pleia2knome: we need to track down ochosi for the council article :)19:47
pleia2pesky holidays, everyone drifts off19:47
pleia2knome: the website article looks good to go though19:48
knomeand good, i'll publish in a moment19:58
knomeunless you want to schedule for a better time?19:58
knomefor social media stuff and all19:58
knomeor is now a good time, i don't know19:59
knomepleia2, ^19:59
knomejust hopped in and out of the grocery store so couldn't reply :P20:00
pleia2knome: hah, we can release in like 14 hours or so22:49
knomeso like 13UTC?22:49
knomeok, scheduled at 13UTC precisely22:50
pleia2I will tell my calendar to remind me to g+ and fb it22:50
knomeand twitter possibly22:52

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