barrympixI am assuming I can make an Ubuntu-MATE live USB and check the hibernate function out like that.  I just wanted to make sure there WAS a hibernate function first of all, and really wasn't sure if the live-USB would work if it did.00:02
masnell_Definitely can do hibernation00:03
masnell_Doubt if active on Live USB tho00:03
masnell_Hibernation AFAIK uses swap space to store RAM content, and live USB won't have access to such00:05
masnell_So ensure swap file/partition = or > system RAM for hibernation use00:06
barrympixI have another ?. I recall someone telling me that I could make a USB stick bigger than 64GB work as a portable OS and HDD that would work on pretty much any computer with a USB port and a decent amount of RAM.  How does one go about making a USB drive OS that will allow me to operate on an available computer, totally bypassing the HDD.00:09
barrympixI imagine that I would limit myself to 64-bit arch, and non-OS X and non-Linux machines.00:16
* barrympix checking breath00:21
* barrympix pacing about00:35
* barrympix walks out down the hall a bit to find the loo00:40
barrympixso no on the USB sized computer?00:48
masnell_Usb yes, hibernation no cos hibernation will not work between computers - hibernate on a 8gb ram machine will fail on a 4gb machine to restore00:59
masnell_Plus usb port / path will change between computers00:59
barrympixThat would be a truly robust OS that could hibernate 8GB and wake up to only 4GB.  Yes that would be a crash you could probably hear.  Hibernation aside, I would like to be able to bring my USB computer with me, to a brothers house for example, and move all his Microsoftness aside while I finish a paper, look up stuff on the internet.  Then shut do01:21
barrympixwn and leave his computer 100% as it was before I used it.  Let's just say I've been falsely accused of breaking stuff.01:21
barrympixHow would I go about creating this USB computer?01:22
barrympixI think I have found a reference - "USB Portable Ubuntu".  but no guidance.01:24
niels_zo met een06:29
xl4gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! xvimagesink07:42
xl4autovideosink is working but xvimagesink is not working. please help me07:43
ceegeegood morning!08:21
ceegeeI specified a keyboard shortcut to start konsole. It starts the programm but does not set focus on it.08:23
ceegeeis there any additional configuration required?08:24
ouroumovceegee, it might depend on your window manager09:24
ouroumovMarco+Compton sets focus on mate-terminal when it's launched through CTRL+ALT+T09:24
ceegeewindowmanager is marco09:36
paesico02Hello everyone.10:31
paesico02Are screenlets supported by Ubuntu Mate 16.04?10:32
paesico02I just can't install them.10:33
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mate|13329hey guys!16:56
mate|13329i have a problem in my fresh ubuntu mate install16:56
mate|13329can anybody help me16:56
mate|13329Im sorry!16:57
mate|13329Is this the right place to ask16:57
mate|13329I have installed- dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu mate 16.0416:58
mate|13329in the boot menu, I am getting a nice GRUB boot menu. Then if I clicked ubuntu a black box is appearing in the greenish box. But it works fine.17:00
mate|13329it looks horrible17:00
mate|13329how to resolve it17:00
mate|13329please help17:02
Akulimate|13329, can you take a screenshot? i have no idea what black box in green box you're talking about.17:05
Akulior well, a picture of the screen17:05
mate|13329then i have to restart my laptop, currently im in mate. Would you give me 5 minutes ?17:06
mate|13329i will post a photo of that17:06
Akuliok :)17:06
mate|12267sorry im late17:17
mate|12267this is happening if i click ubuntu option in the grub17:17
mate|12267though it is working fine, I am able to log in17:18
Akulioh thingy like that17:19
Akulii had the same thing when i used ubuntu mate's weird grub theme17:19
mate|12267oh! how to resolve that!?17:20
Akuliyou can live with it or get rid of the ubuntu mate grub theme17:20
mate|12267ok how to get rid of that theme help!17:21
Akuliyour grub will look a bit different without the theme, a bit more like this http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_years/2011_2/grub2-fedora-16-changed-timeout-boot.png17:21
Akulii think it was just one package i removed, let's see if i can find it17:21
mate|12267that's better!17:21
Akuliopen a terminal and type this: dpkg --get-selections | grep grub | grep ubuntu-mate17:24
Akuliwhat did you get?17:25
mate|12267grub2-themes-ubuntu-mate   install17:26
mate|12267grub2-themes-ubuntu-mate   install17:26
mate|12267grub2-themes-ubuntu-mate                                install17:26
mate|12267one line only17:27
Akuliyou can get rid of it like this: sudo apt-get remove grub2-themes-ubuntu-mate17:27
Akulithen reboot and you should have a menu like in the picture i linked :)17:27
mate|12267ok! i'll check!17:28
mate|12267i'll be back!17:29
mate|53932Thanks! it worked!17:31
Akuligreat :)17:31
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nika_trying to get dash on ubuntu mate 16.04 lts is pain in the ass22:44
nika_anyone have any advice? I don't want a shortcut prompt to open a dash, I want one chilling on my desktop that I can throw in a search on at anytime22:45
nika_Appreciate any advice, thanks22:45

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