simon_trying to activate child device host6 but parent (2-2:1.0) is not active ? on restart after what appears to b sucessful install of 16.10...00:04
chatterhey guys10:39
chatterallah is doing10:39
chattersun is not doing allah is doing10:40
chatterto accept islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except allah and muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger10:40
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Guest80499Hello, im a new user of linux can some one point me out some good learning materials please (Lubuntu or related) ? Thanks in advance12:03
Guest80499I also tryed to execute tor but it wont open.... can understand why...12:07
Guest80499Anyone to help out ?12:08
leszekGuest80499: I would suggest looking and the ubuntu wiki (wiki.ubuntu.com though the startpage is not really helpful) and the forum https://ubuntuforums.org/12:08
leszekregarding tor. What do you want to do there ? If you want to browse with tor the easiest way would be downloading the tor browser bundle12:09
Guest80499Thank you leszek12:09
Guest80499yes i have downloaded that but when i extract the files in my drive and execute the tor setup it wont start12:11
xnoxis qlubuntu usable? it does seem to have or pull in, a lot of kde dependencies, no?12:14
leszekGuest80499: is the binary file even executable ? Can you check the file properties12:21
leszekxnox: you mean lxqt based version ? Depends on what you mean by kde dependencies. A lot of libraries that are necessary for the desktop are KDE Frameworks 5 libraries12:21
xnoxleszek, but e.g. plasma-workspace?12:22
xnoxmaybe i installed wrong meta package, there are a lot of them.12:23
xnoxcuase i see:12:24
Guest80499im sry leszek, let me check12:25
xnoxLubuntu Netbook; Lubuntu Nexus7 session; Lubuntu; LXDE; LX Games; LXQt Desktop; Plasma; Lubuntu Qt session12:25
leszekxnox: plasma packages should not be installed12:25
xnoxright, this is like way too many lubuntu things.12:25
xnoxand i'm sure that Lubuntu Netbook and Nexus7 sessions are no longer supported, or are they?12:25
* xnox thought X11 stack moved on, and we don't have drivers for that any more.12:26
leszekxnox: I am not familiar with them12:26
xnoxi guess i want the "Lubuntu Qt session" i'm after the whatever qt based lubuntu session is being worked on.12:26
xnoxlaunching that nothing happens.12:27
xnoxi'm starring at a blank X1112:27
leszekxnox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt the how can I help lxqt stuff is what you did ?12:27
xnoxok, wiped my settings and things are better.12:29
xnoxleszek, kind of. I have fixed the plasma-workspace conflict.12:29
xnoxi may have installed some other metapackage, but i do have lubuntu-qt-desktop installed.12:29
xnoxdid not remove things. It sounds weird that one needs to remove packages.12:30
xnoxdon't have a wallpaer, and things are not high-dpi12:30
leszekIts in a testing stage so its normal12:30
xnoxwork in progress.12:30
leszekso I would suggest sticking to what is said there12:30
leszekalso removing stuff12:30
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Capprentice segfault at 91 ip 0000000000000091 sp 00007ffe2591c5e8 error 14 in systemd-resolved[559d67533000+4c000]17:02
CapprenticeAny one have any idea what this ^ means?17:03
TheSchafthat there was a segfault at ip 9117:14
geniiTo get more useful output install systemd-dbg17:18
jaybe23how can I change the font style in lubuntu 16.04 ?18:54
jaybe23for example: when I type,  the font looks different from lubuntu 15.0418:55
lapionWhenever network-manager nm-applet finds that the network it is scanning on is fq ipv6 it does not look for ipv4 and even disables any profiles that insist on ipv4 until manually selected19:11
james1138Hello all and Happy Yule! I have a minor question - seasons related. Anyone know of any Ubuntu or Lubuntu greeting card maker? I found "KreetingKard" - but it will not install for some reason.20:29
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