Teranetdo we have anyone online who knows about : nova-cloud-controller     I do have an error which I do need help with00:35
Andrew_jedihello, how can i install juju 1 ?06:43
Andrew_jedijuju/stable now points to juju 206:43
angelinuxhello everybody11:35
angelinuxI have a question: is it possible to bootstrap juju in a vm that is contained in a private openstack cloud11:35
angelinuxand let it manage that private openstack cloud?11:36
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marcoceppiangelinux: it should be. Do you have credentials for that openstack cloud?12:36
angelinux@marcoceppi Yes I have12:58
angelinuxbut I get an error when I try to boostrap12:59
marcoceppiangelinux: what is the error?13:30
angelinux@marcoceppi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/859862/juju-bootstrap-on-a-private-openstack-cloud-fails here you can find details13:36
angelinux@marcoceppi: the error is "json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type nova.jsonEntity"13:37
angelinux@marcoceppi could you please help me?13:37
marcoceppiangelinux: what's your region name in OpenStack? Is it indeed RegionOne?13:42
angelinux@marcoceppi: yes my igestack cloud has RegionOne13:44
angelinuxas region13:44
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bdxlazyPower: ping19:17
bdxinteresting issue here19:18
bdxif I `lxc launch:16.04 es-test`, and add the elastic.co gpg key and source repo, update apt, and `sudo apt install elasticsearch`, I get a successfull installation19:19
bdx`lxc launch ubuntu:16.04 es-test`*19:20
bdxwhats interesting, is when I mimic these ops with juju -> https://github.com/jamesbeedy/juju-layer-elasticsearch-base19:20
bdxI hit this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665305/19:21
bdxor, even more, if I `juju deploy ubuntu`, and run the same ops to install elasticsearch that I run in the lxd container, I get a failure19:22
bdxwith http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665305/19:22
jrwrenbdx: how different is your default lxd profile from your juju lxd profile?19:23
bdxjrwren: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665326/19:24
jrwrenbdx: now that IS interesting ;)19:24
bdxjrwren: yeah, I'm on the line with others who are experiencing the same thing right now19:25
bdxI'm thinking I should write the list19:25
bdxjrwren: right19:26
bdxjrwren: I'm honestly over trying to troubleshoot this ... over my head at this point19:27
jrwrenbdx: i thought mabye you had set security.privileged=true in your default profile or something.19:27
bdxjrwren: yea, that was my initial thought too19:28
bdxjrwren: even if I remove the extra profile, such that my juju container is only left with the default profile applied19:28
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bdxI still get the error19:29
bdxso strange19:29
jrwrenright, it doesn't seem to be a profile thing.19:29
jrwrenbdx: can you pastebin output of `lxc config show <container>` for the two containers?19:32
bdxjrwren: here's the juju deployed container -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665355/19:34
bdxjrwren: here's the straight lxd -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665359/19:35
bdxjrwren: good call19:35
bdxjrwren: how does the juju container end up with all that extra jazz in there?19:36
jrwrenbdx: the lxd provider in juju does it.19:36
bdxwow, talk about opinionated19:36
jrwrenjuju is very opinionated. :)19:37
bdxjrwren: what do you feel is the best approach to resolving the issue I'm experiencing?19:38
jrwrenbdx: email the list.19:38
bdxthe issue being that elasticsearch won't install to juju deployed lxd containers19:38
bdxwill do19:38
bdxjrwren: thx19:38
jrwrenbdx: i'm going to try to repro. is it possible its 2 diff elastic search packages?19:40
jrwrenbdx: if it helps at all, I get the couldn't write errors on package installation on my lxc.19:44
bdxjrwren: juju deploy lxc?19:45
jrwrenso, I don't think this is a juju issue.19:45
bdxoh really19:45
jrwrenno, no juju at all.19:45
bdxI don't get them on straight lxd19:45
jrwrenbdx: I'll paste a repro, see if it works for you.19:45
jrwrenor rather, see if you do get the error :)19:45
jrwrenbdx: https://gist.github.com/jrwren/8b648cc2736e68e82d96334d32b131b9   one file and 2 commands to run.19:47
bdxjrwren: I just got the error on straight lx4319:47
jrwrenoops, and I pasted the wrong command.19:47
jrwrenbdx: oh, well, ok, that is great!19:47
jrwrenbdx: maybe file a bug with elastic.co?19:49
bdxjrwren: I just ran these commands on an fresh xenial aws instance -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23665448/19:54
bdxjrwren: ^ makes me think its more or less a lxd thing...19:55
jrwrenbdx: nice... but still, not working on LXD is bad.19:55
jrwrenbdx: I can't imagine it would work in docker, for the same reasons.19:55
jrwrenbdx: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/commit/32df032c5944326e351a7910a877d1992563f791  looks like ES fixed it by enabling a parameter, a ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS in the environment.20:06
bdxjrwren: nice find!20:08
jrwrenbdx: well, it NEEDS to work in lxd, or else its not a great juju charm :)20:08
bdxjrwren: so, is this a use case for a tactic you think?20:09
bdxjrwren: to set ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS prior to the apt install phase20:09
bdxor should I just add the few lines to the reactive file and set the param and then run the install cmds from the layer-apt api20:10
jrwrenbdx: I don't know anything about tactics or layers, sorry.20:12
bdxjrwren: now my question is this, we don't want to always skip the kernel params on install, right? so should I detect whether or not the install is happening on a container, and only apply the ES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERSES_SKIP_SET_KERNEL_PARAMETERS to container installs?20:13
bdxerrg .. sorry, that pasted 2ce for some reason20:13
jrwrenbdx: yes, that is probably best.20:14
bdxjrwren: thanks for your insight here20:14
jrwrenbdx: oh my... have you used that es package?20:21
bdxjrwren: not yet ... I'm trying to though20:22
bdxjrwren: why, whats up with it?20:22
jrwrenbdx: well, don't forget to specify openjdk-8-jre-headless package manually. they don't use dependencies.20:22
jrwrenbdx: and then, don't be shocked like I was as it allocated 2+GB of ram immediately on starting. NOT virtual. 2.241g of RSS20:22
jrwreni guess that is java magic.20:23
bdxjrwren: openjdk-8-jre-headless installs as a dep of es when you install it from their repo20:23
jrwrenbdx: that was not my experience.20:23
jrwrenDepends: libc6, adduser, bash20:23
jrwrenand on first run, the service fails asking to install a java.20:24
bdxjrwren: yeah ... I'm getting the same thing .... don't know how or why I had success previously (possilby I forgot to add my sources and installed 2.x or something)20:32
jrwrenbdx: i see the package in ubuntu archives does have Depends: with a jre. *shrug* no biggie.20:33
jrwrenbdx: I was just shocked at the 2.2G memory alloc on start.20:34
bdxjrwren: yeah, thats nuts20:38
jrwrenbdx: i wonder what it does on a tiny instance :)20:39
bdxjrwren: whats even worse -> https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/core/wiredtiger/#memory-use20:39
jrwrenlol, it had to be mongo20:39
bdxjrwren: I was wondering why my juju controllers were consuming so much ram ... even when barely anything was deployed ... it was driving me crazy, then I found that20:40
jrwrenbdx: :(20:40
bdxjrwren: ^ 50%-1G really borks lxd local deploys20:40
jrwrenbdx: agreed. I don't leave lxd controllers up for that reason.20:40
bdxif you have a massive lxd-visor, the juju controller will automatically steal all your goods20:41
jrwrenbdx: it has gotten MUCH better in jujud itself since some of the 2.0 betas20:41
bdxjrwren: yeah, but the underlying mongo tiger eats up 50%-1G though .... cry cry cry20:41
bdxthats w/o juju memory consumption taken into account of course20:42
bdxsomething needs to happen about the 50% mem on lxd controllers ... possibly we can apply some mem limit to the juju-controller profile or something20:43
jrwrenbdx: painful :(20:43
jrwrenbdx: may be as simple as mongoCmd = mongoCmd + "--wiredTigerCacheSizeGB"  here: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/mongo/service.go#L18520:48
jrwrenbdx: its wednesday before the holidays and if you are feeling brave, propose that :)20:49
petevgcory_fu, bcsaller: PR for the dump of the logs here: https://github.com/juju-solutions/matrix/pull/56 (It's non ideal for a lot of reasons, but I believe suitable for our basic needs. I'm going to work through some of the TODOs, and prioritize partially based on feedback.)21:40
bdxwhats the best way to check if you are in a container or not?21:41
bdxI found this -> https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/charm-helpers/is_container21:41
bdxbut it isn't in charmhelpers 0.10.0 ...21:41
bdxeven more, systemd-virt-check21:42
bdxdoesn't seem to even be a thing ...21:42
bdxahhh, possibly I should be checking the output of 'systemd-detect-virt'21:43

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