmikonia: it says "Non-authoritative answer:", then the addresses of paste.ubuntu.com14:26
nejm8.8.8.8 your own DNS server right?14:26
ikonianejm: perfect, so now you know the problem14:26
ikonianejm: is google14:26
nejmo haha xD14:26
ikonianejm: so your problem is "the dns server you are using is rejecting your queries"14:26
ikoniano ethernet driver or anything like that14:27
ikoniaso you need to know why, what is the dns server you are configured to use14:27
nejmlet's see, the dns server is on the modem right? It is not software on my computer?14:27
ra21viis ubuntu i386 libs are really i386 and not 686 which I doubt. Or is it just named i386 but used 686 or P4 optimizations?14:28
nejmI am very bad with networking terminology...14:28
ikonianejm: look in the network manager config what dns server you are using14:28
ikonianot what you think you are using - what one is it actually using14:28
ikonianejm: type "nmcli dev show | grep DNS"14:28
nejmikonia: I have two DNS servers for IP4 and one for IP6, which one are we interested in?14:29
ikoniaboth please14:29
nejmboth IP4?14:30
nejm195.121.1.34 and
MorclyeI've got 20GB on sda for Ubuntu. I need more space but can't allocate more from sda. I have 500GB sdd on NTFS with less than 200GB used. Would it be possible to shrink sdd on Windows to have another 20GB unallocated, then use GPparted in Ubuntu to create a new partition in ext4?14:30
ikonianejm: ok, so they are both IPv414:30
ikonianejm: so lets do a test14:30
nejmI also have one for IP614:30
ikonianejm: again, "nslookup" then "server" then "paste.ubuntu.com"14:30
ikonianejm: what do you get14:31
hateballMorclye: well you cant pool an existing normal ext4 partition together with a new one14:31
hateballMorclye: so either backup data and re-create your partitions as LVM and pool "sda" and "sdd" together. or copy / from sda to the new partition on sdd and adjust /etc/fstab accordingly14:32
ra21viMorclye, sda cannot be joined with sdd partitions.. but you can mount new partition with FS ext4 in a directory and use it to store your huge files (like movies etc) to make room in sda, if that will work for you14:32
nejmikonia: I pmmed it to you14:33
MorclyeThank you hateball and ra21vi I'll do some more research on this as not to mess up partitions.14:34
ra21vihateball, what does pooling two partitions in LVM means? collective capacity?14:34
ikonianejm: no need to pm me14:34
ikonianejm: here is fine14:34
nejmit says ";; connection timed out; no servers could be reached"14:34
ikonianejm: so based on the response you sent of no dns servers could be rearched that suggests your first dns erver is dead14:34
ikonianejm: now do the same with the second DNS server in the list14:34
ikonianejm: run the same test using
nejmI did, it says non-authorative answer again...14:35
ikonianejm: ok - so the second dns server appears to be working14:35
ikonianejm: so there is your answer to your problem, one of your dns servers is dead14:36
ikonianejm: and I'm guessing it's taking too long to time out before using the second one14:36
nejmikonia: how could it be that the DNS servers on this computer don't work but other computers on my network work fine?14:36
hateballra21vi: yes, you can pool drives together and spread partitions across them14:36
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ikonianejm: are they using the same dns servers ?14:36
=== rohanrhu_ is now known as rohanrhu
nejmikonia: would resetting the router solve this?14:36
hateballra21vi: you can also use btrfs for this14:36
ikonianejm: doubtful14:36
rohanrhuhow can i remove radeon driver?14:36
ikonianejm: check on your other computers if both/either of those addresses are working14:36
ra21vihateball, and that means one LVM partition can actually be on two disks, and it works transparently with apps... ? Thats nice14:37
hateballMorclye: if you do not already have a separate /home you could place that on the sdd partition like Morclye suggested. but if you think / will exceed 20GB then it might be good to rethink the whole layout14:37
rohanrhui tried everything but it is still exists and putting some errors tty114:37
ra21virohanrhu, physically or just drivers?14:37
ikonianejm: but you now know the problem,14:37
hateballra21vi: well it's nice until things fail14:37
nejmikonia: my windows laptop is using the same two addresses, do you know how I can check my servers in cmd?14:37
ikonianejm: tip for future refernce, tell people the problem, not the solution14:37
ra21vihateball, oh, thats bad ;(14:37
ikonianejm: nslookup works on windows too14:37
hateballra21vi: here is a good read https://www.howtoforge.com/linux_lvm14:38
nejmikonia: I thought I ruled out problems with the network itself because other computers had no problem... :/14:38
rohanrhura21vi: radeon driver had freezed kernel and i tried to remove it but it is still running14:38
ra21vihateball, thanks.. reading14:38
MorclyeMy main goal is simply to have more disk space for Ubuntu to use mostly to install programs. Can't allocate more from sda, which is boot where Windows and Ubuntu lives. sdd has plenty of space but it is currenly all formatted to NTFS under Windows.14:38
ikonianejm: no no, it's fine that you had an idea, but next time, just tell people the problem14:38
hateballra21vi: LVM is nice since you can hot-add a drive and add it to an existing pool and then grow the ext* filesystem with no downtime14:38
nejmikonia: sure14:39
nejmikonia: the DNS request seems to time out on my other computer, but the website itself works fine14:40
ikonianejm: both of them, or just the one14:41
nejmikonia: the first, I will now test .6614:41
nejmikonia: same response14:41
ikonianejm: did it work or not (just to be clear)14:41
nejmthe stuff with nslookup only gives me the address if the DNS server and after a while says that the request timed out, I don't know if that means it works or not, but in my browser I can reach paste.ubuntu.com14:42
nejmikonia: this is so confusing.... :c14:43
ikonianejm: if you get an IP back that is - it's working14:43
nejmno, it does not work then, it only gives me
ikonianejm: thats your dns server ip14:44
ikonianejm: what do you type exactly14:44
nejmwhat you told me to type, in the terminal 'nslookup', then 'server' and then 'paste.ubuntu.com'14:45
ikonianejm: ok and what do you get back after you type paste.ubuntu.com14:45
nejmDNS request timed out. (newline) timeout was 2 seconds14:46
nejmthis repeats three times14:46
ikonianejm: ok, and what do you get when you use the other dns server14:46
nejmexacly the same response14:46
nejmikonia: before I type 'server', it seems to use another mijnmodem.kpn.home, which looks like the DNS server provided by my provider (KPN)14:48
nejm*another DNS server14:48
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frbeyernejm: bad news. you've been redirected to a proxy.14:49
nejmfrbeyer: really?? that's weird.... :S14:49
nejmhow could I fix that? I don't think anyone in my home has set up a proxy14:50
frbeyernejm: on your router may have a dns proxy.14:51
frbeyernejm: some use that to "force" to acess a login page.14:51
nejmfrbeyer: could you explain what you mean by that?14:53
WeeabooWhy so quiet?14:55
frbeyernejm: example, when you use a public hotspot, some redirects you to a login page, through a dns request  hijack.14:55
nejmfrbeyer: aha, so that should not be the case for my router14:55
nejmhow could I remove that?14:56
nejmfrbeyer: and do you know how it can be that my other computers still work?14:56
frbeyernejm: if you use "nslookup paste.ubuntu.com" what response is given?14:59
nejm"non-authorative answer"15:00
nejmon my broken computer, that is15:00
nejmfrbeyer: ikonia: I'm going to try to reboot my router anyway, brb15:04
frbeyernejm: see first what is in /etc/resolv.conf15:05
frbeyernejm:" cat /etc/resolv.conf "15:05
=== john is now known as Guest14679
artg02hi all :)15:07
artg02I have a simple ubuntu machine that has as solely function to act as a vpn gateway for other users on the network. The ubuntu server has a internet facing connnection with an max speed of 250 mbit/s and will use AES 128 as encryption. How much RAM will this machine use in a VM?15:07
nejmnameserver (newline) search home15:07
nejmhi I'm back15:08
nejmresolv.conf says nameserver (newline) search home15:08
nejmfrbeyer: is that how it should be?15:08
numb3rHi everyone15:09
frbeyernejm: maybe, but its limited to a user.15:09
numb3rHow can I know a secure vpn network?15:10
frbeyernejm: try to change it to google's one. see if it works.15:10
ducasseartg02: openvpn, ipsec, something else?15:10
artg02ducasse: openvpn forgot to mention that :)15:10
nejmfrbeyer: you mean nslookup / server right?15:10
frbeyernejm: yes15:11
nejmthe above gives the same a before, non-authorative answer15:11
frbeyernejm: no15:11
frbeyernejm: just change the address.15:12
numb3rthanks for the answer15:12
ducasseartg02: how many users?15:12
frbeyernejm: at resolv.conf file.15:12
nejmfrbeyer: ow haha15:12
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artg02ducasse: the server will have 1 openvpn connection that serves all the clients (so 1 vpn connection). The amount of users varies from 5-15 max.15:13
numb3rWhat can I do to show up that's secure VPN?How can I verify that15:13
nejmfrbeyer: Does it matter that the file says I should not edit it by hand?15:13
nejmfrbeyer: yessss internet works again!!15:14
nejmhateball: ikonia: frbeyer: thanks for the help guys!15:14
=== littlebit1 is now known as littlebit
ducasseartg02: i see. i wouldn't expect it to use much memory, openvpn is often used on extremely memory-tight devices. but it should be pretty static once set up, just adjust available memory when you see what's actually required.15:15
nejmfrbeyer: does it matter that I am now using google's DNS server instead of my own?15:15
artg02ducasse: it has 1 gb right now, but its in beta fase so the real users are not connected just to check if everything is working. I was hoping maybe it could do with 512mb too, but not sure15:16
ducasseartg02: i wouldn't be surprised if you could get by with less than that, even, 512mb should be plenty imo.15:17
=== begood is now known as Guest25067
frbeyernejm: resolv.conf file is probably rewritten each time the computer boots.15:17
artg02ducasse: sounds good, lets do that then15:18
frbeyernejm: so it may be not a complete fix.15:19
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
ducasseartg02: i'd probably start at 512mb and adjust from there, but with so few users i would expect little variation in actual use.15:21
=== Guest25067 is now known as begoodtest
artg02ducasse: will do, 512mb would be very handy sinces the server has not alot right now15:23
=== begoodtest is now known as be
phakoso, I have a gen1 core i5 intel - with 16.10 I get full-screen flicker off gnome-shell/unity and after a while the screen stays black and the system turns of15:23
phakoI've switched back to 16.04 now and at least the flickering is gone.15:24
phakoanyone seen a related issue?15:24
=== be is now known as mastergood
ducasseartg02: my old openwrt router has 128mb, i think, and it did openvpn for ~5 users with no issues. openwrt is a bit lighter than ubuntu, though.15:24
=== MonkehParade is now known as Guest60588
phakoor, rather worryingly, is there a sane way to downgrade to 16.04?15:25
artg02ducasse: I first had it running on a pfsense instance, but it also had some IDS/IPS stuff, so it needed 4GB to do all its magic. In the end if was not clear anymore weather it was just the IDS or also the vpn connection :) but openvpn is lighter then I expected15:25
ducassephako: no downgrades, you need to reinstall.15:26
ducasseartg02: openvpn is intended for embedded use, so most of the memory will go to the rest of the system. you can probably trim a _ton_ off there, though.15:27
artg02ducasse: yeah, ubuntu is pretty "heavy" for just an openvpn connection. Would you use a different distro?15:28
ducasseartg02: depends, having a base that is as flexible as ubuntu can be a godsend. you could look at something like openwrt, which lets you do your completely custom build. i don't really like their config system (uci), though.15:30
artg02ducasse: yeah, I was coming from pfsense and went to ubuntu to add some corn jobs on it to do some automatic testing.15:31
jeffreylevesquehow different is ubuntu 14.04 and 16.0415:31
jeffreylevesqueif i'm wondering about hardening the systems?15:32
artg02jeffreylevesque: if you have the choice, go for 16.04 more secure in the long run since it has a longer patch time15:32
artg02for security and stability15:32
ducasseartg02: this might suit you - https://lede-project.org/15:33
elichai2how can I kill a service that runs with GNU/Linux? (if I try to `kiil PID` it just restarts)15:33
Darkchaoselichai2: sudo /etc/init.d/apache stop ?15:33
artg02ducasse: let me read that15:33
vishal_i accept the terms15:33
elichai2sorry i've disconnected15:34
Darkchaoselichai2: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop ?15:34
elichai2not in there15:34
OerHekselichai2, what 'service' ?15:34
elichai2I want a few services that are like this: `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-printers/indicator-printers-service`15:34
artg02ducasse: seems interesting, basically tomato for x86 without any hassle?15:36
ducasseartg02: this runs on a huge array of devices, basically anything linux has been ported to.15:37
socket-work-Hello, I want to automate the installation of the krb5-user package, but when i install it, i get a prompt with a purple background to choose the Default Kerberos version 5 realm. Is there a way i can pass these defaults in the apt syntax so the user doesn't have to see this?15:37
elichai2Darkchaos, OerHeks, sorry i've disconnected again, my network is just plain bad15:38
artg02ducasse: sounds interesting15:42
ducasseartg02: but as i said, ubuntu is well-supported and flexible enough to be a godsend as a base. see how much you can strip off, it runs a lot of stuff by default you likely don't need.15:45
nicomachusthe minimal iso strips out a lot of that, but there's still more you can remove and still have a functioning OS15:46
elichai2someone? the process is under /sbin/upstart15:47
nicomachuselichai2: what version of Ubuntu?15:47
nicomachusand it's in upstart...?15:47
ducasseartg02: what nicomachus says. might be better to use something like debootstrap.15:47
nicomachusanyway, you can use 'sudo pkill <processname>15:48
artg02ducasse: nicomachus I  selected minimal install for this one. probably even better is to use LXD right? (apart from the hostmachine)15:48
artg02its on a proxmox machine so its possible15:49
ducasseartg02: if this is for a vm, look at the ubuntu vm builder. not that familiar with lxd, i'm still on lxc.15:49
elichai2nicomachus, pkill, kill and killall doesn't help, it just restarts15:50
ducasseelichai2: 'sudo service whatever stop'15:50
artg02ducasse: sorry I meant LXC15:51
elichai2ducasse, not in services or systemctl15:51
elichai2I think I somehow have both systemd and upstart for some reason15:52
elichai2maybe that's the problem?15:52
noimnotninevoltthere can be only one pid 1 :P15:52
ducasseartg02: probably unwise to start using lxc now, it will only be maintained until 2019 iirc.15:53
elichai2noimnotninevolt, lol, yeah the systemd is PID 1, but I do have things that their parrent is upstart15:53
ducasseelichai2: which process are you trying to stop?15:54
elichai2some indicators like `/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-printers/indicator-printers-service`15:55
ducasseelichai2: those would be respawned by your session, i'd think15:55
elichai21. why are they under upstart?. 2. how can I kill them anyway?15:56
naccand some session stuff (I thought only the greeter) are upstart still (iirc)15:56
naccindicator-printers: /usr/share/upstart/sessions/indicator-printers.conf15:56
artg02ducasse: is that right? I did not know that15:56
elichai2I have one indicator that doesn't work and I can't figure out what is it. that's why I wan't to kill them15:56
elichai2nacc, so how can I kill it?15:56
ducasseartg02: all development goes into lxd now, lxc is just maintained until 2019 aiui.15:57
artg02ducasse: IIRC , LXD still uses LXC under the hood, so it would be strange to just maintain it16:00
artg02its like an extension of it16:00
ducasseartg02: it uses the same kernel interfaces, i was talking about the 'old' lxc tools. according to canonical they focus on lxd now, that's all i know.16:01
rohanrhuhow can i disable radeon driver module?16:01
rohanrhuit gives error16:01
rohanrhuvd_v1_0_start [radeon]] *ERROR* UVD not responding, trying to reset the VCPU!!! in kernel logs16:01
ducasseartg02: lxc can refer both to the kernel interfaces and to the collection of lxc-* tools.16:02
DarkchaosTheoretically sudo rmmod radeon, but I can't guarantee that you can see something then^^16:02
Darkchaosor even something like `apt-cache search radeon` and then `apt-get remove <..>`followed by `apt-get install <..>`for the proprietary drivers16:02
artg02ducasse: yeah ok, that is true16:03
elichai2sorry i've disconnected, nacc, ducasse16:04
naccelichai2: given that it's a panel notifier, just delete it from teh panel?16:05
cluelesspersonWhere does Ubuntu 16.10 store keyboard shortcuts config file?16:05
cluelesspersonthe software won't accept  Alt+Print16:05
ducasseartg02: containers made with the old lxc tools are completely invisible to lxd. i personally like the old tools better, so i haven't migrated yet.16:05
cluelesspersonso I need to manually enter it for a shortcut16:05
=== deanman is now known as deanman_
yeevechat, I'm wanting to put mysqld logs into syslog/rsyslog, is this the best way? http://dba.stackexchange.com/a/5106 (never heard of mkfifo, is that really a benefit? anyone done this differently?)16:06
elichai2nacc, that's the problem, one of them is stuck and I can't delete it, the menu doesn't work and the icon doesn't neither16:06
elichai2and I don't know which one is it16:06
yeeveah it seems fifo isn't worth it but is the general-log-file the cleanest way to get stuff into syslog? (also not sure if this is just info/debug, ideally I'd like errors and slow-queries through rsyslog too)16:07
ducassecluelessperson: you can't, i think, that would conflict with the magic sysrq key.16:08
pavloselichai2, can you kill the parent process of that indicator?16:08
srulii have a varibale with a command in it, i want the command to execute each time i call the variable, how can i do it?16:09
artg02ducasse: would you trust the standard security of LXC in promox when making a new one?16:09
elichai2pavlos, what, kill upstart?16:09
cluelesspersonducasse, it already has a keybinding for  Alt + Print16:09
cluelesspersonducasse, now I cannot set it back.16:09
pavloselichai2, can you pastebin, ps -ef | grep printers16:10
pavloselichai2, parent is 3085, can you ps -ef | grep 308516:11
ducassecluelessperson: probably because that binding is special and captured by the kernel, you can try disabling magic sysrq key, see if that helps.16:11
elichai2pavlos, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23659523/ as I've said upstart16:12
ducasseartg02: i have no experience with proxmox, sorry.16:12
cluelesspersonducasse, it was already a key combination before16:12
cluelesspersonand it worked before, I just want to switch them16:12
artg02ducasse: thanks anyway :)16:12
yeeveanyone here used 'goaccess' enough to know how to show the hostname/domain name in the lists so I can tell which site the file was loaded from?16:12
PA_FTWanyone here on 16.04 experiencing issues with PulseAudio after the latest Ubuntu updates?16:14
pavloselichai2, and kill -9 10139 or kill -15 10139 does not work, right?16:14
dudejiHey guys , I have two ubuntu servers under load balancer bt one of them is giving too much CPU-load due to IO operations , what can be probable issue ?16:14
ducassecluelessperson: you are not listening to me, that binding is special, which is probably why you're having problems with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key16:15
cluelesspersonducasse, oh, you're probably right.16:15
OerHekselichai2, sudo service stop indicator-printers-service # even you have upstart due to the transition to systemd, this line should work.16:15
cluelesspersonducasse, how do I disable lol16:15
elichai2pavlos, it just restarts it with a new PID16:15
OerHekskilling such service is useless, it respawns16:16
elichai2OerHeks, it's not registered as a service16:16
cluelesspersonducasse, I don't even have a SysRq16:16
ducassecluelessperson: it might not say so on the key, but it _is_ there. some manufacturers don't print it since it isn't normally used.16:18
ducassecluelessperson: see the link i posted, under 'uses'16:18
dudejithis is the error i am getting : CPU iowait time (xxx:system.cpu.util[,iowait]): 29.07 %16:18
ducassecluelessperson: under 'configuration', sorry16:19
elichai2so no idea?16:20
pavloselichai2, I thought renaming that file to something.bad so it should not respawn ... just a thought16:21
Darkchaoswell then you could also try chmod -x16:21
Lynx0Hi! I'm just in the process of updating from 12.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS. The first step, 12 to 14, worked fine with "do release-upgrade". The 14 to 16.04 upgrade does not work, I get "An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade". According to some forum posts, broken packages cause this. Indeed, I have removed some of them, but that16:23
Lynx0file does not get updated? How do I update the list of broken packages?16:23
Lynx0I meant to write I have broken packages reported in /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log16:23
naccLynx0: can you pastebin the relevant section?16:23
elichai2i'll try maybe16:24
OerHeksLynx0, do you have sufficient free space? open terminal: df - h16:27
Lynx0That's part of a longer list of the same16:27
Lynx0OerHeks: Yes, should be enough16:28
elichai2ok, problem16:28
elichai2I've mv everything and killed it (except indicator-application-service because that's the whole bar) and I still have 3 indicators left16:29
elichai2pavlos, Darkchaos16:29
naccLynx0: can you pastebin `apt-cache policy php5-cli` ?16:29
elichai2how can I find which processes are running indicators?16:29
pavloselichai2, ps -ef | grep indicators16:30
elichai2that's how I've found them, but there are no more and still 3 icons16:31
elichai2wifi, vivaldi and the weird one i'm looking for16:31
Lynx0nacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23659604/16:31
ducasseelichai2: indicators are a part of the environment, i doubt they are intended to be disabled. wifi and vivaldi would be systray icons, not indicators16:32
elichai2ducasse, so maybe all the one i'm looking for is a systray icon too16:33
elichai2I want to disable it because it's stuck16:33
Lynx0nacc: For some of the packages in the list (for example libgsl2) I only get unable to locate package16:33
NET||abusehey guys, i'm working on a new project setup, i've not been doing much deb management before, but i'm thinking of doing an amazon s3 bucket as a deb repo, what's the best tools to manage that?16:34
naccLynx0: right, so i think do-release-upgrade is trying to cleanup packages that no longer exist in 16.0416:34
ducasseelichai2: most likely16:34
Lynx0nacc: But I'm still at 14.04, as I run that?16:34
elichai2ducasse, how can I search for systary icons?16:35
naccNET||abuse: why do you need to do 'deb management'?16:35
naccLynx0: well, aiui, if you are release-upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04, it does this 'on the side' as it figures out how to upgrade16:35
ducasseelichai2: they are part of the individual applications, displeyed in whatever the de uses to handle systray16:35
naccLynx0: although, the other thing you might verify is if you are fully up to date in 14.04; `apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade; apt-get autoremove`16:35
Lynx0nacc: Ok, but should that problem not come up for anyone upgrading to 16.04?16:35
Lynx0nacc: I've run that a few times already now16:36
NET||abusenacc,  well, i'm puttin gtogether some webservices for a project, but i need a network to support th eproject, i am thinking build ansible role config into a deb and then ASG's in aws will load up the deb as the default init stage16:37
naccLynx0: 1) not everyone has all the same packages as you installed; 2) not everyone goes 12.04 -> 16.04; 3) could be any number of other things :)16:37
jrgilmanhey guys, I'm having an issue where my /tmp dir is being cleared at 10:00 on 16.04, I was wondering what would be causing this to occur? I've tried looking into it, but most of the references online are to tmpreaper which is no longer used...16:38
NET||abusejust looking at the tools in the deb space, there's quite a few in the debian.org wiki, aptly looks pretty ;) but then there's debify which the wiki says is a wrapper around aptly16:38
Lynx0nacc: So any idea what I could do? grep -c Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log showd 173 packages...16:40
elichai2ducasse, so I can't look for them?16:40
elichai2i'm stuck with that stupid systray icon?16:40
ducasseelichai2: you need to 1) disable the systray or 2) disable the icon in each application16:41
elichai2ducasse, the thing is I don't know which app is it. the Icon of it is blank and the menu is blank too16:41
naccNET||abuse: right there are few different programs for managing your own repo -- i assume you know how to package if you are 'building ansible role config into a deb' ?16:41
ducasseelichai2: start killing apps and see when it vanishes :)16:43
elichai2no real way?16:43
ducasseelichai2: that is a pretty 'real' way16:44
ducasseelichai2: if you want to identify an application that doesn't identify itself, that is pretty much your best shot16:46
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Felishiahow the hell do I make ubuntu shut up? :|16:54
Felishiait won't stop mentioning what I'm typing16:54
Felishiaor what I point on16:54
NET||abusenacc, i know about building rpm's but not debs so much, but for various reasons i'm opting to move over to ubuntu-server, anyway, fpm can build deb's, i'm used to using that.16:55
OerHeksoh, orca screen reader, press INS + Q16:55
naccFelishia: did you turn on 'screen reader'?16:55
OerHeksFelishia ^^16:55
naccNET||abuse: ah ok16:55
NET||abuseso would there be any other worth while tool chains to look at or are fpm + aptly good partner apps?16:55
Felishiait just went nuts16:56
Felishiaok I killed the process16:56
Felishiait's also zoomed it16:56
Felishiazoomed in16:56
Felishiaeverything looks bigger16:56
naccprobably 'zoom' or 'large text' enabled (amongst the many accessibility options)16:57
Felishiano it actually zoomed but anyway I fixed it16:58
Felishiathis is stupid :|16:58
Felishiawho would use that?16:58
naccFelishia: people with disabilities16:58
Felishiawouldn't they rather change the resolution of the screen?16:59
OerHekspretty nifty features.16:59
Felishiaor use a reader that at least you can understand what they say... :|16:59
Lynx0So any ideas how to fix many broken packages, when Synaptic does not list any as broken, and apt-get install -f does not work either?16:59
naccLynx0: they are only broken on the do-release-upgrade process, afaict, which is expected, maybe?17:00
Lynx0nacc: Hmm, maybe. So, if I can't fix them, and can't remove them, I'm not sure how to proceed...17:01
naccLynx0: the pastebin you did earlier did not indicate any errors. Can you pastebin the actual error output (and the command)17:01
Lynx0nacc: You mean the /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log?17:02
naccLynx0: wait, are you using `apt dist-upgrade` to upgrade to 16.04?17:02
naccLynx0: or are you using do-release-upgrade17:02
OerHekssudo dpkg --configure -a # might fix things17:02
Lynx0OerHeks: Nope, tried that, too17:03
Lynx0nacc: do-release-upgrade17:03
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naccLynx0: hrm, iirc, that has a different log file17:05
Lynx0nacc: There is actually no error in the log file, it just ends in "Done"17:05
ioriaLynx0, grep Broken /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log17:06
Lynx0ioria: There's many broken packages there17:06
ioriaLynx0, no good17:06
Lynx0Actually, now I'm not sure that the broken packages are the cause that do-release-upgrade does not work? It just says "Could not determine the upgrade An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade."17:07
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ioriaLynx0, there are several pseudo-solutions... from Recovery, removing the cache,  –fix-missing, –configure -a . none of those i'am experienced with17:10
Lynx0ioria: I tried some of them17:12
Lynx0But not the recovery one yet, I just saw that17:12
ioriaLynx0, let's try17:12
Lynx0ioria: The server is currently headless, I'd have to find a monitor first17:13
ioriaLynx0, i see17:13
ioriaLynx0, also sudo aptitude purge ~c17:14
ioriaLynx0, but you need aptitude installed17:14
Lynx0ioria: the last one gives me a scary long list ;)17:16
ioriaLynx0, sudo apt-get clean  and try    sudo apt update17:17
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Richard_Cavellsorry guys17:28
Lynx0Ok, trying the recovery mode package repair now. New problem: The recovery mode dpkg tries to mount all drives from fstab, but can't because there are network drives. Can I only mount local drives in recovery?17:33
lynnelooking for Slic3r support area17:35
Lynx0ioria, nacc: Recovery mode package repair didn't work either. Oh well, I'll try the forum. Thanks for the help, have to go home now.17:42
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Guest92502help... in indonesia17:49
xanguaLove Moana17:50
wafflejockGuest92502, ask your question all in one line if possible17:51
cerealguyhey what are they gonna do for codeword for the 17.10 release they'll be on "z" for 17.0417:54
nacccerealguy: it is not alphabetical (strictly)17:55
nacccerealguy: and at some point, the next name will get picked17:55
jrgilmansomething zebra?17:55
Picicerealguy: we actually haven't had an A release.17:55
jrgilmanwe could go to AA17:55
cerealguyanybody here work for canonical?17:56
nacccerealguy: not really ontopic17:57
nacccerealguy: neither question so far is, tbh :)17:57
zeverothere is a new 17 Ubuntu?17:57
cerealguylmao ur right ur right17:57
ducassezevero: not until april 201717:57
cerealguyi love unity almost as much as my family17:58
nacccerealguy: alright, assuming you're trolling now. This is the support channel, chitchat to #ubuntu-offtopic.17:58
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) will be the 26th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in April 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+117:58
cerealguyoh cool17:58
cerealguydidn't know about that thank u17:59
ducassecerealguy: there is also #ubuntu-discuss for non-support ubuntu-related discussions17:59
cerealguyi appreciate that18:00
cerealguythank you18:00
hacker_my facebook18:00
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Guest21752who have a skills on buffer overflow , i have this buffer and i need somehelp on it , tbh its just a homework http://www.up-00.com/?5D1R , thanks18:19
wafflejockGuest21752, wrong channel ubuntu support issues only here18:20
Guest21752wafflejock, what channel should i go?18:20
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:20
wafflejockGuest21752, ^^ I dunno find one where they help with homework18:21
ducasseGuest21752: do your homework yourself.18:21
Guest21752wafflejock, ducasse , what channel helping on buffer?18:21
wafflejockif you need help understanding buffers maybe trying ##programming18:21
ducasseGuest21752: read the message from ubottu18:21
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LordNelthonIs this http://pastebin.com/q2Wa5WfF the correct way to chroot? What is the difference between the rbind and bind in mount?18:41
naccLordNelthon: recursive vs. not18:41
naccLordNelthon: see `man mount`18:41
LordNelthonnacc: Are all 4 needed (or missing any) and why proc does not need the recursive option?18:43
reisioI've always done mount -t proc foo /path/to/proc18:43
reisioprobably doesn't matter so much18:43
reisioproc is an imaginary FS18:44
naccLordNelthon: well, proc has no submounts18:44
reisiobut in a different way from sys & dev :p18:44
naccLordNelthon: again, read `man mount`, i'd say18:44
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jeffreylevesqueis there any difference between `vagrant ALL=(ALL:ALL)    NOPASSWD:ALL`, and `vagrant ALL=(ALL)    NOPASSWD:ALL`19:13
jeffreylevesquefor `visudo`?19:13
reisiojeffreylevesque: I wouldn't think so, assuming both work at all19:14
reisiojeffreylevesque: the former is probably just a more explicit way, specifying user & group independently, I would think19:15
* reisio shrugs19:15
reisioyou have to test whether it works regardless19:15
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eelstrebori'm wondering what i'm missing - i have an openvpn server and an openvpn client running on the same box - the server runs on a different subnet from what the client connects to - when i reboot the pc, the server starts but the client doesn't connect - the server brings up tun0 and the client is suppose to bring up tun1 - even the ethernet connection doesn't come up - if i uninstall openvpn the ethernet connection comes up - why does this happen?19:15
Guest33776am i ony here19:17
Guest33776any one is there dude19:17
MonkeyDustGuest33776  type   /n19:17
Guest33776i am using hex chat or first time19:18
MonkeyDustGuest33776  great, ask your ubuntu questions here19:18
Guest33776thanks,monkey dust19:19
semehi guys.  I think I screwed up and switched the kernel that I was running and now virtualbox doesn't work.  Says the /dev/vboxdrv doesn't exist.  I've tried rebuilding the mode but I don't think it works with 4.8.0-30-generic.... which kernel should I be running?19:19
reisioseme: lsmod | grep -i vboxdrv19:20
semeI'm running 16.04 by the way19:20
semereisio: nothing returned19:20
Guest33776i also19:20
reisioseme: then the driver isn't loaded19:20
reisioseme: you could try sudo modprobe vboxdrv if you wanted19:20
semeright.  modprobe vboxdrv doesn't work19:20
reisioyou might not even have the driver, then19:20
semeright it wasn't rebuilt for the 4.8.0-30-generic kernel19:21
reisioyou need kernel sources/headers or something and the source files for it, should be in the repo19:21
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semeWhen I treid to rebuild it then It failed19:21
reisiomake it work :)19:21
* seme is going to hit his kernel on the head19:21
semereisio: the headers are installed.  How do I tell dkms to rebuild the vboxdrv module?19:22
OerHeksseme, did you build your own kernel, not from mainline?19:23
semeno I'm using the kernel from ubuntu19:23
semehow do I list the installed kernels so I can update teh default kernel in grub19:26
MonkeyDustseme  ls -l /boot/19:29
tehBTPhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23660525/ anyone have a solution for this? Ubuntu 16.04LTS tried some shit I found online. I don't care about the font package I kinda just want the message to stop popping up everytime i boot the system.19:37
MonkeyDusttehBTP  mind your language19:38
OerHeksbest way to stop that, is reinstall that package and let it run, you might get a popup for accepting an UELA19:38
tehBTPMonkeyDust, sorry.19:41
tehBTPOerHeks, I will try it again.19:41
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anonymous_hey guys19:46
anonymous_does anyone have the raspberry19:46
=== bgray is now known as bgray_
MonkeyDustanonymous_  type /j raspberrypi19:47
=== bgray_ is now known as bgray
OerHeks#ubuntu-arm, there is a mate edition or core19:47
MrHallhello i want share this solve to use parameters on controller of javafx fxml https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7Ul5fS0XS419:48
NET||abuseOn to consider what build dsl to use, I've worked in Rake teams before, but i'm a huge hater or gems and ruby in general :)19:48
OerHeksoh boy19:49
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Arunangshuis there any gui application available for installing tag.gz files20:03
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall20:04
* zykotick9 goes to find out if tag.gz is a thing...20:05
PiciArunangshu: do you mean .tar.gz? and if so.. thats the linux equivalent of a zip file.20:05
Arunangshupici:yes but it gets harder to install application in the terminal20:06
PiciArunangshu: What software are you trying to install?20:07
wafflejockArunangshu, you can use file roller or any gui for opening zipped archives basically20:07
wafflejockArunangshu, the actual software in the zip archive will vary with regard to how to install it20:07
wafflejockArunangshu, typically when you install something you are configuring it for your system specifics (folder locations or hardware or whatever) and then putting files somewhere on the PATH so you can run them regardless of your current directory in the terminal20:08
AlexM_@addo: it's ok?20:08
* eelstrebor can't seem to get vpnautoconnect to work - keep getting "No answer from daemon"20:08
wafflejockArunangshu, .deb files are packaged to be installed by dpkg and are typically the best option outside of the distros repos which are the recommended way of getting and removing things20:09
disgrntldreally dumb question: I'm trying to kerberize an NGINX host (it'll use an NGINX kerb module to authneticate clients against a windows active directory), do I need the krb5-client package on the ubuntu machine?20:11
wafflejockdisgrntld, no idea... what does it mean to kerberize is that related to kerbal space program ;)20:12
iorianope, to kerneros20:12
disgrntldlol, just allows clients who are on the same domain to not have to login to web apps (because the web app itself can ask the active directory guy (kdc))20:13
w0semare her20:13
disgrntldok, slightly more on-topic, _why_ does the krb5-client package propose SO MANY changes??20:13
disgrntldaptitude's "solution" is modification/installation/removal of 75 (!!) packages20:14
disgrntld...y'all have any solution for when aptitude proposes something silly?20:14
naccdisgrntld: i don't see any such pacakge 'krb5-client'20:14
disgrntldhold on, I prolly misread it20:15
disgrntld'krb5-user'  crap, sorry!20:15
disgrntldI'll just break a vm and try it :D20:16
naccdisgrntld: aptitude by default tries to install recommends, iirc20:16
disgrntldmaybe I can dodge some of these20:17
naccdisgrntld: i think the minimum set is 41 or so, because of lib dependencies20:18
disgrntldthat helps, but yea: "In order to authenticate to a Kerberos Realm, the krb5-user and libpam-krb5 packages are needed" (from https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/kerberos.html)20:19
disgrntldooook then20:19
naccdisgrntld: using `apt-get --no-install-recommends install krb5-user` -- although the # will depend of course on what is actually installed already20:19
disgrntldoh, cool, alright thanks everyone!20:19
andrejTrying to enable IP forwarding on a box w/ a public and a private interface (172.xxx) following https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/firewall.html#ip-masquerading ...20:25
andrejUFW barfs at me using the exact syntax suggested to modify /etc/ufw/before.rules20:26
andrejOnce I insert the nat rule it complains about *filter being a syntax error20:26
andrejAnyone ever got this to work with UFW?20:28
LordNelthonnacc: one more question about chroot, why would I need /run mounted in chroot environment?20:29
naccLordNelthon: for sockets, typically20:30
ioriaLordNelthon, connection , but i could be wrong20:30
pavlosandrej, this line ... -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE20:31
naccLordNelthon: but basiclaly for storing 'run'time files: sockets, pidfiles, lockfiles20:31
andrejpavlos : yup?20:32
andrejWhat is wrong with it?20:32
pavlosandrej, I dont see anything wrong, make sure you have no typos20:33
andrejI don't have any typos, and adjutsted the interface names and IPs accordingly.20:34
LordNelthonnacc: thanks. I'm following a tutorial to chroot and update-initramfs and update-grub. Just trying to understand the requirements.20:34
Echo6Hey, I had a working Samba configuration about a week ago and now suddenly I can't seem to access any resources on my samba server and half the time I can't even view the shares. I'm not sure if some sort of weird update jacked my config or what happened. I have been fighting it for about 4 hours now. The config loads fine but I can't access anything. Before this was messed up I had some public shares for the household and now I have twisted it up so bad it20:39
Echo6asks for a username and password but none work. It's accessible from the smbclient cli command on the localhost so I was thinking firewall but I have completely disabled the firewall and flushed iptables (as this is not accessible from the outside world) and I still have the issue.20:39
Echo6http://pastebin.com/44LYqUrx   <---- That's my current config. I have broken it down to just that.20:39
Echo6Any help would be appreciated.20:40
rekHi, i have a question about a problem i got burning an image... where can i ask that?20:41
MonkeyDustrek  start here20:41
pavlosandrej, seems you need -t NAT since if the table is not defined, POSTROUTING chain does not exist20:43
andrejThanks pavlos; I'll keep prodding the config file ... there has to be a way ;}20:47
pavlosandrej, step2 in the ufw section defines a POSTROUTING chain20:48
rekMonkey thanks i was like... maybe they tell me it's an offtopic... so basically i got a .bin.ecm image, then i got the bin image using ecm-uncompress,then i made the .cue using cuemakey.py script but i deleted the last lines of the code since there was a syntax error i couldn't find or fix... i really got a .cue similar to those one i already had for other images.... so: i can mount this bin image and read the content,and thi20:50
reks image work with the emulator it's supposed to work with,but i want to burn that image on a cd-r ..i did it with 2 diffferent cd/dvd burners and i've done it with k3b in ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, also before burning k3b has verified the md5 hashes and i burn the image at low speed without getting any error, then the computer doesn't even mount the cd-r i can't read it what's the problem here?20:50
kode54if you'd burned it with the correct cue sheet, it probably would have worked20:56
kode54maybe ask someone to look at your original cue sheet to fix the error(s) it has?20:56
rekkode54, i'd like to know what is the cuesheet for...what are those instructions?20:59
kode54the cuesheet describes the index for your CD20:59
kode54the bin is just raw data20:59
kode54the cue sheet describes the format, and the track layout20:59
kode54it also may happen to have absolute path names if generated on a Windows machine by some software20:59
kode54or mistakes that some software doesn't like, like the use of "pregap" declarations on tracks other than the first audio track21:00
rekwhy do i get an unreadable cdrom? can't read any data....uhm21:00
kode54you get an unreadable CD because it has an incorrect index21:00
rekwhat do you mean by format?21:01
kode54iso/2048, type2/2352, etc21:01
kode54and also where the tracks start21:01
kode54it won't do to substitute cue sheets from other images21:01
kode54if you hastebin me the original cue sheet, I may be able to look over it and see what's wrong21:02
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judgetwit crashed earhero ....21:13
judgeget 'resource limited' at earhero.com21:15
nicomachusjudge: ok... how does that relate to Ubuntu?21:15
judgesry - wrong channel21:16
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lordPoseidonI need help, like in the terminal we put the command ls -l, we get the list of the directories in long form, we also get the permissions the file permissions for the given files or directories, I want to know this thing, but in a program, I want this, i have the path to a directory, I want to find the access permissions to that directory21:18
lordPoseidonplease help me in this21:18
lordPoseidonany library or any thing i can use in c/c++21:19
nicomachuslordPoseidon: what do you mean "in a program"? what program?21:19
lordPoseidonin any program of c++ code21:19
nicomachuslordPoseidon: this isn't a c++ support channel.21:19
DarkchaosPossibly something like POSIX/C fstat21:20
symm-hi...... how do I bulk-rename all *.txt files in a directory to *.ini for example?21:20
wafflejocklordPoseidon, ^^ or join ##programming21:20
lordPoseidonok, then any hint I can get, like some trik21:20
lordPoseidonok i try21:20
DarkchaosHowever that might only work on Linux. as well as some googeling :D21:20
nicomachussymm-: with a for loop21:20
Picisymm-: rename 's/txt$/ini/' *.txt21:20
nicomachussymm-: give this a read: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8899135/renaming-multiples-files-with-a-bash-loop21:20
symm-Pici, nicomachus: thank you21:21
ewertonGood evening! I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 with NVIDIA GTX 960, and I don't have the xorg.conf file in "/etc/X11", should I create it? Or is this file no longer useful? Or did he change directory in the latest versions of Ubuntu?21:23
xanguaewerton: a xorg config is created on the fly since like half a decade ago21:24
DarkchaosWhich reminds me of something: Can I run two XServers which share the same buffer or something? I want something related to those "hybrid" setups but with the difference that I want both, iGPU and GPU to Display something, on a per monitor base. This however seems to be difficult to do21:27
ewertonxangua: sry, on the fly? I could not understand, but, should I create xorg or not? If so, is it still the same directory as always?21:31
kode54I thought vendor binary drivers were supported automatically by their respective package?21:32
wedgieewerton: no xorg.conf is necessary21:32
Piciewerton: only if you have a directive that you need to put in there.21:32
kode54from the restricted tree21:32
genewitchi have screen flickering on my dual GPU laptop (intel i915 and nvidia) whenever a kernel > 4.8 is loaded. I'm running 16.10 with yakkity-proposed (the suggested fix)21:33
genewitchnautilus -q; nautilis stops the flickering for about 4 seconds21:34
genewitchanyone have any other suggestions?21:34
brainwashgenewitch: did you file a bug report against nautilus?21:38
xentity1xI need to enable port 27017 on a server. I tried running ufw enable 27017, but when I try to telnet into the port it says connection refused. Do I need to do anything else to open the port?21:38
kode54ufw allow 27017 (with /tcp if it's tcp-only)21:38
wafflejockxentity1x, where is the server?21:38
kode54ufw allow 27017/tcp for tcp21:38
genewitchbrainwash: all the ones involving this bug say "confirmed fixed"21:38
wafflejockxentity1x, if you have a VPS they may have firewall rules as well21:39
xentity1xwafflejock, it's not a vps. It's a physical machine in a lab.21:39
wafflejockxentity1x, nmap can be useful to see what ports are open locally vs what can be seen from the outside21:39
brainwashgenewitch: link?21:40
kode54xentity1x: "enable" turns on the firewall, "allow" lets a port through21:40
wafflejockxentity1x, I also like netstat -tulnp, will give you list of processes with port numbers can grep that for port numbers to find the process bound to a given port21:41
genewitchbrainwash: for example https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/162693521:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1626935 in nautilus (Ubuntu Yakkety) "[yakkety] desktop is black and/or flickering after plugging in a second monitor" [High,Fix released]21:41
DarkchaosAnd you have verified that your nautilus is already at that version? (I know it sounds unrealistic, but you never know)21:42
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xentity1xwafflejock kode54, here is the output of netstat and ufw status. It seems like the port is open? http://pastebin.com/2XMzcMNv21:43
genewitchDarkchaos: yes, nautilus is at the version mentioned there. there was another bug related to gtk3 but it requires zesty-prooposed and i dunno how to get that21:43
brainwashgenewitch: open a new bug then and reference the other ones in your description21:43
kode54mongod usually only listens on, because its authentication is not really designed for external use21:44
kode54you should really set a good password on it and open it to, if that's your use case21:44
brainwashgenewitch: so, you need to mention in the gtk bug report that yakkity is affected too21:44
kode54I was affected from the outset by a yakkety bug, but only because I tried to do something different21:45
genewitchbrainwash: it was about yakkety, the "fix" was "install the zesty-proposed gtk+321:45
kode54I tried to install from livedvd, and configured the sources.list to use mirror: protocol21:45
kode54apparently, the apt kit that comes with the install media segfaults on the mirror: protocol21:45
xentity1xkode54, I have already set bindip in /etc/mongod.conf to and restarted the mongo daemon. I still seem to have the problem.21:46
genewitchoh nvermind it wasn't21:46
genewitchit was linked to from a yakkety bug21:46
genewitchit wasn't about flickering it was about window resizing21:47
brainwashin any case, you have to contact the package maintainer. either comment on the existing bug report or create a new one21:48
kode54xentity1x: delete the bind_ip setting, it listens on all interfaces by default21:48
kode54but for security, the default configuration file sets it to
xentity1xkode54, I have also tried commenting it out.21:49
brainwashgenewitch: we can only give you this solution: if nautilus is the culprit, deactivate/remove it21:49
genewitchthere's no mention of intel /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/21:49
xentity1xkode54, i think it might be a firewall issue since i can't telnet into the port either.21:50
kode54can you telnet to it inside the machine, using the machine's external IP?21:50
genewitchbrainwash: okay, what would i use instead?21:50
genewitchremoving nautilus removes "ubuntu-desktop" which i think i need21:51
genewitchi think21:51
brainwashit is a meta package21:52
brainwashonly pulls in other packages21:53
herlimenezesHi, good evening. I have an old acer aspire one, after crash it enters in maintenance mode21:53
herlimenezesWhat can I do?21:53
Guest28934how is everyone thi fine day21:54
bazhangdid you have an ubuntu support issue Guest2893421:54
symm-is it possible to move the "status bar" from the top of the screen to the bottom?21:55
symm-not the launcher21:55
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nicomachusnot easily.21:55
symm-I see21:55
nicomachusyou can modify some compiz files or install new WM/DE, but it's not easy.21:55
genewitchbrainwash: removing nautilus did not fix the flickering21:55
brainwashgenewitch: it's probably still running as process21:56
genewitchi rebooted21:56
brainwashthen we know that nautilus is not the cause21:56
genewitchtrue, i think it's the intel driver21:56
genewitchin the kernel for 4.821:57
Bashing-omherlimenezes: What release are you runnning .. and have you ran a file system check ?21:57
brainwashgenewitch: can you try kernel 4.9?21:57
genewitchi'd try it if i knew how to do it without compiling from scratch21:57
herlimenezesI think is 10.XX, I dont use this netbook so much21:58
nicomachusbrainwash: there's no stable release for 4.9 yet21:58
herlimenezesbut I want to repair it.21:58
herlimenezesBashing-om: I want to use it to give classes.21:58
nicomachusbrainwash: not sure it's a great idea to recommend a PPA for a kernel that isn't in stable release yet.21:58
brainwashnicomachus: why not? that's what you do you debug a bug21:59
Bashing-omherlimenezes: Ouch ! 10 series is long time out of support . Way past time to install a current release .21:59
tagHas anyone managed to successfully use "SecurePrint" from Ubuntu?21:59
Nematocysthow to access prompt during install?  it wants my wifi password which is 64 random chars.  i have it on USB drive, but can't figure out how to access terminal21:59
herlimenezesBashing-om: Yes I intented to do so, but there is no boot from usb.22:00
genewitchhuh, the flickering isn't constant now, at least22:00
brainwashNematocyst: also, how is it not stable?22:00
brainwashnicomachus: ^22:00
herlimenezesBashing-om: ok, I have already set boot order22:00
brainwashNematocyst: sry22:00
genewitchbrainwash: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds has install instructions. I am working on it, i have to switch back to OSS noveau22:00
nicomachusbrainwash: because it hasn't been released into the stable channel yet...22:01
brainwashnicomachus: "mainline: 4.9  2016-12-11"22:01
Nematocystctrl-alt-f1 doesn't work.  rightclick brings up terminal, but just a non-blinking cursor in an empty window22:01
herlimenezesBashing-om: as if filesystem is corrupted, although I can reach folder as user or root22:01
genewitchNematocyst: none of the ctrl-alt-F keys work?22:01
brainwashnicomachus: what does that mean?22:01
Bashing-omherlimenezes: Boot from a liveDVD ? If we are to recover your data in perp for a clean install we need to see what we can do .22:01
brainwashnicomachus: is https://www.kernel.org/ not telling the truth?22:02
Nematocystgenewitch, ctrl-alt-f2 sorta works.  empty window, nothing types in22:02
herlimenezesBashing-om: Ok, I will download and plug liveDVD.22:02
genewitchNematocyst: have you googled "enter wifi password ubuntu install"22:05
nicomachusbrainwash: there's a difference between "general linux release" and "ubuntu release"22:05
genewitchNematocyst: also, why do you need to be on wifi during install?22:05
Bashing-omherlimenezes: K. bear in mind we can not in all likely hood fix that install if we need files .. as the software repository no longer exists .22:05
Nematocystgenewitch, because it prompted me for it?  probably don't.22:07
brainwashnicomachus: I don't understand. do you say that one should wait for the next ubuntu release (17.04) to see if a newer kernel fixes the problem?22:07
nicomachusbrainwash: I'm saying that should be a last resort.22:07
unknown___how can i remove plymouth?22:07
genewitchNematocyst: you don't need to update during install, you can probably just wait. I forget how to do it too.22:08
* Dmitrii-Sh 22:09
Nematocystgenewitch, heh.  next time i'll use wired connection during install.  i just figured it should be easy to examine a usb drive during install22:10
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genewitchNematocyst: brainwash uname shows kernel 4.9 and still flickerin22:15
genewitchhow do i get an older kernel back on22:15
brainwashremove 4.922:16
genewitch... you just the22:16
random123is there any way to specify an older version of a virtual package with apt-get install?22:18
random123I can get the most recent package version with:22:18
random123sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-trusty= --dry-run22:19
random123or without a version22:19
random123but what if i want 3.13.0-8422:19
pavlosgenewitch, you could boot into grub and select the previous kernel assuming you have a few older kernels22:19
HugeCannonAnyone had issues with intel gfx driver, xrandr showing DVI output as HDMI ?22:19
random123but if i want to peg to a specific version22:19
random123is that possible?22:19
random123sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-trusty= --dry-run Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: Version '' for 'linux-generic-lts-trusty' was not found22:20
naccrandom123: why would you want to go back to an unsupported version?22:20
naccrandom123: are you debugging something?22:20
random123is there a newer version of the package i just don't see in the changelog?22:20
random123i would want to rollback to an old version if there is an issue after an upgrade22:21
naccrandom123: right, but you're rolling back to a eersion from precise22:21
Bashing-omrandom123: " linux-generic-lts-trusty= " is a conflict . trusty does in deed run the 3.13 series .,. but the HWE would run with xenial's kernel .22:21
naccrandom123: which makes no sense22:21
genewitchpavlos: yes, 4.4 works fine22:22
genewitchi just wanted to be fully uptodater22:22
random123also i'd like to get consistency across machines if it isn't already22:22
naccBashing-om: for upgrade purposes, the package is also present in trusty, fwiw22:22
naccrandom123: then have them all use the same mirror and update at the same time?22:22
naccrandom123: specifying arbitrary versions is not the right way to do that22:23
random123the version isn't arbitrary22:23
pavlosgenewitch, ll /boot should show you 2 kernels if you use sudo apt-get autoremove to clean up things22:23
genewitchpavlos: 4 kernels22:23
random123it is a version that is currently installed on at least one machine (but probably more)22:23
naccrandom123: running what version of ubuntu?22:23
pavlosgenewitch, sudo apt-get autoremove will keep the 2 most recent22:24
nacc!info linux-generic-lts-trusty trusty | random12322:24
ubotturandom123: linux-generic-lts-trusty (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB22:24
naccrandom123: that is the version you should get if you are current on 14.0422:24
random123how often is there an issue with software after a kernel update?22:25
Bashing-omnacc: K. but I see that trusty - NON HER had that 3.13.106 kernel .. if ya go LTS on that packaging .. are we not then HWE such that the system is looking to install xenial stack ?22:25
random123is always going to the latest version of the lts kernel ok?22:25
naccBashing-om: sorry, not sure if i parsed correctly, but all of 14.04.0, 14.04.1 and 14.04.5 are all supported right now22:26
random123and is there ever an issue with software configured for a box on one kernel vs another?22:26
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic trusty22:26
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB22:26
naccrandom123: are you attempting to troll? of course there can be issues.22:26
naccrandom123: what is your actual issue you are trying to resolve?22:26
naccrandom123: but you wouldn't roll back from 106.114 to 84.76 -- that is nonsense22:27
naccrandom123: you would typically roll back *one* kernel, which is still installed on the system anyways22:27
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-lts-trusty22:27
ubottuPackage linux-generic-lts-trusty does not exist in yakkety22:27
random123i have a box(s) on an older kernel (possibly not all the same 84.76) i'd like to update the boxes and be able to roll them all back to the same version in as simple a way as possible22:28
naccBashing-om: only exists in precise and trusty22:28
random123if there is an issue22:28
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-lts-trusty trusty22:28
ubottulinux-generic-lts-trusty (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 30 kB22:28
naccrandom123: if you have 14.04 boxes running an 84.76 kernel you are incredibly out of date22:28
genewitchhow do i set 4.4 kernel to default?22:28
genewitchjust remove 4.8 and 4.9?22:28
naccgenewitch: what version of ubuntu?22:28
tlstoyhow is caled the movie with gandalf and the ring /.22:28
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic-lts-xenial trusty22:29
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-xenial (source: linux-meta-lts-xenial): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)22:29
random123its out of date, but it is known to work (or break in known ways)22:29
genewitchnacc: 16.1022:29
naccgenewitch: there is no 4.9 on 16.1022:30
random123is this just not how linux boxes get managed generally?22:30
naccrandom123: you are posisbly missing CVE fixes to your machine by not updating22:30
naccrandom123: at least from the security pocket22:30
random123i think that rolling back to a known state is good practice if something goes wrong later down the line22:30
naccgenewitch: why do you want to go back to 4.4? 4.4 isn't supported on 16.1022:30
naccrandom123: yes, but 'good state' isn't a kernel that is unsupported22:31
genewitchnacc: because all later kernels flicker22:31
random123i'm trying to update... i just want a safe return to a known state if need be22:31
DarkchaosShort Question: If I would develop a usb device driver today, would it still get merged into the kernel or is it rather linux-next and thus say Ubuntu 18?22:31
random123nacc: its gooder than a supported state that hasn't been tested yet though isn't it?22:32
random123* state -> kernel22:32
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naccrandom123: the update shouldn't remove any existing kernels until you tell it to22:32
random123* and by tested i mean tested with the software deployed to it22:32
naccrandom123: my point is you've clearly let your machines not stay current22:33
=== james is now known as Guest88615
naccrandom123: it's more than the kernel at this point, i'd assume22:33
Darkchaosrandom123: Well, many distros test this before it makes it's way into debian or ubuntu. The Archers test for you, for example :D22:33
random123it is a little bit with writing good deployment and rollback scripts22:33
random123just want to see if there is a simple way to get the result of being able to just name the version of the virtual package and ensure that is installed on the machine22:34
givonnecan anyone help with php7 mysql activation?22:35
naccrandom123: well, apt will only (iirc) install the latest version from a pocket22:36
rs__Hello guys...22:36
naccrandom123: e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23661297/22:36
random123Darkchaos: i mean particular configurations etc with the software we run on the boxes (i'm sure the distros mostly test things), but there is always the details of a particular configuration which may or may not be working for some reason or another22:36
naccrandom123: the thing is the d/chagnelog *may* not represent what was published22:37
rs__I have a question: When you install software from a PPA, do you get  backport security fixes (e.g. https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-6290.html)?22:37
naccrs__: no, ppas are unsupported except by their owner, generally22:38
naccrs__: so if the ppa owner fixes cves, then yes, but generically i would not assume you do22:38
naccrandom123: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+publishinghistory22:38
naccrandom123: you can see for trusty, the current is, but the prior one is
rs__nacc: Excellent. Thank you very much!22:38
naccgivonne: what specifically?22:39
random123nacc: do you know if there is a lifetime to the published versions?22:45
prometheusDoes anybody know how to recover the file system from an external usb drive that was unplugged before ejecting it? I can still view the files/folders from the shell but when I try to use the file explorer utility under Gnome it doesn't display anything.22:46
Guest88615Hello to the group. Sorry about any issue caused by my absence. Was doing 2 major upgrade - installing SSD drive and upgrade to 64 bit.   Quick question for group as a whole... sorry if I already asked this earlier. Anyone have knowledge and/or experience in voice/speech recognition?? I read up on "Simon" - but it wants to install a lot of KDE stuff. I also read up about "Voice Control" - it wants to install a bunch a extra apps like22:46
Guest88615 Brasero and Audacious - which I neither want on need.22:46
genewitchprometheus: fsck maybe22:46
random123looks like the status of the packages gets superseded so maybe that is why it doesn't work22:46
prometheusI thought so but I cant get it to work properly. I tried reading the man pages and I'm confused22:46
Bashing-ompronet: Pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu ' and we see what we can work out .22:49
naccrandom123: e.g., here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/  only shows two versions for linux-generic-lts-trusty in the archive. One is for 14.04 release and one is for 14.04 updates/security22:49
naccrandom123: why are you looking at precise data, though? i thought you were on 14.04?22:50
random123it is just an example22:50
random123i kind of assume the state of the union will be similar for other versions22:50
wcI could use some help. Can't do $ sudo apt-get update --> /usr/bin/sudo: Permissão negada22:51
Bashing-omwc: Only the 1st user created has 'sudo' rights . are you that 1st user ?22:52
wcIt's Lubuntu 16.10 fresh install22:53
Ben64wc: what is the output of "groups"22:53
wcYes I am22:53
JonelethIrenicusanyone having an issue with Vivaldi not working on YouTube unless using Flash?22:53
wcI can Do software center and login logout but my terminal...22:54
Bashing-omwc: " < Ben64> wc: what is the output of "groups" "" . ??22:54
wcI do not know the output of groups... what-s it? How I do to know22:56
Ben64you type it on the terminal and tell us what it says22:56
Bashing-omwc: from the login screen key combo ctl+alt+F1 will yield a console interface . Here type groups . and pass back here what that output is .22:57
Ben64doesn't need console22:58
wcwc adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare22:58
Bashing-omBen64: true :) wc .22:58
wcWhat can I do to fix my sudo apt-get update?22:59
DarkchaosWell it looks like the sudo binary is not executable for the current user then?23:00
Ben64wc: please do "cat /etc/hostname /etc/hosts /etc/issue /etc/lsb-release | nc termbin.com 9999"23:00
core_x250guys iknow its  a weird Q but how i go to mint chat23:00
Ben64!mint | core_x25023:00
ubottucore_x250: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:00
Bashing-om!mint | core_x25023:01
ubottucore_x250: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:01
core_x250i have friends in the mint chat :(23:01
ed_plsWhat about tahr?23:01
core_x250thx anyway for the help23:02
nacced_pls: what is your question?23:02
core_x250oh u did help am stupid thx23:03
wcI did what came: "bash: /bin/nc: Permissão negada"23:03
Bashing-omcore_x250: :) .. fast channel . did you see : " irc.spotchat.org " ?23:03
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core_x250yes thx23:04
DarkchaosThat doesn't sound good. Can you e.g. try ls -ls /bin/nc23:04
wcCan I paste?23:06
wc0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 dez 20 09:47 /bin/nc -> /etc/alternatives/nc23:06
DarkchaosThat is the same that my system shows... strange23:06
wcIt happens twice...23:07
naccwc: you'd need to follow the symlinks (so e.g., ls -ls /etc/alternatives/nc)23:07
wctwo fresh installs23:07
* zykotick9 had to follow another symlink after...23:08
Darkchaosnacc: Ah didn't know that symlinks don't contain the permissions (and yep, here it was /bin/nc.openbsd)23:08
wcSo: 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 dez 20 09:47 /etc/alternatives/nc -> /bin/nc.openbsd23:08
DarkchaosNow my nc isn't world writable anymore, sounds more sane :D23:08
naccwc: and then ls -ls /bin/nc.openbsd23:09
Darkchaoswc: and now ls -ls /bin/nc.openbsd23:09
naccDarkchaos: right, the target's permissions are different from the links23:09
* zykotick9 re:wc thinks as both sudo & nc are not working... something else is at play here...23:10
wc$ ls -ls /bin/nc.openbsd23:10
wc0 -r-------- 1 root root 0 dez 20 19:43 /bin/nc.openbsd23:10
zykotick9or not!23:11
Ben64wc: you broke it23:11
pavlosshould be 75523:11
naccsomething is pretty horribly fubar on that system23:11
DarkchaosThat is what I thought. But how could one fix that?23:11
naccand is almost certainly *not* a clean install23:11
DarkchaosWithout root access?23:11
zykotick9nacc: +123:11
Darkchaoswc: So did you do anything after installing LUbuntu which might cause that?23:11
* Darkchaos ponders how bash could still run23:12
wcalright, so I must reinstall... :(23:12
naccDarkchaos: well, bash might still be executable for some reason; as we don't know what was done to the system23:12
Darkchaoswc: Did you install something in the terminal on that system? maybe you mistyped something there?23:12
Darkchaosnacc: Or it is also gone after a reboot. Infact the system should be unbootable then, shouldn't it? (When the DE/WM etc are in /bin)23:13
naccDarkchaos: sorry is what is gone? we don't know (afaict) taht everything is unexecutable. In fact, we know ls is executable.23:14
naccDarkchaos: so i'm not sure what you're asking?23:14
wca lot of software are on Lubuntu 16.10 now I think I nade something wrong23:14
wcI can use xterm to try fix my problem? It still alright23:15
naccwc: at this point, you should reinstall. It's very unclear what has been done to your system, IMO.23:16
zykotick9nacc: +123:16
Darkchaosnacc: Well ls could be built into bash and I guess everything is unexecutable (makes more sence than a few applications if done by mistyping). And I wonder if you can boot a system in such a condition. It's just you know, some thinking23:16
naccwc: I would also verify the image you are using to install23:16
naccwc: the md5sum of the iso, that is23:16
naccDarkchaos: ls is not built into bash23:16
wcOk. I'll do It. Thank you all. See you soon.23:17
naccDarkchaos: i'm just not following your thinking. We only know (so far) that nc and sudo are not executable, for some reason.23:17
* zykotick9 actually had to check is ls was a built-in or not... it isn't. "which bash" and "whereis bash" confirm an /bin/ls23:17
zykotick9s/is ls/if ls/23:17
wcIf there any idea to fix it...23:17
Darkchaosnacc: That wasn't directed at wc's problem, I just thought what would happen when it was the case23:18
wc$ whereis bash23:18
wcbash: /bin/bash /etc/bash.bashrc /usr/share/man/man1/bash.1.gz23:18
zykotick9wc: without knowing EXACTLY what caused this (was the command recursive jumps to my mind) the BEST answer is nacc's "REINSTALL"... In My Opinion...23:18
Darkchaoswc: Not really, especially when you don't know the source of that (it could even be malware trying to lock you out)23:18
hernanhi, how install ubuntu in a disc hybrid? sorry my english is basic23:19
hernanthe disc ssd only it have 20GB23:19
wcOk. It better reinstall.23:19
wcSee you soon23:20
naccDarkchaos: ah ok; if everything was marked as -x in /bin, and you had rebuilt your initramfs after that, you probably would not boot, yes :)23:20
Darkchaosnacc: And without rebuilding initramfs it would boot until the login screen would come up?23:21
naccDarkchaos: well, it would boot until the real disk got mounted, and then you'd see a bunch of failures, i'd expect23:22
medaz_23421Hi guys i have a slow Mobile broadband connection , i'm using ubuntu 15.10 :) the download fast is betwee 7Kb ~ 20Kb but when i use windows its very cool , is up to 300Kb , can anyone tell me why ??23:23
medaz_23421plz i really need your help guys :)23:23
naccmedaz_23421: 15.10 is eol, you know that right?23:23
medaz_23421really , so what ubuntu version should i install ??23:24
Darkchaosor 16.0423:24
medaz_23421anyway until i install it , can you help me for now plz:23:25
DarkchaosHow do you measure that download speed?23:25
medaz_23421i see that on terminal when install some package23:26
zykotick9medaz_23421: if you want to reinstall/upgrade every couple of months use the regular ubuntu 16.10... if you are lazy pick the LTS 16.04 and reinstall/upgrade every two years...23:26
bazhangfive years is lts support zykotick923:27
medaz_23421is it a free distrubution :)23:27
zykotick9medaz_23421: an eol/unsupported release _needs_ to upgraded!23:27
medaz_23421i mean LTS 16.0423:27
bazhangmedaz_23421, yes23:27
zykotick9bazhang: that's the MAXIMUM... but LTS releases (newer packages) come out every 2 years ;)23:27
Darkchaosmedaz_23421: You can't use that as measurement because the (old!) servers for 15.10 might be slower than whatever you downloaded in windows23:28
Darkchaostry to use firefox or something to download a file, then you can compare it23:28
medaz_23421Darkchaos:   i try for firefox the seem thing23:30
tagHas anyone managed to successfully use "SecurePrint" from Ubuntu?23:30
medaz_23421Anyway can you give me the link for download LTS 16.04 :)23:31
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ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Yakkety, and help keeping the servers' load low!23:31
ubottuYakkety can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/yakkety/desktop/ubuntu-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/yakkety/server/ubuntu-16.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696923:32
medaz_23421i have 3bit processor23:33
zykotick9medaz_23421: you can't browse to http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969 ?23:34
medaz_23421thank you guys , i will install ubuntu , LTS 16.04 then tell you if ii had any problem , thank you :)23:36
medaz_23421wich is better installl ubuntu 16.04 desktop or ubuntu gnome 16.04 desktop , i'm confused ??:)23:38
DarkchaosIt depends, it will change the optics of your Ubuntu23:39
DarkchaosIf you see such a strange "foot" logo you have gnome23:40
xxxxi having problems with video quality: images look well but in any video or moving the image cuts. I have intel, updated (supposed to) and since i installed linux this happened23:43
zykotick9xxxx: ".. moving the image cuts." i wonder if you mean "tearing"?  if so... LOL good luck!  it's an issue i've delt with for YEARS and always had a "little" bit - regardless of what i do ;)23:45
DarkchaosI also have it currently on a dedicated nvidia gpu :D23:45
xxxxtearing in deed23:45
DarkchaosWatch slow paced movies :D23:45
xxxxzykotick9: well, we have to keep asking23:46
ed_plsHey, anybody knows how to read a pdf file within terminal?23:46
DarkchaosI guess google bombs you with ideas though. And you have to see whether it only is in full screen videos or not (and whether it works for Youtube)23:46
zykotick9Darkchaos: i used to run nvidia now i run intel... i've always had "some" tearing regardless of compositing or-not... driver x-y or not...  i live with it ;)23:46
Darkchaoszykotick9: I only noticed it in vlc actually, I have to investigate that a bit23:47
xxxxor at least make tearing not that hard23:47
xxxxeven scroling images23:47
zykotick9ed_pls: look into poppler-utils23:47
akikxxxx: have you tried editing your /etc/drirc ?23:48
xxxxakik: nope23:48
DarkchaosWell you have Words like "VSync" and "Triple Buffering" to prevent such stuff, however this should only be for full screen applications since usual windows should run through the de/wm (Caution: Noob knowledge on my side)23:48
akikxxxx: check the post by Logicien at https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-983466-start-0.html23:49
ed_plsthanks random world-wide-web-surfer23:50
xxxxakik: what means this : ~/.drirc and/or /etc/drirc23:52
DarkchaosThe first one is user-wide the second one system wide23:52
zykotick9xxxx: <sidenote just in case> ~ is your home directory23:53
Darkchaosbut btw at least KUbuntu also has that setting in GUI, Under Display->Compositor: "Prevent Tearing (VSync)"23:53
volriteping google.com23:55

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