Oderushello. i realize this is fairly basic but i cannot figure it out. i need to tell my printer the wifi password but have no clue how. any suggestions?01:34
Oderussorry i crashed. question remains if anyone knows how to tell a cannon pixma mg3500 serries printer what my wifi password is for wireless printing01:55
sintrei wish i could help i hate "smart " printers01:56
sintrenever got one of ant brand to wrok right01:57
Oderusyeah the thing is brutal... the only way i ever got it to work wirelessly is with a windows computer and installing the entire thing. huge pain. and windows is abandonware.02:00
sintreok not a kubuntu support but close enough i'm trying to help a guy from ubuntu that has a odd problem with using gparted to try and make an install02:04
sintreformatted his hdd02:04
sintrekeeps getting  Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda: Input/output error02:04
sintrewhen he tries to make a partition table02:05
sintreneed sillies help fo smallest problem02:05
sintreuser logged off02:06
DarinMillerHey sintre.  Sry, did not realize you had paged.02:21
sintrenp he ran off after i answered his question02:22
DarinMillersintre: FYI, if you use my full IRC name, konversation will highlight the channel name in red...02:22
sintreasked for like 10 minutes in ubuntu chat with some 1800 people on how to use gparted02:23
sintreso mtried to help him out02:23
DarinMillersintre: bummer, that should have been an easy assist.02:23
sintrewith thos etypes of numbers you'd think so02:24
DarinMillersintre: but what is easy in person, is not always so easy online... :)02:24
* sintre agrees02:25
AhrenI am here hoping to get support on troubleshooting a couple of issues with a new installation of Kubuntu02:34
sintreright place02:35
AhrenI have attempted to diagnose and fix the problems by searching, and attempted a couple of things already but failed to correct them.02:35
AhrenThe first issue is less important, but relevant. My mouse cursor graphic is stuck in the top left corner of the screen.02:36
AhrenThe cursor itself, can move around without the graphic bound to it and interact with the DE02:36
AhrenSo, I am effectively keyboard only02:36
AhrenI have a terminal up however02:37
sintrewell annoying but impressive your're here if using same system02:37
AhrenThe second, and more urgent issue02:37
AhrenI'm using a windows laptop02:37
sintrewhat is your hawrdware02:37
AhrenBrand new self build02:37
sintreohh well hmm , then02:37
sintreok give us specs02:37
AhrenAsus Maximus VIII motherboard, i7 6700k cpu, evga gtx 1080 hydro copper gpu02:38
sintregfx issues can often be resolved by using preprietary drivers02:38
AhrenThe second issue is network connectivity02:38
AhrenDownload speeds are abysmal, around 0.8 to 15 kbps02:38
Ahrenupload speeds however are 8-15mbps02:38
Ahrenit's not the line, the same cable can be plugged into another computer and achieve 100mbps+ connectivity02:39
sintrehave you upddated at all?02:39
AhrenFresh installation, no packages downloaded during installation02:39
sintreok lets start there , do you have backports installed?02:39
AhrenI don't know, how can I check?02:40
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports02:40
sintreif you don't know then you don't02:40
sintreuse that command in konsole terminal02:40
sintreand what veriosn of kubtunu did you install btw?02:41
Ahren"Press ENTER to continue or ctrl-c to cancel adding it"02:41
sintrehit enter02:41
=== Elysion is now known as Elysion_
AhrenWhat information do you need from the result?02:42
sintrenow you need to use the command02:42
sintresudo apt update02:42
sintrewhen thats done you can do full upgrade02:43
Ahrenif my console is currently in ""root@pcname:~#" from me previously executing "sudo -i", should I be omitting the "sudo" from the command?02:44
sintrebut given snail speed you mention could take long time hour plus02:44
sintreyour logged in as root?02:44
AhrenI logged in as the default user on startup and "sudo -i" in the terminal02:44
sintreok do the commands work02:45
AhrenYes, I was just clarifying. It appears to be in progress now.02:46
sintreyour not gonna break anything by trying02:46
sintreyou'll be fine i assume list is almost updated02:47
* sintre aslo is keeping in kind your using two computers which may or may not be near each other02:47
AhrenBased on speeds I'm seeing, the process will take between 30min and 8 hours.02:47
sintreare you updating or upgrading now?02:48
AhrenYes, the sudo apt update02:48
sintreok stay there and hold tight till its done :)02:48
AhrenThanks for the assistance. I'll keep an eye on it and when (ever) it finishes and I'm not at work, I'll return.02:49
sintreok well actually keep a note the update shoudn02:49
sintret take but a few minutes02:49
sintreso something is wrong02:50
sintrei don't know enough to trouble shoot that02:50
sintrebut can kinda elimate some things02:50
sintrei think its a d driver issue02:50
sintreit should in no way be that slow unless you in the tundra of northern alaska trying to use last dying phone line for 56k dial up02:51
AhrenMy ISP isn't the problem02:52
sintrei agree , there is a driver problem02:52
sintretill we get you updated wre can't fix that02:52
AhrenIf I recall correctly, my motherboard has an Intel l219-v ethernet02:52
sintrebut hopefully once done we can02:52
* sintre isn't blaming isp02:53
sintreits most likely defaulting to lowest most general crappy low lvl generic ddriver02:54
AhrenI suppose all I can do now is wait02:54
sintreso we gotta try to fix that before even thinking aabout upgrading02:54
sintrewhat does the update say?02:54
Ahren[25 Packages 550 kB/1,218 kB 45%]02:55
sintrewell only good new is we know your hardware works , hopefully we can ge tit working better02:55
sintrelike alot better02:56
sintremight as well go back to smoke signals at that speed02:56
Ahrenit's currently operating in the range of 0-6,500 B/s02:56
AhrenBased on things I read while searching02:57
AhrenI tried two things, neither worked02:57
Ahrenone was disabling ipv6 support02:57
Ahrenthe other was making an edit to the hosts line in nsswitch.conf02:57
Ahrenthat was on a previous install though, I've re-installed from USB since then02:57
sintreok , this new personal ghhome built rig right?02:58
sintrehave you checked the mobo manufactuerer to see if they have any linux support?02:58
Ahrennot directly02:59
Ahrencursory searches indicated there were others running various linux distributions on the same or similar motherboards02:59
sintreok in mean time if new system can do it , open discover02:59
sintrethe lil software shopping center that comes standard with kubuntu03:00
sintrego to sytem03:00
sintreand try to download addition drivers package03:00
AhrenI have discover open03:03
Ahrenbut I'm having difficulty locating what you mentioned03:03
sintretype drive rins earch window03:04
sintredriver sry03:04
sintreshould look like a lil pci card icon03:04
Ahrenthere are no results if I enter drivers into the search box03:05
Ahrenor driver03:06
sintreok this my faul i get your  not upgraded03:06
sintrereally that slipped my mind sry , my fault 100%03:07
sintrelet me look for the package to direct download03:07
sintrewhat is eta on the update being done03:07
Ahrencurrently not progressing03:09
Ahrenstuck at 24%03:09
Ahrennow moving again at 3kbps03:09
sintrewell trying to figure out a different solution if that pc won't dsdownload faster than that03:12
sintrecircular catch 2203:12
sintreneed to download to upgrade , need to download to be able to download03:13
DarinMillerAhren:  Are you connected via ethernet or wirelessly to your router?03:13
sintreAhren > dennis has helped out alot , he can probally find some solution03:15
AhrenHello, I'm back.03:16
AhrenI am connected via ethernet.03:17
AhrenThe path is PC > gigabit network switch > router > modem03:17
AhrenI can plug the same cable currently in the desktop into any other computer in the house and get full speeds03:18
sintrewe get that , but how to get around it until we get your driver performing is another thing03:19
sintreso sinse you have two pc's thats a plus03:19
DarinMillerBy chance do you have a usb wireless adabpter you plug into the PC?03:19
Ahrenthere is one I could use03:20
DarinMillerIs the adapter known to work with Linux?03:21
DarinMillerAnd is you PC in wireless range of your router?03:21
Ahrenunknown, I will try to locate a model number and check03:21
Ahrenyes, my PC is in wireless range of my router03:21
DarinMillerGood.  Just plug in the wireless adapter and if its recognized and supported, your network icon should show the new adapter.03:22
DarinMillerwhich version of Kubuntu did you install?03:23
AhrenI'm not seeing anything that suggests the device is recognized03:24
Ahrenspoke too soon03:25
DarinMillerDo you have network icon in the panel.....03:25
AhrenI tried to connect to my home network03:26
Ahrenand a window popped up03:26
Ahren"KDE Wallet Service"03:26
Ahrenhas requested to create a new wallet03:26
sintreyou can disable that03:27
DarinMillerVery good.  You can cancel or create a wallet password if you want.,03:27
sintremenu>system kwallatetmanager03:27
sintredisable kwallet subsystem03:27
AhrenConnection is established03:27
sintreneed router passowrd03:27
AhrenI just closed the notifications for the time being03:28
sintreok now try the update again03:28
DarinMillerSince your wire connection is slow, unplug the ethernet03:28
AhrenDone. The update appears to have stalled03:29
DarinMillersometime the 1st network that is active stays primary until deactivated or disconnected.03:29
sintrejust close terminal03:29
AhrenI didn't close terminal03:31
Ahrenbut it appears to have completed03:31
Ahren"381 packages can be upgraded"03:32
sintrei'd reboot before doing that imo03:32
sintrejust to be safe03:32
DarinMillerno, no reboot needed.03:32
sintrealso give a chancde after ehternet is removed not to itnerfere03:32
sintreok was wrong lol thats normal though03:33
sintrenot sur eif his wifi is giving decent pipe for upgrade yet03:33
DarinMillerAhren: continue with sudo apt ugrade03:34
DarinMillersudo apt upgrade03:34
AhrenOk, I started it03:35
sintrepc's must be in different rooms03:35
sintrethere you are03:35
Ahrenat workable speeds03:35
sintrewhat speed03:35
sintrestill got figure out what wrong with your reg broadcom drivers03:36
DarinMillerCool.  We can check the ethernet speeds after the update03:36
DarinMilleryour ethernet card is broadcom?03:36
* sintre goes off to make some tea03:36
AhrenIt's intel03:36
Ahrenand it's 50% done with the download now03:37
Ahrenthe usb wireless is getting ~1mbps speeds03:37
DarinMillerWow, intel cards are rarely an issue.  We can troubleshoot some more after the update completes.03:37
DarinMillerGood to hear the alternate connection is working OK.03:38
Ahrenhere are the motherboard specs03:38
AhrenIntelĀ® I219V, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s), GameFirst technology IntelĀ® LAN- Dual interconnect between the Integrated LAN controller and Physical Layer (PHY) Anti-surge LANGuard03:38
Ahrenthe update has completed03:42
DarinMillerDo you have reboot icon in the panel?03:43
sintrestill around03:43
sintrethis time i would rreboot :)03:43
DarinMillerRegardless, reboot. new Plasma packages.03:43
DarinMillerIt may lockup during shutdown:  If it freeze for more than 15 seconds, do an alt+sysreq+REISUB03:44
AhrenNo issues, it appears to be rebooted back to the DE now03:45
DarinMillerthat means hold down the alt key, then press print screen (sysreq) followed by REISUB (holding the alt key the entire time).03:45
sintreguess next thing is to dwnload that driver package03:45
sintreor searcher i should say see if something is there03:46
DarinMillerCool. SSD?03:46
DarinMillerNice. :)03:46
DarinMillerOK unplug the wireless and plug in the ethernet.03:46
AhrenOk, connections are switched.03:47
DarinMillerUse system monitor your network manager window and try to download something big like the kubuntu ISO or something.03:48
sintreor youtube03:48
sintreor both03:48
AhrenI opened up an internet speed test in firefox03:48
Ahrenstill seeing a 0.06mbps download03:48
DarinMilleror that  :)03:49
Ahrenand 2.10mbps upload03:49
sintreum ok head scratch03:49
DarinMillerOK: ifconfig -a03:49
sintrego to discover and install that driver update software you should be able to download it now03:49
DarinMillerand paste contents here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/03:49
sintreor what dennis said03:49
AhrenOk, pasting the results may be difficult for me03:50
AhrenI'm in this IRC on a laptop03:50
Ahrenthe system we're troubleshooting03:50
DarinMillerOh, got it.03:50
Ahrenalso has an issue with the mouse cursor03:51
DarinMillerplug in your wireless adapter again.03:51
DarinMillerDo you have another mouse?03:51
Ahrenthe mouse cursor graphic03:51
Ahrenis stuck in the top left corner03:51
Ahrenthe "cursor" itself is invisible03:51
Ahrenand my mouse works to move it around and interact with things in the DE03:52
AhrenI tried using another mouse and had the same issue03:52
sintrehonestly thats really odd03:52
sintreif after update thats still there03:52
sintreon the kubuntu install03:52
sintrehopefully its a sriver issue03:53
DarinMillerThat's weird.  I agree with sintre, let's go for the driver update to see if any proprietary drivers are available.03:53
DarinMillerFamiliar with krunner?03:53
Ahrenok, there's a driver manager notification in the notification area03:53
Ahrenit opens to a dialogue asking me to choose an nvidia driver03:53
sintrewhats it say03:53
AhrenI have two choices, nvidia binary driver or nouveau03:54
DarinMillerAlt-spacebar : system settings <enter>03:54
DarinMillerSelect the recommended binary driver03:54
DarinMillerWireless card plugged in?03:54
Ahrenyes it is03:54
DarinMillervery good.03:54
Ahrenthere's a checkbox for "using processor microcode firmware for intel cpus from intel-microcode"03:55
Ahrenshould I check it before applying the change?03:55
DarinMillerYes, OK to do both same time.03:56
AhrenOk, that's in progress03:57
AhrenAlso, I have that system settings window open03:57
sintrei get same option for my self in my core 2 duo , doesn't hurt03:58
sintrenew lappy is a budget i3 , but had a ssd laying around :)03:58
AhrenOk, that completed03:59
DarinMillerAhren: I was going to direct you to the  Driver Manager in system settings, but you beat me to it. :)03:59
sintre250 crucial mx 20003:59
DarinMillerReboot again and hopefully your funny pointer issue disappears.03:59
sintreis it a wired mouse or are you using touch pad ?04:00
AhrenWired mouse04:00
AhrenOk, so I attempted to reboot04:00
Ahrenthere was an error message and nothing happened04:00
sintreahh me too , or hybrid i should say my systems all but on eare notebooks04:01
Ahrensubsequent attempts at rebooting from menu do nothing04:01
sintrei don't think i've used touchpad on this lappy in a year04:01
AhrenI took a wild guess and typed reboot into terminal04:01
Ahrenand it appears to have done the job04:01
DarinMillerthat works too :)04:01
sintrelol done that to04:02
AhrenOk, I am capable of learning as I go still.04:02
AhrenThat's good news.04:02
sintrehad a pain in but prog and said got darnit sudo apt remove gbrainy04:02
DarinMillerold systems required sudo reboot.  I like the shorter method. :)04:02
sintrethen it removed it lol04:02
Ahren10+ years of exclusively Windows hasn't helped me any04:02
sintrekind freaky actually never knew that command existed04:02
AhrenAlright, I'm rebooted and can use the cursor normally04:02
sintreok cursor problem down now to wire ethernet04:03
sintreso moment of truth04:03
AhrenFirst issue, resolved. I'm extremely appreciative04:03
sintrehey your the one helping us help you04:03
sintreif you didn't we couldn't ya know04:04
DarinMillerleave the wireless card in and run lspci and paste into the link above if you can.04:04
DarinMilleralso, run: ifconfig -a04:05
AhrenLinuxuser@TERMINAL:~$ lspci 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Skylake Host Bridge/DRAM Registers (rev 07) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Skylake PCIe Controller (x16) (rev 07) 00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H USB 3.0 xHCI Controller (rev 31) 00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H CSME HECI #1 (rev 31) 00:17.0 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H SATA contro04:06
DarinMillerIf your internet is slow, you may need to disconnect your wired connection.  I am not sure if04:06
AhrenLinuxOops, sorry04:06
DarinMillernp :)04:07
AhrenLinuxNow posted into the appropriate URL04:07
DarinMillerjust a little harder to read that way04:07
DarinMillerum, can you past the url that the pastebin created?04:08
DarinMillerah, much better....04:08
DarinMilleralso, do an ifconfig -a04:08
DarinMillerand send to pb04:09
AhrenLinuxLeft a typo on the end of that url..04:10
DarinMillergot it04:10
AhrenLinuxThe ethernet is unplugged, by the way. should I plug it back in?04:12
DarinMillerNot yet.  Still searching for something meaningful...04:12
DarinMillerI have never done this before for a network adapter but it's worth a shot.  Go here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/15817/Intel-Network-Adapter-Driver-for-PCI-E-Gigabit-Network-Connections-under-Linux-04:14
AhrenLinuxI downloaded the archive04:14
DarinMillerI have used the intel video drivers on an LTS so I trust intel.  But I am surprised as 16.10 should already have these drivers in the 16.10 (4.08 kernel).04:15
DarinMillerI recommend using dolphin, right click on the download files and select Extract to > here.04:16
DarinMillerRead through the readme file: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/15817/eng/README.txt04:17
DarinMillerAre you familar with changing directories in the command line?04:18
AhrenLinuxwith the cd command correct?04:18
AhrenLinuxOk, should I follow the intel instructions step by step?04:19
DarinMillerjust a sec.  Let me read the instructions to ensure this is necessary.04:21
DarinMillerInstalling these drivers won't (pronouced "should not") hurt anything as they will only run if it detects the correct hw.04:24
DarinMillerrun sudo lshw > t.txt04:24
AhrenLinuxI'm not that deep in, so if something gets broken I can always re-install. Now I know the usb wireless card works at least.04:25
AhrenLinuxOk, I ran it04:25
DarinMillerfeel free to instal04:25
sintrewell we're invested we want to see this work04:25
DarinMillersudo make install?04:25
DarinMillerthe make install line was preceed with a # character which means run with root privileges, i.e. sudo make install04:26
AhrenLinuxI'm afraid you lost me at some point, I'm sorry04:27
DarinMillertheorectically you should not have to reboot. disable or unplug wifi and plug in the ethernet.04:27
AhrenLinuxShould I be navigated to the extracted driver directory in termal?04:27
DarinMilleryou can also navigate with dolphin. then hit the f4 key to drop you to a terminal in that directory.04:28
DarinMillerwait, I think I found the correct intel driver: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/82186/Intel-Ethernet-Connection-I219-V04:29
AhrenLinuxOk, if I f4 inside the e1000e-3.3.4 directory04:29
AhrenLinuxif I run "sudo make install" or "#sudo make install" inside the extracted directory nothing appears to happen04:30
DarinMillersudo make install04:31
DarinMilleror you can sudo su04:31
AhrenLinux"no rule to make target install"04:31
AhrenLinuxdo I need to be in the src folder?04:31
DarinMillerand you will stay in terminal with root level privilges. And root can do almost anything .... like kill kittens... and files...04:32
DarinMillerthe folder that contains the "make" file.04:32
DarinMillerhmmm, type uname a04:33
DarinMillershould be 4.8.xxxx04:33
DarinMillerthe readme file is a little different in this one....04:35
DarinMilleryou need to do a make from the src directory, then do a sudo make install04:37
DarinMillerAssuming you unpacked the file, jump straigh to step 7.04:39
sintreAhrenLinux? still around04:40
AhrenLinuxI'm here04:41
DarinMillerwow, this should not be this difficult for an ethernet card.... I have never seen a non-wireless card require any drivers. This one appears to require drivers and a little fiddling.04:41
sintreok :)04:41
AhrenLinuxBut I'm not quite getting it I don't think04:41
AhrenLinuxI unpacked the driver .tar.gz04:41
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: type: pwd04:41
AhrenLinuxI navigated into the resulting directory in dolphin, then into the src directory04:42
DarinMillerwhat is your "working directory"04:42
AhrenLinuxI pressed f4 to open a terminal04:42
AhrenLinux it is "/home/user/Downloads/e1000e-3.3.4/src"04:42
AhrenLinuxmy current command line reads "root@TERMINAL:/home/user/Downloads/e1000e-3.3.4/src# "04:43
DarinMillertype: make04:43
DarinMillerany errors?04:43
DarinMillerif you already typed make, it may say nothing to make.04:43
DarinMillersame as before... argh.04:44
DarinMiller64bit version of Kubuntu I assume?04:45
sintreAhrenLinux do you have a link to your mobos manual by any chance04:45
DarinMillerNew route:  want to try the latest kernel?  Requires downloading 3 files and running dpkg -i  lin*.deb.04:46
AhrenLinuxKInfocenter says I have kernal version 4.8.0-32-generic04:47
AhrenLinuxI'm willing to try an update if you'll walk me through it04:47
DarinMillerI am running the 4.9 kernel on 3 boxes and so far no issues.04:47
DarinMillerOK, go here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.9/04:47
DarinMillerYou can find the canononical kernel list by googling: kernel ubuntu04:48
DarinMillerUnder this section: Build for amd64 succeeded04:48
DarinMillerdownload 3 of the files:04:48
DarinMillerskip the low latency files04:49
DarinMillerso: linux-headers-4.9.0-040900_4.9.0-040900.201612111631_all.deb04:49
AhrenLinuxOk, they'll be complete shortly04:49
DarinMillerthey are fairly small04:50
DarinMillerall 3?04:50
DarinMillergo to your download folder04:50
DarinMilleryou should see all 3 files04:50
DarinMillerdo an ls *.deb04:51
DarinMillerIf there are only 3 files listed run: sudo dpkg -i lin*.deb04:51
AhrenLinuxok it's executing04:52
* sintre hopes this work has he looked at mobo manual and its only 6 pages long04:53
DarinMillerthe above command tells the debian package manager to install the 3 matching deb files.  Since you installed the NVidia driver, that will automatically compile into the new kernel thanks to dkms.04:53
AhrenLinuxSintre that can't be right, it's 200 or so04:53
AhrenLinuxok, looks like it has completed04:54
DarinMillerOK, reboot and lets try the cable again04:54
sintrelol j/k found the big one04:54
sintrethe link i hit was the win7 install guide04:55
* sintre inserrts humility into chatrom04:55
DarinMillerYou're back  :)04:56
AhrenWindowsI'm on my laptop04:56
AhrenWindowsIt's booted back to linux04:57
AhrenWindowsbut plasma crashed04:57
AhrenWindowsand the display is not running at native res04:57
DarinMillerDang. Sry about that.  Two options:04:58
DarinMillerCan you run konsole from krunner?04:58
AhrenWindowsWell, I had a dolphin window open04:59
DarinMilleralt-spacebar to open krunner04:59
AhrenWindowsand I console open inside it04:59
AhrenWindows*I have04:59
sintrethese are the most specific drivers i can find for your card04:59
AhrenWindowsand that keyboard shortcut is not working04:59
DarinMillerok that works04:59
DarinMillerhow did you launch dolphin?05:00
AhrenWindowsit was open when I rebooted05:00
DarinMillerOh, crap, but fortuitous crap.05:01
AhrenWindowsMy open applications seem to be persistent when I reboot05:01
DarinMillerhit f4 and type killal plasmashell05:01
AhrenWindowsunless I'm rebooting wrong05:01
DarinMillerYes, that is a good thing for this instance.05:01
AhrenWindowsNo process found05:01
DarinMillerrun plasmashell &05:02
DarinMillerI doubt it will run, but it's worth a shot...05:02
AhrenWindowsrun command not found05:03
DarinMillerThis issue is your Nvidia drivers don't like the new kernel.  So we can either uninstall the kernel or update the video drivers.05:03
DarinMillerbad spelling on my part: plasmashell &05:03
AhrenWindowsPlasma is unable to start as it could not correctly use OpenGL205:04
AhrenWindowsWell, we're this far in, might as well try the driver update05:04
DarinMillerlaunch ff or chrome and search for nvidia ppa05:05
DarinMillerfirefox &05:05
DarinMilleror google-chrome &05:06
DarinMillerthen install the ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa05:06
AhrenWindowsdoesn't look like the wireless connection is working currently05:07
AhrenWindowsI guess I have to unplug and replug it after a reboot05:07
DarinMillernetworkmanager can be started from the command line... but to make things easier:05:08
sintremaybe after this we should just go nuclear , with wireless doggle installed and downgrade to 16.04 to see if that gets it stable05:08
DarinMillerreboot and hold down the shift key after the bios lights ups.05:09
AhrenWindowsok the process seems to have completed05:09
AhrenWindowsI'll reboot now05:09
DarinMiller16.04 has it's own set of issues and I would recommend staying with 16.1005:09
DarinMillerWhich process?05:09
sintreyea i got one myself :)05:09
AhrenWindowsI ran "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa"05:10
AhrenWindowsand rebooted05:10
DarinMillerI thought you did not have internet?05:10
AhrenWindowsI re-plugged the dongle05:11
AhrenWindowsand it reconnected05:11
DarinMillerOh, ok.  good. Um is dolphin sitll alive?05:11
AhrenWindowsSo, for now I'll just remember to do that when I reboot.05:12
AhrenWindowsIt is05:12
DarinMillerdrop to a terminal and type sudo apt update05:12
DarinMillerfollowed by sudo apt fullupgrade05:12
AhrenWindows"invalid operation fullupgrade"05:13
AhrenWindowsthere we go05:13
AhrenWindowsOk, it's in progress.05:14
sintrechecking your mobo manual cool as hell but nothing in your firmware about your integrated nic lol05:14
sintreof course thats our luck05:14
DarinMillerI type sudo apt f<tab> and it auto completes so I never remember that a dash is in there.05:14
AhrenWindowsok, looks like it completed05:15
DarinMillerThis might take a few minutes to download and recompile05:15
DarinMillerThe nvidia ppa is a good ppa and we can leave it active even if we need to un-install the 4.9 kernel.  But I am confident this will work.05:16
AhrenWindowsShould I reboot now?05:17
DarinMillerwhenever it finishes, yes05:17
AhrenWindowsAlready getting my moneys worth out of that M.2 ssd...05:17
DarinMillerSSD's are run after using HD's05:18
AhrenWindowsYeah this is my first time using an SSD, so at least there's that.05:19
DarinMillerinstall/update finished?05:19
AhrenLinuxYes, and I'm back on the desktop05:20
AhrenLinuxI'll leave the laptop connected for now just in case.05:20
sintreok test ethernet ?05:20
DarinMilleryes, test away.05:20
AhrenLinuxNo change there05:21
AhrenLinuxI'm on the wired connection, but same low speeds.05:21
AhrenLinuxSo, I'm reconnecting to wireless.05:22
sintrewell looking at your manual , two things are going on at this point05:22
sintredefective mobo or wrong settings05:22
sintrea mimilalist distro can make almost any lan card run05:23
DarinMillerAnother shot in the dark: when was the last time you powered off your rounter?  I have never seen them cause a wired issues, but I have seen them refuse wireless connections.  Easy test....05:23
AhrenLinuxI figured if it were a hardware issue it wouldn't be working at all.05:23
AhrenLinuxOh it's been ages05:23
AhrenLinuxI'll have to check with other users on the network to see if it's ok to re-initialize05:23
sintreahtren > have you tried  a live cd with your ethernet?05:23
sintreeven if thats vanilla ubuntu05:23
AhrenLinuxI tried the internet on a live-usb version of 16.0405:24
AhrenLinuxand 16.1005:24
AhrenLinuxand had the same issue05:24
AhrenLinuxI have .iso's downloaded for xubuntu and ubuntu, as well as arch and antergos05:24
DarinMillerdoes your laptop have an ethernet port?05:24
AhrenLinuxBut, Kubuntu was my first choice05:24
AhrenLinuxIt does05:24
sintrearound page 108 of your manual it has mention of your ehternet config settings05:25
DarinMillerHave you tried the wired connection on the laptop?05:25
sintreyou might have adefecive mobo05:25
AhrenLinuxYes, if I try the wired connection on the laptop05:26
AhrenLinuxI get full speeds05:26
AhrenLinuxI figured if the mobo was defective the ethernet wouldn't work at all05:26
AhrenLinuxbut anything is possible I suppose05:26
sintrewell 0000.kb a seconds is imo same spped as omish collect calls05:26
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: I agree, I don't usually see a partial failure.  But with wired connections, I never see issues either.05:27
AhrenLinuxThe only network related bios setting that I saw was related to network booting, which I wont be using.05:27
sintreok two things i need to ask first05:28
sintrenot version but mode did you install kubuntu05:28
sintreand what partition table was it in05:28
sintrems/dos or gtp05:28
sintreso legacy/ or uefi05:29
AhrenLinuxmode? I used Rufus on windows to create a bootable USB with an .iso torrented from the Kubuntu website05:29
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: what router do you have?05:29
sintredarin do you know a  konsole command to check the partion table of current ssd05:29
AhrenLinuxAsus RT-AC66R05:29
DarinMillersintre: you mean like: df -l05:30
sintrejust need him to figure out how installed it05:30
DarinMillersintre: or something stronger like fdisk ?05:30
sintrelooking at his manual alot of his setting are newer firmware for uefi05:30
DarinMilleryes, just a sec..05:31
sintreif he installe din legacy that could be explainations for alot of this05:31
DarinMillersintre: fdisk -l05:31
sintrealoso no mention or shoof some backward compatability05:31
sintrenot for me but for athren05:31
sintregot the install version but forgot all along to ask how he set it up05:32
sintrethe uefi thing can go backwards compatibily but horribly buggy05:32
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: very similar router as mine.  If it were older, I would suggest we disable ipv6, but all everything you have on the hw and sw side should support it without issue.  But it's an easy test...05:33
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: right click on your network icon , select network settings05:34
AhrenWindowsThere's also a Network ProSAFE GS105E between my router and desktop05:34
DarinMillerselect your wired adapter05:34
DarinMilleroh, not familiar with that.  How old it it?05:35
AhrenWindowsnot very, it's a gigabit capable switch05:35
DarinMillerso maybe the ipv6 test is still valid....05:35
AhrenWindowsnot network, sorry05:35
DarinMillerok, under your network connections right click on your wired adapter and select edit05:36
sintrethis is from your  manual05:36
AhrenWindowsok I have the edit window open05:37
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: on the far right ip6 tab05:38
DarinMillerchange the method to ignored.05:38
AhrenWindowsThen switch back to wired and test?05:39
DarinMillerclick ok and reconnect to the network.... just a sec ... finding the command05:39
AhrenWindowssintre, I can check for that setting when I reboot05:40
DarinMilleryes, but I want to renegocitate the connection... and a I am drawing a blank... it nmcli <something>05:40
AhrenWindowsbut I imagine if it were disabled in bios it wouldn't be working at all05:40
sintrek need to go to advanced settings05:40
sintreafter your in bios05:41
sintrelmao you have a smart mobo05:42
sintreits being stubborn though05:42
DarinMillernmcli con05:42
DarinMillerto list connections05:42
DarinMillernmcli con down id 'Connection'05:42
DarinMillernmcli con up id 'Connection'05:43
DarinMilleror just restart since your PC is so freakin' fast :)05:43
sintreman his mobo has so many special settings05:44
sintrefps to talking to your phone funny05:44
DarinMillerYes, Asus MB are lots of fun.05:44
sintrethats why i think he may of installed wrong05:44
sintreif it won't freakin work the lan card05:44
AhrenWindowsBtw, in the bios right now. LAN controller is enabled05:45
AhrenWindowsIs there anything else I should check here before I boot back in?05:45
sintretry to find this section05:45
DarinMillernope, just boot and try again.'05:46
sintreshould be a network monitor in there05:47
DarinMillerooo, scarey05:47
DarinMillerI doubt they wrote a linux equiv. pkg for that....05:47
sintreat this point who does let linux guys do it for us05:48
AhrenWindowsI rebooted and on the wired connection05:48
AhrenWindowsthe latest test yields 0.17mpbs down05:48
AhrenWindows3.21 mbps up05:48
AhrenWindowsthe same test on my laptop plugged into the same cable give 99/1105:50
sintredid yousee last post05:50
sintrefrom bios05:50
sintreyou should be able to check network status05:51
sintreor firmware as you use uefi05:51
sintreor maybe i'm mistaken and thats a crappy wincrap program05:52
sintrenever read a mobo manual so fast before :)05:52
AhrenWindowsI think it's software for windows, I don't see how it would be affecting my connection here05:52
DarinMillersome Asus board have special usb port for upgrading the bios, independent of the OS.05:53
sintreif it was pure firmware it could test05:53
sintrenetwork outside any os05:53
sintrethat could giv e us somethingto go on05:53
AhrenWindowsyeah i believe this mobo has that feature05:53
sintreplease go try to find it05:53
sintreas we're on almost 2 hours now05:53
sintrehappy to help but this is almost at dead end05:54
sintrebut tomorrow is another day and will help again for another our hours if needed05:55
sintrebut let elimate as much as possible at this point05:55
AhrenWindowsNot sure where to go from here05:56
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: what is you bios version?05:56
sintrei'd personally return the motherboard if you still can05:57
DarinMillerand did you check the asus site for newer version?05:57
AhrenWindowsI have not yet, I'll check05:58
phoenixzHi there, Some history and ranting: I just got me a kickass new computer ASUS motherboard, 2x240GB SSD in RAID0, multiple video cards for (currently 2, next month 3) monitors.. My experience so far: Hell.. I need full disk encryption because I have sensitive customer data on my machines. I want multiple monitors, so I have 3 quite (no ventilator) nvidia cards.. I want to use KDE. I prefer Ubuntu. I so far tried Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, Mint 17.3,05:58
phoenixzMint 18, and all huge failures..05:58
phoenixzAll but mint 18 either would fail @ install, or fail @ first boot and not even show the login screen.. Mint 18 would at least install, boot up, and then give me a highly unstable desktop huge amount of image tearing, slow, flickering, and freezes.. But at least it would do somehting so I tried to press on, hoping that a kernel update might fix it.. Update kernel, reboot, and the entire install is gone, wiped.. Tried it again, same thing, after05:58
phoenixzrebooting like twice the entire install is gone.. Now I removed the RAID0, rebooted, and now mint 18 is actually working.. well, decent, even!05:58
phoenixzSo now, can Linux actually work with a RAID0 configuration?05:58
phoenixzAlso, these drives are kingston hype fury drives, should do 500MB/ sec a second.. in RAID0 mode, I got no more than 440MB/sec (cat /dev/zero > /test, checking dstat) and without raid0 now I get 200MB/sec... Is this normal?05:58
sintrephoenixz> dude man that huge fkin spam aint wantted or needed05:59
AhrenWindowsWell the bios at the bottom says "Version 2.17.1246"05:59
AhrenWindowsIs there another / better way to check?05:59
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: sudo su06:01
sintreinside of bios only way , except for a prog from asus06:01
DarinMillerthen run: dmidecode06:01
AhrenWindowsI think I'll attempt to install the latest bios version06:02
phoenixzsintre: spam?06:02
phoenixzsintre: I'm sorry,  what gave you that impression?06:03
sintrewho starts of with two damn paragraphs06:03
sintresry , it is support channel but few people been trouble shooting a issue for two hours in here06:03
phoenixzLoads of people that I've talked to on IRC.. If that is an issue for you then I apologize, just a lot of ingo I had06:04
sintrejust two have your enterance06:04
sintreour attention elsewhere06:04
sintremy apologies for any hurt feelings06:04
AhrenWindowsOk, latest bios version from ASUS is currently installing06:05
DarinMillerphoenixz: I don't have any raid experience, but I see raid tests on Phoronix on occasion and I have friends that run raid, so it can work.  But sry, I do not know how to assist.06:05
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: I have to work tomorrow so I am heading to bed shortly.  IF the bios update does not work, maybe someone else will have more ideas tomorrow.  If you solve the problem please let me know how you fixed it!06:08
AhrenWindowsI'm about done for tonight too06:08
AhrenWindowsIt's 11pm here and I have to be in the office tomorrow06:08
DarinMillerBIOS updates don't take long so I will wait for your reboot.06:08
phoenixzDarinMiller: Thanks anyway.. Just frustrated here that I spent quite a bit and  so far its been absolutely worthless06:09
DarinMillerSame here (Meridian ID)06:09
DarinMillerphoenixz: I can totally relate.  I should setup a raid box just so I have the experience :)06:09
sintrei too am sleepy , so see how this goes , if not i'll be around tomorrow06:10
phoenixzDarinMiller: Just out of curiosity.. Do you happen to know anything about SSD drive rated speed and real speeds? I could understand if 500MB/sec in reality would be 450, or 400 even.. but 200?06:14
DarinMillerphoenixz: drive write speeds have lots of dependencies like file and number files, so the write speed refers to a specific test for a certain size file.06:16
DarinMillerphoenixz: checkout tom's hardware for SSD drive comparisons.  He runs quite a few different tests across the major SSD brands.06:17
phoenixzDarinMiller: well.. this was a simple write test.. cat /dev/zero > /tmp and then dstat showing the transfer / sec06:17
DarinMillerphoenixz: what was your speed?06:17
sintrei think we need a kubuntu benchmark program06:18
sintreand of course have somebody else make it  because i can't06:18
DarinMillersintre: Michael at Phoronix has a huge test suite, free to download and compare to other systems.  Very impressive.  He writes speed test article all the time and updates the tests regularly.06:20
DarinMillerAhrenWindows: BIOS update complete?06:21
AhrenLinuxI performed the bios upgrade06:23
AhrenLinuxand ran the dmi decode06:23
AhrenLinuxhere are the results06:24
AhrenLinuxit appears there is no change in the ethernet performance06:24
sintrewell atleast for tonight i think maybe this is best place to stop i'm about to fall asleep at keyboard  lol06:25
AhrenLinuxI appreciate your assistance06:26
DarinMillerwell, we can say we tried.06:26
sintreand we can stubburnly try tomorrow06:27
sintrebut i would get into bios06:27
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: np, maybe something with more ethernet experience will have more ideas tomorrow...06:27
sintreand see if there are any test tools or such looking thru your manual looks like there is in the firmware06:27
AhrenLinuxI'm not sure what the best path forward is. I would like to eliminate it being a hardware issue for sure, but I'm not sure how06:27
* DarinMiller need to go to bed... : )06:27
sintrewe'll give it a go tomorrow again if need be06:28
AhrenLinuxDarinMiller thank's for all the help. At least we fixed a couple issues06:28
hateballWhat seems to be the unresolved issue?06:28
sintre1 i would try a different live cd from another flavore of ubuntu just to rule out so odd package or driver missing06:28
AhrenLinuxI'm getting abysmal internet speeds over my onboard ethernet connector06:28
sintrebut i think we've done that tonight , but just a next step to make sure06:29
AhrenLinuxon the order of 0.05mbps06:29
hateballWell that is indeed a bit poor06:29
hateballAhrenLinux: What things have you done to troubleshoot it?06:29
DarinMillersintre: most drivers are in the kernel so I would be very surprised if another distro fixes it.06:29
sintrei know but i hold out hope06:29
sintrei think get real familiar with bios firmare may be a start06:30
AhrenLinuxDarin would be better able to describe06:30
AhrenLinuxBut so far I've updated the bios, updated the kernal, updated my packages06:30
hateballAs for a different flavor of Ubuntu, they all use the same kernel06:30
AhrenLinuxwe've tried disabling ipv606:30
hateballAhrenLinux: Do you know if the cable is intact?06:30
DarinMillerhateball: we attempted to install the Intel drivers, but they complained that the kernel was too old.06:30
AhrenLinuxI've eliminated the cable by plugging in another computer at the same point06:31
sintrei think there is a bios setting somewhere06:31
DarinMillerThen we upgraded to the kernel to 4.9  (and had to add the NVidia ppa to enable the patched drivers).  But still no luck.06:31
sintreyou have massive asus firmware you need to look at06:31
DarinMillerThen we upgraded to BIOS.06:32
AhrenLinuxSo, the adapter is on and "working" but not correctly. My gut tells me if there were a hardware issue it wouldn't work at all, but I don't know.06:32
sintrewell it make no sense , at this point all things could be don't os update side has been done06:33
hateballIt can be tricky like that, hence me asking about the wiring as well :)06:33
DarinMillerhateball: we also tried disabling ipv6 for the ethernet card.06:33
hateballHave you checked what speed has been negotiated?06:33
DarinMillerhateball: no, but that's a good idea.06:34
hateballcertain chipsets and switches/routers dont always autonegotiate proper06:34
sintrewell some isp do cap bandwith06:34
AhrenLinuxYou'll have to walk me through it hateball, this is my first time in GNU/Linux06:34
sintreso maybe his main win system06:34
hateballAhrenLinux: Also, do you have another device on the LAN you can test throughput to/from?06:34
sintrethat was many years ago with my ispp though06:35
hateballWAN testing is... not awesome06:35
AhrenLinuxI have a laptop on wifi, but not another one on ethernet06:35
hateballassuming the laptop gets >0.05mbps, that should suffice06:35
AhrenLinuxIt's seeing ~20mbps speeds over wifi06:35
AhrenLinuxIf I plug the cable from the desktop into it, 90-10006:36
DarinMillerhateball: [22:50] <AhrenWindows> the same test on my laptop plugged into the same cable give 99/1106:36
hateballWell then all that should be fine06:36
sintrewhats the test to test bandwith from konxssole06:37
sintreor command rather06:37
hateballAhrenLinux: What's your interface name? try "ethtool eth0 |grep Speed"06:37
hateballassuming eth0 is your interface, that is06:38
hateballThat will show the negotiated speed06:38
hateballactually, just pastebin the entire output of "ethtool eth0"06:38
hateballAhrenLinux: The laptop is running windows then?06:39
hateballAhrenLinux: run "ifconfig" to determine your interface name first, it's like en* something if it's a new install06:40
AhrenLinuxI'm on the IRC on the laptop as AhrenWindows, and the desktop as AhrenLinux06:40
sintrethat was a very boring read out lol06:40
hateballAhrenLinux: And what chipset/driver was in use? "lspci -k" to show that06:40
hateballthat's a lot of errors06:43
hateballAhrenLinux: anyhow, it'd be "ethtool enp0s31f6"06:44
AhrenLinuxA lot of errors?06:46
hateballAhrenLinux: yes, RX errors06:46
AhrenLinuxI guess that's probably related to my issue06:46
hateballAhrenLinux: anyhow, we could try lowering the link speeds, but that's a long shot06:47
AhrenLinuxSorry about my lack of baseline knowledge. I've previously owned nothing but laptops for work with Windows.06:47
hateballAhrenLinux: so that would be "sudo ethtool -s enp0s31f6 speed 100 duplex full"06:47
AhrenLinuxI built this desktop and decided to install Linux06:47
hateballAhrenLinux: There's nothing to be sorry about :)06:47
hateballWell, apart from ethernet not working properly06:47
sintreby contrast my read out looms like this06:48
AhrenLinuxok, I ran that command and ran ethtool enp0s31f6 again06:48
AhrenLinuxit now shows speed 100MMb/s06:48
hateballAhrenLinux: can you try just randomly using the internet before we test further?06:49
AhrenLinuxer, and a speed test I ran shows 81mbps download now06:49
AhrenLinuxSo, that got my speeds up somehow06:49
sintrego to you tube see if you can stream a vid06:50
hateballright, so that would indicate a problem where the router and your NIC negotiates a speed that is not functional... but do some more testing to be sure06:50
AhrenLinuxStreaming in 1080 is effectively instant06:50
AhrenLinuxPlanet Earth II trailer plays like a dreamm06:51
DarinMillerCool. glad I stayed up as I learned something!06:51
AhrenLinuxSo, my home network consists of06:51
hateballAhrenLinux: Well then we'll need to make that workaround permanent06:51
sintreok is this a dream , is it really working06:51
AhrenLinuxA netgear CG3000D modem provided by my ISP06:52
AhrenLinuxan Asus RT-AC66R router06:52
AhrenLinuxand a netgear gs105e switch06:52
AhrenLinuxthe desktop is connected to the switch06:52
DarinMillerAhrenLinux: is your eth cable cat 5e or above?  http://www.howtogeek.com/210326/not-all-ethernet-cables-are-equal-you-can-get-faster-lan-speeds-by-upgrading/06:53
hateballAhrenLinux: any way you could try connecting directly to the router?06:54
AhrenLinuxIt reads "CAT5E patch cable"06:54
hateballDarinMiller: Well, it shouldnt have negotiated gigabit if it wasnt06:54
hateballaltho who knows ;d06:54
AhrenLinuxAt least the one from desktop to switch does. Another cable runs fromm switch to router06:55
AhrenLinuxI'll have to see if I have a longer ethernet cable06:55
AhrenLinuxOr move some things around. Router is across the office and all.06:55
hateballAhrenLinux: just looking to pinpoint where the source of error is06:56
AhrenLinuxof course06:56
hateballAhrenLinux: if we can autonegotiate and get good performance directly through the router, well then something is off on the way through the switch06:56
DarinMillergood find hateball, I am signing out for the night.06:56
AhrenLinuxI can switch in a minute06:56
sintrewell lets find this out i;m interested06:56
sintrebecause we literrally went thru everything else06:57
AhrenLinuxI have to wait for another household member to get off the network06:57
jfd5xtePackaging question: Anybody know anything re: Digikam 5 for Kubuntu?06:57
sintreok well then i find out tomorrow then lol06:57
hateballIt should be noted this is what I do for my day job, so I have seen these silly issues a few times :p06:57
hateballspeaking of, I probably should try and get some work done06:57
sintrewell hateball> we went thru two hours of silly issue before you joined so not er new06:58
sintreif this is it i'm gonna bacng my head against wall lol06:58
AhrenLinuxsintre, silly or not I'm now running the latest kernal and gpu drivers at least. We also discovers lots of things that weren't causing the issue06:58
AhrenLinuxWhich is almost as useful06:58
sintreno time worth spent06:59
sintreno time well spent06:59
AhrenLinuxOk, I'm now connected directly to the router06:59
sintreplease come back over week and keep me updated so we can claim some victory on this thing06:59
hateballAhrenLinux: right, so we'll want to set to autonegotiate again07:00
hateballAhrenLinux: actually I am not sure if that might already be the case, run ethtool enp0s31f6 again07:01
hateballI noticed we didnt turn autoneg off when setting manual speed07:01
hateballso unplugging may trigger a renegotiaton07:01
AhrenLinuxDoesn't look that way07:02
hateballAhrenLinux: well the advertised speeds would be from your router07:03
hateballor should be... hmm... but that router has gigabit iirc07:03
hateballAhrenLinux: anyhow, do "sudo ethtool -r enp0s31f6"07:03
sintrewell that seem normal like mine , other read out you had was like 1000mb max speed instead 10007:03
AhrenLinuxok I ran that07:04
hateballAhrenLinux: check the regular output again07:04
AhrenLinuxshowing the sammme07:04
hateballAhrenLinux: hmmm, just for comparisons ssake, on your windows laptop, does that also show 100mbit link speed?07:05
hateballAhrenLinux: because that router should have gigabit speeds07:06
AhrenLinux_hateball connection shows 1gbps on laptop07:09
hateballAhrenLinux: we could for fun, try and force gigabit "sudo ethtool -s enp0s31f6 speed 1000 duplex full"07:10
hateballthat'll most likely end up in sadness, so use "sudo ethtool -s enp0s31f6 speed 100 duplex full" to return07:10
AhrenLinux_Ok, I ran that07:11
hateballdo a speed test or so07:11
AhrenLinux_and the speed test results are back to slow07:11
AhrenLinux_0.02 mbps07:11
AhrenLinux_so, I forced it back to 10007:12
hateballSo, the problem here then is that the kernel driver for some reason is not super awesome, and with the switch it autonegotiates for gigabit, which it cant handle07:12
hateballbut the router recognizes this, and negotiates for 100mbps07:12
hateballso we'll want to force 100mbps as a permanent workaround07:12
AhrenLinux_Ok, so there is a driver issue preventing me from getting gigabit speeds.07:13
AhrenLinux_So help me force the 100mbps permanent workaround, and let me know what I need to keep an eye on to be updated in the future07:13
AhrenLinux_Please :)07:14
hateballSo it would seem. It is possible there's kernel parameters to fix this, but I am not familiar with the chipset so07:14
hateballAhrenLinux_: right, so you'll want to "sudo nano /etc/rc.local" and add "sudo ethtool -s enp0s31f6 speed 100 duplex full" without quotes at the bottom of that file, ctrl+x to close and save07:14
hateballAhrenLinux_: then try a reboot, and check with "ethtool enp0s31f6" that 100mbps has been set07:15
AhrenLinuxOk, just connected back through the switch07:15
hateballrc.local *should* wait for networking, but... I am not 100% with systemd. otherwise we'll go a different route07:15
AhrenLinuxLast message I saw was "because that router should have gigabit speeds"07:16
AhrenLinuxAll other computers on the network get gigabit speeds07:16
hateballAhrenLinux: so you saw nothing after that message?07:18
hateballyou've replied, after all :p07:18
AhrenLinuxI'm sorry, all I got was "[00:15] <hateball> rc.local *should* wait for networking, but... I am not 100% with systemd. otherwise we'll go a different route"07:19
AhrenLinuxI had a brief connection interruption that knocked me out of IRC on both clients07:19
hateballAhrenLinux: maybe the web client is crappy like that07:20
hateballAhrenLinux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23662823/07:20
hateballAhrenLinux: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com is useful also, but they arent instantly flushed so they lag a bit07:20
AhrenLinuxOk, I think I did that correctly07:21
AhrenLinuxI'm going to reboot07:21
AhrenLinux_Alright, I may not have done that correctly07:25
AhrenLinux_Because it appears to have reverted to 1gbps07:25
hateballAhrenLinux: pastebin the contents of /etc/rc.local07:25
hateballwell it's entirely possible you did it right, just that networking wasnt up when the command tried to run07:26
AhrenLinux_Ok, when I open up the rc.local file in /etc/07:26
AhrenLinux_The line is there07:26
AhrenWindowsOk, I'll have to resume working on this tomorrow.07:31
AhrenWindowsI need to be in the office tomorrow and it's getting late07:31
hateballwell, at least you know how to workaround the problem07:32
AhrenWindowsbut I have time to finish this if it wont take too long07:32
hateballI'd clean out /etc/rc.local to be sure it isnt interfering07:32
hateballthere is a proper way to do this with the if-up scripts, but that'll be a bit... much07:32
AhrenWindowsif by clean out you mean make sure there is nothing in the file but that one line07:33
AhrenWindowsit was blank to begin with07:33
hateballAhrenWindows: yep07:33
AhrenWindowsOk, it's just that line07:33
hateballoh, I just noticed that network manager lets you do this in the gui now :D07:33
hateballtoo used to doing things the cli way07:33
AhrenWindowsOk, should I return the rc.local to its blank state?07:34
hateballAhrenWindows: yes07:34
AhrenWindowsOk, done07:35
hateballAhrenWindows: then you click the icon for network in your tray, and press the... slider thing, to go into settings07:35
hateballrightclick the entry for ethernet in that list, and edit07:35
AhrenWindowsUncheck autonegotiate and set speed to 100 for wired connection?07:36
sintretrying to edit mtu?07:36
hateballAhrenWindows: yep07:36
AhrenWindowsOk, GUI's I can navigate alright thanks to many years of putzing around in Windows07:36
hateballit helps to know both07:36
AhrenWindowsI'm learning as I go07:36
hateballthe best way07:36
AhrenWindowsI finally built a desktop PC07:37
AhrenWindowsAnd decided it was time to go Linux as well07:37
AhrenWindowsIt's been a long learning process having never done either before07:37
AhrenWindowsBut, no time like the present07:37
AhrenWindowsI built this PC for gaming too, so I still get to look forward to getting a VM working with PCI passthrough07:38
hateballwell now that you've got things working properly, you can focus on the important things. like games.07:38
AhrenWindowsBut, all in due time. I can't thank you enough for the help.07:38
hateballthat's a whole different headache :D07:38
* hateball only plays native games, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe something in Wine07:38
AhrenWindowsI'm petered out for tonight, but I'm pleased with the progress I've made.07:39
sintreso it it solved07:39
AhrenWindowsMaybe tomorrow is the day I get Star Citizen running.07:39
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sintreehternet full reg speed now?07:39
AhrenWindowsIt's kind of solved, sintre. I would like to get my gigabit connectivity working at some point07:39
AhrenWindowsBut it's not necessary for now07:39
AhrenWindows100mbps is much better than .0107:40
sintrewhat was the setting in entwork manager you hit07:40
AhrenWindowsI just set it to not autonegotiate and default  to a 100mbps connection07:40
sintrehmm well glad it works , i can't get an site to give me more than say 70 mbps , so i think your as fast as you'd be even if you dont find a way07:41
sintremine i set to auto negotiate07:41
AhrenWindowsGoodnight all, and thanks again.07:41
sintreglad for ya man , but along the way as you said eveything else got upgraded :)07:42
sintrenight man07:42
hateballWell if you have 100mbps WAN and arent bothered with LAN speeds when 100mbps link is OK07:44
sintrewhat you hardware can do and what you'll get from you isp are kind different07:45
hateballAs I said, some of us are also concerned with LAN speeds :)07:45
hateballor have gigabit wans07:45
sintrenever seen a download off of my " lightning " high speed cable internet surpass from any location 18 mbs07:45
sintrebut if i wanted ot download alot of stuff from alot places at same time i get ya07:46
sintrewell ahren was getting 00000.7 kb a second he got big upgrade lol07:46
sintrehopefully the help he got will keep him interesting in kubuntu07:47
sintrethanks to you :)07:47
jfd5xteHey. I don't suppose, anybody knows whether there is a maintainer for digikam packages? I'm surprised that Digikam 5.x hasn't yet made it into the distro. Any thoughts?07:50
hateballjfd5xte: I'd try asking in #kubuntu-devel07:51
jfd5xteOh, ok thanks!07:52
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user|34859i have problem with kmail calendar. Calendar was sync with google calendar but kmail calendar cannot update information10:15
user|34859Kubuntu 16.0410:15
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DarkchaosCan I somehow fill a bug in order to trigger a version update of Konversation? It's because of https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=366374 (crash) which is not present in yakkety10:32
ubottuKDE bug 366374 in general "Crash on editing configured server details" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]10:32
DarkchaosAnd btw do you know why there is no konversation-dbg in yakkety, only in xenial?10:32
NatashaHackHello everyone!....for give thaks!!...FOR RECOVERING MY HUSBAND Dienonymous....10:50
AxellGunmay someone help me. i have a problem with my desktop.10:55
AxellGunHow to fix it?10:57
hateballoh they left11:13
ikoniawin 511:56
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BluesKajHi all13:49
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sheytanis there any cool app/plasmoid for mobile data usage monitoring?22:04
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